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A Tangled Web Ch. 03

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All Sexual Activity Is Between Characters Who Are 18+ Years Old


Edward Trotter walked along the empty corridor leading to the main office of George Washington High School. He was homeward bound after having just deflowered young Cynthia Hart in his last period Algebra class, which, coincidentally, she was failing. He gave his armpits a quick sniff and was relieved that his body odor seemed no different than at the end of any other long humid day of teaching math in the stuffy old building.

In the office he waved to Miss Thompson, the spinster secretary to the Principal, Mr. Fowler. “Good night, Miss Thompson,” he called cheerfully, knowing she kept tabs on the teachers’ comings and goings and was quick to report delinquencies. “Have a nice weekend.”

He was turning toward the faculty mailboxes when Miss Thompson gratuitously reminded him, “Check your messages, Mr. Trotter… your wife called nearly forty-five minutes ago.”

“Cheese Louise,” Trotter thought to himself, “thank goodness the old biddy didn’t take it upon herself to BRING it to me!” He waved again and pulled the paper slip from his pigeon-hole. “Thanks! Got it…” he replied as he left the office.

Once again alone in the hall, he opened the note and read, “Pick up son at home and meet wife at White Star Café at 6 p.m. Don’t be late!” Ted did not know what Mary actually said, but he was certain Miss Thompson had appended the command herself. Shoving the note in his trousers, he consulted his silver Elgin pocket watch and noted he had exactly one hour to collect Art and get to the café. “Plenty of time, Pal,” he said to himself, “but you won’t be able to shower or shave.”

Trotter stroked his five o’clock shadow and smelled his shirt front. “No tell-tale scents,” he mused, “and she’ll not mind my scratchy face, so long as I shave before we fuck tonight. Exiting the building, he pondered what occasioned dinner out. “Must have burned the chicken,” he muttered with a chuckle as he pushed the door’s crash bar and stepped into the sultry mid-May late afternoon.

At 46 1/2 Garvey Street, Arthur Trotter was in his room, between his parent’s bedroom and the front parlor, building play forts out of dominoes, on a Samson folding card table. When he heard Ted come in the front door, he ran into the hall and called, “Hey, Pop! Is Mother with you? She wasn’t here when I got home from school.”

Ted picked the boy up in his arms and skyed him up to the ceiling in the entry way, exclaiming, “Hey, there, Champ! How’s my boy?” Putting him back on the wooden floor, he continued, “Yeah, son, I don’t know… something came up, I guess… I got a message at school that WE are supposed to MEET her at the White Star.” He playfully Dutch-rubbed Arthur’s towhead brush cut. “Grab your cap and let’s take a hike!”

“Hooray!” Arthur shouted gleeful approval of the idea and scampered back to his room. When he re-appeared with his favorite green felt beanie, Ted took his hand and led the way to the alley. They laughed over nothing as they went. Trotter strolled while the boy he thought was his own skipped beside him.

A block-and-a-half later they reached the café at 105 Central Avenue on the corner of Flint Street, where Jock’s thirteen-year-old maroon-and-red REO sedan was parked at the curb. Arthur waved through the restaurant’s painted plate-class window at Cecilia McGuinness, while Ted held the café door open. Katy Oleson greeted them heartily and led them to the last two open chairs at the big table, already populated with Cecie, Mary, Isabel and Jock, who bellowed, “HERE’S the rest of the ‘fam-damily’ at last! Bring on the Blue Plates, Katy!”

After a hearty meal, including big slabs of hot apple pie, the jubilant family set out for the Bijou Theatre, two blocks away, at 220 Dorchester Avenue. They were early for the 7:30 p.m. showing of ‘Pinocchio’, which was a good thing. The popular animated film was ending its run that night and the ticket line was longer than they had expected. While the rest of the family chattered about this and that, Jock noticed a familiar feminine form ten feet ahead of him in the crowd. Excusing himself, he stepped forward.

The good-looking, mid-thirties, brunette woman who had attracted Jock’s attention was conversing with a younger, darker-haired, girl and did not notice his approach. She turned, slightly startled, when Jock touched her shoulder and asked, “Arlene? What are YOU doing here? I thought you were sick.”

Arlene Hart coughed and replied, “Oh, good evening, Mr. McGuinness… well, YES, I WAS ill… this MORNING.” Her black straw fedora brim tilted as she cast her eyes to the pavement and lowered her voice, “Umm, you know… women’s, er, issues. I’m sorry I couldn’t come to work, but I’m feeling much better, now.” She looked Jock in the face and smiled apologetically.

