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A very naughty, wild, crazy story fantasy from a f

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A very naughty, wild, crazy story fantasy from a fI want to put a dog collar and leash on you an walk you naked in public like a bitch in heat. Walking you all over the park or street or neighborhood every one looking at you calling you a sick pervert a slut a dirty whore getting off by just looks alone. Exposing your soaked wet dripping horny cock craving pussy for every one to see how much of a perverted bitch you are. Your master ordering you to get on all fours and raise your ass as high as possible and spread your cum hungry cunt makes you wet ? Your such a horny bitch the feeling of the cold breeze passing through your over sensitive pussy makes you piss your self like the true bitch in heat you really are. And I bet you love been a bitch in heat exposing your pussy in public places thinking of large groups of guys fucking you multiple times at the same time or passing you around back and forth like a sex slave using your cunt as nothing more than a cum dumpster. And I bet you love been completely covered from head to toe in huge loads of hot thick creamy cum with all of your holes overflowing with so much man milk I’m so fucking horny I want to fuck you like a bitch in heat in public in front of everyone to see I want to force impregnate you in a dark alley at night or in the back of a van. Fuck yeah I want to mount you from behind and force bahis şirketleri myself on you shoving my hard cock in your little cunt and wrap your hair around your neck choking you as I’m thrusting my cock inside of you makes it harder for you to breathe. But I would love to hear you screaming for me to stop it just makes me even more hornier and gets my cock even harder as I’m r.a.p.i.n.g. You like nothing more than a sex slave doll. Impregnating you multiple times making you a cum addict whore. I want to use your little cunt as a sperm dumpster. I want to own your cunt make you my breeding bitch and rent your body to everyone else. You will be my personal pet Always locked in the basement always horny waiting for a cock to impregnate you. Omg yes I fucking love it. My throbbing hard cock presses up against your tight slutty cunt and I buck my hips to force it right inside of you, tearing straight through your hymen. you muffled cries and screams only make my cock pulse even harder and I keep pushing deeper and deeper until I’m spearing your fertile little womb. I’d grunt and groan like a wild a.n.i.m.a.l as I start pulling my cock back out of you, with your pussy being so tight you can see it gripping my cock. Your cunt has already started becoming wet even though your being r.a.p.e.d and the blood from me taking your virginity all acts bahis firmaları as great lube to help me slam my cock right back inside of your sweet tender pussy. I grip your hips and relentlessly fuck this poor little slut, telling her she should regret looking so fucking sexy and that she deserves this. I can’t help but lean down and lick your neck and face as I see you struggle and cry. I give you a good slap across the face and start strangling you with one of my hands so I can see some more. I start picking up the pace even more and my cock starts throbbing even harder inside you as I get close to cumming. I tell you I’m about to cum and I’m not going to pull out, hearing that makes you even more horny. Your eyes widen and you panics completely, thrashing wildly and tears streaming down your face. I hold you down as much as i can as I finally unload my potent sperm deep inside you, telling you to get pregnant like a good little slut. I wanna feel your young sweet tender body under me as you screams and moans for me to stop, only for me to pound you mercilessly and r.a.p.e. you until i cum deep, deep inside you, then again and again until you mind breaks and all you feels is the pleasure and ecstasy of been r.a.p.e.d and impregnated by a total stranger. Make you my breeding bitch just like all the other sluts i keep locked up and tied up. Oh kaçak bahis siteleri you fucking horny little bitch you like that? I will definitely Fuck, r.a.p.e. and impregnate you multiple times over and over breaking both your body and mind. You will love the feel, taste, and smell of my hot thick cum all over you inside and out of you. Your body will be overflowing with pleasure and ecstasy during every r.a.p.e cession and even more during pregnancy especially during labor. Your cunt will burn with pleasure as im r.a.p.i.n.g you using you as nothing more than a sex slave for me to empty all of my sperm. I want to see your face as your screaming for more sex and cum begging me to r.a.p.e. your asshole while your ready to give birth. As im r.a.p.i.n.g your asshole your pulsing pussy opens on its on squirting all over the floor like a bitch in heat, your load screams of pain and pleasure just makes my cock even more hard as your pushing out my r.a.p.e. cum covered babies. After giving birth your cunt is on fire still wide open pulsing on its own drooling in after birth goo just begging to get r.a.p.e.d again and get pregnant again. Your so fucking horny you cant control your body as you piss all over the floor like an untrained dog. Look like i need to give you even more training and punishment later on. I grab you by your dog collar drag you to your little corner tie your arms behind your back, put your dog muzzle and leash on, take out the chastity and lock up your very wet bloody drooling cunt for the next time i feel like r.a.p.i.n.g you my horny fucking little breeding bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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