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A Warm Welcome

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As an avid reader of Literotica for the past few years I thought it was due time that I got off my backside and submitted an offering of my own.

This story is entirely fictional; though aspects of it have been taken from personal experience I wanted to start off with a story that I could bend to my liking, rather than attempting to recap facts in a set order. Perhaps my future submissions shall explore the memory banks further. 😉

Without further ado, please enjoy my contribution and rate it accordingly. Thank you. 🙂

The puddles of water broke in spectacular fashion underneath Katrina’s boots as she hurried through the pouring rain and into her car. It was a freezing cold evening in the city, and each individual droplet of water felt more like a shard of ice against her smooth porcelain hands. Once in the car, Katrina quickly fired up the heater and rubbed her hands vigorously in front of the central vents as she gazed at the clock on the dash. 6:45pm.

Normally she wouldn’t think to visit friends after dinner on a week night; however the voice on her answering machine had convinced her otherwise. Hayley, her friend and confidante of many years had not sounded her cheery self over the phone. “I really need to see you”, Hayley had said. “Come here after tea. It’s important.”

What could possibly be wrong, Katrina wondered as she shifted the car into gear and accelerated into the street. Hayley had it all — a highly paid job in marketing, a beautiful house, looks that would drop any man to their knees — the perfect life. And yet lately Hayley’s bubbly streak had waned slightly, not enough to be noticed by those around her but Katrina could sense something was not right. Tonight’s message had sounded slurred, was Hayley drunk?

Thankfully she didn’t have to worry long as Hayley’s house was a mere 5 minute drive from hers. On pleasant evenings after work they would often jog together through the streets connecting their homes; they both liked to maintain their fitness. While running together Katrina would quietly marvel at Hayley’s amazing tanned body, sculpted like a Greek goddess with perfectly curved D-cup breasts and flowing blonde hair that fell halfway down her back. It seemed a crime that she was single. Katrina on the other hand was a brunette and barely filling a C-cup, her skin as white as fresh snow. Katrina would sometimes find herself wondering what it would be like to touch Hayley’s curves, to embrace her as something more than the platonic friend that she was. Hayley knew that Katrina was a lesbian – she had told her when they were discussing past relationships once – but had never questioned her further, so Katrina just assumed that it was an issue that Hayley would rather not discuss and did not raise the topic of sexuality again.

As she pulled her car into Hayley’s rendered concrete driveway complete with landscaped garden edging and lamp posts, she could see a soft glow coming from the lounge room window. She parked her car in the space underneath the carport and rushed through the rain up to the front door and knocked. After some fumbling with the latches, the door finally creaked open and Hayley’s soft blue eyes peeped through the narrow gap before opening the door fully.

“My god Kat, you’re soaked! Come on in.” said Hayley, who was huddled up in a fluffy robe and slippers. “Would you like a glass of wine?”

“Sure,” said Katrina, unsure of what to make of Hayley’s appearance. “Let me just get these boots off and I’ll be right in.” Hayley nodded and glided back into the lounge room, where the crackling sound of her large open fire and soft music could be heard.

Katrina slowly unzipped the side of each boot, taking care not to drip water all over Hayley’s hallway. Next she removed her long leather coat, placing it on a large rack beside the door, taking a moment to readjust her white collared shirt and short black pinstripe skirt in the mirror on the other side of the foyer. Katrina hadn’t changed her outfit since going to her corporate job in the morning; between getting home, preparing a quick dinner for herself and getting Hayley’s message she had not found time to dress otherwise. Once satisfied with her appearance she followed after Hayley and slumped down on the couch next to her in the room that was lit only by the dancing flames.

Hayley handed her a glass of wine and then sipped from her own. “Sorry about calling you over at such short notice Katrina,” she said. “I just really needed to ask you something and I couldn’t do it over the phone.”

Katrina looked into Hayley’s steel blue eyes that were obviously nervous, going by the amount of creases forming under her eyelids as she stared back. “Sure hun, you know you can ask me anything at anytime! What’s the matter? Have I done something wrong?”

“No, it’s not that! I just… I don’t know. It’s not about you, well it is but it isn’t.”

“What do you mean? Tell me Hayley, I won’t canlı bahis be offended.” Katrina gulped down some wine to settle her growing anxiety. She racked her brains to try and figure out if she’d upset Hayley in any way recently but came up with nothing.

“It’s about… well… you being a lesbian.”

“What about it?”

“How did you know you were one? I mean did you just wake up one day and know?” Hayley was fumbling with her glass as she spoke, peering down into the wine and tracing the top of the glass with her index finger.

“Well, yes and no. I always found girls attractive, right from when I was little. But I never thought of it as an issue. I used to find it fun to play games such as ‘Spin the Bottle’ and would get excited if it paired myself up with another girl, even more so if the girl would kiss me back. Then as I got older, I realized that the feelings were stronger and that I didn’t have the urge to chase after guys like all of my friends were doing at the time. Those feelings culminated when I was nineteen and I met some hot brunette girl at a party…” Katrina downed a second gulp of wine before continuing, feeling the blood rushing to her face and softly illuminating her cheeks.

