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A TEST OF WILLI went to the grocery store the other day, I was wearing a pair of light green Kathy Ireland nylon shorts, a dark green over sized tee, underneath I had on a pair of mint green VF Body Caress full cut briefs and bra, on my feet I wore a pair of black penny slides. I love to dress as feminine as possible, but yet still in guy mode at first glance, I suppose if someone really studied my clothes I would be busted. I’ve said before I am not really passable, so I don’t dress as Cissy in public, I do however love to allow teasing glimpses of Cissy at opportune times.I spied a very nice looking gentleman in his mid sixties in the cereal aisle, I moved next to him and squatted down leaning forward to look at something on the bottom shelf, as I did the neckline of my tee opened giving the gentleman a clear view down my top. After several seconds I quickly looked up causing him to look away, but I he had definitely been looking down my top and I sure, quite surprised to see my bra, “gee it seems like I always have to get down on my knees to get what I want” I giggled. “Excuse me?” he said turning towards me. I stood up with a box of cereal, but not before noticing a rather prominent bulge in his cargo shorts. “I was saying it seems like I always have to get on my knees to get what I want” I repeated, looking right in his eyes as I slowly licked my lips before smiling and shaking the cereal box I was holding and putting it in my shopping cart. “Oh, oh, ok” he answered looking rather confused. I could feel him watching me as I walked away giving a girly wiggle to my ass pushing my grocery cart to the end of the aisle, I glanced back as I turned the corner, he was still looking.I continued to shop moving up and down the aisles, near the back of the store I saw him again, making sure he had saw me I parked my cart and went into the men’s room. I went into a stall leaving the door slightly ajar, then slipped my shorts down took my top off and sat down, a couple of minutes later I heard the door open, looking through the crack I could see it was my gentleman friend. I watched him in the mirrors above the sinks as he went to the urinals and stood. After a few seconds he looked over his shoulder towards the sinks, he could clearly see the stalls in the reflection. I stood up pulling the door open, the mirrors reflected my image as I rubbed myself through my panties before slipping my top back on and pulling my shorts up. His head turned back to the wall as I walked to the sink, as I washed my hands I watched him in the mirror, he turned to the side and showed his large flaccid cock, I noticed his wedding band as he fondled it. As I watched rapt I was rudely brought out of my trance by the sound of the bostancı escort door opening, the object of my obsession disappearing as my friend turned back to the urinal. I dried my hands and left as another patron took his place at the urinals.Paying for my groceries I headed to the parking lot, then after loading my purchases I sat waiting for my friend to leave the store. He pushed his cart to a BMW, as he loaded his groceries I pulled up behind his car, he looked up and smiled walking over to my car. “Nice cock, I bet your wife loves sucking it” I giggled. “Right….. I been married forty years, first five we fucked like bunnies, but only missionary, never a blow job and no eating pussy, the next thirty five once a month missionary that’s it, but what the hell I love her, you know” he lamented. He was watching me as I rubbed myself “I know a place, private you know” I suggested. “I don’t know, I’ve never cheated on her” he said. “Well, I certainly won’t tell” I assured him. “I sure would like to see those panties” he mused. “You can follow me, if you want” I said pulling the leg of my shorts up exposing my panties. “Up to you” I teased pulling away. I turned into traffic heading for Nine Mile Rd. I slowed as I approached my turn, scanning in my rear view I spotted his BMW turning I kept watch, he had turned onto Nine Mile. As I drove to the secluded cornfield I slipped off my shorts and tee, I put on a pair of mint green slides with a 3″ heel I had under the seat as I pulled onto the 2 track that led into the cornfield. I lubed myself as I watched the BMW pull up behind me in my rear view.My friend walked to my car as I got out, “I want to suck your big cock” I purred. I dropped to my knees and started undoing his pants, letting them fall to his ankles I pulled down his jockeys. My god his cock was beautiful, he was still flaccid, about 7″, thick and cut, his balls hung low about the size of golf balls. I worshiped his cock, kissing, caressing, slobbering all over it as I fondled his gorgeous balls. “I don’t know, sometimes I have a little trouble” he mumbled as I took his still flaccid cock into my mouth and started working it. I had sucked him for several minutes and still no action. “Come on Daddy tell Cissy what you want, talk dirty to me baby” I cooed hoping to get him a little more excited. My fingers were still slippery from lubing myself, but I wetted them anyway before taking his cock back into my mouth. “Oh god yes sissy suck my cock” he begged “I want to cum in your slut mouth” he added. I fondled and pumped his balls with my left hand as I teased his pucker with my right all the time hoovering his cock. I felt his cock starting to plump “oh sancaktepe escort yeah cocksucker, uuugh eat that dick sissy” he demanded as his cock rapidly hardened in my mouth. Grabbing my head he pushed