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A small fantasy

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A small fantasyYou wake up from an erotic dream. A dream that you didn’t want to end. You feel your cock, hard and wet with precum. A usual morning wood you think. So comes the time to rub it out. The plan is to remember that dream you just had. You take a deep breath, take a seat in your sofa, close your eyes, and slowly start stroking. Several minutes go by, but you just can’t get that dream back into your mind. Not one scene comes back. Frustrated, you stop masturbating. You sit there in quiet for a time, upset with yourself for not being able to remember, not being able to release. There’s a soft knock on the front door and hear a faint voice from a man saying “Hey bro, you around?” So you go open the door to see your neighbor. “Hey man, how are you? Do you need anything?” “Yes, I came to borrow your grill, remember? Have a BBQ today, and I had asked you a time back if I could borrow yours.” “You’re right, my apologies! I lost track bahis şirketleri of what day it is. Hold on, I’ll bring it out.” “No worries, I’ll be waiting here.” “Actually, you want to come in? I’d feel terrible making you wait outside.” “Sure, thanks!” You let your neighbor into your apartment. While closing the door, you start asking where the grill was, it’s been a time since you took it out. Maybe it was in the clo- “Shit man! Do you always invite someone inside like that?” “What do you mean?” “Your dick is out!” You realize that the only bit of clothing you have on is a shirt. You had taken off your bottoms to stroke yourself, and forgotten to put them on before opening the door. Red, the color of your face at this moment, warm with embarrassment. You try to cover yourself with your hand, but that was pretty futile. “Hahaha, you can’t cover that with your hand. It’s too big!” “Fuck man, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean this.” “It’s no bahis firmaları problem! I actually am kind of attracted to it!” “Uhh…”Attracted, how? A guy usually feels grossed out seeing another man’s package. But this fool, he likes it. You notice him licking his lips. “Looks like you need some help there,” you hear him say. “No, I don’t roll like that!” “Are you certain of that? I’ve heard other guys say the exact same thing you have, but by the end of it, come out more satisfied than ever before.” He had gotten so close, so fast, you didn’t notice it! Then you feel a hand over your cock, not yours. Touching you in a spot that made you jump with pleasure. “You know, one thing that we guys have an advantage of any chick. We have a cock ourselves. We know what exactly where to go on a cock. I’ll make sure you explode with pleasure like no one else has done it!” Shit, what the hell? You lead him to the living room, sit on the sofa, opening kaçak bahis siteleri your legs. You look towards the ceiling, because sure you’re horny, but unsure if you’re comfortable seeing a guy suck you off. Then you feel his soft, warm, wet tongue start at the bottom of your shaft and slowly work his way to the tip, giving you a little kiss there. Feeling his mouth over you, it was different! Treating you with care, but doing his best to pleasure you. Finally you stopped looking at he ceiling, you find his eyes and see lust in them. That sight turns you on, more than you expected. He knows exactly what to do! You give in, and he fills himself with as much of you as he can. This is bliss! Before you know it, you let out a moan! A moan signifying your satisfaction! Releasing yourself in his mouth, him doing his best you swallow it all. “I told you,” with a smile in his face. “And you were right,” returning the smile. “I enjoyed that quite a lot. Want to do that again some other time, maybe something more? I’ve got some nice thongs I’d love to show you.” “How about later today? It’s my day off.” “I’ve got a BBQ, forgot again? Haha, don’t worry, I’ll come back soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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