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A Potion and a Plan

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Book I — The Magic Show

Chapter 1 — A Potion and a Plan


Nina looked like a messy sex-goddess as she climbed from the back of the SUV.

The Uber driver stared, jaw dropped, as she walked away without a word, her bare ass fully exposed beneath the black and blue top that rode her hips.

Her corset straps were loose on one leg, dangling above the stocking.

She wore black heels and fishnets that wrapped her legs up to dark blue garters mid-thigh.

She’d left her panties back at the Sister’s shanty, along with her overcoat. Her lower half was fully exposed, and she felt the cool air between her legs. Her mound was short-trimmed and her pussy glistened, plump with arousal.

She didn’t care who saw her now. She was on a mission – if she could keep focused long enough to get through it. She was having a hard time since her body and half her mind was begging her to push her fingers inside herself, and waves of pleasure vibrated through her with every step.

She looked down at her tits, pressed tight against the sheer black and blue material. Her pink nipples were stiff, pushing out the thin netting. Beneath her chest the sheer black fabric hugged her midriff down to her thighs, where her panties should have been.

She hurried into the back entrance of the venue. The blue lights of the Play House hallway fell on her as the door clanked shut with an echo.

Her dark hair was wavy and wild, and her black mascara and red lipstick was smeared across the left side of her face. But she looked hot. Fucking hot. And she knew it. She felt it.

Even in her totally disheveled state, Nina was beautiful. She had worked briefly as a model before becoming a magician’s assistant. She had a soft oval face with full Latina lips and eyebrows, and her light tan skin glowed through her dark and skimpy outfit.

She was beautiful – but there was something deranged in her now.

Suddenly her eyes flashed from their soft green to a bright neon-blue glow and Nina gasped and let out a short, “Ooh”.

She cupped her tits and squeezed them. Then she slid her hands over them, stopping to feel her nipples in her palms as she sighed. She slid her hands down her sides then squeezed her ass, smiling with eyes closed.

She was hot and so goddamn horny.

There were light red and black smudges all over her face, neck, arms, thighs and ass.

Lipstick. From the Sisters.

She arched her back and pushed her chest out, and ran her hands over her tits again as she rolled her head across her shoulders. She opened her eyes, now back to green, and smiled a crazed smile through brilliant white teeth.

Yes, she was a goddess alright. With a look and a body and a desire that could make even the straightest girl get wet with just a wink.


She had been at the Play House only twenty hours before. She had walked out the same door, and she remembered Misty’s angry yell from the dressing room elevators down the hall.

“And don’t fucking come back here! I told you I’m not a fucking lesbian, you fucking slut!”

“Sure Misty…” Nina thought. “We’ll see…”

Nina needed to find her and apologize, and beg to be put back in to “Misty’s Sexy Magic Show” – and quick, since it kicked off in under an hour.

She knew Misty would give in – she was a tough bitch, but she liked Nina. And besides, how could she do her act without “The Legs?”

But Nina had more in mind for tonight then just getting her job back. She was going to make sure Misty’s act went perfectly.

Tonight was a private show for a couple of judges who’d come to town from LA to evaluate Misty’s act. If it went well, she’d be picked up by the Fawne Faux Circus.

Fawne Faux were a group of talented performers that traveled together and did small shows for rich people and businesses. It was much like a normal circus, only the performers were all female and performed in skimpy lingerie. It was a classy blend of sex and illusionary entertainment.

Misty was no stranger to that combination. She had done her own show in her signature pink corset for fifteen years – since she was only twenty. She was a perfect fit.

She had an amazing body and her take on the old “sawing-the-assistant-in-half” trick was a super sexy and exciting routine which had made Misty famous in Santa Fe and beyond.

Fawne Faux had been a long time dream for Misty, and Nina was going to help her make it happen tonight. And when she did, Misty would, of course, forgive her.

And that’s when Nina would seduce her and fuck her brains out and they could finally be together forever. With the money from Fawne Faux, there would be no reason to hide their relationship. She knew Misty felt the same way deep down. She saw the way she looked at her during their shows.

Nina knew Misty was secretly desperately in love with her. She must be!? She was just kocaeli escort too worried about losing her husband to admit it. Obviously…

“She MUST be…” Nina muttered to herself, as she briefly stared off in doubt and confusion, before her maniacal smile returned abruptly.

