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A Snowball Running Ch. 03

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Continuation of A Snowball Running. More lesbian sex and sports references.

Alicia spent forever exploring Rian’s shapely form as the pretty girl laid prone and unconscious on her big warm bed. In her defense, Rian had spent the afternoon playing a very grueling game of flag football and then gotten unexpectedly worked to an amazing climax by a highly skilled Alicia.

Leisurely, the sexy blonde stroked and licked Rian’s newly accessible lower body. Her long tapered legs weren’t heavily muscled, but remained nicely toned from years of athletics. Alicia mused on just how heavy of a sleeper Rian was as she kissed firm calves and thighs. Rian let out a cute little sigh as Alicia ran her warm, wet tongue across the back of her knee. Absolutely adorable.

Alicia spread those knees gently, feeling even more confident than usual in her lovemaking as Rian had been satisfied into what was starting to seem like a coma the first time she took the woman’s pants off.

Nibbling the velvety skin of the brunette’s upper inner thigh brought another sigh, but throatier and more pronounced. Alicia giggled a bit, more at the sight of her smooth mound than the unconscious desire of her tomboy. It seemed so unlike the rough and tumble Rian – who could barely be bothered to wear makeup or run a brush through her hair – to get her business waxed. It also seemed weird to Alicia that she didn’t know so many intimate things about someone she loved so much.

Loved. She loved Rian. She’d never said it out loud and she’d never really even thought it in clear terms to herself before, but she loved Rian more dearly than she thought possible.

Alicia brushed her lips over Rian’s puffy outer lips. There was a bit of nipping to elicit more sighs from the sleepyhead. Finally, one murmured subconscious, “Ahhhh-licia” slipped out from the pretty naked woman’s other lips.

Then the posh blonde seductress started eating in earnest. A quick tongue darted into darker pink inner folds, already slick with the attentions lavished by licks and nibbles. Alicia slow-frenched Rian’s agreeable pussy. The taste and smell were so perfectly feminine and lovely; fresh and sweet like the height of a cool summer. The summer drizzle increased to a flash food as the temperature rose and heat lightning crackled with static in the sky.

The tongue fucking got faster. Rian’s somnolent sighs became stirring groans. Alicia’s deft fingers unhooded Rian’s hard little nub to be rubbed between forefinger and thumb.

Rian peered up through blurry eyes to see the siren between her legs calling her to wakefulness, however fleetingly.

Her pretty blue eyes managed to focus long enough to make eye contact with the laughing brown eyes of her lover and recognize the twinkling that meant there was a smug smile on the hidden lower half of her face. Rian felt a big stupid smile plaster her face as well as her head dropped back to her waiting pillow.

Her body trembled with her mounting orgasm, but her earlier athletic exploits and unexpected sexploits left her too exhausted to do more than passively enjoy the wonderful sensations that Alicia inflicted upon her willing body. Rian decided fuzzily that passivity wasn’t such a horrible thing and let the waves of pleasure wash over her and build into a rising tide.

The white caps crested over the jetty. With the quiet, irrepressible force of the ocean itself, Alicia brought Rian to her second climax of their afternoon delight. The slightly younger — but much less experienced — lover moaned Alicia’s name loudly as she passed out from the passion again.

Alicia wiped off her face discreetly and crawled up the bed to cuddle the woman she loved. Idly, she petted Rian’s gorgeous, sex-mussed, chestnut hair in sleepless repose. Unfortunately, that gave the not-so-dumb blonde time to think. Thinking time is dangerous for Alicia.

She had no insecurities about her performance sexually. Not only did Rian’s responses leave her confidence justified, but Rian wasn’t the first woman she’d gone down on. Or the second. Third. Fourth. Well…Alicia was into double digits with statistically insignificant complaints.

She worried over the rush this put on their relationship. Rian was still a bit of a flight risk after the way Gretchen treated her so awfully. Could Rian really be ready for settling down with her only second lover ever? Not that the loyal woman would ever cheat, especially after Gretchen. But would she be able to overcome her fear of commitment? Alicia had planned to bring her there slowly and — to be honest — use the promise of sex to ensnare her a little bit.

Now that they’d crossed that line, her entire strategy would need to be revised.

Rian woke late in the evening as oblivious as always. Maybe even a touch more unknowing than usual as it took her a few moments to distinguish the unfamiliar setting. Then the big stupid smile came back with the memories of earlier in the day.

Except, Rian lacked Alicia’s bedroom swagger. What if Alicia didn’t like her canlı bahis şirketleri body? What if she was too much work? What if she hadn’t pleased her more expert lover?

