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A new found friend.

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A new found friend.Now that I have known you good folks for a while, let me introduce to you my best friend – CAN YOU GUESS,WHO HE IS? Apparently we first meet shortly after my birth, but I must admit, that I really did not pay much attention to our relationship for the first 7-8 years of my life. Now at some point in time shortly after my 8th birthday, our relationship took to turn for the better. I started to realize, that my friend could actually be interesting company and I started to grow really fond of him. I started to play with him from time to time and soon realized, that with proper attention and a bit of “stroking” he could perform some amazing feats, like he would grow in size. I must admit, that at that time it was not all that much it grew, not compared to what would happen several years later. By the time I had reached 11-12 years of age I meet another k**, who also had a similar friend. We now all started to hang out together, we played and “stroked” and the more we did so, we found that our new friends grew bigger and bigger, we played with our own friends and we also played with each other’s friends I guess boys will be boys. Another funny thing we noticed at about the same time, was the fact, that now our friends had also started to exude small amounts of liquid, all in all it was a very happy time and a blast. A few years later my friend and I had another interesting experience. By now we had become really good friends and spent a lot of time together almost every day. My friend had grown considerable in size and another thing I had noticed was, that what used to be a small amount of liquid he would exude when “stroked” and played with, had now become rather large amount, and also he could now shoot this liquid out several feet. Anyhow, he and I were attending a camp in high school with both boys and girls, and at night after going to bed the boys would usually tell stories about girls and things they liked to do with these girls. I should mention here, that each of us had been allowed to bring a friend, which of course we all did. It was during those story telling times, that I noticed how interested all our friends were in hearing these stories. During the story telling our friends all grew a lot in size and most of them started to spit out this gooey stuff, some of them shut it a considerable length. We boys at camp also noticed how the girls, who bunked in a different room, were very interested in meeting our friends. At night they would try to slip in to our room to meet our friends, primarily to watch I think, but some of them wanted us boys to have a contest to see which one of our friends could shoot their gooey stuff the furthest. All in all camp was a fun, particularly at nighttime.By now my friend is all grown up, but we still spend as much time as ever together, maybe even more. Let me describe him to you now that he is fully grown. As I mentioned before we are of same age. At birth my friend did not have any cosmetic surgery, which he tells me he is ok with. At times I feel, that he might not be entirely sincere, as I detect a bit of jealousy when I notice him admiring some of his “clean cut” friends, particularly the ones that has also learned the trick of doubling their size and do not wear any hats or scarf. He has now grown to the size of 4 inches, is a white Caucasian, and of course has also now learned the trick of doubling his size and spew gooey stuff several feet, particularly in the direction of females. Now that he has grown up, he has decided to be a nice clean shaven fellow. He did, however, in the past experiment with a beard, being a natural blond, he tried to bleach his hair, colour it red or black, but most of his friends as well as I, do prefer him bakırköy escort to be clean shaven, somehow it gives him the appearance of being even taller than his already considerable size. As he grew up, I quickly came to realize just how much of an a****l lover he really is. He is particularly fond of “pussies”. I will tell you a little story of how he first came in contact with them. I think we were both about 9 years old when this little episode happened. I had a friend a boy about 3 years older than me, who again had a friend similar to my best friend. I understand that the two of them really spent a lot of time together. Now he also had a sister, who in turn had 3 girlfriends all the same age as me and my best friend. As it turned out all 4 of these girls owned “pussies”, as I recall I think all of these “pussies” were furless, but that is not all that important. When my boyfriend’s parents were out of the house, the girls liked to put on a little show for us two boys. They would cover all the windows, so that the neighbors could not peek in, them they would bring out their “pussies”, they really seemed to like to play with them and also show them off to us two boys. On many occasions they would encourage us boys to bring out our friends, which my older friend agreed to on a couple occasions. I can recall, that I was way to shy to bring out my friend, I do not know, if he would have enjoyed it at that age – I never asked. As I said that was my friend’s first experience viewing “pussies”, but I must tell you, that ever since that incident, he has grown to the stage, where he has become fanatical about “pussies”. He tells me, that he really likes the furless ones, maybe it has something to do with his first experience. Let me tell you, how I know about his fascination with pussies. Whenever we are out together, which is quite often, he always encourage me to visit these establishments, where women hangs out and entertains, most often on stage with their “pussies” enjoying the freedom and the admiration of the crowds. On one occasion on a dull weekday afternoon with a very spares crowd in attendance, we had found an isolated dark corner from where to watch the entertainment. After a while in the dark corner my fiend insisted, that he be allowed out to watch the show. Since the place was fairly dark and the crowd spares, I thought “what the hell, why not”. However, it did not stop there. After a while he now insisted that we should play and he insisted he should also receive a “stroking”. He kept insisting and insisting, so after I had taken a look around, I decided to give in. A while went by and both of us seemed to really enjoy the show a lot more, even though the playing seemed to distract us from time to time. I guess it must have been during one of those moments while distracted, that we were caught by one of the other female entertainers with huge boobs freely viewable, but her pussy was hiding under a short mini-shirt. She did not seem to be all that angry with us, for she gave us a delightful smile, and as a matter of fact offered to join in the play for a small monetary fee, as the place was not very busy and she was bored. Of course my friend insisted that I pay her the fee, and she joined in the play. Now according to my friend, she was REALLY good at “stroking” and after a short while my friend shot his load quite a distance, so far actually, that it landed right on her boobs, but she did not seem to mind and only stated: “That was quite a shot.” Another time while we were out of town my friend insisted, that we should spend some of our expense money and visit a strip club. This time around the minute we entered the club, we were surrounded by two beşiktaş escort young ladies working there, who asked if we would buy them a drink. I decided