Ara 14

A Rosa in Bloom Ch. 02

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Vicky screamed her voice out as she felt another generous serving of white goo leave Rosa’s cock, joining the slushing sea of cum contained within her outstretched womb. Rosa was simply too much for her, too much for any women Vicky could think of. The pulses along the steel rod became less frequent, telling Vicky another eruption was over. Her flailing arms reached down to feel her bloated stomach the flesh felt soft, almost inviting Vicky to press harder and feel the new addition to her core. Deep within her she could feel Rosa, still as hard as ever. She felt the woman’s breathing against her neck as she gave the exhausted Vicky a kiss on the neck.

“That felt great Vicky,” Rosa whispered, “But we still have a few more sessions to go…”

“Rosa… You already came four times…” Vicky tried to protest but immediately realized it was a bad idea. Rosa released her grip and Vicky crashed headfirst onto the bed, moaning as her inflated midsection absorbed most of the fall. She thought she felt Rosa growing in her but dismissed it as a figment of her imagination the moment she felt her cock contracting again.

Rosa moaned as another huge load left her sack and filled Vicky. She was so turned on she had no need fucking the girl to induce an orgasm, all she needed was to think about unloading and her body did the rest, filling Vicky for the fifth time.

“Rosa… You are amazing…” Vicky whispered in a broken voice. “Use me, use me all you want, I am nothing but your fuck-toy.”

Rosa felt her fifth orgasm fading into a sixth and a seventh, the world around her reduced to nothing more than a never-ending orgasmic chain as her cock pushed more and more of its white lava into Vicky.

After what felt like an eternity of blissful ecstasy, Rosa collapsed atop Vicky’s cum filled body. She felt drained as her body fell into a deep slumber. But before she blacked out, she barely noticed it was only her energy that was drained. Her balls were still full, and somewhere in the far reaches of her consciousness she thought she felt another faint orgasm filling Vicky’s womb.

Rosa woke up naturally. While she did have work, her boss knew she might be late after her sex shows. It was pretty generous of Sara to allow her to be late by a couple hours. Rosa lifted her upper body and rubbed her eyes of sleep, below her was Vicky, still dormant after their lovemaking. Her body was bloated with cum as she slept on her side, she looked full-term and Rosa’s cock was still inside her, as big as it was last night, still erect and keeping all the cum inside.

Rosa thought about having a morning exercise with Vicky to kick off the morning, but felt it was unfair towards the little girl, she already got more than she bargained for. She decided the fair thing to do was to pull herself out. The problem with that was that somehow, overnight, Rosa pushed her 18 inches all the way into the poor girl. Slowly, she placed her hand on Vicky’s butt cheek and started moving backward. Luckily for Rosa, Vicky was very well lubricated and her cock started to slide out with ease. Inch by inch, it came out, wet with both girls’ emissions. Rosa took a step back as half of her rod was out to improve her balance. She knew her cock head was huge and it would be the hardest to pull out., But, she wanted to let Vicky sleep so she moved ever so slowly – pulling a fraction of an inch out at a time. Before long, she took another step back and prepared to pull the head of her rod out as she already had about 14 inches out, and she had no intention to fail.

“Here we go.” She whispered and lightly tagged on her cock – it moved, exposing more of its length. An inch, then two… “Guess I underestimated you.” Rosa said as she finally felt the head. Vicky’s lower lips stretched wide open, pulling wider than Rosa ever thought possible, to let the huge orb pass. Her cock bounced up, fully erect and hard as a rock. Vicky, still sleeping, was no longer plugged by Rosa’s immensity. Cum exploded out of her in a long and forceful stream, cascading down the side of the bed and onto the floor. Rosa didn’t measure her output but guessed there were a few good gallons of her cum there, it took her a little while to marvel at the mess that came out.

Free from Vicky’s depths, Rosa took a look around, the floor was filled with random puddles of white goo, and Vicky’s waterfall made the puddle below her grow and grow into a small pool. The walls were mostly clean, a few spots here and there but nothing major. The computer was finished with uploading last night’s shenanigans. Rosa found that after a good fuck she sometimes lacked the mental capability to end the recording and upload it. To remedy this problem, she installed motion sensors in the room – setting the computer to stop once it detected no motion for a few minutes. Now, all she had to do was click confirm and publish the video. She kept this last part manual to make sure no mistakes were uploaded to the net.

