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A Very Interesting Car Ride Ch. 02

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This is the continued story from ‘a very interesting car ride’, it’s been a while I know but hope u enjoy. Leave feedback, good or bad.


I sat there on my motel bed in the separate room which my dad had got me, replaying, over and over, the events of that first leg of our car journey home. I couldn’t quite comprehend what had happened in the back seat of that car and even more so the fact that my mother, as far as I could see, had seemed to enjoy it, a lot.

My mind was continuously flashing back, creating an image in my head as if I was watching some amazing film that was created purely to satisfy my arousal. The first gentle touch of her breasts. The thudding of my heart as I checked to see if anything could be seen by my dad. The moment I cum so hard with my tool buried deep inside her throat. The shock realisation that she was awake the entire time!

My pleasant reverie was interrupted by a knock on my door, I stood up and realising that I had been absent mindedly playing with myself whilst thinking over my mom and what I had done, I hastily rearranged my shorts to give some semblance of decency and opened the door. I was greeted by my wonderfully stunning mother standing in my doorway, dressed in a bathrobe and a devilish smile that I would come to recognise. She seemed to be swaying just a little and my suspicions of her lessened sobriety where confirmed when she spoke.

“C’mere you, and follow me” she drawled.

“Follow you where?” was my surprised reaction.

She just smiled that same devilish grin that I had seen earlier, in and out the car, and motioned with her finger to follow.

“Your father has gone to get some ice at my request” was the response to my bewildered look at not seeing my dad in the room as we entered the near identical bedroom for the night. “He’s awfully good like that, but I’m afraid the same cannot be said about me”.

It was clear to me now that she had been drinking, she never usually spoke like this, almost toying and playing with me, but I found it intoxicating. Each time she spoke she would stare at me with what I can only describe as lust filled eyes, half closed and somehow almost smoky and sultry.

“Yes, I’m afraid it seems that I have hit upon a rather naughty idea and have had to create the situation whereby my little fantasy can play itself out” said my mother, who by now had loosened the top of her bathrobe, giving a clear indication that she did not have anything on underneath, at least not on her top half. “And I’m hoping you will play along, though judging from your actions earlier, I doubt you’ll protest too much” she had started to slowly advance towards me.

She stopped just short of me and smiled, there it was again, that subtle but arousing devil smile that suggested so much. She then slowly leant into me, maintaining eye contact the entire time, her lips barely an inch from mine, her sweet breath mixing with mine in the limited space between us, every detail of her beautiful face shining out to me. “Will you?”

She leant in and planted her top lip in-between my own whilst her bottom lip curled gentle below mine. Now I have always considered myself a pretty good kisser, in fact it’s one of the things I pride myself on, but this kiss was a whole new experience. It was as if someone had lit a thousand tiny fires inside my body. A new sensation, more powerful and more intense than anything I have felt before was slowly working its way through my body, treating every nerve as a plaything, to be to be newly awakened and brought to life. The intensity of this union had brought my prominent manhood fully to attention, never before has a single kiss even roused my nether regions like that, but this one had me as hard as steel.

Just as I was really beginning to enjoy myself, as was my mother, I could feel her smiling, this beautiful union was broken off and I found myself being pushed backwards as a door was slammed in my face. It took me a few second to regain myself but I eventually realised I was in the bathroom. When I heard my dad’s voice the thin walls of the motel bathroom I quickly realised why I had been forced in here and I immediately began to panic.

I thought my mother would do the same but through the muffled voices of my parents I gathered that she was handling the situation very well, perhaps too well? I couldn’t clearly make out what they were saying but the general point seemed to be that my mother was planning on taking a shower before bed and my father was quite content to watch an old western that had come on. Now this still left me in a sticky situation but the excitement and adrenaline I had so recently been enjoying still coursed through my body and I was determined to embrace the night, come what may.

I heard my mother tell my dad that she going in now and as she said that she opened the door to the little bathroom and silently slipped in. I stared at my mother completely dumbfounded, wondering just what the hell she planned to do next. She smiled at me, then said with a mock frown on her face “don’t be mad at mommy canlı bahis şirketleri baby, I wanted you all to myself and I wasn’t sure if you would agree so I had to trick you just a little, you’re not upset are you?”.