that there could be no harm in that and we sat down for a drink. Now these two young ladies turned out to be extremely friendly, and after a little while suggested we should move to an adjacent room where they would be able to spend some quality time with both of us. Again my friend became very enthusiastic about the prospect and insisted we join them, as up till then he had really not had the opportunity to get a closer look at these ladies. Again a small fee was exchanged. We arrived at the adjacent room and my friend now had the opportunity to get a closer look at these two beauties. I guess they really made an impression on him as he immediately grow to twice his size, a thing that really seemed to impress the two young ladies, as they stated that it was rare they came in contact with someone of his size. They asked if they would be allowed to “stroke” my friend, which I thought would be rather harmless, but in return I wondered if they by chance had brought their “pussies” along, which they confirmed that they had. It was not long after that the “pussies” joined us and we all played nicely together, like good boys and girls. After another little while one of the girls got this wonderful idea, that we could adjourn to another adjacent room, where there supposedly was total privacy, and since her “pussy” had absolutely fallen ‘in love” with my friend and so desperately wanted to get to know him better. So another small fee changed hands and we adjourned to the next room. By this time I believe I had disposed of all my clothes and so had the two girls, but none of us seems to notice the cold. Now in this room strange things started to happen. First the other girl – not the one that had fallen “in love” with my friend – seemed to want to swallow my friend, while the other girl insisted I play with her “pussy” with my tongue. After a little while this game seem to be quite nice, and I know my friend was really getting excited and shortly thereafter shot his load in her mouth, she did not seem to mind, swallowed and took a sip of champagne, which by the way had been brought by a third girl, who did not seem to mind that we were all naked. She just gave me a deep tongue kiss and shook hands with my friend and disappeared.Now after all this we relaxed for a while watched some porno movies on a TV screen in the room and drank a little more champagne. After some time the “pussy” that had initially fallen “in love” with my friend decided it was time to get to know him better. The “pussy” opened it’s mouth and invited my friend to enter, I could tell, that my friend really wanted to get in there, as he kept pushing in and out time and time again. As a matter of fact he got so far in, that if it was not for the sacks my friend always carry with him where ever he goes, I think the “pussy” would have swallowed him, but the sacks just did not fit into the “pussy’s”. I think it was during all this excursion, that he shot his load a second time. By the way I forgot to mention, that the “pussy” had insisted, that my friend wear a raincoat, which he had agreed to, but I do not think, he was all that happy about it. Now after further relaxation and sipping champagne it was time to say goodbye to the girls and their “pussies”, but not before the girls had said to proper goodbye to my friend. It was a moving scene as the girls took turns trying to swallow him, and also stroking him, while they were kissing each other and playing with their own as well as each others “pussies”. It was during all this commotion, that my friend beylikdüzü escort shot his load for a third time that evening, all within 3-4 hours, I can not recall him ever having done that before of after for that matter. Twice seems to be his limit, and that does not happen all that frequently either. Well, here were a couple of examples of the kind of money I spent to keep my friend’s fascination with a****ls alive and well. Another example of my friend’s fascination with the a****l kingdom, he has in the last few years let it be known, that it is not only ‘pussies” he loves, he also have quite an attraction for “cocks”. He tells me, that for years he has had a fascination with “cocks”, but he was a bit afraid of telling me about it, as he knows my dislike for feathery a****ls. He really admire their majestic look in particular when they are fully grown and proudly displays their ‘heads”. As a matter of fact he is trying to talk me into visiting one of these places, where they hang out or work. I believe it is somewhat similar to the place where the girls and the “pussies” work. I must admit I am a little bit hesitant about this, as I think I am out of my league there. Maybe one of you people, my friends on the Internet will help me with an introduction, if so please do not hesitate to contact me. Moreover, my friend now tells me that there are also girls, who instead of owning “pussies” own a “cock” instead, now that sound really interesting to me, as I must admit I have never met such a girl, but would surely love to meet one. My friend tells me, that “cocks” are a lot like him, they grow when “stroked” and spew out gooey stuff when they get really exited. I wonder if one of you girls on the Internet, who owns a “cock”, can confirm to me, that that is really true.Another fact I wanted to share with you about my friend is that I believe his is a real exhibitionist. Besides the little incident at the club, which he did not plan for, he loves to hang out at nude beaches, go for walks in the wild with him fully exposed. I have also noticed at other public places, he likes to show himself, maybe not to obvious, but with a bit of risk of detection. He tells me it makes him grow somewhat, although in most cases he will not spit out gooey stuff. I think, he is a bit conceded as well, he firmly believe, that he is better looking than Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, and can not understand why all the photographers are constantly following them, taking pictures. So, if some of you good people out there, would like to feed my friend’s vanity, please let me know, I am sure I could line him up for a session, even for free – such is his vanity. Now the last peace of information I want to share with you about my friend, actually came as a bit of a shook to me. He now tells me, that I should not be so tough on “assholes”, as apparently they can be quite a bit nicer, than you would think at first glance. It would not seem to matter if the “assholes” are of the male or female types, my friend insist, that he would not mind visiting with some of them, he believes, that he could fit all the way into one of these “assholes”. I am not sure of that and furthermore what would be the purpose? He tells me, that it might be interesting to visit with a female, that owns a pussy and has access to an “asshole” or alternatively visit with a male/female who owns a “cock” and access to an “asshole”. In the later case he reminds me to bring my own “asshole”, whatever he means by that.Well friends, that is it for the introduction of my friend, sorry that it turned out to be a bit longwinded. I could go on for hours telling you of episodes, that my friend and I have experienced together, but I think this is enough for now. If you want to hear more stories let me know. I think my friend is quite an interesting fellow, and I am sure there a re a number of you females or for that matter males, who would love to meet my friend. If that is the case send me a note, and I will pass it on to him, I am sure he would love to meet you as well.

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