Nis 06

A Walk in the Night

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It was late in the evening and Paul and Maria had just finished with their formal dinner aboard the cruise. Paul insisted on booking a cruise for their vacation this year. Maria wasn’t impressed by the idea but went along with the plans since Paul was always so good her. They were a stunning couple and their passion for each other was obvious to those around them. That evening, Maria was wearing a seductive red dress with a low v-neck and high heeled red shoes. The dress showed just a hint of her full breasts and accented her long legs. Paul was wearing a black suit that showed his muscular build and swimmer’s arms. The other couples couldn’t help but stare at them as they moved along the outside deck devouring each other with their eyes.

Maria was holding Paul by the arm as they gazed over the beautiful, dark sky. He gently led her to the railing and they continued to just stare out into the emptiness. Paul was now standing right behind Maria with his arms surrounding her. She loved when he would hold her like this. Paul began kissing Maria’s neck and cheek. He knew she wouldn’t stop him. Maria was a passionate woman who enjoyed her sexual desires. Paul was starting to breathe a bit heavier now and his kisses were deeper and more lustful. Maria could feel his cock growing a bit hard against her ass. She started to notice that several couples were walking around near them at the railing. She didn’t care if they saw Paul getting aroused and playing with her. In fact, Maria loved it when others could see how they felt for each other. The other couples were getting quite close to them at the railing though. Paul then whispered to Maria, “Enjoy. This is for you my love.” He unzippered her dress and let it fall to the deck. Maria was wearing a strapless red bra and thong underwear. She did start to get a bit nervous as he removed her bra and cupped her tits with his hands. Maria was wondering why these other couples had the nerve to stay so close to them. Paul was rubbing her nipples hard between his thumb and fingers while he pressed his now hard cock against her ass. Maria was getting very aroused and her pussy was starting to become wet with her güvenilir bahis sweet juices.

Suddenly, the man near them stepped right next to Maria and took her tit in his mouth. He was sucking hard and rubbing her long legs with his hands. Maria knew why Paul had insisted upon this cruise. He had deviously planned this erotic adventure for them. Maria was getting increasingly wetter and her thong was becoming slightly moist with her juices. Paul turned Maria’s face toward his and passionately kissed her mouth with his tongue deeply going into her and down near her throat. Maria was completely enjoying it and started to rub her hands into the stranger’s hair and pushing him toward her pussy. The stranger slowly brought Maria’s thong down to her ankles and helped them off of her. Maria was completely naked now for all to see. Another man came over and kneeled in front of her and started to lick her pussy. He separated her lips to reveal her hard clit and gently moved his tongue over her wet pussy. The first stranger was now sticking his fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy while the second man sucked her clit hard and licked her lips. Maria was bucking her hips against the stranger’s face, fucking his mouth for all around to see. Maria was getting close to a climax already and Paul was encouraging her to cave in to her desire. Maria continued pressing her pussy at the stranger’s mouth while the other man rapidly moved his fingers in and out of spot. Maria came loudly standing on the deck while the two men pleasured her.

Maria could barely stand there and Paul was starting to move from behind her. He joined her at the railing as a woman began undressing him. It was his turn now to feel the pleasure. The man who was kneeling in front of Maria had stood up and moved behind her to cover her naked body as Paul had. His cock was hard and Maria felt it immediately against her. Paul was now completely naked and standing next to his beautiful Maria. A woman was sucking his cock as he held the railing with one hand and the back of her head with the other. She was squeezing his balls as she moved back and forth on his full, hard cock with her türkçe bahis lips and mouth. Paul was moving with her in a quick rhythm. He could hold his load for a long time and always enjoyed a good, hard, deep sucking on his cock.

The man behind Maria was getting impatient as she watched her Paul get pleasured. He lowered his zipper and let his pants and briefs fall to his ankles. His cock was rock hard and in need of service. He gently pushed Maria’s back toward the railing to get at her ass. She willingly obliged and bent over holding the rail with both hands. Maria loved it up the ass. The stranger took some of her pussy juice with his fingers and rubbed her hole with it. He bent down and quickly licked her ass and deeply penetrated her with his tongue. Maria moaned with pleasure and began to rub her own pussy hard and fast. She loved something in her ass. The man removed his tongue and started to pump his own cock with his hand. Maria told the other stranger to stick his fingers into her ass and get her started up again. He was more than willing to help her as he quickly jammed two fingers deep in her ass. Maria gasped at the roughness. He was moving them quickly in and out of her and she felt that pleasurable fullness deep in her ass. He went at her like this for a few minutes. Maria moaned loudly and was ready to take that hard cock in there instead. She ordered the fingers out of her ass and told him to put them in her soaking wet pussy now. Maria could feel the hard cock near her anal opening now. She relaxed so he could easily penetrate the hole as she gently pressed her body back and consumed the stranger’s cock with her ass, now wet with her own juices. Maria now had one stranger in her ass and the other in her pussy. She couldn’t help but look toward Paul to see how he was doing.

Paul was still fucking the woman’s mouth. Now, he was moving his cock harder into her and still holding her head so she couldn’t move away from his body. Maria noticed another woman had already moved behind Paul and was playing with his ass with her fingers and tongue. She had a strap on cock ready. Maria knew Paul was going to enjoy this treat. She güvenilir bahis siteleri motioned for Paul to bend over a bit so the woman could spread his ass and reveal his puckered hole. She lubed his ass and the cock and started to insert it into Paul’s ass. This woman was no stranger to a good fucking and went hard on Paul. She went in and out of him furiously. She banged him good until he could no longer take the pleasure from the sucking on his cock and the fullness in his ass from the two lady strangers. He came hard into her mouth with several streams and wouldn’t let her miss a drop. She licked and slurped every bit of his sticky, hot cum. The two ladies continued to clean up Paul with their tongues while he watched his Maria in action with her two strangers.

The men were working Maria good now. With her legs spread far apart and holding the rail of the ship with both hands, the stranger behind her pounded her ass with his large balls slapping against her cheeks. The other man was between her legs sucking her pussy and pushing his fingers deep inside her. His tongue clicking at her engorged clit and lips. He could feel the cock coming in and out of Maria’s ass with his fingers in her pussy. Maria was screaming at them, “fuck me hard, fuck me hard.” She didn’t care who could hear her. Many people had gathered around to watch the couple get pounded on the deck. Maria was holding off as she enjoyed the fucking by these two strange men. She kept thrusting her ass back to take as much of the hard cock into her. The intensity rose up inside her and she couldn’t contain herself anymore. Maria screamed and moaned with pleasure, “yes, yes, you’re both so fucking good.” She continued to jerk her hips back and forth until the stranger came in her ass shortly after with his own streams of hot cum. Soon, his cock became limp and slid easily out of her wet and enlarged hole. Without a word, all the strangers got dressed and left with each other. The women had already dressed Paul so he quickly moved over to hold Maria. “Thank you, my love” she said to him. “Now, be a good lover and clean me up.” Paul was more than happy to lick up her sloppy seconds with his tongue moving slowly between her ass and pussy. Once she was thoroughly tended to, Paul helped her get dressed.

The stunning couple continued their walk on the deck, while the rest of the passengers eyed them with envy.

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