My only reply was to grab this gorgeous woman and bring her face to mine for another of those kisses that sent icicles and flames up my spine at the same time. This time the kiss was longer, and a lot more passionate. I gradually got braver as we carried on, my hand gently starting to roam from their resting place on my mom’s curved hips. They wandered down to her ass of their own accord and I was delighted to find that it seemed to be much firmer than any girl I had fooled around with my own age. As both my hands came round to her ass I gave a squeeze which, through sheer enjoyment on her part, propelled my mother upward and made her squeal with pleasure into my mouth. To me, there is nothing more arousing than the sound of a woman in pleasure and that sound had sent me over the point of no return.

My hands now freely roamed about her body, feeling her every curve and with each movement her breath began to get deeper and more laboured. Again my mother broke our embrace and I wandered if she had had a sudden change of heart, but to my intense delight she assured me to contrary.

“Let me just turn the shower on so it seems as if I actually am doing something in here other than my son” she smiled at her own dirty little joke. At the mention of me my cock twitched visibly in my shorts that were now very strained, as I twitched my mother caught sight of the movement and her smile broadened. “Were going to have to try and be quiet you realise?” she continued “I know I led you in here, but if were too loud and he finds us, well, were pretty much fucked”.

This was actually the first time I had ever heard my mother swear and I found that it actually turned me on even more.

“Right oh mom, whatever you want” was my eloquent reply.

She smiled once more, as if in reply. Slowly she stepped backwards and making sure that she held my eye the entire time, she slowly slipped the robe off her shoulders, holding it just for a minute so u could only see the swell of the top of her breasts, teasing me. Suddenly she giggled and threw the whole thing off exposing to me the most glorious sight I have ever seen in all my short days.

The breasts whilst a firm and full DD cup had only a tiny bit of sag to them that actually sat nicely upon my mom. The curvature of her body suited her perfectly, from a very full top half the lines of her body tapered inwards to a slim but well-proportioned tummy, then flared outwards to voluptuous hips that gave her the perfect hourglass figure. I had always been attracted to the curvier girl, none of this stick thin for me, this was a real woman. All of this was set upon a pair of long and muscularly toned legs, she was my perfect woman.

I stood there for a moment, trying to take it all in and failing miserably. My brain was completely overheating and all I could muster in response to this goddess of a woman before me was a very clear and defined “duuhhh” sound.

“I’ll take that as a compliment I guess” was my mother’s merciful reply.

“umm…aaaa….hahaha…” I replied like a true Casanova.

My mother giggled at my sudden ineptitude to string words together and was obviously enjoying the effect that she was having on her son. Without another word she hopped into the shower/bath tub combo and turned the shower head on, jumping back slightly when the initial burst of cold water hit her naked skin causing her nipples to harden. As the water gradually warmed up she began to warm up herself, putting on a little show just for me. She stood under the water with her head tilting backwards and the water running all over her, this caused her perfect breasts to raise up even more and the tent in my shorts was now nearly at breaking point.

Without even glancing in my direction she took her hands from where they had been running through her long hair and ran them down her body, stopping at those magnificent orbs. Gently kneading them in a slow circular motioned she had my full attention and then pinching on the nipples eliciting a slight “oooohhh” from between her thick lips. Her hands then continued southwards, over her toned, flat stomach, past her full womanly hips and onwards. As she got near her to hidden treasure I noticed with slight surprise that she was almost completely shaven apart from a small strip of hair that was shaped like a crescent moon right above her clit, I wasn’t about to ask the reason for this and I don’t think I could have even if I tried.

It almost seemed as if she had forgotten I was in the room as she slowly parted her outer lips with pointer and ring finger on her left hand, the finger with her wedding ring on. I suddenly felt a slight pang of guilt as I realised what I would be doing to my dad but any notion of remorse was quickly removed from my mind when I saw my mom sink her index finger straight into her pussy, knuckle deep.

