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A Nun’s Story Pt. 17

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Sister Edith had no idea about the punishment administered to Sister Rosa. Nor did she really understand about the inner circle and how it operated.

That was not important. Sister Edith was a horny woman. All the time. She’d long since realised it had been a mistake to take her vows. Edith knew that her struggle with unclean thoughts was more ferocious than most nuns. But she loved her job. The Order of the Mount had given her considerable responsibility working in one of its youth out-reach programs. Edith spent all day working with and inspiring young people to do good works for the poor and under-privileged. And she spent most nights watching porn and masturbating. She already had an illicit vibrator to substitute for a real cock.

Also, she spent hours each week with a sexy man who she adored and lusted after. Father Brendan was a handsome Irish man with a seductive accent. His blue eyes frequently flashed with passion. But Edith had also been drawn to his strength — both his dedication to his work and the swimmer’s body he kept under his religious clothing. Many an evening was taken up with thoughts of the delicious Father Brendan as she slammed a seven-inch dildo into her gushing cunt.

If anything, her problems had gotten worse after an accidental confession from one of her sister nuns. Wine had been involved. Her friend had blurted out something about sex — to which Edith had retorted that her friend had no idea what she was talking about.

Next morning, as they nursed hangovers, Edith had been curious enough to press her friend for more details. That was when the confession had happened — her friend confiding a deadly serious secret that she had a burning need to reveal to a friend. But a secret that must never go further for fear that her friend would suffer severe consequences. Edith had understood as soon as her friend began to reveal the truth about a small circle of nuns who had sex, with men and women, to gain special favours for the Order. Her friend had been “ordered” to have sex with a priest who was needed as an ally.

Sister Edith had no inkling that other nuns, such as her close colleague Sister Claire, were also engaged in carnal relations that somehow were not forbidden to this group of nuns. She had assumed she’d never have the chance for so much as a passionate kiss from Father Brendan.


Outside of the priesthood, Father Brendan would have been described as a “lady killer”. He was in his mid-thirties with a handsome face and an Irish accent that made mortal women swoon. There was no doubt that he enjoyed their attention, even members of his congregation. Mostly that was explained away by his easy charm — as if it was hardly his fault that women found excuses to spend time with the lovely priest.

It was true, too, that he had sowed his oats as a young man. So he understood some of what made women tick. As a busy priest, he was expected to deny himself the company – and more – of eager women. Though he could not ignore that he had taken advantage of some opportunities even as a man of the cloth. The most recent had been a somewhat desperate widow in her late forties with big tits who’d proven, in her own bed, to be more of a starfish than a passionate lover.

Sister Edith liked to flash her sexy blue eyes at him and catch him with an enticing smile. But he knew there was a lot of risk in succumbing to the temptations of a nun. Not least that Edith herself might not realise how eager he was to sample her wares. He tried to tell himself that she was not his “type”. Her small breasts would surely be a disappointment. Her short legs probably closed over a hairy, sweaty snatch. And surely, above all, it was a folly to imagine that there was any chance to bed a nun.

For Father Brendan had no idea of just how lustful some nuns could be. The inner circle of the Order of the Mount was hidden from him. He had heard a story of a priest, an old friend, who had fucked more than one nun. He told himself many times that Sister Edith was a standard temptation. He would bide his time until a safer option presented itself. Such was the life of a hot-blooded priest.

He didn’t change his mind even after a long drive with Sister Edith beside him as they returned from an afternoon meeting. She was as chatty as usual.

“You have an admirer amongst those young women,” ventured Edith with a sly grin.

“Not at all, Sister. Our female flock are grateful for everything that our project provides them.”

“Oh no, Father. I was watching. Young Susan is more than grateful. She most definitely has improper thoughts about her lovely Irish priest.”

Edith half-hoped — and half-feared — that Father Brendan might realise that she, too, wanted nothing more than to experience intimacy with him. Being a virgin hardly made her celibacy any more bearable. But the priest tried to laugh-off her observations.


Mrs Jane Edmonds was an observant woman. She had seen a string of knew that he was tempted. bahis siteleri Being a successful flirt herself, Mrs Edmonds understood that the good priest was not all he pretended — it only required the right woman to seduce him into bed.