Not “what if” actually. Rian realized abruptly that she definitely hadn’t pleased Alicia actively at all. She’d cum selfishly twice and collapsed into oblivion directly after each time.

Rian immediately attempted to rectify the situation by kissing Alicia’s collarbone and trying to work her way down, but the micromanaging Alicia stopped her.

“No, Rian. Not right now, okay? Just lay with me.”

“But, I didn’t make you…”

“Shhh. I know. I was there. And I didn’t fall asleep twice and miss most of it either,” Alicia teased lightly and made Rian blush ashamedly.

“No,” Alicia clarified as she brushed her distressed lover’s cheek and lips with the back of her knuckles, “You were perfect and I wanted you just like that.” Her thumb rubbed back and forth over the pretty tomboy’s pouty bottom lip, “I want you to wine and dine me though, and your first time taking me is going to be with a strapon and when you’re fully rested.”

Rian shot Alicia a scrunched up, confused look, but the beautiful woman kept placidly stroking her hair. Rian shrugged inwardly and snuggled her naked body back into Alicia’s fully clothed, womanly figure.

Then she whispered “I love you” with the same ease and guilelessness that she might have said “I’m hungry” or “the sky is very blue today” and went back to a very peaceful sleep in Alicia’s bed and arms.

Alicia spent a restless night, but had reworked the details of their relationship trajectory by the time her alarm went off for work.

Rian woke having slept longer and better than she had in years. She stretched, yawned, and…

“Oh, shit!” The sexy brunette exclaimed and started to put her football uniform back on, “It’s 7:10? I’ve got to get home and get changed.”

“Silly,” Alicia answered and pointed at her dresser, “Borrow some of my clothes and I’ll throw yours in the wash.”

Rian grabbed a pair of drawstring pants and a tank top from Alicia’s pajama drawer and threw them on so she could drive back home. She reasoned that she probably had fairly bad morning breath, so she gave Alicia a quick peck on the cheek on her way out the door.

Alicia called in sick and finally went to sleep for a few hours. She called Rian at work upon waking, not really comfortable with their lack of talking in the morning.

“Rian Davis here. How can I help you?”

“Hey, Rian. It’s me.”

“Oh. Well, I know how I can help you. What are you wearing?”

“Cute. When do you get off?”

“Next time you’re between my legs, of course.”

“Really, Rian?” Alicia liked the little thrills Rian’s dirty talk gave her, but wanted to make sure that sex didn’t dominate their conversations together. “What time do you plan to leave the office today, Smartass?”

“At 5:00, but I have a four-on-four tournament with the guys tonight, so I’ll be walking over to the gym after work. We’ll probably head over to the 3rd & Long after we play, if you want to meet me there. Or I could go back to your place…”

Alicia decided she’d ignore her girlfriend’s repeated innuendos the way she ignored Miss Kitty-Fantastico meowing for catnip.

“I could swing by the gym to see you play.”

“Of course, but you don’t really like basketball, so you might be a little bored..”

“Hmmm. Who are you playing with?”

“Mike, Greg, and Plank. I promised to be their fourth.”

“Maybe I should come down and chaperone? I don’t know if I like you hanging out with those letches unsupervised.”

“Whaddya mean?”

“They won’t hit on you if I’m there.”

Rian laughed openly at her gold-star girlfriend’s complete inexperience with men.

“No. If you’re there, they’ll be hitting on the both of us.”

“Why? They know we’re a couple, right?”

“Because — in guys’ heads — lesbian sex is foreplay for a threesome.”

“… … …ew.”

Rian laughed again.

“Well, yes, but the fact remains that bringing my super hot goddess girlfriend will not cause guys to hit on me less.”

“What if I just come down because it turns me on to watch you play?”

“That’d be very okay.”

Alicia put on a cute Westbrook tee-shirt/jersey and some hip huggers, slipped on some wedge sandals, grabbed her off-white Hobo purse, and went to her hair appointment and mannie-pettie at Cherish’s Beauty Salon.

Then she came down to the gym to watch the game already in progress.

Rian was mid-drive up the court when Alicia walked in. She wore a purple spandex tank and knee length silver basketball shorts that were perfectly appropriate to the activity, but did nothing to hide her sex appeal to Alicia’s mind.

The interested blonde found a place on the bleachers with some of the other girlfriends, kids, and waiting players. Rian passed to Greg for the assist and beat feet to the other end of the court for defense canlı kaçak iddaa to cut off the cherry pick.

