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A Very Private Sex Club

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A Very Private Sex ClubChapter 7 A New Challenge The second day of the company retreat was a day of relaxation and fun. The men spent the morning enjoying the friendliness of the housekeeping staff. By lunchtime it was hard to find a housekeeper with her clothes on. Most had been fucked at least once. The women seemed to be enjoying their work as much as the men. They performed their normal duties to the satisfaction of the management. Their young, supple bodies and willingness to please made them a hit with the male guest.During the afternoon, time was spent in the outside areas of the property. The in-house entertainment staff was supplemented by girls from the strip clubs that were hand picked by Rebecca. The women, all clothed in bikinis, mingled and visited. They drank watered down cocktails while the men enjoyed a number of open bars. This was a teaser of what was to come that night. The girls were eye candy and both Joe and Rebecca did not want any of the girls drunk.Dinner was part fun and part business. The servers were all topless with small G string bottoms. The men were encouraged to look but not touch. The dinner was casual with a brief business meeting afterwords. The group retreated to the main bar and showroom. There they were treated to a two hour strip show featuring full nudity. The show included both solo and lesbian acts. Every one was a hit with the crowd. Though all of these bakırköy escort men worked in the adult entertainment business, they still enjoyed a hot looking girls flaunting her body. During the business meeting, the men were informed that they could choose a girl from the show as their evenings date. The order the men were able to choose was based on seniority. The most senior of staff had been allowed to bring a girl or girls with them for the entire trip. Though they were included in the night’s fun, all chose to stay with the girls they brought. Rebecca and Sarah kept an eye on all the activities of the day. Everything went as planned. They showcased all the great things the resort had to offer. It also gave Joe and Bill Todd a chance to see the resort function as it was intended. A sexual Disneyland for men.The third and last day was a chance to showcase the activities that the resort would offer. Off shore fishing with an all girl crew. Fish or fuck was the choice of the day. Golf was offered with a special treat. Scantily clad girls driving the bar carts with special prizes awarded at end of the event. Each prize was guaranteed to get the winner a hole in one.There was a poker room where the winning hand got an item of clothing off the female attendants. Once they were all nude, the prized got to be more fun. Everything from a naked girl sitting on a beşiktaş escort players lap for a hand to private fuck session with the attendant of the winners choice.Everyone had a good time. Upper management retreated to the executive offices for meetings. This left the younger, more party oriented managers to enjoy the day. Rebecca, Joe and Bill considered the day a complete success. Anyone that came to the resort would find it a great experience. Unknown to Rebecca and Joe, not all things were as good as they seemed. Upper management was not displeased with how the resort was being run but they were going to make some changes. The majority of the girls at the resort were Hispanic. They wanted more varied and unique women. They were going to make arrangements to have Asian and Eastern European girls brought in. They also wanted some girls with fetish specialties brought in. They not only wanted this to be a resort but a sexual zoo. They wanted an adult petting zoo with not only beautiful, willing specimens but exotic and erotic ones.The Board of Directors,as they liked to be referred to, had enjoyed the entertainment on the second night but wanted more. They wanted BDSM added. They wanted to add live sex to the show. They didn’t want a strip club, they wanted a circus. Literally, they wanted to have the Greatest Sex Show on Earth. They had arranged for and paid beylikdüzü escort for privacy and security. They were going to use it to supply their guest with the sexual experience of a lifetime. It had always been good business to have a picture of client with a naked girl. But it was a hell of a lot better to have one of him on a leash with a naked, busty, bimbo blond. The more outrageous the pictures or film, the more willing the clients were to do their bidding. Fun was fun, but in their line of work the board of directors, business was business.Joe had been informed by the Board of changes they also wanted made concerning the operation of the property. There would no longer be any public access. They wanted the boutique to expanded to accommodate more modeling shows. They wanted the rooms to be larger, be able to accommodate groups. They wanted a full bar located in the boutique. They wanted a space created where their clients could watch the most beautiful women in the world model the sexiest clothes on earth.They also decided that the female housekeepers didn’t need to wear panties. They needed to have their pussies exposed and readily available. The men at the meeting, expressed that they enjoyed the easy availabily to sex with the help. So, why not make it even easier. All in all the meeting and trial opening had been a great success. The changes that had been requested required a lot of work and effort. The men that controlled the company and the resort were use to getting what they wanted. There was no room for debate or failure.Both Joe and Rebecca felt they were up to the challenge. Only time would tell whether or not they could measure up.To be continued / comments welcome

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