Şub 03

A Picnic Story Ch. 01

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Donna and I worked part time together at a sporting goods store. Our relationship blossomed into friendship fairly early on. From the time we started to work together. We found a lot of common things to talk about. Topics went from our daytime work, our exes (usually accompanied by frowns and “glad to be out of that relationship” commentary). More recently, our conversations often strayed over into our personal experiences in the areas of, well, sex.

For both of us, our sex lives were pretty much limited. I spent more time doing it myself and while Donna never came out in the open about it, I gathered her sex life wasn’t much better.

Younger than me by a few years, she married “too young” (in her words) and basically had “no life.” I could easily relate to that, as my own marriage was too long and too constricting. This was our chance now to talk about it with a member of the opposite sex and to never be judged for our decisions. That, in and of itself, was thrilling to me.

Physically, Donna is a big girl. I’m a medium sized guy. I’ll admit that I’ve always had a sexual preference for bigger girls or what we now call BBW – big beautiful woman (regardless of whether they are beautiful or not – laugh.)

One night at work, a Friday, I suggested to Donna that we take a hike into the woods over the weekend for a little picnic. Donna quickly and happily agreed. I said I’d pack the picnic basket.

Saturday morning, I picked her up at her place and off we went to the state park an hour away. We hiked into the park a ways and found a small clearing near a wandering creek. The spot was shady with filtered and warming sunlight, very private and quiet, the quiet only broken by the occasional bird or insects that flit about.

After we’d settled into our private little picnic area and got about halfway through the chilled white wine and light lunch, we found ourselves giggling like little kids over jokes and jests. However, the banter we were laughing about was definitely not “kid like” subject matter. We were joking a lot about the usual sexually suggestive topics we talked about.

Finally, without any prompting, Donna asked me a question very nonchalantly; but in a definitely huskier, sultrier tone than how she usually talked. This was something I picked up on immediately. Suggestively she asked, “Mike, do you jerk off?”

I tried to play equally nonchalant about it and threw back my answer, “Sure I do, don’t you?” At that she blushed a bit and before she could even answer, I answered my own question with a presumptive “So what do you think about when you masturbate?”

Her response was a little reserved, just barely audible: “Well, lately, I’ve been thinking about you masturbating… in front of me… what do you think about?”

By this time, my cool appearing demeanor was wearing thin as I started to get hot, my body feeling the ripples of excitement course through me but, poker oyna with my last ounce of “Clint Eastwood coolness”, I responded, “I think about you thinking about me jerking off.”

Donna laughed and then declared, “Hey, that’s not fair! I asked you an on-the-spot question and you avoided the question again.”

“Oh, how it that avoiding the question?” I quipped. “I answered it truthfully!” I insisted…with a grin.

I could feel the growing erection in my pants grow tauter against my blue jeans as the line of questioning crossed over the thin line we usually stopped at during our casual but sexually frank talks in the store. I was starting to feel a definite need to get off by this point. Deciding to put a stop to the direction the conversation was headed; that is, in circles, I asked her, “OK so when you think about me jerking it, what’s the picture in your mind’s eye? I mean, am I sitting, standing, lying down, what?”

“Every which way, starting slow and then, well, you know, getting into it…” she trailed off dreamily.

I stood up and slowly undid my belt and top button of my jeans. Slowly, I pulled the zipper down and put my hand in suggestively. While she couldn’t really see what I was doing, I rubbed my erect dick inside my pants and said, “You mean like this?”

Donna licked her lips, not saying anything, just staring with wide eyes.

As I pulled my member out, I stood in front of her but covered my member with my hand stroking in such a way as to not show her anything yet but playing with an obviously aroused dick. I said to her, as I sat down on a nearby rock, “Or like this?” At this point, I had the entire package out but used my other, free hand to shield my balls from her view.

Donna said in a very low tone, “Oh my god, were you like, one of those male strippers or something cuz you sure are doing something to me, you tease!” At the same time, letting her hand wander down to her shorts covered crotch.

“Nope, just wanted to see if I could give you something to wonder about…” was my response. Finally, I slowly began to reveal my erection to her and started to slowly, languidly stroke my hard dick for her full viewing pleasure.

“Show me more, big boy…” said Donna in a giggly but commanding tone.

I stood up and slowly let my pants slide down my legs until they were at my ankles. I was standing not two feet from Donna’s face jerking off! What a thrilling feeling that was. I could feel the pressure in me building so I decided I’d better hasten the pace of the conversation to get to what I imagined could be one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever done in my life: jerking myself off while a woman watched me!

“You know what my problem is when I’m jerking off, Donna?” I grunted through my frenzied stroking.

“What’s that, Mike?” was her breathy reply.

“My jerk off fantasies almost inevitably ends up wandering over to the canlı poker oyna thought of me cumming in your hot mouth.”

I think that last remark did it for her. She moaned, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you just said that….”