A single click of her finger and the video was mersin esc up. “Congratulations, Vicky, you’re famous.” Rosa said as she decided on her next move… A shower… She was sticky from last night, and she felt a decent shower would help her get a fresh start. She tiptoed between the puddles on her way to the shower, catching a glimpse of the clock. It was 10 in the morning, work started at 8, Rosa knew she had no need to rush, her boss knew that on days like these she will be late and was very understanding of Rosa’s situation.

Rosa entered the shower and opened the water, setting it to slightly cold in an attempt to calm her raging erection. She cleaned her body, making sure to scrub all her curves clean. She knew she was nothing short of a wonder, probably the sexiest woman on the planet. “Damn, if I could clone myself I would definitely have sex with myself…” she whispered, the thought turned her on and she bit her lower lip as her cock flexed. It didn’t seem to care much for the water’s temperature as it was still erect and demanding satisfaction. She tried to ignore it and debated washing her brown hair, it was sticky with last night’s love juices, the debate didn’t last long.

Rosa scrubbed her hair thoroughly, it was probably her trademark. The long, silky brown waterfall was a natural wonder, once wet it fell down all the way to her elbows. Suddenly her cock flexed again, but this time she felt it was different. She gave it a closer look… It was huge… She wasn’t sure if it was her imagination or if her cock actually grew, but even for Rosa’s standards, it was a giant. Thinking back to last night’s events a realization crept into her head. “I came in Vicky six times…” her mouth trailed off, “I never came six times during one fuck session in my life.” She tried to recall her past copulations. Deep within her she felt a strange sensation, but she wasn’t really sure where it was coming from. It felt like her entire lower body was buzzing, as if a vibrator was working overtime deep inside her. Rosa didn’t recall using toys last night with Vicky, so there’s no way she shoved something into herself and forgot about it. She tried to ignore it and kept cleaning her body, but it was pointless, the vibration was still there.

Her cock flexed again, demanding more from its owner. It wobbled and danced, tempting Rosa to act. “Six times… And now you want more?” she placed the showerhead on the opposite wall and reached down with both hands, her rod jerked real hard in response. “I don’t like shooting blanks, but if you want it so much…” Rosa relented and started playing with the pole. It was rock hard, and it felt like she could do last night with Vicky all over again. “If she’s awake when I get out I’ll ask her for another rou-” Rosa gasped before she could finish, her cock flexed and launched a continuous stream for cum that lasted for almost a solid minute, coating the wall before her. “Wow! F-ffuck!” Was all Rosa could say before she started playing with it in earnest. It wasn’t long before her orgasm arrived, sending a relatively massive volley of spunk against the wall.

“This was the seventh time, hard to believe I came so much…” Rosa said in the afterglow as she turned off the stream of water. Coming out of the shower, two wonders happened. Her hair was the first one, as she rubbed it with a towel and dried it, the mess of brown started to change and move, climbing up her head to for her well-known hairdo. Rosa did need a few small fixes, but what most people thought was hours with the hair-stylist was actually her natural form. After giving her hair the finishing touches, Rosa noticed the second wonder, her cock was still erect. “Okay, if Vicky is awake you get more… Who am I to say no to more sex, right?” She giggled and made her way back to the room where Vicky rested, careful not to step in the puddles.

Vicky was still sleeping when she opened the door. Her body was mostly drained and her belly only looked slightly filled now. “Sorry buddy, not going to happen.” She said, once again her cock flexed hungrily, demanding Rosa reconsidered her choice. It was then that Rosa managed to pinpoint the source of the persistent buzzing, it was her balls. She reached down and grabbed them, feeling around inside the bloated sack. To Rosa’s amazement, she was full to bursting, literally. This little feel around was enough, her body tensed and she felt another Orgasm ravaging her body. Her cock fired another absurd stream that by some chance landed on the sleeping Vicky, coating her thoroughly once more.

As the orgasm subsided, Vicky shifted around on the bed, still asleep. She mumbled, “No, no more Rosa, I can’t handle more…” and resumed her slumber.

Rosa quickly turned around and left the room, “Nope! I might be a sex machine, but I’m no rapist…” she murmured to herself as she rushed to dress and leave the house before her cock tells her to do something wrong. Knowing today is going to be a rough one, Rosa picked her blue dress. Under the dress, esc mersin she lined her cock along her abdomen and encased it in the biggest condom she had. The condom was a super tight fit and Rosa knew that a single blast of cum will rip it apart but hoped some miracle will happen and the rubber will last throughout the day.