“I’d had my share of guys trying to hit on me that night and the thought of so much as touching them repulsed me. However that woman, that beautiful young thing… she was simply amazing. To be totally honest, I can’t even remember her name. All I remember is how we started kissing in front of everyone, and then after a few more drinks we snuck off into a bedroom and explored each other’s bodies for the entire night. So much for gradually easing into the lifestyle! It was after that night I knew that I only desired the female gender, and declared myself lesbian.”

Katrina smiled as she reminisced; quickly recomposing herself as she remembered the stressed look Hayley had given her only minutes ago.

Hayley had stopped squinting and was now reclining on the couch, seemingly lost in thought. After a few seconds she leant forward to refill her glass, topping Katrina’s up as she did so.

“Can I ask something else?” Hayley said, her voice barely more than a whisper.

“Of course,” replied Katrina. “Go ahead.”

“You don’t have to answer or even acknowledge if you don’t want to.”

“It’ll be fine… just ask me hun.”

“…would you kiss me? I mean, hypothetically speaking, if I were that way inclined?”

Katrina’s blood pressure rose significantly as she heard Hayley’s words echo through her head. Stay calm, she told herself. She’s just curious.

“Umm…well yes, I would. I think you’re very attractive and I would love to kiss you.” Katrina replied. “Hypothetically speaking.” she added with a wink and a grin. She noticed Hayley’s tense shoulders started to fall into a more relaxed position as she smiled back sheepishly.

“It’s just… I’m not sure how to say this Kat, but I think I like you. Well of course I do as a friend, but more than that. I feel like such an idiot blabbering on like this to you but I hope you understand and don’t hate me for saying it.”

Katrina could barely contain herself now, the sexual tension was mounting within her. She hadn’t touched or even kissed another person intimately in so long, and now her friend was admitting feelings for her. She could feel a dampness forming under her skirt as her brain attempted to process the situation.

“I don’t hate you for anything Hayley! In fact, I too have shared your feelings for some time but didn’t want to hurt or confuse you so I kept them to myself. I’m so glad you’ve opened up to me tonight, but I must ask you one thing in return… if you were given the opportunity to test those feelings, would you take it?” Katrina eyed her up and down while speaking. Did she just spy Hayley readjusting her legs underneath her robe?


That was all Katrina needed to hear. She placed her glass down on the coffee table next to Hayley’s and slowly but smoothly closed the gap between herself and Hayley on the couch. She could feel Hayley’s shallow breath on her face as she closed the distance and gently, tenderly placed a kiss on Hayley’s lips. The softness of them made Katrina’s whole body shudder with anticipation and a previously repressed lust.

She sat back momentarily to analyse Hayley’s reaction, which was to slowly open her eyes and stare back into Katrina’s equally blue irises without a flinch.

“That’s so nice…” whispered Hayley.

Katrina responded by smiling broadly and returning to plant several more gentle kisses on her mouth, the last one with a hint of her tongue tip tracing Hayley’s bottom lip. She was elated when Hayley responded by parting them slightly and allowing her to explore further. Continuing on, she probed her mouth with her tongue, sighing happily as it elicited a quiet moan from Hayley, whose robe was beginning to part, revealing a hint of a white lace chemise underneath. bahis siteleri This served to excite Katrina even more. She could feel her nipples hardening underneath her shirt and knew that she’d have to step things up a notch as the craving for her friend grew. Catching her gaze, Katrina gave Hayley a slightly devious smile.

“Wow, that fire seems really hot tonight Hayley… perhaps we should get a little more comfortable?”

Hayley realized the hidden intention of the message and laughed softly. “Yes, I suppose we should.”

Katrina swiftly stood up from the couch, closing the curtains as she passed them and turned to face Hayley, her back towards the glowing embers of the fire. Listening to the strains of the music coming from the small radio, she slowly swayed from side to side, performing a gentle striptease, deliberately pausing with each of the buttons on her blouse for effect. Her lacy purple bra began to show, beautifully accentuating her pale skin. While reaching for the centre button she curved her hands underneath her covered breasts, tracing the underline of the bra and then deftly undoing the remaining buttons so that she could slide her shirt completely off. Hayley followed by shrugging her robe off her shoulders and gently placing it to the side of the couch, leaving her in just her semi-transparent slip, her hardened nipples obvious due to the accentuated shadows from the fireplace.

Unknowingly to her, Hayley’s relaxed state had also caused her to part her legs and Katrina could clearly see the outlines of her bare, smooth pussy, the light of the hearth reflecting off the moisture it found there. It made her incredibly horny to see her friend so turned on, so vulnerable to Katrina’s charms. She had to have Hayley and she had to have her tonight.

