May 17

A Surprising Shower

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You know, I’ve had some real surprises in my life, but this one definitely tops the list. I had a long, arduous day at work, and I really needed to relax. Normally, I’d just head off to the gym and throw the iron around while listening to loud music, but not today. I was too wound up, and too exhausted. I needed to just get home, get a stiff drink, take a long shower, and just mellow out.

As soon as I walked in the door, I headed straight upstairs to take a hot shower. My entire body was stiff, and I needed to let the tension loose. I knew my girlfriend wouldn’t be home for a while, so at least I had some time to myself. We just had a tank-less water heater installed, and I intended to make use of it. I undressed and hopped in, making sure the water was nice and hot. I like my showers hotter than most—maybe a little too hot, but I didn’t care. The steam helped me to relax. Damn, that water felt good.

I just stood underneath the shower head with my eyes closed and my head down, letting the water cascade down my back. I could have fallen asleep right there had I not been careful. I was lost in a daze, thinking about maybe installing a Jacuzzi tub next. Must have been like a trance, because I never even heard the door open. All I felt was a breeze when the shower curtain opened, and she stepped into the shower behind me. Before I opened my eyes, she had grabbed the soap and started lathering up my back. She pressed her body up against my neck, her large breasts pressed against my last. She kissed my neck and said, “hey baby, you’re home early.”

“Didn’t hear you come in. Needed to relax. Long day.” I muttered.

“I can feel that. You’re tense. Let mama help, baby.”

Without saying another word, she continued to wash the rest of my body. She rubbed the soap across my chest, through the chest hair, and down over my stomach. She knelt güvenilir bahis down as she washed my legs, and back up to my ass. She let out a seductive giggle as she gave a little squeeze. I knew what she was doing. Somehow I didn’t think teasing me or getting me worked up was going to do much to help me relax, but it felt good. I faced the truth: I was too tired to argue, especially with her. She kept kissing up and down my neck and she worked her way around with her hands, and had my cock in her grasp. She had such soft, delicate hands. As she continued to wash me, she stated a light stroke. She made sure not to do it for too long; she didn’t want the fun to end too soon.

I took the soap from her hand. I turned, kissed her on the lips, and said, “your turn.” Two can play at this game.

I started to massage her shoulders with the soap, moving my way down to the small of her back, down the back of her thick thighs, and back up to her very shapely ass. Her curves drove me nuts. I loved every inch of her. I soaped her ass up nice and foamy. I knelt down and washed the front of her legs, and as I stood back up to start washing her stomach, I rubbed my cock in between her ass. I pulled her into me so I could run my hands across her, working my way up to her heaving chest.

I loved her breasts. I could play with those big boys for hours and never get bored. They were so soft, and her nipples felt so nice in my mouth. I washed underneath them, on top, and in between. I was going wild thinking of them wrapped around my growing erection. I paid extra attention to her large, pale pink areolas. I smiled as her nipples started to harden under my thumbs.

“Someone is being extra thorough today.” She said under hushed breath.

She started go grind her ass into my now stiffened cock. I could feel the heat coming from between her legs.

“Only türkçe bahis for you, love.” I grinded back as I put the soap down in the dish, and started to suck her neck as I pinched her nipples. She was moaning softly as I reached my other hand down, and ran a finger in between her moist slit. I rubbed her clit with my fingers, and the grinding started to get faster. Suddenly she stopped.

She turned, reached behind me and picked up a bottle and placed it in my hand. It was a bottle of oil. She turned back around, bent over and wiggled her plump ass me while looking me in the eyes and said,

“I want you to put it in my ass, baby.”

I was in shock. This was new to me. I mean, we’d done it before, but I’d never thought she’d ask for it. Especially now. I just stood there for what seemed like forever, just staring at the oil.

“Excuse me, I’m waiting…put that dick in me, now. I need it.”

I shook my head as if to shame off the cobwebs. Hell, maybe I really did fall asleep, and this was just a dream. I didn’t care right now. I opened the bottle and poured some on my hand, rubbing it along the length of my shaft, putting extra on the head. I poured more on her, and it ran down her crack, and between her legs. I rubbed the right hole with my finger, making sure to massage it to get it nice and moist.

With a very timid head, I grabbed my cock and started to rub the head against her right hole. I gently pushed it in as she gasped. I slowly started to ease myself in, paying special care to be gentle.

“Honey, I can stop…”

“No, don’t you dare. Get that all the way in me. I want to feel you deep inside me so bad…”

I kept staring in awe as she started to work her hips, getting me more and more inside her. Soon enough, her soft ass hit me pubic bone, and I shuddered.

“Holy shit, that feels so good, güvenilir bahis siteleri baby. It’s so fucking tight on me.”

“That’s it…Mmmm, fuck me babe. Fuck your girl’s ass.”

I started to thrust in and out slowly. Damn, if was so tight. I knew if I moved too fast I wouldn’t last long. I wanted this to go as long as it could. I continued with long, deep strokes as she moaned. I grabbed her hips and watched her breasts sway back and forth. She started to rub her clit as she moaned louder and louder, lost in ecstasy.

“Yes, don’t stop. Oh god, I’m so close.”

I wasn’t going to tell her, but I knew I was, too. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“Oh god, yeah. I’m so close, baby. I’m SO close. I’m going to cum for you, don’t stop…”

I felt her whole body start to tighten up as her breathing sped up. Her moaning became an almost inaudible gasp of pleasure. I wrapped an arm around her waist to steady her, and wrapped my other arm around her chest as I rolled a nipple in between my fingers. That did it.

She writhed in pleasure as she came while rubbing her clit. I felt her juices rush from her pussy, down my balls and between us both. God, I loved when she squirted. That sent me over the edge. With one last thrust, I started to send spurt after spurt of cum deep inside of her. If took everything I had to stay upright as I emptied my load into the woman I loved.

After we both came down, I pulled out slowly and turned her to hold her in my arms. I kissed her with as much passion as the day I fell in love with her. She gazed into my eyes as she rubbed her breasts against my chest.

“Well, what’d you think of that mister?”

Without missing a beat, I smirked and responded. “I’m glad we got the better water heater, or this would have gone south real fast.”

She laughed. “Alright, smart ass, let’s get cleaned up. Maybe there will even be a round two after dinner to help you really relax, if you’re nice..”

I gave her ass a firm slap and said with a vicious smile, “Why be nice when its so much more fun to be naughty?”

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