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A Personal Moment to Share with You Pt. 02

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Hello again, I am Monica. We met in our first episode named: A Personal Moment to Share with You.

I want you to know how I came to love Celeste. We had bump into each other at a birthday party. Our eyes met, and started to talk immediately as each of us went off to get another glass of wine. As we talk, we went off to pool outside, with a bottle of wine. Celeste mentioned that she was woman bodybuilder, adding she was 50 years old. I noticed that her hair was brownish/blondish hair, had beautiful green eyes, and her voice was low and commanding. I related to her, that I go to the gym, worked as physical therapist, and have a nice home. Celeste related that she owned a landscaping company, and how she landscaping her backyard and front-yard. She mentioned to that she had done a lot of work on her home, and putt in a wooden deck, and adding on a hot-tub. We both talked for several hours, and didn’t notice that people where leaving. We both looked at each other, as we each elated that we should leave. When we got to our cars, occasionally touching each other, Celeste ask if I want to come to house for dinner on Saturday tomorrow night. I smiled at her saying I would be there. We each kissed each other, parted, and we each went home. I was thinking about her as drove home, and sure Celeste was too, about tomorrow night. That is how our relationship started.


A wooden front door opened as Celeste greeted me with warm enticing eyes, smiling as she reached out to holding me closer as she kissed me on my cheek saying, “I’m so glad you came tonight. I was preparing dinner for us. Would like a class of wine?”

I notice; after we kissed, Celeste was wearing a light blouse(no bra on), loose shorts to show off her beautiful muscled body, smiling at her saying, “Yes that would nice,” adding to it, “you have a beautiful house outside and inside too. It look so homey like.”

Celeste lead me to her kitchen, mentioning how she bought this house to do a fix-it-up to both the inside and outside. Celeste explained how she put in a wooden deck, added a hot-bub, landscaping her backyard, and put in gas burner. As Celeste kept stroking my shoulder as she escorted me to her backyard. Celeste commented several times how quiet out here, and mentioning how she like being nude in her back yard. Caressing my arm again softly, smiling at me, saying, “It is nice to have you here tonight.”

“It is nice that you invited for dinner. I like what you did when you landscaping your backyard.”, as I touched Celeste soft, firm arm, I adding, “I have to ask you something?”

“Yes!” Celeste responded.

“I was wondering how often do you go to the gym to work out? I go to gym to work out for three hours a day, four time per week. I like my shape, but your muscled bodybuilding looks beautiful.”

Smiling warmly Celeste looked at me saying as we walked back to her kitchen, “Thank you for complimenting on my bodybuilder. I work out for two session, four hours a day. I go in the morning, do my thing, go to work, and back again for second session. That is why I got buildup like this.

“I have been enjoying doing bodybuilding for last 15 years. The reason I got into woman bodybuilder was, my husband died right in front of me. I was really, really depressed after he died; and not knowing what to do, I got into bodybuilding. I did not have a job, and he left me plenty of money after he died. After working out; doing those sets for eight months, I notice the pain of him dyeing gradually left me. To workout turned me on, and I kept doing it cause I felt so good inside me.”, adding to it after Celeste took sip of wine, “Would you like dinner? It is ready to cook. We can eat out here.” as she said softly stroking my shoulder.

I look at her beautiful muscled bodybuilders, wanting to draw her closer so I could kissed her lips, but I refused saying, “That would be great.”

We grabbed two plate and two prepared salads, two chicken breast with some veggie, and went outside to her grill. Celeste put the marinated chicken and veggies on her outdoor gas grill, and she went off to kitchen to get more wine. After twenty minutes Celeste opened the grill, and showed me how good it all looked. She then put the chicken on each plate, along with the veggies and salad saying, “I hope you enjoy it. Let’s eat.”

“Oh god, that smells really good, and I know it will taste really good.” as I responded to Celeste.

We both where talking back and forth as we ate and drank more wine. Each of us related how we got into our businesses. Celeste commented how she bought a landscaping business to make it grow. I to conveyed how I got into physical therapist, and started my businesses too. Each of us related how interesting each business is to each of us. We were both talking, smiling at each other, occasionally we touched and caress each other shoulder or holding hands as she mentioned, “Monica I need some help to get rid of dishes? I can get more wine for both of us.” illegal bahis as we both got up Celeste added, “I was wondering if you like to smoke some marijuana, and get into the hot-tub? I only smoke it on rare occasion to relax.”

