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A New Beginning

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My marriage was on the rocks. My wife and I were still living together with our three children, but we might as well have been separated. Once I realized the seriousness of our situation, I tried everything I could think of, including suggesting couples counseling. She didn’t want to go to counseling, and didn’t really seem interested in trying to fix what was broken. Our marriage was effectively over. I’m sure she had her side of this story, but this was mine.The evenings were quite lonely. I started to browse the internet more and more, and finally came upon some chat sites that looked like fun. I wasn’t looking for anything other than online companionship. Not necessarily anything sexual in nature, but rather someone to talk to, and hang out with online to ease the loneliness.One evening, someone with the handle Ayla came online. The handle was associated with a rose avatar, so I knew Ayla was female. We started talking back and forth. There were 3 of us chatting, myself, some guy from Australia, and Ayla. Even though there were three of us chatting, I thought I felt a special connection with her. I wasn’t sure if it was because of a real connection, or if I was just imagining things.As much as I was enjoying the conversation, it was getting a little late. I think I was realizing that my so called “special connection” was all in my head. When I typed my intention to sign off, Ayla typed, “Please don’t leave!”Surprised, I responded, “OK.”Shortly after that, I think the Australian soon got the message, and left the chat room. Ayla and I talked for another hour or more. Like me, she was in a very unhappy marriage, and was desperate for any type of companionship. I learned among other things, that her name was Jean, she lived in Virginia, she was 32 years old, had blonde hair, blue eyes and was 5’8” tall. Finally, we exchanged email addresses, and promised each other that we would meet back in the chat the next evening.That night, I went to sleep thinking about her, trying to imagine what she looked like. I was hoping she really would show up the next day in chat. We had a great conversation. It’s şişli escort funny how you can open up to a complete stranger. Maybe it was because we were both that unhappy, that we felt close to anyone willing to listen.The next day, I researched and found a site that would allow us to create a private chat room. I sent her an email with how to get to the site, as well as the chat room name and password.A few minutes later, I received a reply from her, “Perfect! It will be nice to have some privacy to talk. See you there soon, xoxo.”I loved the “xoxo”. It was unexpected, but it certainly made my day.Later that evening, we met in our private chat. We spent three hours talking about likes, wants, spouses. When she said she missed sex, my heart leapt a little. I confessed I missed it as well. I told her how I missed the intimacy of sex, the kissing, the cuddling. I confessed how I was becoming attracted to her, even though we hadn’t even met, how if she were with me then and there, I would be kissing her. Although I knew what cyber sex was, neither one of us had ever experienced it. That night changed that fact. It was an incredible experience. Even though it wasn’t physical sex, the emotions of it were overwhelming. That was when I realized that sex was just as much mental and emotional, as it was physical. Jean had touched me in a very special way. We agreed to meet the next evening and said our goodnights. The sex was virtual, but the effect it had on my was physical.I hadn’t been that aroused in ages. I had to get some release. I went into the bathroom and stroked my cock, all the while imagining making love to Jean. The image of her was made up in my mind. I still had no idea what she looked like.When we met in chat the next night, I confessed about having to masturbate with her in mind, after we signed off. The next sentence she typed was, “Oh Kevin, I know how you felt. I was so wet and excited during the online sex, I used my fingers and made love with you too. I had the most powerful orgasm that I ever had. It was wonderful. I wonder if now is the time for us to exchange pictures. I hope you mecidiyeköy escort aren’t expecting too much. I’m a little anxious that you won’t be attracted to me.””Jean, I’m already attracted to you in the most important way. If anyone has reason to be anxious, it’s me. I’m sending you a picture of myself in an email right now.”I waited anxiously for what seemed like an eternity.She finally responded in chat, “Kev, I think you are a very handsome man! xoxo. Let me send one of me. This was taken a few months ago.”After a few seconds, my in box showed a new email. I opened the attached picture and saw quite an attractive woman. She was wearing a conservative outfit with a skirt. You could tell she took care of herself. She had blonde hair almost to her shoulders, an very pretty face, and sexy legs.”Jean, you took my breath away with that picture. I think you are incredibly attractive. I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but when we make love on here, or when I satisfy myself, I will have your image in my mind.””That’s not strange at all. I’m more than ready right now. I’m already wet for you just looking at your picture, and imagining us making love.””Jean, how I wish I was there. I would love to kiss you all over. I would love to taste you and then, slide my cock inside you. I am so hard right now.””Oh Kev, oh, that would be so good. I want to feel that.”Now that I knew what Jean looked like, I could imagine her naked.”Jean, I’m stroking my cock right now, just thinking about you.””Oh God Kev, my fingers are slipping into my pussy and rubbing my clit. Hard to type. I love you. I want you so much.”Did she just say she loved me? I was afraid to say it first, and after only a short time knowing her.”I love you too Jean. I wish you could feel how hard I am, thinking about you playing with your self. My hand is gliding up and down my shaft, my palm rubbing over the head. Oh, I want it to be inside you.””Kev, cumming now”I pictured her writhing as she climaxed. That was so stimulating, I exploded all over.”Jean, I just came so hard. I want this so much.”We talked for a while longer before saying goodnight. It took me a bit to clean up the mess I made, but it was so worth it. Man, she was so sexy. I made a mental note to have some paper towels nearby next time.The next day, Jean sent me another picture. She was naked in this one. In the email, she wrote, “Kevin, I wanted you to see all of me. I hope you’re not disappointed. I can’t describe how sexy you make me feel. I would love to see more of you too.”I was not disappointed. Wow, she looked great. She didn’t have large breasts, but they seemed perfect for her body. They were still perky. My mouth actually watered while I was looking at them. Hey pussy was shaved clean and her labia protruded out a little.I decided to take two pictures standing in front of a blank wall. The first was one of me with my cock hanging naturally. That picture was a little difficult to get, because I seemed to be in a constant state of arousal. The other picture was with an erection. My hand was holding the shaft with my thumb resting on top of the head. I sent them as attachments.I wrote, “Jean, you are stunning. I love everything about you. Attached are a couple of me for you.”She emailed back, “Wow Kev, I got wet just looking at those pictures. I can imagine what you would feel and taste like. I was thinking about what it would be like to lick and suck your cock until you came in my mouth.”Talk about getting an instant hard on. If I wasn’t at work, I would have dropped my pants and jerked off then and there. And that’s exactly what I did when we got into chat that evening. I had her picture up in one window of my screen while we made love online. Our typing was sporadic. I found how difficult it was to type with one hand as the other was stroking my cock.While I was looking at her naked picture, she wrote, “Kev, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock deep inside my pussy.”Between what she was typing to me, and looking at her picture, it didn’t take long for me to explode.”Jean, I’m cumming inside you now, filling your pussy with my cream.”At least this time, I came on the paper towels.”Jean, do you have a web cam? Let’s use them tomorrow along with headsets. That way we can watch each other and talk instead of typing.””Kev, I’ll go into town tomorrow and pick up what I need. This is so exciting!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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