“Huhn!” Jock snorted and felt helpless. He took in Arlene’s shapely figure, wrapped lightly in an open-back pale green canlı bahis şirketleri cotton dress with huge sunflowers all over it. The gold metal buckle of her wide black belt, high at her waist, accented her full top while the dress skirting hugged her hips before flaring out to her knees in shallow pleats. “Well, I MISSED you… I had to get someone else to come and deal with the payroll reports for the home office.”

“Oh gosh,” Arlene said, “I AM sorry about that, really. Can I make it UP to you at all?”

While they talked, Trotter walked over. He recognized the girl beside the unknown woman and was moderately concerned about the conversation’s potential. Jock introduced him, “Ted, this is my accounting clerk, Arlene Hart… Arlene, this is my son-in-law, Ted Trotter.” Ted smiled warily, and made surreptitious eye-contact with the girl beside Arlene. She smiled back at him with twinkly brown eyes.

“Trotter?” Arlene asked with arched eyebrows, showing surprise. “How INTERESTING.” She indicated to her right with an open palm. “I KNOW you know my DAUGHTER, Cynthia, from your Algebra class, but WE have never met.” She swung her hand toward Ted and added, “What a pleasure, Mr. Trotter. I have some concerns about my daughter’s, umm, FUTURE… perhaps we can talk later?”

Ted shook Mrs. Hart’s black cotton-gloved hand and replied, “How nice to meet you, Mrs. Hart.” His voice was steadier than his nerves. Nodding to Cynthia, he said, “And what a coincidence, Cindy, that we should all be in the same movie line.” Relieved that neither the freshly fucked eighteen-year-old virgin’s facial expressions, nor her mannerisms, gave anything away, Ted started a turn to go back to Mary and the others.

“Yes,” said Cynthia to Trotter, interrupting his pivot. “Ma wanted to see ‘Rebecca’ at the Town, but I WON when I reminded her this was the last day for ‘Pinocchio’ and I hadn’t SEEN it.”

Arlene reached out and touched Trotter’s elbow as she explained to the men, “I was so happy to be feeling stronger.” She gave Ted a strange sharp look as she continued, “and Cynthia got some welcome news… so I thought we should have a ‘girls’ night out’, so to speak.” She let go of Ted and hugged her daughter. “DIDN’T I say just THAT, Cynthia?” Looking again at Trotter, Arlene asked, “Perhaps you could telephone me, tomorrow morning, Mr. Trotter? Arbor one-two-two-one… after nine?”

Ted blinked. “Certainly, Mrs. Hart. I look forward to it.” Hoping the prickly heat on the back of his neck did not show in the evening shadows and marquee lights, he said, again, “Nice to meet you.” Cynthia still gave no outward sign of their intimacy, but inside, her tummy turned over and her cunny clenched involuntarily on itself.

Turning away to follow his son-in-law, Jock breathed, sotto voce for Arlene’s benefit only, “Meet me in the loges a few minutes after the show starts… if you want to ‘make it up to me’ for playing hooky.” He wondered, as he left the women alone, if she would keep the appointment.

Over dinner, Arthur and Cecilia had agreed, and gotten the adults’ permission, to sit by themselves in the very first row, closest to the screen. As soon as Jock handed the tickets to the doorman, they bolted to claim the best seats still available. Luck was with them and they landed dead center, beating out three other competing children for the prime spots.

Chuckling as they watched the kids scuffle for positions below them, Artie’s and Cecie’s parents, and Trotter, were satisfied to take left-side seats halfway down and just under the balcony. Mary sat first with Ted next to her. Beside him sat Izzy while Jock settled into the aisle seat. The remaining four seats, between Mary and the wall, were vacant and never claimed throughout the film.

As Jiminy Cricket flipped open the Pinocchio storybook, after finishing his song, ‘When you wish upon a star’, Jock whispered in Isabel’s ear, “I’m going to get something to eat… be right back. Can I bring YOU something?”

Isabel smiled in the dark. Turning her face, she kissed her husband’s nose and replied, barely audibly, “You’re sweet, but NO… I’ll be OK, dear… you go ahead.”

Jock slid silently from his seat and walked up the aisle. On the other side of the theater, Arlene Hart saw him stand, silhouetted against the bright screen. Leaning in to her daughter, she quietly excused herself, “Powder room… be right back.” Cynthia, already deeply engaged in the Disney story, paid no attention to her mother’s departure. Walking up the aisle, ahead of, and parallel to, her boss, Arlene entered the lobby and waited for him.

When Jock stepped through the heavy velvet curtains and turned right, up the sweeping stair to the mezzanine, Arlene copied him, on her side of the lobby. Upstairs, she followed Jock into a set of enclosed box seats, which were on this particular evening, as was often the case, otherwise unoccupied. Jock impetuously swept her into his arms and canlı kaçak iddaa ground his lips onto her mouth. She clutched his shoulders and returned as good as she got, moaning into the back of his throat as her body turned on within his embrace.