But just in case Misty got nervous, Nina had picked up a vial of “Tilly” from the Sapphic Sisters’ shanty earlier that afternoon. A drop of Tilly would turn the straightest woman into a helpless, pussy-hungry sex-slave for several hours.

Of course, Nina didn’t *need* any potion to make her crave hot sex with other beautiful women – she’d had that triggered in her mind when she’d first seen Misty’s Sexy Magic Show. It was 6 years ago. She was only 19, she remembered. Misty was 29, though now at 35 she was even fucking hotter.

Misty was a tad shorter than Nina, only about 5’3″. But her pretty face and voluptuous body commanded attention. Her 36 D breasts were spectacular – large and round, yet perky.

She wore her golden blonde hair in a sort of messy bob, and she had a round face and petite nose. She looked like… she looked like a stuck up rich bitch, to be honest.

But Nina had watched her as she took charge on the stage during her show, and mesmerized the audience with tricks and lights and illusions and smoke.

She found herself watching Misty’s body move under her tight pink corset, her nipples and ass just visible underneath. It tantalized a young Nina, and she’d fallen madly in love with Misty and discovered she was sexually attracted to women all within an hour that night.

Nina began volunteering at the Play House the next day, hoping to see Misty again, and she did, every chance she could, although Misty would seldom acknowledge her at first.

But over time they became friendly and a few years later Nina landed her dream job as one of Misty’s assistants. That job had been her whole life for the last two years.

And she had lost it last night when she finally tried to make her move on Misty. Too soon. Misty was just too shy, she thought – she wasn’t ready.

Misty claimed she was not interested in women and never had been. She would get handsy with the assistants on stage but that was all part of the show. Offstage she was a happily married woman. Her husband, Bill, was often at her shows, delivering a bouquet after each performance.

But Nina could sense it, she could feel it. There was an electrifying chemistry between the two, and Nina’s heart would pound any time Misty came near her. The way Misty grabbed her legs during the saw trick, slowly spreading them apart, nails digging in on Nina’s calf… yes, Misty wanted her, she just didn’t know how she could have her.

But Nina had a plan.

Tonight she would put a drop of Tilly in Misty’s wine glass after the show. Misty’s husband wouldn’t be there since it is a private show, and Kristina would quickly leave like she always did. Nina would sit down next to Misty, both still in their sexy corsets, sweaty from the act and the stage lights. Within minutes the Tilly would kick in and Misty would be tearing off her clothes and begging for Nina’s pussy.

And Nina would give it to her. All of it. Over and over again. Finally and forever!


Tilly turned girls into… titty-grabbing, pussy-sucking, ass-licking, absolutely insatiable slobbering Sapphic fuck monsters. It flooded their brains with visions of lesbian sex and forced their bodies into a state of hyper-arousal. One small dose would last nearly twenty-four hours, but women had reported effects lasting weeks. Some called it being “tilt”. There would be brief periods of lucidity between frenzies, but once the vision was on, evident by a blue neon glow in the eyes – they were completely unpredictable and uncontrollable. Only one thing was on their mind at that point – pussy.

Nina had become tilt back at the shanty, with the Sisters. She’d gone into several frenzies since, and was on the brink of one now in the Play House hallway, as the Tilly ran through her mind and body.

And she loved it. She fucking loved it. Her pussy throbbed again. “Oh, oh god yes,” she sighed. She felt her wetness leak out onto her thighs, and she knew she would burst in a flood of ecstasy with a touch.

Nina looked down the hall. She could hear a murmur and footsteps, like a group of people walking, then quiet, then a “ding”. Someone was going up to see Misty.

Suddenly the blue glow in Nina’s eyes intensified. She knew what was coming, and she made for the locker room door as quickly as her six-inch heels would allow.

She tapped in her access code and shoved through the door. She moved toward the showers and stopped at the sink and mirror. Her sexy, sloppy reflection sent her over the top.

She reached down and grabbed herself, feeling the hot wet juice run through her fingers. “Yes, oh fuck, oh yes, oh fuck!” Her pussy was liquid fire burning between her legs. A vision set in.

Her mind was overrun by quick, erratic kocaeli escort bayan glimpses of beautiful women – including herself – performing every sexual act imaginable on themselves and each other.

She saw them slide fingers in and out as they kissed and sucked each other’s tits. Her heart pounded as they licked and sucked and slurped and tongued passionately one another’s pussy and ass. They tribbed and ground into each other, sliding pussy against slick pussy, and took turns rubbing one another’s engorged clit with stiff nipples, tits wet with spit and pussy juice.

