Ara 26

A Rough Encounter

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Hey Slut!

If you want a hot email that’s what your going to get you horny little slut. Now take off your clothes and get something to ram in your pussy because I want you to cum reading this.

I’m on my way over to your apartment; you don’t know that I’m coming over. I’m wearing a tight T-shirt and jeans. You open the door stunned to see me, I burst In the Door and say,

“Well slut you ready for a fucking?”

You’re still in shock, your standing there with your mouth open so I decide to put it to good use. I grab you by the hair and shove you to your knees. I order you by saying,

“Suck on my cock you dirty whore!” You slowly begin undoing my belt and you open my jeans.

Seeing my cock you quickly shove it into your hungry mouth. It feels so good, so warm and hot I gasp in pleasure. I’m still holding your hair and shove my cock deep into your throat making you gag before you get used to my shaft down your hot throat. I humiliate you saying,

“Suck my hard cock bitch and fucking like it”

I get fed up of your slurping and I pull you to you feet. I rip off your top and bra while shoving you towards your bedroom. I fuck you onto the bed before completely taking off my jeans and T-shirt. I tell you to lie there and play with your tits. I sit on top of you and shove my cock between your warm breasts. You shove them together and I begin fucking. I tell you to lick the top of my hard cock as it brushes your lips with every thrust. You’re squealing and moaning like a whore now. It makes me hornier and hotter. Your tongue and tits feel so good on my cock and your smooth skin feels so good against my ass. I can feel you bucking your pussy in the air, desperately looking for some stimulation.

I roll off your hot body and I tell you to get güvenilir bahis your ass in the air. You’re now not being a very obedient whore so you need to be punished. I lift your skirt and pull off your drenched thong. I begin spanking your dirty whore ass hard, you scream and sob in pain at first but with every swat your scream turns to more of a moan. You feel your pussy begin to tingle in pleasure. You sound like such dirty slut moaning and groaning because you’re being spanked. I humiliate you further, I know it really makes you feel like the slut you are;

“You like that don’t you bitch? You like being treated like a horny slut!? Its fucking filling your pussy with juices isn’t it!?”.”I bet you want something to shove in that slick cunt of yours don’t you bitch?? Don’t you bitch!!??”

You moan in approval. “What do you want whore!?”

You softly whimper “Your cock!”

I begin stroking my cock in front of your face, taunting you, you can smell my and see my precum covered dick just inches from your face!

“Well if that’s what you want bitch that’s not what you’re going to get!”

I pull open your drawer, taking out the biggest the dildo you own, the one that you could never really use because it was more pain than pleasure! I grab it; you’re rubbing your clit furiously, moaning like a whore! You’re dying to cum. I order you to take your hand from your big clit. You slowly comply because you love being ordered around and treated like a dirty whore.

You whimper, “No I can’t take it.”

You then feel me cover the dildo in your juices which are now running down the inside of your legs. I ignore this pitiful request. Instead of slowly shoving this monster dildo inside you I ram it in as far as your slick pussy can take it. You scream like türkçe bahis virgin as you take your dildo deeper than you ever could have imagined. I start fucking your pussy, showing you no mercy, your screams continue but I keep fucking you. Your begging me to stop but I smack your already raw ass, you stop your whining and I then begin to hear you softly groan out the words,

“Yes treat me like a whore, stretch me like I’ve never was stretched before!” You’re a good whore and I reward you by slightly easing down on the speed of my ramming.

My cock is now about to explode, I need release so badly and I’m going to use your body any fucking way I want in order to make sure me cum. You’re now screaming loudly in orgasm after orgasm, you’ve never ever cum like this before and your pussy feels like its going to explode, you can feel your juices running down your legs. You feel like such a horny whore and you love it.

I taunt you, “I know how to treat you don’t I bitch!?” You don’t respond, so I give your ass the smack it deserves. “Answer me whore!”

I hear you murmur the words “I fucking love it!”

I let you recover by letting you lie on your stomach though I never remove the giant rubber dildo from your over stretched cunt. As I let you recover I cover my rock hard cock in lube. You don’t realise how I’m going to stretch you even further and I love it. I order you onto your hands and knees again. You now realise who’s in charge and you quickly do as ordered. I tell you to grab the dildo and fuck yourself with it. Your being a much better slut now and you do as told.

I grab your hips with both hands. You already sense what I have in mind and obstinately shout “No, I can’t take it”

“You going to pay for that bitch” I tell you and I smack your raw güvenilir bahis siteleri ass harder that ever. I pull your ass in the air and begin slowly shoving my cock into your vice-tight ass. You’re moaning again, trying to pull your ass away but I continue to shove my cock into your tight ass until my shaft is completely lost inside you.

You’re moaning in pain and you’re slowly pulling out the dildo out of your pussy to try and give yourself some relief. I quickly remind you who’s the slut and who’s the master by saying,

“Take that out or stop fucking yourself with it whore and you’ll regret it!”

You instantly obey and restart fucking the dildo. My cock is now dying for release and your constant moaning is almost bringing me over the edge. I slowly begin fucking your ass, it’s so tight I can hardly move, your filled cunt making it even tighter. As your ass begins to loosen I feel you begin to buck slightly on my cock even if your moans are still of pain.

All I want now is to shoot my hot load deep inside your ass and I don’t give a fuck how your slut body feels, you’ve cum enough already. I grab your hips hard and I thrust inside you roughly, the tightness of your ass feels so good. I can feel the dildo in your pussy being pumped faster and faster. You’re now moaning so loud both in pleasure and in pain we’re ramming each other like the horny fucks we are. Everything now becomes hazy; all I can feel is my cock and your ass gripping it. Good whore! We’re both screaming, your loving it more than you ever imagined, you never thought you could be stretched this much and love it. We ram each other hard and I feel your ass squeeze my cock as your pussy explodes like never before just as my balls erupt shooting my cum deep inside you. I’ve ever felt so good; we collapse in a panting sweating heap. Both too exhausted to talk but both smiling from ear to ear in pleasure.

“Good Whore.”

This is my first attempt at writing a story and if you think it’s good or bad feel free to comment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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