Plank — so called because the combination of his great height, relative thinness, and mental density reminded people of a walking two-by-four — went galumphing after Rian. She tied up the fast break long enough to force the pass and Plank blocked the shot with a simplistic glee. Rian regained the ball and dribbled back up the court on a fast break of her own.

Alicia watched and overanalyzed as Rian faked a guy out of his shoes and took an easy bank shot in the paint as he leapt harmlessly passed. A cocky smirk appeared on the brunette’s face, a little sweat glistened on her flushed skin, and her high pony swayed violently as she rushed back down the floor, clearly pleased with herself and her combination of skill and savvy.

Alicia knew her sporty girlfriend’s hot body in play and the sheer athleticism displayed were a big part of why the femmie blonde got so turned on by seeing Rian compete on a court or field, but it was more than that.

She had such confidence in sports, so unlike the way she acted in the romantic realm. Her expressed emotions were cleaner; immediate elation in success and vexed disappointment in failure. Her masterfulness made Alicia want her in a physical, sweaty, moaning, uninhibited sort of way.

The sweet and uncertain Rian who courted her so affectionately attracted Alicia too, although in a more endearing and gentle sort of way. The girl was so adorable, cuddly, and sexy. Alicia wanted to kiss and touch her, caress her arms, neck, and shoulders, massage and trail kisses over her hands, feet, calves, and thighs, and spray whipped cream on her breasts and abs and lick it off again and again for hours and hours.

She still wanted to take Rian to dinners and shopping and those types of things too, but mostly — in that moment — she mused on the whipped cream possibilities with her compliant girlfriend.

There was some guilt for Alicia in her attraction to Rian’s tender side. She was fairly certain that the vulnerability, appreciativeness, and complaisantness that were so central to why Rian charmed her were caused by her only previous girlfriend being a royal cunt who’d misused and wounded her.

Notably, enjoying the side effects of the damage Gretchen wreaked in no way lessened her desired to see that bitch keelhauled.

As the game waged on, the crew from 3rd & Long acquired a commanding lead. Up by 8 in a game to 21 by ones and twos, a bit of showboating was almost inevitable. Plank managed a dunk. Greg stole the ball twice with risky lunges. Rian threw a no look, around the back, though a defender’s legs pass to Plank for a free open shot by the basket. Mike laughed and only half bothered to return on defense.

Alicia went back to observing the tomboy move and developing her sensual daydream. Soon fantasy-Rian had all the ingredients of an elaborate banana split on (or in) her and Alicia was licking warm chocolate syrup off her nipples, then sucking melted vanilla ice cream out of her bellybutton, and then tonguing a cherry out of her…

The blonde thought to herself that she shouldn’t fantasize on an empty stomach. Sort of like grocery shopping. But she didn’t stop either. Only the ceasing of the hypnotic back and forth up the court brought Alicia back from her banana-filled Rian split.

The game ended with a slop shot on a three rebound possession. That didn’t stop a boisterous celebration of backslapping and high-fives. Rian — in her defense — had the courtesy to lie to the other team about it being a good game and shake hands. Right after, Plank innocently-ish picked Rian up in a laudatory bear hug and swung her around while she squealed.

Alicia did not enjoy seeing other people touching her Rian, but she generally tolerated it. Nonetheless, even though she comprehended on a logical level that there was nothing sexual about the action on either side, no one made Rian squeal like that now but her.

Jealous, bored, hungry, and horny, she’d had enough.

Alicia found Rian’s D-Backs hat with her keys and phone/wallet in it next to her half-empty vitamin water. Scooping up the stuff and leaving the drink, she walked down onto the court, where she self-assuredly gave the filled hat to Rian and took her hand.

“C’mon. We’re going home,” Alicia affirmed, “but we’re stopping by Cold Stone Creamery on the way and you’re buying.”

Rian merrily allowed herself to be led away, with no objections or reservations. Mike objected strongly for the team.

“Alicia, ya cain’t take ‘ar shootin’ guard!” he protested, pursuing his best player for a few feet.

“Watch me,” Alicia answered without turning around.

“Rian,” Mike changed tactics, “Ya cain’t bail on us. We’re goin’ inta the finals fer fuck’s sake!”

“Uh, I’m following the pretty girl,” Rian turned, but was pulled along by her girlfriend, “I’m sure you’ll find a stand-in for me or something.”

“What the hell, Rian? Bros b’fore…” canlı kaçak bahis Mike wisely didn’t finish his platitude as Alicia turned her head to glare at him for that. She paused and considered giving Mike a piece of her mind, but then continued walking. Rian just grinned.