With her dress ready, Rosa closed the door to her apartment and made her way to the flower shop. The walk itself would have been very easy if her balls weren’t buzzing. Since the moment Rosa woke up the constant vibration just kept going and going. “I don’t know what your thing is, but please keep it together…” She whispered to her body, “I mean, I don’t remember leaving the rumble egg so deep in you the last time I played with my urethra…” Each gradual step Rosa took seemed a little more difficult. Being huge, Rosa was used to her sack shifting around and rubbing on her thighs as she walked, but this time was different. she could feel her sack against her thighs all the time, it felt like, somehow, it was still full.

Midway to the shop, Rosa noticed another problem. Just below her breasts, where her cock ended, she felt an extremely warm sensation. At first, she didn’t understand what was happening, but as she reached for the spot she immediately realized what was taking place below the blue cloth. Her cock was filling up the condom. She wasn’t cumming yet, otherwise, the condom stood no chance, this was just pre-cum. By the feel of it, she already unloaded about a fistful into the poor latex sleeve. Rosa rushed the rest of the way, feeling the blob gain in weight fast.

By the time Rosa arrived, she knew her first assignment was to visit the bathroom. The bell over the door told everyone Rosa was here.

“Good morning sunshine,” Sara greeted her, “how was your night? Is Vicky with you?”

“Vicky needs a day off…” Rosa almost fired the answer back, she knew snapping at her boss was a bad idea but she had to get to the toilet before her body reached the point of no return.

“I know, I watched,” Sara said with a smile, “You seem edgy, is everything okay?”

“Yea, I just have to use the bathroom, urgently…” Rosa explained herself.

“Oh, yeah, sure thing, you go girl.” Sara apologized and gestured towards the back of the shop.

Rosa shot a smile back at her boss as she rushed to the toilet. She felt her body screaming with the need to unload and felt her cock threatening to do something extreme. As she locked the door behind her, Rosa lifted her dress and exposed her erect rod, topped off by an inflated condom. “What the fuck?” Rosa wondered, the condom was filled with a clear liquid, stained by streams of white. The whole thing felt like goo, as thick as honey. Rosa started to manipulate the poor rubber in an attempt to get it off her rod with as little mess as possible.

“What the fuck, I know I can make pre… But it was never this much.” The condom felt like it weighed a good couple of pounds once she removed it and spilled the content into the bowl below her. Her pulsating pole joined the fun and started trickling pre at a rather alarming rate.

“Okay, you made your point…” Rosa sighed as the condom was drained. She tossed it to the bin and grabbed her cock with both hands. It felt different, bigger… Rosa inspected it carefully, but her mind was just filled to the brim with sexual haze. She had no real chance of paying attention to the details. Her hands started to move, up and down along the shaft. Rosa didn’t want to spend her whole day in the bathroom, she knew she had to pull out all the stops to give her dick what it needed as soon as possible. She took a deep breath and tensed her cock, it was one of her tricks to unload fast, she mostly used it to impress the girls. Keeping the tension, Rosa reached for the tip and started massaging the underside of her bulbous head. Within seconds she felt her balls react, pulling closer against her body and pushing their content along the shaft.

Rosa quickly aimed her rod down to the toilet bowl and watched as stream after stream left her tip and splashed powerfully into the water below, Rosa had no way to tell how much she released, but in her guesstimation, it was one of her biggest loads yet. The streams colored the water a pearly white hue and still, her load went on. Wishing to maximize the drainage of her sack, Rosa waited patiently for the barrage to end so she could employ another hack she knew would help her achieve her goal.

Taking a deep breath, she reached down with her right hand and pushed her sack aside. In her other hand, the cock responded by unleashing a relentless stream of cum into the bowl. She felt around behind her balls and soon found her target, a dripping wet slit. Rosa plays with her body enough to know that when she was in the final bit of her orgasm, a little work on her lower lips could set her off again, and that is exactly what she did. As the last shot left her, she plunged a single finger into her waiting pussy and massaged mersin escort the inner walls.

The reaction was immediate. Her cock flexed once, then twice, and the whole show repeated itself as more cum filled the poor toilet. Rosa repeated the act three times before she felt ready to face the world again. Her cock hung, semi-erect, above the cum filled toilet. Remnants of the orgasmic train that wracked her body still dripping slowly out of the slit.