I worriedly thought for a moment that I’d finally stepped too far over the line with her and she was about to tell me off or something. That was very far from the truth. At that, she lay back a little, leaning on her back pack, and quickly undid the button and fly on her shorts. She thrust her hand into her now wide open pants and started to rub herself off. Like me, she initially didn’t show me anything but I could see very clearly what she was doing. She moaned as she did this and never took her eyes off of me as I continued to masturbate right in front of her.

Imagine the heat of the scene; here were the two of us, getting into our own private acts while openly and directly communicating our pleasure through our visual and audio senses only. I noted in my mind that we still had had no direct physical contact with each other. The thrill and sensation was enthralling!

I moaned too as I stroked, faster and faster, uttering excitedly, “Let me see you do it, I want to see it all, your body, your hands in motion…”

Donna paused her frantic stroking and rubbing momentarily and raised her ample hips and butt to slip her shorts and panties all the way down and off in a single motion. While she did that, with her legs in the raised position, I caught a healthy glimpse of her unshaven bush directly above her wide, raised ass. I almost blew my load at the sight and had to slow it down to long, slow strokes to keep myself from cumming.

Donna resumed her clit stimulation and slowly she opened her legs up to give me a full view of her now soaking wet pussy. As we had been doing all along, we never let our eyes stray from each other’s except to occasionally direct our visual attention to the stroking and rubbing actions below our respective waists.

“Let me see your tits, Donna!” I pleaded. I wanted badly to finally see what I imagined all the time to be large, full and magnificently sculpted breasts. The cleavage I’d become accustomed to in her tight fitting sweaters and tops was an ample indication of the treasures beneath.

With her free hand, Donna pulled up her v-necked t-shirt, stopping just above her waist. She hesitated and told me how self-conscious she was of her large belly.

I gasped reassuringly to her, “Donna, you KNOW that I’m partial to big girls! C’mon, don’t tease me like this, you are so hot!”

Her reply was a coy, “Well, well, no look who’s on the teasing end of the stick, Mr. Chippendale! Revenge is sweet” followed by a jokingly, mockingly sinister belly laugh.

Now that I was beyond being cool, it was my turn to plead. “Donna, get me off! I really need to get off!” I couldn’t take much more of this. I wanted to see her internet casino ample tits so badly!

Without another word, Donna pulled the t-shirt to the bottoms of her tits, revealing the smoothness of the material that made up the cups of her immense bra. “You ready? Are you going to cum if I show you the goods?” were her teasing words.

“Oh shit, woman, I’m about to plant a load right now! Stop torturing me!” I said both laughingly as well as in desperation.

Donna must have taken pity in me as she quickly pulled the shirt all the way up and over her chest. My god, the tits she had encased in that yard of stretch fabric were a pair large cantaloupes!

Donna purred, “Like what you see, big boy? I want to see you cum! Shoot your load!” At that, Donna reached into her bra and pulled out one of her big tits! I take back what I said; her exposed tit seemed almost as large as a basketball! It was graced with an areola surrounding her large, erect nipple that was three inches across.

Then, with little warning, she exclaimed suddenly, “Mike, I’m cumming!”

At that moment, I watched her body shudder in almost violent orgasm! She was biting her lower lip and her eyes were closed, her head thrown back over the back pack. Her frantic rubbing was lightning paced and with her other hand, she had two fingers thrusting in and out of her love box, burying them knuckle deep.

“Watch me, baby! I’m going to shoot and I might even hit the tree!” I exclaimed.

As she opened her eyes, she continued her almost violent thrusting and rubbing, “Do it baby, cum for me, Mike! Shoot your hot cum!”

Standing inches from her with my dick pointing crosswise over her immense chest, I jerked my dick into a violent ejaculation, my white cum flying through the air across her tits and onto the ground next to her. My dick spasmed several times and I was amazed at the force and volume of my cumshot! With no exaggeration, it must have been a good three to four foot shot across her.

With my final strokes, the remaining cum I had stored up in me exited my dick with less force and fell neatly on the tops of her tits and a few rivulets of my cum hit Donna’s bra cup, leaving wet marks all across her chest.

I was weak kneed at that point and collapsed to my knees right next to her ample thighs, this action allowing the last dribble of cum to land on one of her bare legs.

Amazingly, we still had no physical contact up until this point until I reached my arm around her broad shoulders and neck. As we slowly sunk down onto the blanket together, we finally embraced in each other’s arms and kissed long and hard, our tongues intertwined with each other’s.

Spent and exhausted, we lay there giggling and whispering between our interlocked mouths….

“Oh my god, that was unbelievable”…

“You are the hottest person I’ve ever been with.”…

“I never knew masturbation could be like that.”…

“Your body is so hot!”…

“I want more….”

I forget who said which line… but it really didn’t matter. The feeling was mutual: solo sex was better with a partner.


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