I knew what she was really saying as I mentioned, “I would like to do both, but I did not bring a swim suit?”

“On swim suit, I don’t have one, as I like being naked. You don’t mind? We can both be naked to. How about that?

“That would be a lot of fun to do both. I like to be naked to as that is the best way to get in a hot-tub. What about my clothes?

“You can leave your clothes on my couch.” as Celeste responded.

We both went into Celeste house. I took of my clothes as Celeste went off to another room to get the marijuana. As I turned around nude in her living room, and Celeste appeared nude too. I was stunned with how lovely Celeste looked naked in front of me. Her face smiled with delight, her large breast where firm, her figure had a lovely shape to it, and her pussy was shaved to(I had done it early too). I had to say something, “You look really beautiful Celeste.”

Celeste looked at me holding the pipe with marijuana in her left hand, and large bottle of wine in right hand saying, “Thank you Monica. You look really good naked too, but I need some help with wine. Could you take wine outside?”

“I am sorry. Here let me help you with that. I was just taken back at how you look. Your clothes look great on you, but being naked make you look better.”

We both look at each other, smiling, and gazing at each other, and I got closer to kissed Celeste. As we parted we both went outside to the hot-tub, and I notice her firm breast with nice large nipples. Celeste bodybuilder was exquisite to look at, and I wanted to kiss her again. I wanting the feeling every muscles wrap around me. Suddenly Celeste wrapped her muscled arms tightly around me, and I felt her warm body against mine as I wrapped my arms around her too as each of deeply kissed. We both couldn’t stopped kissing each other, we parted as she said, “Monica, lets smoke some marijuana, drink some wine, and share our stories between us.”

We both got warmer in the hot-bub as she piped up, and shared it between us several time. We both drank some wine, again she lit the pipe up again, as we got to laughing and talking. I was then that I asked Celeste, “How did you get into women when you were married?”

Celeste smiled at me, stroking my shoulder, saying, “I never got into woman when I was married, and I love my husband. After my husband passed away I did not find sex very interest at all. My husband was great lover, he pleased me so much that I love him very deeply. I was 35, when I developed into woman’s bodybuilder, and older woman bodybuilder got interested in me after showing how to body building better. She invited me over to her house for dinner, and it was there she told me she was very interested in me for sex. I was so surprised, explaining I have not been intimate with a women, nor thought of being with women. She said we should go to bed, and see what between us. She did add, if you don’t like it, it’s OK. When we got in her bedroom, she slowly undressed me as she kissed me, touching me every where, saying if want me to stop let me know. I never stopped her, and we went on making love all night and the next day too. That is how I found out the variety of being intimate with a woman. I still like men too, but I find women more interesting.

“One can develop an affectionate, emotional friendship with a woman you interested in. How about you?” as Celeste answered my questions, handing the pipe to me, as we both kissed each other again.

We smoke it several times, and sipping wine as I said, “For me it was after my divorce, and had to do something other than work. It was older women who owned the place, and was interested in me at her physical therapist and massage center. It was almost the same as yours. I too like getting fuck by a man, ramming his cock into my pussy and ass, but I really like is being with woman. It is just more meaning to me when I enjoy sex.” as I finished explaining my story.

Celeste turned whole muscled body to me, holding me closer to her, as hands ran all over my body, saying, “That was a great experience to enjoy. I want to enjoy you, and feel you next to me. I want us to caress each other, kissing each other, and I want you stay over tonight. If you want to?”

I started to caressing her body all over, feeling her firm erect nipples on her breast saying, “It would be great to stay overnight, and I will stay overnight. I was wondering if you didn’t ask me to stay, I was going to ask.” as I french kissed her, adding, “Celeste I want you to pinch my nipples till I cannot stand any longer. Make them painfully hurt with pleasure. It makes me even hornier down in my cunt.”

“I love play with your nipples. I do like my nipples pinched too, and I want you to make my nipples points standout, illegal bahis siteleri making my nipples-points painfully really hurts. Oh yes, I would like that.” as Celeste and I pinched each our erect nipples firmly.

“Oh Celeste. Pinch my nipples harder. I love it.” as kissed her on the lips, and pinching both Celeste nipples really hard. I knew she like sexual pain/pleasure thing.