“Oh, GOD!” Arlene exclaimed, when Jock gave her a chance to breathe. “I felt so CRAPPY this morning… goddamned cramps! I COULDN’T even STAND UP, let alone get to work, Jock…” She plastered herself against him and kissed him hard once again, before concluding, “THANK you for being such an understanding boss!”

“Oh, I ‘understand’ alright,” Jock growled. Her heat was taking away the surliness he had felt when he saw her in line, but it was creating a conflict. “So how are you going to ‘make it up’ if you’re having your, you know… monthly THING going on?”

Arlene rapidly opened the buttons on his shirt and scraped her red painted fingernails through his matted chest thatch. Kissing him lightly while she talked, she buzzed, “We don’t have to FUCK, you know.” She lowered her right hand and grabbed Jock’s stiffening cock through his trousers. “I could just KISS you to death, COULDN’T I?”

Working her fingers, while her lips cruised over his chin and down his throat, she freed his thick erection and slid her hand to its base. Squeezing and tugging, she asked in a sultry voice, “Why don’t I just turn this wooden puppet into a REAL boy? The ‘Blue Fairy’ isn’t the ONLY magical woman in this theater, you know.”

Without waiting for an answer, Arlene dropped to her knees and stuffed Jock’s joint in her cheeks. He gripped the seatbacks on either side of his hips as he stood in the row. She did not need a map to know her boss’s sensitive spots and she went straight for them. As she puffed her jowls in and out, her busy fingers tugged his nuts in their bag while her thumb pressed with steady pressure on the base of his root.

When Jock was ready to shoot they both knew it. He pulled Arlene’s head to his crotch, and swung his pelvis forward, forcing his cock deep to the back of her mouth. She gargled unintelligibly as she bobbed on the bone. With a stifled protracted groan, Jock opened his hips and swayed back, thrusting himself that much further into her throat while he ejaculated. Unfazed by the powerful spurts, Arlene guzzled every gob. His meat muffled her moans as she happily sucked him to completion.

When he knew he had no more to give, Jock let go of his clerk’s wavy brunette hair and pulled out of her salivating maw. He grinned and said, huskily, “Well, I GUESS I can forgive you, Lena.” Patting her cheek, he asked, “Will you be… all WELL… by Monday?”

Arlene smiled and stood. When she heard him use her pet name she knew everything was as it should be. “Absolutely, Jock,” she assured him. “My… er, problem… NEVER lasts longer than three days. Do you think you will WANT me… earlier than usual… you know, to ‘make up’ for the lost time? I could COME… anytime.”

Jock laughed as he buttoned his pants and straightened his shirt and tie. “As you wish, Lena,” he said. “You’ve worked under me long enough to know what the Monday load is like.” Giving her a quick peck, he turned to the curtained exit and advised, “Wipe your mouth. You’re drooling.” With a wink, he disappeared.

As soon as Jock McGuinness stood up and left for his rendezvous, Ted Trotter draped his arms around the shoulders of both his wife and his mother-in-law. Taking advantage of the theater’s darkness, he hugged them to his sides, chuckling in a low voice, “Don’t fret, ladies… I’M still here to protect you.” He demonstrated his guardianship with two quick soft simultaneous squeezes on each woman’s outer breast.

Isabel’s heavy left boob was squashed into Trotter’s ribs above the seats’ dividing armrest. Her thin cotton dress afforded no protection for her plump right nipple against his groping pinches and her slip-sliding rayon lingerie traitorously aided and abetted the tickling tormenting tease. She dared not move or speak, however, so she sat staring at the on-screen antics in Geppetto’s workshop, as if nothing was happening. Her blind pussy had no such distraction to save it. It tingled from Trotter’s bold move and turned on the taps.

Mary, on the other hand, recoiled instantly to her left and pulled her husband’s mitt from her tit. “Be-HAYYYVE yourself, Teddy!” She hissed as he grinned in the dark and squeezed her bare bicep instead. “I MEAN it! I REALLY… want to SEE… the MOVIE!” Realizing Ted did not intend to stop his rambunctious rogue rubbing, Mary got out of her seat and scooted two seats away to the left in a huff.

While Trotter continued gently palping Isabel’s breast, he thought merrily to himself, “Oh well, Pal, ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’!” Izzy, however, did not want her bush ignored and, as her fire spread, her thoughts were on a bird of a different sort. Wordlessly, she twisted her torso toward Ted, slipped his arm over canlı kaçak bahis her head, and laid his hand in her lap.

