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A VALENTINE’S DAYIt happened a few months after I started working at the hotel boutique with David and his wife, usually David and his wife will walk me to the underground before they went home, that day, I told them I was going to the hotel bar to wait for my husband, we were are going to have dinner to celebrate valentine’s day, before I went to the hotel bar to wait for my husband I decide to go to the toilet to check my face and hair, as I was going to the toilet my husband phones me to tell me, he was sorry, but he could not meet me, he was going to stay at the office till very late, I was a bit upset, as I was talking to my husband I was going to open the gent’s toilet door by mistake, an man open the door saying wrong door lady! smiling I say sorry and I went to the ladies, as I was going home, I had to pass by the bar, the man was at the bar with 3 more friends talking in a language a did not recognize, the same man stop me and ask me, if I was OK! with out thinking, I told them, my husband stood me up, he tells me that, they were not happy to be in London on business instead of being with their wives today, asking me, if I would care to have a drink with them, smiling I told them, I would love to! he ask me if I like vodka! (they were drinking vodka)I say no! I prefer champagne, after a few drinks, I found out they were polish men celebrating some deal that they made that day, they all keep phoning and talking in polish, one of them told me that, they were phoning their wives, asking their wives, if the received the flowers and the chocolates the y sent them, after I finish the bottle of champagne, I was a bit tipsy and I told them, I was going home, one of them, his name was Alogzy, asked me, if I would like to join them for dinner, I look at my watch, 8 pm, to early to go to an empty home I said OK! Alojzy say that he new of a dinner dance restaurant perfect for a evening like this, we all get up and went out, taking a taxi we went to this restaurant full of couples eating and dancing, after dinner, they order champagne for me and a bottle of vodka for them, the lights went down and the dancing floor got full of couples, I started to get izmir escort in the mood, taking Alojzy’s hand and asking him to dance with me, after a while they all wanted to dance with me, at first they behave very well, but after I was on my second bottle of champagne and they had drunk lots of vodka???, the first one to hold me tighter while dancing was Alojzy, it felt good when he put his hands on my waist, I rest my head on his chest, soon his hands were touching my ass very gently and started kissing me on my neck, my hands went around his shoulders as I press my body against his, suddenly I look at his face as I felt his cock growing between our bodies, I was astounded so much at the size of his cock that I slid my hand down between our bodies, touching his cock I started kissing him on his mouth and pressing my body harder on his growing cock, while I was squeezing his big cock very gently, after a long dance we went back to the table, Alojzy behind me trying to hide his big erection, at the table they were all smiling at him, while I was saying, It looks like is going to be a very busy and happy valentine’s night for me and you, It was a good thing that the music was very loud and the only lights on the restaurant were on the dancing floor, making the rest very dark, as soon as I sat down Alojzy started sliding his hand under my skirt while I was stroking his cock, soon they were taking turns sitting close to me with their hands going under my skirt while I was stroking their cocks, noticing they were all very big, I was getting so horny I told them, we should go back to the hotel, we decide to walk for a while, stopping only on dark places for them to lift my skirt up, taking their cocks out and rub them between my legs while they were sucking my tits and nipples, at the hotel, they went up to Alojzy,s room, I went to the boutique fron the front, coming out fron the back and strait up to Alojzy,s room, when I went in the room, they were all naked, Alojzy pick me up and took me strait to the bedroom, as they were taking my cloths off, my phone ring, my husband asking me if I was at home, I said not yet! he asked me, were was I, I said ! looks izmir escort bayanlar like I am going to have a very good valentine’s day, by now I was completely naked on the bed, with a man licking my pussy, Alojzy’s cock on my face between my mouth and the mobile phone, holding and stroking an other’s cock, one holding my tits and sucking them like mad man, I start moaning with pleasure, telling him that, I am with my Turkish friends having a very good time, I tell him, I am eating a very big polish sweets and my friends are enjoying my Turkish delights, I tell him that, I might be late going home, saying It looks like they are enjoying their Turkish delight very much, while I am talking to my husband the Polish men are all over my body, Alojzy is holding his big cock and opening my legs he starts rubbing his big cock’s head between my pussy lips, I start moaning louder saying, It feels so good this big Polish delight, my husband tells me to enjoy my self saying he will try to finish early, I tell him not to rush, looks like is going to be a long night, Alojzy starts pushing his big thick cock while the rest of them they start fucking my mouth with their big cocks kissing every part of my body, Alojzy has his whole big cock inside my pussy and he starts ramming very fast as he moans while he starts pumping my pussy full with his cum as he pumps my pussy he lifts me up, falling on his back with my body on top of his and with his big hard cock inside my pussy, they other three start entering my asshole, with theirs big hard cocks one after the other making me to start having a very intense and long orgasm as they keep fucking my asshole, I tell Alojzy to tie my legs up with his belt and fuck me in the ass very hard, as he starts pushing his big thick cock inside my ass, he starts grumping and pushing his big hard cock, complaining that my asshole is to tight like this and he is hurting his cock, the other men are lifting my head, fucking my mouth and using pulling my hair around their cocks to masturbate making my hair very sticky with their cum, with his big cock half way inside my asshole, I start holding the side of the bed lifting my ass izmir bayan escort for him as he finally with a big moan of pleasure his balls hit my ass as his whole big cock goes inside my asshole, he keeps pushing his balls on my ass till he explodes his cum inside my ass, as he pumps my ass with his cum, he lifts me up and standing with my legs still tie with his belt and his cock still inside my ass, the other men start taking turns at entering my pussy with their cocks, the three of them kissing me on the mouth and my tits while the 5 of us are moaning with pleasure, after they all pump my pussy full of their cum, I end up on the bed very tired exhausted, moaning with pleasure and with my legs wide open, my pussy and ass dripping and dribbling with their cum, they start talking in Polish laughing clapping each other on their backs and drinking vodka again, they pour vodka in my mouth on my face and all over my body, one at the time they go on top of me thrashing their cocks inside my pussy, fucking me very hard till they all one by one pump my pussy full with their cum, which it takes them longer than at the beginning of the night, after a long while and after I had a few beautiful very good orgasms, they turn me on my belly and opening my legs they start on my asshole, thrashing and thumping their big cocks deep inside my asshole trying very hard to cum my asshole, I got home around 7 am in the morning in a taxi, siting on the front steps of our house, I phone my husband asking him to open the door, my husband opens the door, he sees me siting on the floor, asking me! what happened! I tell him that I fall down the steps in my friend’s house, he takes me inside the house, strait to the bathroom, I tell him to prepare some coffee for me, while he is in the kitchen I shower the cum off my body, when he comes back with the coffee, I am deep in hot water, he asks me about the blue and purple marks all over my body he opens my legs asking me! why is so purple around your pussy, I tell him that, when I fell down the steps I hit the radiator at the bottom, laughing I tell him that my pussy and ass feel like they were hit by several trains at full speed, as soon as we get in bed, I start kissing him, he started asking more things about my fall, I tell him that I missed him very much and I started sucking his cock, which It make him to forget every thing about my fall and being so late home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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