Her pussy began to spasm as moved fingers in and out, and watched in awe and in excited desperate anticipation and pleasure as some strange woman forced her face into their tits, which she eagerly kissed and squeezed. She gasped as the strange woman pushed the tip of a pinky into her ass and rubbed her pussy vigorously, then pulled her hair and licked her neck and tongued her mouth.

She could feel it, and she wanted more – she lusted for women fucking and licking and biting and rubbing and slapping and coming and squirting all over her.

She could hear the moans of pleasure and cries of excitement and lust and pain, and the squealing sound and cursing all the best women make right before they cum. “Fuck! Yes! Oh! Jesus yes! Fuck my pussy! Make me come! Squirt in my mouth! Lick my asshole you fucking slut! Eat my fucking ass! Oh god! Oh yes! Fuck! Fuck yes! Make me come, you fucking whore! I fucking love it! Fuck my face with your cunt! Come! Come! Come! Come come come you sexy fucking slutty whore bitch! Ride my face and squirt on my tits! Oh god oh fuck! Fuck yes, oh, baby, oh fuck yes! Yes! I’m coming! I’m fucking coming!”

She was a slave to her own mind and body when these flashes came on. Her pussy would throb and swell and contract and ooze wetness down her thighs. Her nipples would stick straight out, and she’d quickly give in to the urge to touch and squeeze and rub and fuck herself. It was all she could focus on, all she wanted – to be licked and fingered and fucked and to lick ass and swallow pussy juice and come as it poured from some beautiful girl’s cunt – even and especially her own.

And she fucked herself now in the Play House bathroom. Three fingers moved in and out of her wet slit in rhythm with her bouncing tits under the corset as she moaned out, “yes, oh, yes, oh, fuck yes oh,” and clenched a handful of her tangled hair with her free hand.

She threw her head back and squeezed her tit and cried out as she came, “oh my fuck yes!!!”

She slowed her rhythm and then slowly pulled her fingers out, and put them in her mouth, sucking off the slick juice, and the taste made her even hotter. She leaned into the counter on her forearms. She smiled and stared at the messy, sexy, beautiful fuck monster in the mirror.

“Fuck, this is SO GOOD!” she said softly through laughter.

She touched the vial she had tucked in the garter on her right leg.

She thought back to the Sisters.


The Sapphic Sisters were three witches that lived north of town in an old wooden shanty tucked away in the mountain pines. She knew of the place through some friend of a friend.

The Sisters accepted no money, but there was a price to pay for Tilly.

Nina had been nervous to go, but she needed the Tilly to be sure Misty didn’t freak out when she seduced her tonight. The night before had not gone as planned.

She hadn’t been excited about meeting a bunch of witches in the woods, but in the end she had found that the Sisters were… quite accommodating.

She laughed at the thought.

The three Sisters were a little older than her, mid-to-late thirties she guessed. They were stunning, beautiful women, with light skin and dark hair. And large breasts, all, she remembered with a smile.

She felt her pussy tingle again as she sat down on the locker room bench next to the sink. “No, focus – shit. I need to get to Misty…”

Her mind wouldn’t rest. She flashed back to the Sister’s shanty. She felt the warm wetness between her legs as she ran her fingers gently over herself, the tingle building into a throb. “Fuck,” she resigned, then she sighed softly as she pushed against her clit.

She’d gotten out to the shanty around one o’clock. She wore a big overcoat atop her corset and heels so that she could go straight to the Play House and see Misty after she got the Tilly.

Her heart had sank as she banged the large bronze knocker three times on the old wooden door.

“What the fuck am I doing?” she’d thought

A silent eternity passed, and Nina decided to walk away half disappointed, half relieved.

Then the door slowly opened with a long creak. Josephine stood in the doorway, wearing a thin purple robe, expressionless.

She was the head witch, the Supreme, and she looked the part. She was tall, with sharp features and high cheekbones. She had light skin and her hair was black with purple kocaeli escort streaks.

Nina stared. Josephine was a dark goddess, her womanly figure plainly visible as the orange light behind her glowed through the thin sheer robe. Nina’s eyes moved to her dark round nipples on her large, lovely breasts for several seconds before she caught herself.

“Oh, hi, yes sorry to bother, I was just…”

“Welcome Nina. We’ve been expecting you.” Josephine smiled, and Nina felt simultaneous comfort and alarm as she looked into Josephine’s deep hazel eyes.