I canlı kaçak iddaa watched in fascination as my mother slowly finger fucked herself, moaning and sighing whilst she did so. I could stand it no longer. The sight of the utterly beautiful woman with the water cascading down her voluptuous naked body, little rivulets forming between her massive boobs and dripping all over, had driven me to the most aroused I’d ever been in my life. She looked like some goddess raised from the sea just for my own pleasure. My secret fuck goddess that could have me hard with just a look and a smile. A fuck goddess that I knew was going to give me the best night of my life. A fuck goddess that had been continually frigging herself to a climax the whole time I had been thinking this.

I was awoken from my musings by the whimpering’s of my mom as she finger fucked herself over the edge, I looked through fantasy clouded eyes to see her legs slightly buckle and her ass hit the wall and slide down it slightly. I reached out to steady her but I heard a firm and definitive “NO” come from those luscious lips. I waited a full 3 minutes before I moved again. Whilst I stood there all these thoughts swimming in my head, “was that all for tonight?” “Do I only get to watch?” “Have I ever been this hard in my life?” but all these were answered in the next instance.

“Take them off” came a demanding voice.

“What” I replied, still a little dazed.

“Take them off now, your clothes son, take them off now. Mommy wants to see you naked” my mom said, still not having looked up.

“If that’s what you want Ma” I told her, without needing any encouragement.

“it is” at this she looked up and locked eyes directly with me, the first time since losing her robe earlier. Despite the immense heat in the room I couldn’t help but give a shudder.

I didn’t take my time stripping down, I think I may have shown my eagerness a little to easily, but the whole time I was undressing my mom’s eyes never left mine. She stared so intently at me that I was completely struck dumb, and when I was eventually fully naked I stood there for what seemed like an age just staring into those beautiful eyes. My mother by this point had started to slowly stroke the outside of her mound again and this prompted me to finally make my move. I stepped forward intent of getting into the bath tub with her but I had hardly gone a step before the commanding voice returned with another “No”

“What now” I replied, sounding fully like my teenage self again. A small smile broke out on this slightly devilish woman’s face as she said to me, ” I want to see you stroke it first, just for me”. I was slightly confused but more than happy to oblige and the action took my mother’s eyes from mine and focussed them completely the steel like rod that she had created and was pointing directly at her.

I decided I was going to take my time now and I slowly started to stroke myself up and down. I had never been this turned on before and it clearly showed as every little bump and vein on my thick manhood stood out to prominence. I had started to make a show of stroking it, I would move slowly up right from the base and get to the tip, giving the head a few quick strokes, I would then slowly return right back down to my balls squeezing a little to make me swell a bit more. My mother was obviously enjoying herself as her hand had started moving quicker over the top of her twat and her breathing had quicken in response to my lewd little show.

I was really starting to enjoy myself when mom blindsided me a bit by asking “what do you want to do to me son”, I stammered slightly but regained quick enough to utter a convincing “I wana fuck you bad”. My mother had closed her eyes in pleasure as she had again started fingering herself, with two fingers though this time. “No son, it’s not enough for you to just want to fuck me, I can clearly see that, describe what you want to do to me “. For the first time that night it suddenly dawned on me what had been happening. Being a young guy I was used to a fuck and then that was it, but this wasn’t just a fuck, this was the whole nine yards, foreplay, teasing and a full night of passion and I had only just realised.

“I want to take hold of you when nobody is around and rip the clothes from your body; I want to throw you on a bed and hold your legs apart as I dive into your pussy giving you a tongue lashing. Hold you there whilst I bury my tongue deep in you cunt whilst rubbing my thumb over your clit and hearing you squeal”. The moans that were now coming from my beautiful mom where all the encouragement I needed to continue, “then I’m going to lift you up and flip you over so your head is hanging just off the bed, inches from my big cock. I’m going to lower myself into your mouth and not stop till my balls hit your face and my cock is as far as it will go down your throat”. More moans from mom and the slight whimpering sounds of “yesyesyes” coming from her. “pull you round and without giving you a chance to catch your breath and I’m going to shove my big cock right into canlı kaçak bahis your cunt using your ankles to pull you into me mashing us together nonstop”.