Rosa panted in an attempt to catch her breath, “You sure put on a show, I never knew I could push it so far.” The vibration in her balls was still there, but a lot weaker than before. Rosa reached around to one of the pockets in her dress and pulled out another condom, “Thought I’d only use you later today but it seems I have no choice.” she said as she ripped the packet and started rolling the latex sleeve onto her rod. It was rather easy with the pole semi-erect, but still, the condom had to stretch really wide to contain her. With everything back in place, Rosa opened the door and came back out to the shop, dressed as if nothing happened.

“Hello princess,” Jenna shot at her the minute she walked through the door, “Saw you and Vicky last night. Is she still alive?”

Rosa giggled lightly, “Yes, she’s fine, she just needs to rest.” Rosa said as she looked around the shop. It seemed today was a rather lazy day, the shop was devoid of customers, only Rosa, Sara, and Jenna were there.

“Rosa, can you please give me a hand?” Sara called from the other end of the shop, she was doing her daily routine, removing all the tired flowers. Rosa walked over and joined her.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Rosa wondered, the girls talked about her show all the time but Sara was never a part of it.

“It was amazing Rosa, super hot…” Sara said and blushed, “I never thought a human could do what you did.”

Rosa felt her ego inflating as the words left Sara’s mouth. She wanted to answer when she heard a loud yelp from the shop entrance. “OMG! Rosa!” The soft voice yelled.

“Yes,” Rosa said as she turned around to look in the direction of the voice.

The voice belonged to a thin woman, a little over 5 foot tall, with flowing blonde hair reaching all the way down to her knees. Her captivating hair framed a pair of deep green eyes and a cute little nose. The woman wore a long pink dress with white butterflies. “You don’t know me, Rosa. But I watched a couple of your streams, I love your work…”

Rosa felt a little flustered at the compliment, “Thank you, it was nothing…”

“My name is Evelin, nice to meet you.” She introduced herself and made her way to rosa with her hand offered for a handshake. It was then that Rosa noticed the woman had a massive bust, easily bigger than Vicky’s.

Rosa needed a moment to rip her eyes from the orbs and shake Evelin’s hand. “Nice to meet you in person, Rosa.” She seemed to pay no attention to Rosa’s gawking. “I want to buy a bouquet for tonight, something simple but elegant…”

“Oh, right away, follow me,” Rosa said to the girl’s request. “First we have the roses, a classic.” As she made her way to the roses she received a clear message from her body. Her cock pulsed and she felt to condom inflating with a generous flood of precum. Rosa did her best to ignore, hoping she would be done with Evelin soon. “We have black roses, they’re very elegant, and we have a nice price on them…”

Evelin picked one up and placed it between her breasts, “What do you think Rosa? Does it suit me?”

“Yes, looks great…” Rosa said as she felt her cock blasting another load into the abused condom.

“I don’t know, roses are so old school, what else do you have?” Evelin said as she pulled out the rose and returned it.

“We have lilies…” Rosa guided the vixen. She felt her cock going off like crazy and noticed a large bulge starting to form on her dress just below her rack, almost giving her the appearance of having three breasts…

Grabbing one of the white flowers, Evelin placed it in her cleavage and turned to Rosa. “How is this?” She pressed her breasts together and they wobbled around.

Rosa tried to answer but her cock kept her silent and focused on the two orbs. She failed to notice her third breast already outgrow her natural size, the condom was just hanging on for dear life.

“Ohh, I like the reaction, Rosa,” Evelin said, breaking the prolonged silence. “I know, I want this one.” She pointed at a premade bouquet.

Rosa pulled it out of the bucket of water and presented it to Evelin, still fixed on her massive boobs. “Great, I love it.” Eveline complimented and leaned closer to smell the flowers. Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell towards Rosa, a sharp gasp escaping her lips. Luckily for her, Rosa acted in time, using one hand to hold the flowers and the other to break Evelin’s fall.

“Thank you, Rosa, I don’t know what came ove-” Evelin apologized but stopped abruptly, “Rosa, what happened to your shirt?”

Rosa looked down. Her third breast was gone, in its place, a huge stain soiled her blue dress. “I’m sorry you got splashed with water from the flowers because I’m so clumsy,” Evelin said, giving Rosa a way out.

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