Jane was a tallish woman with long brown hair and an attractive figure. Regarded by some as a “soccer mom”, she worked to stay in shape. In her early thirties, she had a little more spread than she liked. Her C-cup breasts were a little fuller these days. Though they still sat firm and proud. And she enjoyed the way her long legs drew admiring glances from men. Happily married, Jane guessed that she enjoyed a better sex life than did many of her friends.

The truth about Jane Edmonds was that she enjoyed cheating on her husband. One time, before they were married, had been a short fling with his friend who’d been besotted – and devastated not to have won her for himself. Soon after the wedding she had zeroed-in on a gorgeous black man who she often bumped into at the gym. The fact that they mostly had sex in his car only added to the excitement.

Mrs Edmonds did her best to carefully protect her secret sex life. No more than when she’d allowed her husband’s boss to fuck her on several occasion when he was interstate with business. She’d lost touch with that man after hubby had changed jobs. Her husband would never learn her secrets and Jane was determined to go on having fun.

Father Brendan was an obvious choice. Taboo and, for that same reason, a real prize. She never minded that the priest pretended to be oblivious, to be disinterested. The glint in his eyes told her different.

Despite her sinful ways, Mrs Edmonds was an eager volunteer at the church and had many opportunities to work her magic. Always discreet, she began to share her special smile with him. She was clever enough to get him alone on more than one occasion. There was a small office to the side of the church. It had been easy to lean forward and show-off her deep cleavage. And thrilling to see his lingering looks. Father Brendan could not have had any doubts from the way she touched him — a soft hand on his arm or his shoulder, held there for a little too long.

The other bitches would never know her secret. But Jane Edmonds was a hunter. She had never fucked a priest and this one was a wonderful specimen. It was a matter of time.


Part of the strange workings of the universe was that Mrs Edmonds should try her luck on the same day that Sister Edith had made mention of the young woman in the meeting. The married woman had no idea that Father Brendan was extra horny with thoughts of the pretty nun and his young admirer. On her way home from work, she’d promised the Father to complete a small job in the office.

By then she was braless. And flashing her sexiest smile as they met in the carpark. Jane made sure to help the priest carry a bundle of papers inside. With a deft kick, she closed the door behind them.

“Oh no, Mrs Edmonds,” he tried to protest. “Its policy to leave the door open. You understand.”

“Oh, Father. I do understand. And you know that’s exactly why I want the door closed.”

Father Brendan had not been expecting this. Not after a long day and with his head muddled from thoughts of illicit fornication with members of the flock.

“But Mrs Edmonds,” he tried to protest a little more. “I would not want any trouble for you. Though as a man, of course, I am very flattered.”

By this point, Jane was undoing the first few buttons of her blouse. She already knew that the priest was on the verge of succumbing. Her small, pale nipples were at their hardest as they rose and fell on her now heaving chest. She could feel the insistent throbbing in her snatch.

“Father, you are a wonderful priest. But you are no saint. I know you understand when I say I have a hole that needs filling.”

“And your marriage?” he asked in one final attempt.

But Jane Edmonds was now standing beside him. Her cleavage was full displayed. Only two buttons withheld her fulsome tits from his view. And her hand was firmly on his crotch, groping the now growing bulge in his trousers.

“Its one more sin, Father,” she purred. “The real sin is if a man like you can’t have any woman that he wants.”

Father Brendan surrendered at that moment. Mostly that was because Mrs Edmonds had sunk to her knees and was busily undoing his trousers. It was obvious that she’d done this for many men and he was no less aroused by that. This was the kind of woman who could devour a man. And his cock told the story — fully hardened by the time Mrs Edmonds had revealed his six and a half inches.

This was a triumph for Jane Edmonds — she’d been right in picking the priest as a horny bastard who would not resist a blatant chance to fuck a hungry woman. With a gentle push, she made him sit in his office chair while she undid the rest of her buttons. The sight only made his cock swell further. Her C-cup breasts were fine and juicy — every canlı bahis siteleri bit as good as he’d imagined. With just enough sag to hint at her age and sexual experience. She was quite a woman. Mrs Edmonds proved that by cupping her healthy tits around his hard shaft, squeezing and stroking his manhood

“We will share our sins, Father,” as she began to wank his cock with her tits.