Celeste pressed into me even harder, as we kissed each other, pinching each other nipples till each of us couldn’t stand the pain any longer. We parted to catch our breath, looking at each other, and wanting more she said, “That was incredible. I haven’t met any man or woman who like their nipples played with a lot, like you.” as she added, “Let take a break. We will have some more wine, and smoke. Then I want you to come to bed with me. I want to make love to you all night.”

As she handed me the pipe, I was thinking, smiling at her. I was so sexually turned on. I want to touch her muscled body, touch her breasts, and not wanting anything to change. I smoke it several more times as I thought, it is nice in here house, having dinner, kissing her, and enjoy it all. The weather was nice and warm outside, making nice to be inside to make love with Celeste. I was surprised she like marijuana as I like it too, but I knew she only did on special occasion. I also knew when all of this ends, and I go home I will be thinking of her and she will to. I began to sense how much Celeste seems to love me down inside her. We both could tell how we felt, enjoy this feeling going on, and talking openly with each other.

As we both finished our glass of wine, listing to Celeste saying, “Let go inside. I want to feel you, touch you, make love with you. Come with me.”

I smiled at Celeste, leaning in I kissed her deeply on her lips, feeling her muscled body tingle all over me as she rub against my body, and I said, “Let’s go.”

We both got up, dried off, and walked inside holding hands. She reached for another bottle of wine as we each walked toward her bedroom. Once inside her bedroom I saw she has a large room, with king-size bed, some pictures on the walls, a large couch with a flat screen TV, and noticed she handed some wine, as Celeste said, “You like what you see?”

“I do, and I can see this bedroom is your private place. I notice a large picture over the bed of nude woman, who is it.” I said as I sip the wine.

“Well that picture is me. I had it done several years ago so it would show my muscled bodybuilder as I slept. My face was hidden; as I did not want to show it, as I wanted to show my figure, my breasts, and my beautiful ass shape. It is a beautiful picture. I have not showed it to anyone else but you. I do not have men or woman over to have sex with, or show this, that is something between you and me know.” Celeste said as she leaned in to me, kissing passionately as she ran hands all over my body.

We both ended on her bed as we kissed, touching each other everywhere, when I said, “I am so in touch with you. Kiss me deeply on my lips again Celeste.”

Celeste kissed me hungrily, letting her tongue grazed my lips, and her hands drifting down as she squeezing each nipples-points harder on my titties. I suddenly felt Celeste legs run against my dewy, moist wet pussy. I felt my own hands caressing her muscled body as I laid next to her, letting my leg brush against her now marshy wet pussy. I could feel her other hand stroking my face and hair, as Celeste kissed me saying, “I love the way you touch my body all over.”

I could feel her muscled body rub all over me, as my other hand ran down to touch her firm ass cheeks. The touch of Celeste ass cheeks made me tingle all over me. I pulled her closer so I could kiss her lips, as her lips parted to receiving my tongue advance deeper in Celeste mouth.

Celeste moved my head towards her breast, as she said, “Suck my titties. Bite my nipples. Make me feel the pain till it hurt deep inside me. Yes, I want you Monica!”

Sliding across each breasts, nibble harder on her erect nipples head, licking them, and I heard Celeste gripped my hair as she moaned out. Biting harder into each nipples as Celeste moaned out again, and pulling me off her nipple head, “Lick me all over. Make love to me with your tongue, Monica.”

I did lick her all over each breasts, and her armpits(they are so erotic to do). I bit each armpit gently, but with just enough pain to enjoy. I could hear her moan out as I went further down on body, licking each ribs, and her bellybutton. Felling her hands hold me at her bellybutton as lick and caressed all around on it. It was then Celeste moaned out, “OH God! That feels so hot with what you’re doing to my bellybutton. It is making me wetter in my cunt. Oh god please eat my cunt you bitch-queen. I am so hornier!”

I looked up at Celeste as lowered myself down to her shave pussy, as I caressed her large clit saying, “You like that don’t you. You are my bitch-king canlı bahis siteleri tonight. I am the Queen, cause I am going take you places you have not been King.” as I went down on her large cock-clit as I open up her wet cunt lips.

“Eat my cunt, and savor my cunt’s bittersweet taste. Like my cunt open to you my bitch-queen. Don’t stop till I shoot in my cum your in your mouth. I want you to taste bittersweet juices as you swallow it. Run your tongue an fingers all over my cunt’s lips. I want you to suck on my large cock-clit, drawing it as you suck it in your mouth. Yes! I want more of it. I wanted you so much Monica, since the first time meeting you.” Celeste groaned loudly as she moved my head up and down on her hard warm clit.