Nina smiled, and stuttered on. “Thanks – I know this is awkward, ha, I just, I was looking… but how did you know my…”

“We’re witches Nina. We know who you are, and we know what you want,” she said flatly, and she gave Nina a stern look.

Nina felt embarrassed. “Oh… I didn’t mean…” she muttered as she looked down at her feet.

“And we want to help! Come in silly!” Josephine laughed as her face lit up, pleased with her little joke. She reached for Nina’s hand and walked her inside. Nina smiled with relief and excitedly followed.

The shanty was warm and glowed with orange light. Nina smelled cinnamon and apple and vanilla and citrus – like some cozy candy and candle shop.

As Nina walked into the parlor she saw the other two witches, Dawn and Mirabelle.

“Welcome Nina,” Dawn said in a calm, soft, soothing voice.

Dawn was a couple inches shorter than Josephine, but still taller than Nina. She had fair skin and dark, curly hair cut at about shoulder-length. She had a beautiful, kind face with round cheeks and light brown eyes that sparkled.

She wore a yellow see-through nighty, with nothing underneath. Her large breasts pushed out against her top. Beautiful. The skirting danced around her bare ass and Nina glanced at the trimmed mound between her legs. Her heart fluttered. Nina looked up at Dawn’s eyes, then gushed when she smiled sweetly back at her.

“Oh my gosh what the fuck?” she thought, trying to hide her shy grin.

Nina then heard the second witch behind her, a voice soft and sultry that gave her a delightful chill. “We’re so glad you came to us for help,” said Mirabelle.

She was an inch shorter than Nina. Latina like Nina, her skin a soft light brown. She had defined cheekbones and full lips. Her athletic body was naked but for a red and black G-string and matching scarf-like sheer fabric piece marked with black runes, which she wore behind her neck, pulled over her breasts and tied behind her.

Nina realized she was staring at Mirabelle’s tits, and shot her eyes up to see if she’d been caught.

She had.

Mirabelle smiled sweetly and looked away. Nina looked back at her tits and then her ass – as with Dawn and Josephine, she could see everything through the thin fabric.

All three witches were barefoot and suddenly Nina felt silly in her 6 inch heels.

They surrounded Nina and beamed at her for a moment, then invited her further in to the large space.

Nina blushed as she tried not to stare at their beautiful bodies through their thin lingerie. “Think of Misty,” she told herself.

Josephine grabbed her coat at the collar and said “Please, let me take this. We keep it plenty warm in here.”

Nina closed the coat tight “No! Uh, sorry, I’m, um, not exactly dressed properly… I have on my… stage clothes.”

“Nonsense dear!” Josephine laughed, as she pulled the coat again and this time slid it gently from Nina’s shoulders. “It’s too hot in here for this. Besides, none of us are dressed proper, as you can see! Ha! No, we prefer to be comfortable. No need to be ashamed of your body here.”

The coat came off revealing Nina’s skimpy stage costume, her tits showing through the sheer fabric top, ass scarcely covered by the thin blue G-string that disappeared between her thighs.

“Oh, and it looks like Mother Nature was very gracious to you dear!” Josephine laughed as she looked her over, from her chest down to her fishnets and heels.

“Oh — ha — um, thank you…” Nina blushed.

The witches spoke softly and sweetly and lightly patted Nina’s arms and back as they stepped around, slowly circling her.

Dawn spoke, calm and smooth. “Please relax. We’re so glad you came!”

Mirabelle followed with a soft “Yes, we’ll be happy to help,” as she placed a hand on Nina’s bare shoulder and smiled.

Josephine gently squeezed the other. “You’re in good hands Nina,” she said, happily.

Nina felt dizzy and shy and anxious. “Oh, OK, thank you, thank you… I, uh…”

Dawn placed a hand on her lower back and guided her to a corner. “Oh, please, sit down, here’s a nice chair.”

Nina sat down on a big white swivel chair, the kind that might be found in a hair salon.

Dawn gently squeezed her arms and felt her head with the back of her hand with a slightly concerned look. “Are you feeling OK dear? You’re a little warm, oh, poor thing, are you stressed? Do you have a headache?”

“No, I, uh…” Nina started.

“I will get her some nectar” Mirabelle said and instantly returned with a small cup.

“Thank you so much, I don’t want to be a bother, I should just probably get going, if you already have the Tilly, you know, I, I have money…” Nina said as she tried to get up.

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