“That’s a lovely sin, Mrs Edmonds,” he groaned

“I told you, a man like you should have any woman he wants.” She was looking up at him with a smile, enjoying the glazed look on his face. “And now I will have a taste of heaven.”

Swiftly, she closed her wet lips around his throbbing cock. His gasp of delight was proof of how much he needed the attention of a woman. And Jane Edmonds went to work on him, bobbing her head slowly as she worked as most of his six-plus inches in and out of her soft, warm mouth. She was not surprised that a priest should have a cock like any man — but this one was especially nice with its straight shaft and bugling purple veins. His ridges and bumps were delightful as they rubbed over her tongue. Jane took a special thrill in what was to be the first of many blowjobs for Father Brendan.

A long session of loving the priest’s cock was her preference. But her husband would be waiting for her. It was enough for today to have prepared the Father for what she really needed.

“Fuck me, Father,” she whispered as she climbed from her knees.

Her secret would be safe with him. And she was certain he’d say “yes” more readily the next time. But Mrs Edmonds needed that wonderful cock in her throbbing cunt. Her long, slender legs were just the right height for her to lay across the old wooden desk. With a wicked grin, she lifted her skirt and positioned herself for the priest.

“We have to hurry, for today,” she murmured.

Nothing else needed to be said. The dirty priest knew just what to do. He moved behind her, enjoying this view of the sexy, married parishioner. She had wide hips and a generous bottom but he found that sexier than some of the skinny, younger women who’d tried to win his favour. Not that his cock was in a state to be discerning. She wore a tiny G-string and he had no trouble in dragging that to one side, noting her soft moan of desire as his fingers brushed her shaven cunt lips. Her wetness was obvious as he lined up his cock.

“Please, Father…”

With a firm grip on her curvy, married waist, the priest penetrated the horny parishioner.

“This is a wicked sin, Mrs Edmonds.”

“Fuck me, Father,” she begged in reply.

Every new cock in her snatch was a thrill. And this one was especially good, nicely thick and filling her dripping cunt as the priest pumped into her. There was no doubt that the naughty church man was an experienced fucker. Mrs Edmonds groaned as he thrust to the hilt, grateful for a new lover who could excite her more than her husband.

It was incredibly satisfying to be lying over his desk, flanks exposed and holes on offer, as the dirty priest satisfied his needs. Father Brendan knew exactly how he wanted to screw the married woman – using long, firm strokes to plunder her hole and compensate for the months of enforced celibacy. And, as for many men, it was even more pleasurable to be fucking another man’s wife.

The heightened sin only made him more eager to enjoy her tight hole. She erupted over and over, her cunt muscles spasming as the sinful married woman gave herself over to his screwing from behind. The priest could not see the way she bit her finger to try to hide her sounds. But she grunted in a most agreeable way every time his thick, hard meat plumbed her depths.

“Ohhhh, what a saint…” she moaned.

“Not for long.”

Hearing that, Mrs Edmonds knew what she had to do. This was not the occasion for the priest to blast his seed into her hungry hole.

“No… no wait,” she gasped as she pushed him away.

“Not using contraception?” asked the priest as he watched her once more fall to her knees before him.

“Not that,” she panted. “My husband…”

No more words were needed. She engulfed the erect, proud cock in her mouth and cupped the priest’s balls as she silently urged him on. Mrs Edmonds wanted him to cum and her idea had always been to swallow the holy stuff. She would not be leaking when she got home to her unsuspecting husband.

Father Brendan was none the wiser. But he had no objections to her sucking of his cock. He really had been close to the edge. With his balls in her hand, it needed only a little firm thrusting into her warm mouth to complete the journey. Throwing his head back he gave a mighty groan as he emptied his balls. Blast after blast surged from his cock and flooded her hungry mouth. Of course, the married woman had done this before and the priest was delighted to see how she easily swallowed the load he’d been saving for a week.

His cock was still exposed, slowly softening, as she rose and fixed her clothes. Mrs Edmonds was late getting canlı bahis home and that would not do. She surprised the priest with a small kiss on his lips.

“See, Father? I knew there was a real man under there.” She quickly checked that nothing was left in the corners of her mouth. “I’ll make an appointment next time,” she said with a sly grin and then she was gone.