Pressing Ted’s cooperative palm to her pussy, Isabel slid his hand to her hemline and returned, dragging her slip up with the cotton dress. Adding two plus two, the mathematics teacher curled his fingertips and scratched her moistening slice through her cotton briefs. Insinuating his knuckles under a leg seam at the crotch, Ted burrowed through her beaver. Isabel moaned low in her throat and separated her knees on the theater seat.

Having gotten her son-in-law started in her nest in earnest, Izzy moved her right hand over the armrest. Unbuttoning Ted’s linen slacks, she foraged in his underwear until his cock was happily in hand and growing in strength. It was Ted’s turn to groan. He shifted on his seat and canted his hips toward Izzy. She ran her thumb around his prick’s velvet nose. When his pre-cum oozed, she smeared the tacky viscous drops lightly on the sensitive top. Ted hopped involuntarily in his seat, driving his stiff staff through Isabel’s loose fist.

While Izzy stroked slowly from rim to root, Ted actively slid between, and along, her soaking cunt’s slippery lips. She bit the inside of her cheeks to contain her delighted cries while he tweaked her clit in its hood and pushed through her gate. Her pelvis rocked against his wriggling fingers. Her theater seat squeaked, and she did, too.

The discovery danger of their public masturbation, and particularly Mary’s close proximity to the scene of the crime, was gasoline on an already hot flame. Isabel’s hand flashed up and down, squeezing as she went. Ted’s fingers rapidly plunged as far as his awkwardly bent wrist allowed, which was far enough. Izzy sucked her lips over her teeth, squinched her eyes tight and flooded around the driving digits. Ted lunged in his seat. Its back creaked from the sudden stress as his semen flew out of his cock like a geyser.

Isabel swiftly covered the spewing spout with her hand and drew her fingers up the pulsing shaft’s sides, eliciting more manly milk into her palm as the spurts subsided. When he relaxed back into his seat and his prick finally quit pumping, she brought her hand to her mouth and cleaned herself. Ted, too, withdrew, and savored Izzy’s essence before parking his penis and re-buttoning his trousers.

No sooner had they realigned in their seats and resumed watching the film, than Jock appeared and sat down. Noticing the distance between Mary and Ted, he leaned across Isabel and asked, “What’s going on? Did you get in a fight with Mare?”

Trotter shook his head and answered, “No, I was just bothering her… too much chit-chat, I guess… didn’t realize cartoons were so engrossing.” He laughed quietly. “But, you know what? IZZY and I REALLY got into it! You better sit back before she bites YOU for blocking her VIEW!” Jock grinned, squared himself in his seat and adjusted his shriveled satisfied stump in his boxers while Isabel glared warning daggers at the daring cuckolding younger man.

After the movie, the Harts caught a trolley home. Walking along to the corner streetcar stop, Arlene noticed Cynthia’s sash bow, after an hour-and-a-half in the theater seat, needed tightening. “Wait a second, Sweetie,” Arlene said, pausing on the sidewalk. “Your waist needs to be retied.” When she remade the bow, she saw a gap, and a missing red button, just above the sash knot. “Sweetie, you’ve lost a button!” Mrs. Hart exclaimed. “We must go back to the Bijou and look for it.”

“Oh, Ma,” Cynthia replied, “I noticed that earlier. It wasn’t at the theater, though I don’t know WHERE I lost it. I’m sorry… first thing tomorrow I’ll go to Woolworth’s.” She had not known her button was torn away, but, of course, she knew exactly when, where and how it must have happened. “If I can’t MATCH it, I’ll get all new ones and sew them myself.” Showing her mother lots of teeth, she swore, “I PROMISE!” Then, pointing to the corner, Cynthia added, “LOOK, Ma! There’s the CAR… HURRY!”

On board with fares paid, Mrs. Hart changed the subject to her more pressing concern. “Mr. Trotter seems a nice man, but I’ve seen the quarterly warnings he has included with your grades. I must find out more about how it is your Algebra has improved so much.” She patted her daughter’s knee as they sat on the trolley bench, rolling up Edison Street toward Arbor Heights. “Of course, I’m DELIGHTED… but, it IS a worry. What if he mistook YOU for another student when he told you this afternoon you were in no danger of failing?” She squinted thoughtfully.

“MA!” Cynthia insisted. “I TOLD you already… there IS no mistake.” She wiggled her bottom on the wood slats as she remembered Ted’s driving dick deflowering her, against the classroom wall, and filling her virgin cunny with his semen, as if she was an éclair. Thinking of it now, she could still scarcely believe how much pink-tinged cum she had laved from her ravaged pussy in the girls’ bathroom. “He said I was a ‘natural problem solver’ and then he gave me something REALLY HARD and watched me WORK it… right in FRONT of him.” Cynthia grinned and said, wide-eyed, “HONEST, Ma… he was VERY satisfied with the result.”

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