my cock into my throat, I swallowed several times allowing his cock to slide down my throat my nose nesting in his pubic hair. “You like that cock sissy?” he taunted as he fucked my throat. “Mm-mm” I moaned. “You want me to cum in your slut mouth cocksucker?” he teased. “Mmmmm” I begged, I felt it I knew he was close. I pushed my finger into his ass past the second knuckle “I cumming in your mouth you sissy bitch” he screamed. I pulled back so he was out of my throat as he erupted filling my mouth and balloning my cheeks with the first spurt, I pulled off his cock and stoked it as he emptied his balls in my face and down my chest soaking my bra. I swallowed his cum and took his cock back in my mouth milking the last drops of cum then cleaning him before allowing him to pull away.”That was fantastic” he panted. “Thank you, your cum is soooo yummy” I purred as I wiped his cum from my face and licked my fingers. “I love how you talk dirty to me too” I giggled. “I never really thought about letting a sissy suck my cock until I saw you in the store today” he mused. “Well Daddy” I said in my little girl voice “I bet you wanna fuck me too” giving his cock a stroke as he stood there still hard as a rock. “My Viagra must of kicked in” he chuckled. “Sure would be a shame to waste it” I cooed as I knelt down and started sucking his cock and licking his balls. “Yeah it would be, but I don’t have a rubber” he answered. “I’m sure you’re ok, you can fuck me without one” I offered. “I don’t want to offend you but I couldn’t take a chance maybe taking something home to my wife” he replied. I knew he was starting to feel guilty about cheating on his wife, but I was sure he was still enticed to bang me. I stood up and opened my car door “I have some condoms” I said hoping not to sound desperate. “Aaaah I don’t….” he started I cut him off “if you don’t you’re always gonna wonder what you missed” I admonished. I got a condom out of my console while he vacillated. Sometimes I can be a real bitch, I have condoms I call married men condoms, I’ve pricked a pin through the end and usually after a couple of strokes they tear and roll to the base becoming a cock ring. I love to be barebacked and I really wanted this guy to cum in my ass with that big beautiful cock.I knelt back down and licked the head of his cock and then slid the condom on “come on Daddy, Cissy’s got some pussy for you” I cooed. Standing up I started to take my panties off, “wait let me do it” he said softly squatting zeytinburnu escort in front of me he hooked his fingers in the waist band of my panties and slowly eased them down. “You know, I would like to see you all dressed up sometime………you do dress up?…..you know dude look like a lady?” he questioned. “Yes I do, I would love to dress for you……….aah….. I don’t even know your name” I said. “It’s Will” he said a he ran his hands up the inside of my thighs “you shave your legs” he observed “uh-huh” I purred as I felt his hand cup my balls “and your balls too?” he asked, “I do” I cooed ” and my pussy too” I added as I lay back against my car. “Oooh very nice” he whispered as he slid his finger into me. He finger fucked me for several minutes working a second and then a third in to me as he lay on top of me. “Oh Will, fuck me….. please baby” I panted. I felt his cock push against my ass “give it to me baby” I begged. He pushed, the head of his cock slipped past my sphincter “oh my god you’re huge” I screamed as he buried the length of his cock in my ass, his balls slapping against me. “Aaaaaah god Cissy” Will moaned as he fucked me deeply “you’re so good”. “God Will fuck me with your big cock” I yelled. He was slamming his cock into me when suddenly he yelled “shit my rubber broke”. “Don’t stop baby, fuck me” I yelled as I wrapped my legs around him and fucked back against him “cum in me please” I begged. Will continued to fuck me viciously, “I’m gonna cum Cissy” he panted. “BREED ME WILL ” I screamed. “I’M CUMMING CISSY, I’M GONNA KNOCK YOU UP BABY” Will yelled as his cock exploded in my ass. “Oh god yes, you’re making me cum too” I squealed, my cock exploding spewing my girly cum wildly as my cock flailed about as he continued to pound his cock into my ass as he pumped his cum into me. He slowed his strokes then stopped buried balls deep in me, “oh god Cissy” he panted “that was fantastic”. “Your big cock feels soooo good inside me and your hot hot cum ooooooooh my god Will” I cooed. We laid there several minutes in after glow, I felt his cock shrink and slip out of my ass, then he stood “wait baby” I whispered as I sat up, taking him by his cock I pulled him to me “let me” I purred as I stripped the remnants of the broken condom off his cock then licked and sucked his cock and balls clean of our juices.As he got his clothes back on Will said “I was serious about you dressing for me”. “I would love to baby, but a girl really needs a little romance, some foreplay you know” I said. “Huh?” he said. “Never mind, I was just thinking out loud, anyway here’s my email” I said handing him a piece of paper with email address on it. “I’ll be in touch Cissy, I promise” he assured me then gave me a quick kiss and left me there, cum running down my legs.I had to slip two tampons in my ass to stop the flow from Will’s attempt to impregnate me before getting dressed. On the drive home I savored the taste of Will’s cock and reveled in the thought of his big cock inside me. I hoped he meant what he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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