Jane Edmonds was an insatiable adulterer. She made good on that promise to Father Brendan. Two weeks later she spent a couple of wonderful hours in his bed. The priest smelled and felt so different to her husband — out of town on another business trip. She had enjoyed his athletic body and his energy for their sex play. He was every bit the skillful lover that she’d hoped for. Every inch of her body had been explored by his hands and his mouth. That wonderful mouth that had transported her to ecstasy. Only a man who truly embraced sin could eat a pussy as good as the priest. And Mrs Edmonds had made sure to enjoy his cock. In her mouth and in her pussy as they’d fucked in many different positions. She’d gladly let him flood her cunt with his cock juice.

Mrs Edmonds knew several other women in the congregation who wished dearly, if secretly, that they could have the priest for just one forbidden fuck. But her eye had been drawn to Sister Edith. The little, blonde nun was quite an attractive young woman, still in her twenties. Jane was sure that the nun was a virgin — it was just the way that she reacted around the priest. What was not in doubt was that Sister Edith had her own secret cravings for Father Brendan. And the older woman found herself hatching a devious plan.

“Father Brendan is wonderful,” she said brightly to the nun one day. “You are lucky to work with him all the time.”

Edith had blushed — another giveaway. And Jane had pressed her attack.

“What a man,” she gushed a few days later. No-one else could hear them. “He must have broken some hearts when he became a priest.”

Such talk increased the frequency of Sister Edith’s masturbation. She, too, knew that there were women who lusted after the priest. And she had her own desires for him. But how could Mrs Edmonds suspect a nun of such thoughts? Besides, surely no man would want to have a virgin like her.

“Let me help you,” said Mrs Edmonds on another occasion. They were both at the church on a Saturday afternoon and Father Brendan was busy nearby. “I know he would like to see the best of you,” Jane went on as she undid the top two buttons on the nun’s shirt.

Edith became very flustered. But she did not protest. And Jane knew that even with her smaller bust the priest would welcome the chance to steal more of a look at Edith’s forbidden flesh.

“That little nun would gladly fuck you,” Jane declared to him in the middle of their next tryst.

“I have enough sin as it is,” he scoffed in his delectable Irish accent.

Jane took note that he’d not rejected the idea of shagging the sweet nun. And nor had Edith protested the idea that she was hot for Father Brendan. The married slut was excited to be playing matchmaker between priest and nun. Mrs Edmonds enjoyed breaking taboos and this was a wonderful challenge. Her plan was coming together nicely.


“I’m coming to the office on Saturday,” Jane told the nun. “Just casual clothes for a change. I think Father will be there as well. Why not join us and we can relax while we catch-up on paperwork?”

If Edith had really known what Mrs Edmonds had intended, would she have agreed? Jane was happy that she’d never know the answer. And it mattered none since, in the end, a confused looking Sister Edith had promised to meet at the office at 2.00 that Saturday.

Mrs Edmonds arrived at 1.30, just as Father Brendan pulled into the car park. As before, she was in a bubbly mood and insisted on helping the priest to carry items from his car to the office. She had dressed in a t-shirt and jeans — no underwear. Her husband had been busy working on his boat and not noticed that his wife was dressed like a slut to visit the church office.

Father Brendan noticed. Those bouncing C-cup tits were too much for him to ignore — even if he truly was a man of god. He knew that Mrs Edmonds liked to arrange these little meetings as an opportunity for more debauchery. He’d started to look forward to them more than a priest ought.

Jane Edmonds was standing next to the priest with her arm around him as she kissed him deeply. She was rubbing her tits against him while she had one hand over his crotch, teasing his dick to its full size. In his lust, the priest had not noticed how she’d left the door open. He was moaning into her mouth and thinking about ripping her t-shirt from her body. That was when Sister Edith walked in.

“Oh, no… what… oh, dear…” cried out the nun in shock.

Her first thought was about interrupting the privacy of an intimate moment between a man and a woman. She did not have time to think about the betrayal she was witnessing before the second thought came to her mind — the man was a priest and the woman was a married member of the congregation. The wicked sin of it. Jane Edmonds had prepared for this exact moment.

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