“No. I still think I’ll go get laid. You guys have fun though.”

Alicia elbowed her roguish lover in the ribs pretty hard. Rian kept grinning and allowing herself to be escorted out to her super hot goddess girlfriend’s big blue truck.

They rode over to Cold Stone, where Alicia had a very non-sexual banana split that satisfied half of her craving. Rian had a Cake Batter ice cream cookie sandwich with sprinkles and no shame.

“Mmmm. Good call on the frozen treat, Alicia.”

“Yeah, I’m in an indulgent mood today.” Alicia took Rian’s hand and began playing absently with it, turning it over and running her fingertips over the exposed palm and wrist.

She kept eating nonchalantly with her free hand, but Rian stopped eating entirely. Alicia’s casual touching completely diverted her attention from her ludicrous sugary sandwich. Her sensual hand innately stroked Rian’s ardor without necessarily meaning to be strictly sexual at all.

When Alicia’s freshly manicured fingernails raked lightly over the inside of Rian’s wrist, it made Rian’s toes curl in her hi-tops. Her cornflower eyes closed and she couldn’t think of anything but how every feathered touch was paralleled by a correlated response from her pussy.

Sex being on the table for the evening accounted for part of the charged nature of every physical contact, but Alicia herself also turned Rian on.

She carried herself with such assurance and grace. Her pride in personal appearance showed through with how posh and polished she maintained herself from the crown of her flawless golden hair to the perfect pedicure on her tanned toes. She also always smelled so damned good.

Add to the mix that the stunning 25 year-old knew exactly how to bring Rian to ecstasy without faltering for a second, and Rian’s hesitancy didn’t stand a chance. Even the thought of going to bed with the gorgeous blonde again overwhelmed Rian’s consciousness and left her frozen treat largely uneaten.

“Are you listening to me, Rian?” Alicia asked in mild irritation.

“Yes,” Rian answered when prompted, “Or – well – no. I wasn’t, but I am now…You’re really good with your hands.”

Alicia’s irritation evaporated with the honest flattery.

“I was asking if you were ready to go back to my place?” Alicia had finished with dessert and wanted a main course.

“Yes.” Rian dropped her ice cream-whatever, took Alicia’s arousing hand, and dragged her out to her truck. Alicia smirked at Rian’s excitement and trotted along after her lovable girlfriend.

That arousing hand slid under the waistband of Rian’s silver shorts while Alicia’s other hand steered the truck toward her rural three bedroom Victorian.

Rian’s eyes closed involuntarily again as Alicia’s middle finger pressed between her cameltoe to find her wetness.

Alicia giggled convivially again at Rian’s complete lack of pubes and made a couple teasing remarks about mowing the grass too short. Unfortunately, her curiosity finally got the better of her.

“Okay, Honey, I need to know. Why are you ‘all bare down there?'”

Tact evaded Rian as a rule, but even she wouldn’t have dropped such a clanger had she not been distracted by a finger in her cooch.

“Ahhh. Gretchen made me do that. I let it grow back after I found her with Wendy, but it was itchy so I…” Rian trailed off when she realized what she was saying. It’s rather impolitic to mention your ex while your current girlfriend fingers you, but that same fingering distracted Rian from her relationship etiquette.

They never talked about Gretchen. Why did she have to ruin that moment and the night by talking about Gretchen?

Alicia removed her hand and Rian opened her eyes to look at her girlfriend as her heart sank a little. Her instant distress read all over her pretty face.

“Relax, Honey. We’re here.” Alicia used her arousing hand to put the car in park. She should’ve known that Gretchen was responsible for Rian’s peltless beaver somehow. It fit. But it wasn’t worth that sadness in her deep blue eyes. “I think your Donskoy is adorable and very sexy.”

Rian smiled in relief. Alicia kept talking.

“You know that the way Gretchen took you for granted was wrong, don’t you? You deserve better than that.”

Alicia couldn’t have said anything sexier to Rian and hit a raw nerve that neither of them suspected was so sensitive. The grateful brunette dove at her blonde goddess and kissed her like her world was new.

Rian’s tongue ran over Alicia’s clean white teeth like a xylophone before the pretty femme fully recognized that the kiss was happening. The teeth opened for a playful tongue to meet Rian’s and dance.

Both mouths still tasted of ice cream and neither woman cared. The immediate intensity of emotion overwhelmed Rian and her girlfriend accommodated the upsurge of love orally. She let Rian lead the kiss, held the tomboy’s beautiful face, and brushed her ticklish earlobe with the ball of her thumb.

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