May 17

A Night in the Gym

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Big Dick

It is after work and I am at the gym. I don’t often go these days, but I’ve had a long hard week in front of a computer – too many donuts and cups of bad coffee – and I need to do something active. After all a woman in her mid-30s needs to watch her figure! I’ve been there an hour or so, working up a good sweat, when Cliff comes over and offers to spot me on some weights. Lifting weights isn’t my kind of thing, but it doesn’t take long for him to convince me. He is looking good in a stretched singlet and loose shorts, rugged looks and nicely tanned bod – and of course that carefree grin. We had a bit of a fling late last year – a two night stand actually – and I enjoyed his lean hard body working over mine. Good physical sex. We both wanted it and it happened quickly. Pity it hadn’t worked out, but he’s got little more than air between the ears. Anyway he soon got over the rejection and hooked up with a big chested bimbo and seems happy enough.

Well Cliff spots me for about ten minutes and I spend the whole time looking up the billowing leg of his shorts at his bulging jock strap, remembering how hard and thick that cock got, how he had fucked me three times with it in less than 48 hours, how yummy it tasted. That’s the kind of action I need now to punctuate the celibacy that has descended on my life – it has been ages since I last had sex (nearly 4 months! It’s just not natural!). He sees me watching and squats slightly so his jock pouch shifts forward and I see his hairy perineum. We smile at each other and he pointedly looks at my stretched latex sports top where my nipples are beginning to show.

He squats low again and I get to see his tight arse hole, ringed with damp circlets of dark hair – beautiful in a very male way. How come I never noticed this before? I catch his eye and lick my lips while he holds the pose. After a few more minutes of this flirting, I am in a bit of a lather and tell Cliff I have to go for a run to warm down before going home. He offers to go with me because it’s dusk now and it’s best that a girl doesn’t run alone.

I go to the change room to get running shoes on and switch from leotard to shorts. He is waiting out the front, a small sip-up pouch strapped around his waist, and we head off to the sports ground nearby and start lapping the oval. We are going quite slow and talk a bit. I learn that he is still seeing his bimbo, that she wants them to live together, but he likes his freedom. I am horny and make sure our arms and hips touch from time to time.

We are on our fourth circuit and I stop in the shadow of the güvenilir bahis grandstand for a breather, hands on hips, bending a little forward. Cliff turns comes back to see if I am OK, putting a hand on my shoulder. I straighten up, our eyes meet and I kiss him. He is very quick to respond and after a moment I slide my hands down the back of his shorts, over the strap of his jock, and cup his bare buttocks. They are firm, smooth and slightly damp with sweat. I massage them. He gets his hands down my tight shorts and I feel his finger stroking down my sweaty crack until it locates my chocolate treasure. I kiss him harder and he wiggles the sweaty digit against my ring. I moan, bear back, and the tip slips through the tight muscle. I am dizzy with lust when we finally break apart.

We make our way into the grandstand, where it is quite dark. I sit on a bench, tug down his shorts and nuzzle his cock through the coarse weave of the jock strap. It is semi-hard and pressing out the pouch. I suck at it through the stained pungent material, the man smells making my head spin. Then I turn him round with my hands and tell him to bend over. His buttocks are pale in the dim light, framed by the elastic straps of his athletic support, and beautifully muscled and shaped. I squeeze and stroke them, then hold them apart and survey the pucker. It is taut and male and smells slightly sour. I am washed over with a raunchy abandon. I dip forward and lick up and down his crack in long swipes, getting lots of salty sweat. I love his manly physical taste, even the earthy tang as I pass over his anus.

As I lick him, I reach forward into the pouch and free his hard cock. It is bigger and heavier than I remember and I look forward to getting fucked by it. He is groaning and even though we are both enjoying it, I want that cock and tell him to turn around. It bobs before me and I take the spongy fat head between my lips and savour the taste, texture and sheer power of it. Then I reach round, grasp his buttocks, and pull him forward so that his cock eases deep past my lips. With a slight tilt of the head I am able to take most of his thick pole, feeling the helmet graze the back of my throat. With my hands on his bum urging him on, he slowly moves back and forth for a couple of minutes, groaning as I apply suction and wash around the shaft.

