Şub 10

A Trip To Remember Ch. 07

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We landed shortly after 8pm. Even in the twilight it was beautiful. The air was warm and you could smell the faint scent of the ocean in it. We checked into our villa, which was much bigger than anything we would need, and unpacked.

“Well what do we do now?” I sat on the bed looking through the clothes that Matt had packed for me. Which was a bathing suit, a sun dress and a outfit to wear on the way home.

“I think we should go swimming. What do you think?”

“Ok. Lets go!” And we raced off to the beach stripping our clothes off as we went.

The water was warm and it felt wonderful as I dove into it. All of the tension from the flight and work was instantly gone. We played in the water for a hour or so when Matt suddenly got serious. “Hey little mermaid come here!”

“Didn’t you learn as a child that mermaids were really sea monsters?” I teased, but he put his arms around my waist and I laid my head on his shoulder.

“No my mother never told me that version. Maybe she should have and then I would have behaved more often.” I looked at him and laughed, he grinned ” or maybe I wouldn’t have fallen in love with one.”

I didn’t move for a moment. I just let it sink in. I had know for a while how Matt really felt about me. His mom and I joked about how men are always the last to realize what or how they really feel.

“Do you know how long I have waited to hear you say those words to me?”

“Probably not as long as I have been trying to get the balls to say them.”

“Well I think that we should go to bed now I am so tired.” I started to swim to shore. I was on the beach walking towards the villa ,wrapped up in a large blanket, when he caught up with me. Tackled me and pinned me to the ground.

“Wait you don’t have anything to say to me? I spill my guts by saying three words that scare the hell out poker oyna of me and you say lets go to bed I am tired? I don’t think so lady!”

“Matt you are crazy. How could you not see how I felt about you?” there was more to that statement but I never got to finish because we were kissing each other and Matt was running his finger up and down me making sure that I was wet and ready for him. He grabbed my legs put them on his shoulders and rammed into me.

“God Matt yessssss…..oh fuck me….!”

“You are such…a…teaaasse..” He was thrusting hard not so much fast but hard. Neither one of us was going to last long like this. When he was inside of me he hit all the way to the hilt. Touching places that he had never touched before. He felt it to and slowed his strokes. Looking me in the eyes “I love you Angelina Paige” he said.

“I love you Matthew.” And then the moment was lost because he tensed and told me he was about to come.

“Oh shit Matt do it….come for me please. Baby now!” And he did just as he was told. After he shuddered and shook he let my legs down and collapsed on top of me. We were both sweaty and hot. And surprisingly we weren’t covered in sand!

Matt rolled off of me and kissed my forehead then he picked me up and carried me into the villa. He laid me on the bed and started a shower. Which I thought was silly because we were just going to get hot again once we were out. But who am I to argue.

After the shower he ordered room service and I laid on the bed. He ran his fingers gently over my back and my arms. It was relaxing and I told him I was going to fall asleep if he didn’t stop. The man never did listen any ways. I fell asleep just before room service got there. Matt covered me with a sheet and went to answer the door. He tipped the waiter and brought the food in.

“Hey sleepy head wake canlı poker oyna up. You need to eat something.” He shook me awake.

“Let me sleep. I will eat later.”

“No get up now, there is more to talk about.”

“I am going to remember this the next time you want me to make breakfast.” I grudgingly got up, but only because he said that there was more to talk about.

We ate like fiends. The fresh fruit was great. And the shrimp was good too.

“Ok I ate so what is there to talk about?”

“Hang on I will be right back Ok?”

“Ok.” I fell back on the bed and began to doze while he was gone. He never woke me up. He came back saw that I was asleep and crawled in beside me and we slept until the sounds of the birds and the ocean and the heat from the morning sun work us up. Or him up I should say. I felt the motion of him getting out of bed and started to move and he told me it was early and to go back to bed. So I did as I was told.

When I woke up Matt wasn’t any where to be found. So I got up and took a cool shower and put my bathing suit on and a wrap. I was brushing my teeth when I saw the glint in the mirror. I had to look twice but on the second look I think I screamed.

“AHHH!!!” And I think I laughed as well. I started running through the villa yelling for Matt. I still could not find him. I was starting to worry.

I went back into the bed room and opened the doors that led to the beach and laid back on the bed and waited for Matt to come back. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up he was holding me.

“Oh mmm” I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus my thoughts. “Matt oh god you are back I was so worried about you when I couldn’t find you! Where the hell did you go!?”

He laughed at me and answered ” I had something I wanted to do. I would have done it last night to but you internet casino fell asleep.”

Then as if it bit me I looked at my hand and shoved it in his face. “Matt do you know what this is on my finger? Let me tell you, its a ring, not just any ring but a diamond ring surrounded by our birthstones. It also happens to be on my left hand! Would you care to explain this to me.”

“Well” he said grabbing my hand “most of the time it means that some one is engaged to you. Boy isn’t he one lucky SOB?!”

I hit him in the chest “Matt this isn’t funny.”

“Ok you are right. I am sorry. Angelina Paige will you marry me?”

“Oh my god! You just asked me to marry you didn’t you!?”

“Guess that is a no huh?” he wanted to joke about it but I could tell that I hurt his pride.

“Oh Matt” I launched myself into his arms and kissed him “of course I will marry you. Why wouldn’t I? I would be stupid to let you go. So where did you go this morning?”

“I called out parents and talked to your dad. Your mother cried and your father said it’s about damn time someone took you off his hands. My mother cried and my father laughed and said that I am in for it for the next fifty years or so!”

“Oh and what do you have to say?”

“I say that I love you and I am going to ravage you now.”

“Not if I get to you first.” We launched ourselves at each other, spending the best part of the vacation in bed with Matt. Sorry that we had to go home. But excited at the same time. So much to plan for!

That my friends was about two years ago. I am proud to announce that yes we are still together and are happy. No the sex isn’t the same. Or as often or as fast and hard. Of course what parents have time for sex right? So this is where I come to my problem. I am a mother now and I just don’t feel like I can let go and do the things I used to with Matt. I want to, very badly. I want to let loose and relax and know that I am not being a bad mother. Matt doesn’t say anything. He knows that I am trying. And when he hears my idea he might say I am trying too hard.

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