As I ate her my hands drifted upward toward Celeste breasts. Squeezing each one merciless, to feel her nipples-points head become more explosive to her pleasure. Licking each cunt lips, as I occasionally penetrated her inner cunt walls, and hearing Celeste moan out, “Lick me more. Pinch my nipples tightly. Oh yes I can feel the pain/pleasure in my breasts, my cunt, and all over my body.” hearing her moan out as she added to, “Stick your finger deeper in my cunt walls. Let me feel it.”

I could tell Celeste was really turned on, and me too. I felt myself slide upwards to rest my pussy just above Celeste mouth. In a moment I could feel Celeste hands gripped my ass cheeks so she could lick my cunt lips too. It drove both of us crazy. Suddenly I felt Celeste tongue enter my cunt walls deeply. Could not bear pleasure that Celeste was giving me, and moaned out, “Oh God! It feel so good eating my cunt. Eat me all over. Yes I can feel it know. Yes! Yes!”

We were both lost in pleasure, exchange out our bittersweet cum juice in each other mouth’s. I lift Celeste legs up, exposing her anal opening as enter it with my tongue to bury it deeply inside Celeste anal canal. With gripping hands she pulled me deeper onto her anal opening passage. I felt her opening tighten around my tongue as I got so hot with pleasure. I could hear her moan in a muffled tone, “Eat my ass bitch. Love that. Oh God it feel really good. Make me feel more of your tongue in me. Make me your anal slut.”

As I did that I could feel Celeste pulling my cunt lips down on her lips, and feel her hands open my anal opening too. Suddenly I felt her tongue penetrated my anal opening deeply as her tongue caressed all around the anal opening(no one know how good it feel to caress their opening). I lost myself with her anal penetrating my anal, as slowly went back nibbling on her cunt lips and caressing her large clit. My mouth and tongue encircled her large clit, massaging her clit with lips, and drawing back only go back to nibble on her clit. I felt Celeste hands gripping me my back screaming out-loudly, “Oh god Monica! Eat my cunt. I love it being nibbled on. More baby. I can feel my body fluid rising in me. Yes that it eat baby.”

I eased off Celeste face with my pussy. I wanted get down between her legs, and eat her pussy till she could not stand it any-longer. I feel Celeste to wrapping her legs around my, squeezing harder, as I buried my face between her cunt lips. I moaned out, “Yes that it my bitch-king. I want your cunt to come all over my mouth. I want your bittersweet cum to flow out your canal.” Celeste legs wrapped around my shoulder pulling in deeper on her wet cunt lips as I moaned as second time, “Yeah! That it baby. I love to taste you. Yeah that it.”

Celeste utter loudly as she moaned out, “Oh Monica. I can feel you. Yes more of it.”

The pleasure was too much to stand for Celeste. I eased up, rotated my lips and mouth around to her hard outgrown large clit. Slipping three fingers up inside Celeste cunt, rotated them, and I felt her cunt lips squeeze my finger deeper in her. Celeste hips grinder into me, and I almost did not hear Celeste screaming out, “Oh god, Monica I am cumming. I can’t take it. Don’t stop. I Want to feel your tongue in me. Do not stop riding on my cunt walls. Please make me cum. Oh Monica! Yes! Yes! Yes! I cumming. ” as Celeste went on shouting, yelling as she shrieking out loudly.

Suddenly I could sense she was pulling me into her, feeling her muscled body tense up, pushing her cum down her cunt cleft tunnel, and with my fingers and mouth felt the flood of sizzling hot bittersweet cum juices. Celeste was going crazy in sexual lust, and I wouldn’t stop her from cumming in my mouth.

Abruptly I felt Celeste was cumming for a second time. I kept feeling her body move underneath me, tense up with each flowing of cum as she felt the climax flowing out of her too. Celeste climax kept cumming, and then suddenly she collapse on the bed. She gripped my head and held it tightly against her cunt saying, “Don’t stop! No stop! Yes keep going. No! I need you stop now! Oh, Monica that was wonderful. I never thought you make me cum so much for so long. Come here. I want to feel you next to my body.”

Next to Celeste body, feeling her muscled arms wrapped around me as I said, “Oh Celeste that was really hot. It was something sexually deep inside us. I love you.” as I kissed her deeply on Celeste lips for a long time. We both enjoy those long moments together.

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