He pulls me up and we kiss hard. Then he tugs up my top. My tits, released from the tight sports fabric, hang heavily, the nipples straining. I can’t remember being hornier. I cup them and hiss at him to suck them. He does, grazing the nipples türkçe bahis with his teeth and making me moan and clasp at his head. Then he turns me round, bends me forward and he pulls down my shorts and panties. I step out of them as his hands roam around my buttocks, then delve in my sweaty crack. He spits and eases a finger into my pooper again. I groan as he probes me with it. I want him to rim me, but he has other ideas. He picks up his zip bag and takes out a tube of KY gel. He holds it up and looks at me enquiringly. I hesitantly nod, bottom lip between my teeth, and he steps behind me again.

As he spreads the cool lubricant on my hole, I wonder if I really want to get sodomised tonight. I like to be well prepared before a cock goes near my bum, and anyway had my heart set on some good straight sex. I am about to tell him I’ve changed my mind and to fuck my pussy instead when he slides a greased finger back through my pucker and deep into my rectum. Jees it feels good and at that instant I decide to let him bugger me. He doesn’t take long to get ready and in a moment I feel the blunt head of his cock at my back door. He doesn’t say anything, just gets a grip on my waist and leans forward. I brace and bear back and feel the hot entry, the surge of turgid flesh stretching wide my sphincter, and the massive fullness enter my bowels in one, two, three steady thrusts that has us both grunting and me, at least, in a sweat. But it is OK and I am coping with his size. He holds still for a moment and then we are away. God I need to be fucked! It doesn’t matter that it’s in my rump – just the penetration, closeness and slapping bodies are enough.

After a minute I am able to brace myself with just one arm and get a hand down to my cunny. I get some action going on my clit and soon there is a subtle change: the fat prick mashing up my lower intestine is no longer an awkward invasion to be tolerated; it begins to feel sexy and I grunt at him to fuck me harder. He does and I experience that wonderfully primitive satisfaction of being shaken and thrown about, his cock arrowing relentlessly into my centre, as he ruts like a machine. My fingers are slippery with my juices and I am rougher on my clit than I can normally stand. And then I am there, straining and shuddering as an intense orgasm rips through me.

I can’t stand and Cliff supports me until I can lie forward on a slatted bench. Then he is fucking me again, hard like before, making me grunt as his weight squashes me onto the hard wood with each long thrust. Before long he arches, driving his cock even güvenilir bahis siteleri deeper into my gut, and I feel the thick shaft pulsing as he cums.

Afterwards we are walking back to the gym. In the past I have often been sore after anal sex, but not this time. I feel loose and open, conscious of a wet load of cum in my rectum, but there is no pain or even discomfort. I ask him why he wanted to fuck me greek and he said he saw me looking up his shorts, my nipples going hard when I viewed his butt, and just got the idea I was up for it. I grab his arm and tell him I sure was, and he returns my hug. We agree to go out to eat and as I shower and apply a bit of make up, I reckon I need some good long sex with Cliff, at least for a day or two.

Cliff wants Italian and during dinner I am reminded why things didn’t go far last time. All Cliff’s conversation is about himself and even several glasses of wine can’t dull the boredom. I decide to just get him home and into bed where his mouth could be put to better use. I start coming on sexy and he gets the message.

Back at my place he is eager to service me. His cock is hard as soon as we’re undressed (that’s what I remember about him – such a relief not to have a performance issue!). It turns out he’s not much good with his mouth when it comes to sex, which I kind of remember from before, so I soon shift to the main event. He feels extra nice sliding in my snug snatch and we are quickly away. He fucks me heartily, bringing me off a couple of times and making me feel soooooo womanly and sooooo glad to have ended my spell of celibacy. So when he says he wants to finish in my mouth, I have no objection and kneel on the mattress while he feeds it past my lips, languorously lick and suck all my juices off it, and unhurriedly blow him while playing with his balls and buttocks.

He doesn’t cum until I slip a finger in his crinkle, and then he immediately jets a hot salty stream along my tongue. Even though I don’t much like the taste, it is a thrill to have a man’s cock throb and cum in my mouth again. I giggle and look up at his sweaty strained face. I suck his thick cock a bit longer, getting a few more drops as I tease his brownie. I let him slump back on the bed and spit the semen into a tissue (after all, it’s not as if I love the guy!).

It is still early, maybe only nine o’clock, but I soon pack Cliff on his way. He’s not reluctant to go – maybe he has a date with his brainless chesty friend, in which case he’s not going to be good for much other than conversation. See ya round the club he says with a confident smirk as he leaves and I wonder how long it will be before I need his reliably hard cock again. It might be quite soon if Mr Right doesn’t show up…

Hope you liked this one! Let me know what you think. Luv Alicia.

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