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A Nice and Very Naughty Drive With Josh

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A Nice and Very Naughty Drive With JoshI thought it -and we – were over and done with a year earlier. But a few days after I returned home after my first year of college, I saw him walking over to me. I was outside doing nothing on a warm Saturday afternoon. Horny like always and still trying to find a girl to fuck all summer. At least one and hopefully more than just one of course.We were best friends once but when best friends add sex to their relationship the result is usually a disaster. Josh and I had no formal “breakup” and there were no fights no tears and no nasty words exchanged. College saved us both from that – but our relationship was a mess when we both left home for college ten months or so earlier.I figured he was coming over just to say hello and see what came next. I swore off any more sex with Josh for a few reasons we don’t need to get into. The point is that sex wasn’t on my mind or in my thoughts when he came over that day. He had a strange smile on his face, strange to all except me since I’d seen him smile that same smile many times before. This was his I’m horny and I feel naughty smile he gives to me when he’s really in the mood to fool around. I didn’t think I’d ever see that smile on his face again. And this smile that day was confusing to me as well. We both said hello and then there was a short and very awkward silence that lasted for about 30 seconds. He finally broke the silence and got right to the point. “I was wondering if you were in the mood to fool around with me since I’m really in the mood bursa escort to do that.” I asked “you mean right now?” And he replied yes to that.I had many doubts about “fooling around” – with Josh or with any other guy too since I thought my gay days were all in my past and I hadn’t felt any significant gay sex desires since I left home the previous September. And fooling around with Josh meant fooling around with our past and the emotions that came with it. But of course my answer to his proposition was “Sure. But where?” “Where?” was a problem since this wasn’t happening on weekday after school when his house was more often than not otherwise empty and available for us to get naked and fool around with each other. It was Saturday afternoon and both our houses were full – everyone was home and everyone was moving around so sneaking off to the bathroom in the basement or to the garage wasn’t safe either, so we had nowhere to fool around right then.Until I thought of my car. Or his car. We could get in a car and drive around and find some deserted spot and fool around there – in the car. Risky and also too risky to even consider – before and until right then. We agreed to give it a shot at least and if we couldn’t find a secluded and reasonable safe parking spot to have a 5 minute quickie then we would just give up and drive back home. So I told my parents we felt like taking a drive and we might drive all the way to the beach but we weren’t sure so we could be gone a short or long time and see you whenever we’re back.And this bursa escort bayan car thing got us both really worked up. And we both had our shorts and boxers down to our ankles and were jerking off each other’s rock hard dicks before I drove us to the next block. We did that the entire time, as other cars drove past us in the other direction, and as we passed c***dren and adults walking or just doing nothing outside. I even waved hello to a friend’s father with Josh jerking me off and me doing the same to him as he waved hello back to me. I told Josh that doing this was just fine if we couldn’t find a safe place to park and do even more than this. He agreed and we decided to slow down our two way jerk fest and to take a few breaks to make sure neither of us came too early. And this was so naughty and in public that a few more minutes of two way jerking would easily result in two loads of jizz shooting out of our two dicks. But I wanted to find a place to park so we held ourselves back with our pants still down and our dicks still pointing straight up in the air and a little more mutual jerking off as we drove around.There was an office complex in our town so I drove us there. A gorgeous Saturday afternoon in early June could mean the whole complex would be empty. We got there in 10 minutes and yes the parking lots in back were all completely empty. So I drove to the very back where there were also bushes to partially hide the car behind. We agreed to both look out for unwanted visitors the whole time and we also agreed to escort bursa do this one real real fast. And then Josh and I had a 5 minute quickie in my car that might have been the hottest 5 minutes we both ever had in our whole lives.He kissed me at the start which he never did before – and I wanted us to kiss so so much but he always said no to that. Then I got down on my knees and gave him a BJ that was over in about 2 minutes from all his pent up lust. And when I got back up he turned sideways and grabbed my dick and rubbed it all over and also a little bit inside his ass and he never let me fuck him once and never let my dick get within 6 inches of the entrance so this was a hot fucking surprise gift he either planned in advance or just did pure horny lust. My car was oozing with sex and boy on boy cock lust during those 5 minutes of hot hot sex – and the intimacy and closeness Josh wanted to share with me which he never did and maybe never could before that day.His grab and rub my dick up and down and on and a little bit in his hot round bubbly white ass made me come in less than two minutes. Then we cleaned up and pulled up our shorts again and our hot 5 minute boy on boy sex in the car tryst was finished.We drove around for almost an hour after that, holding hands and sneaking a few french kisses when we were totally alone in a few secluded stretches in our home town.And when I drove to his house and right as he got out of the car he told me he was leaving the next morning to work as a camp counselor and would be gone for the next 6 weeks. Our lives probably would have changed somehow if he and I were together for that entire summer instead. But even just this one hookup was a great and totally erotic and sexually thrilling surprise…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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