“Oh god” went my mother as her hand sped up in reaction to my dirty talk, I realised that I had sped my own stroking to and was not going to stop now. “I’m going to ram you till you scream my name over and over, forgetting all others, giving yourself to me like the wanton little slut that you are, I’m going to make you cum, over and over again till you can’t fucking walk and your only purpose in life is to be my personal fuck slave and live for my cum!”

“ohhh mmyyyy fuckinggggggggggggggGGGGGGOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!” went my mother as her second orgasm of the night overtook her, more powerful than the first, shaking her entire body from head to foot and making her slump and slide down into a sitting position In the bath tub with the intensity of cumming. This time I was not going to be denied and ignoring a slight worry that my dad may have just heard my mom cum, I stepped into the bath tub and stuck my large cock right into my mother’s still slack jawed and opened mouth.

She protested, but only for a split second as she realised what was happening. I already knew she could deepthroat so I wasted no time in trying to get my entire tool inside her mouth. As I pushed against her I could feel her doing the same to me, each little nudge opened up her throat just a little more and after about 5 minutes she had her nose against my pubes and was gagging on her son’s massive man meat. I was gambling now with whether my mother liked it rough but at this point it was make or break so I grabbed a handful of her dirty blonde hair and pulled her back. A sound like a whimpering child having a lollipop taken from it escaped her lips and she looked up at me a pouted. “OPEN!” I commanded and she did so without hesitation. With my hand in her hair I pulled her face first onto my cock burying it to the hilt, holding her down for about five seconds then pulling her back only to see strings of saliva and precum stringing from her to my cock. I repeated this many times and each time held her in for a little longer, at one point I looked down at her throat to see the obvious bulge it had made and this toped with the gagging sounds she had been making and the massaging of my balls she had taken on herself to do, signalled my first climax of the night. I pulled her back one last time to let her get her breath and then forcibly shoved her face into my crotch, she didn’t even stop to adjust, just took the whole thing in in one swift movement.

“I’m going to come” I told her, her only response was to make noise round my manhood which sent vibrations through it. This pushed me into pure bliss and I exploded down her throat whilst holding her head that hard into me that I nearly choked her on my dick and the amount I came.

It was my turn to slump down this time and I almost collapsed on my ass with the power of that orgasm. As I went down my mom came off my cock in a great intake of air, she was breathing hard and fast and I thought she was about to kill me but the smile that spread across her face reassured me I was in the clear. “Amazing baby, simply amazing” said my mom as she nestled up to me, water still streaming down the both of us. I could only grunt in reply I felt that drained, but my mom wasn’t done with me just yet.

As we sat there she took hold of my slowly reviving penis and started to stroke me, slowly cleaning off the mixed of saliva and cum, with the water, that had looked so good on her earlier. As she slowly brought me back to life she started planting little kisses on my neck and shoulders once more awakening a passion for her that I had felt for no other woman. Her magic hands and lips had given me a new strength and vigour and the time had come to finally take what was mine. All the little teases, all the waiting, all the shocks and surprises would all be worth it now.

I stood up, bringing her with me and mashed my mouth against hers with barely controlled lust, we kissed passionately at first, our tongues swilling around each other’s and darting back and forth, but then I got more adventurous and started biting down on her lip and pulling her face hard into mine. My animal instincts took over now and my hands that had been roaming all over her body found their way to her big but shapely ass and stayed there. First squeezing the cheeks, trying to get as much into my palms as possible. Then pulling the cheeks apart and letting them slap back together, immensely enjoying the sound. A smile stole across my mother’s face as I played with her ass and I could tell one, that she was loving this as much as I was and two, that this was the point of no return.

I kissed her one last time and turned her around to face the big mirror that covered most of the one wall of the small bathroom. This motel had one of those glass partitions instead of curtains that went half way along the tub; I pulled her hands to the glass and told her to brace herself. As she readied herself I positioned my cock at her entrance behind, for some unknown reason I had a moment of hesitation, my mom must have thought I was teasing her as she moaned “please” without even looking around, as she did so she pushed her ass back towards me and onto the tip of my cock.

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