Hayley was feeling anxious, nervous and horny as hell at the same time. The wine had definitely taken its toll on her mind. There was no way she could possibly have confessed her feelings when sober and was curious to see where they were going to take her now. Her eyes widened to the size of saucers as Katrina knelt forward onto the floor, placing her waist between Hayley’s legs and began to kiss her neck, nibbling gently and moving her lips and tongue in a lazy arc towards her breastbone. Her right hand massaged a circle around Hayley’s shoulder, moving down to her left breast where it traced the outline of her chemise and slipped inside the strap, pushing it down below her chest and revealing the most beautiful breast Katrina had ever seen.

Using her left hand to lower the other side, Katrina couldn’t resist taking Hayley’s hard pink nipple into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue and carefully tracing the areola, moving back and forth between both sides to repeat the teasing motion several times. Hayley responded by reaching forward to free her arms of the straps and unhook the back of Katrina’s bra, which she promptly wriggled out of and let fall to the floor. Katrina took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, her pert breasts rising and falling with the rhythm.

“Goddamn you’re turning me on girl,” sighed Katrina. “…I never thought I’d have the chance to show you just how good I could make you feel. Do you mind if I get a little more comfy though? This skirt is awfully hard to kneel in.” She winked at Hayley again, but didn’t wait for a reply — the skirt was already being shuffled off leaving Katrina in just her purple laced underwear that matched the now-removed bra.

“Kat… you look amazing…” was all Hayley could squeak in response.

“Would you like to continue?”


“How about you come down here then girl, so I can show you how I treat a lady.” Katrina gestured towards the floor space between the couch and fireplace, which was adorned with a thick tufted rug. Hayley cautiously slid down from the couch and sat upright on the rug, extending her legs out toward the heat of the fire and holding her visibly trembling knees together. The slip was still wrapped around her waist though it no longer hid her amazing body from view. Katrina knelt over Hayley’s ankles, her dripping wet panties barely an inch above Hayley’s slender tanned feet. She placed her hands on Hayley’s shins, circling them upwards in a soothing massage motion, brushing over her hands and politely prying her hands and knees apart. Katrina reached for the slip and gracefully pulled it over Hayley’s head, kissing her lips as she threw the chemise across the room.

“Fuck… Hayley… you have no idea how much I want you right now”, she groaned, her left hand tugging at her own panties as she admired the unparalleled beauty before her. “I want you to be comfortable though, so this is what I am going to do. I am going to start working my way up your leg; if you want me to stop at any time just say so. I want to make you feel amazing, not awkward. Are you happy with that?”

“Yes… please Kat… please…” Hayley was still shaking but had reclined onto her bahis şirketleri elbows and was scanning Katrina’s creamy curves from top to toe through lustful eyes. She was undoubtedly very turned on.

Katrina shuffled backwards slightly so that when she leant forward, her lips made contact with Hayley’s right ankle. She deliberately took her time with each kiss; savoring the slightly salty taste of Hayley’s sweat and the muffled “Mmmmhh” that she could hear every time she kissed a new area. Slowly but surely her mouth found its way to Hayley’s knees. She used her right hand to delicately trace lines along the outside of Hayley’s left thigh, first as short strokes and then more deliberate sweeps. Her chin rose to meet the coordinating space in between her thighs, allowing her tongue to dance in the same calligraphic motion and savor the scent of her friend’s pussy for the first time. It drove her wild and the dampness in her panties was replaced with a torrent of fluid that she could feel starting to seep from the seams. Sensing no restraint from Hayley, it was now or never.

Katrina softly pressed her mouth against the groove where Hayley’s smooth labia met with her upper thigh.

“Ohhhh… god…” came the response. Hayley had fully lain down; her chin was tilted upward and her hair spilled out like liquid gold across the floor. Her eyes were closed and facial expression like that of someone in a pleasant fantasy — not far from the truth, thought Katrina — and her slit was beginning to pool with her wetness.

Katrina continued to kiss along one side of Hayley’s labia, nibbling at the bare fleshy lip and suckling at the dew drops of liquid she found along the way. She teasingly traced an arc across Hayley’s clitoral hood and made her way back down the other side. While doing so, Katrina’s left hand slyly moved into her own briefs, running her middle finger along her groove before impaling herself on it. She started teasing herself with a beckoning motion that flicked across her G-spot as her tongue found its way into Hayley.

“Unnnnhhhh!” groaned Hayley, her hips involuntarily rising to meet Katrina’s face as she reveled in the warm sensation, biting her bottom lip each time Katrina contorted her tongue in all sorts of ways inside her. Katrina’s face felt wonderful against her most intimate of parts; all of her past experiences had been performed by men and despite their generally high standards of grooming, never before had she felt such delicately soft skin grind against hers.

Katrina continued to lap at Hayley, withdrawing her sopping wet fingers from herself to brush the base of Hayley’s clit, the engorged nub peeking out from its protective sheath. “Do you like that hun?”

“Oh, ohhh OH!! Mmmmyessss!”

Grinning, Katrina continued the torturous dance, circling Hayley’s clitoral hood with a fingertip and breaking from her tongue assault momentarily to lick the same path her digit was tracing. Hayley began to pant heavily and her muscles were tensing, Katrina instinctively knew that her friend’s orgasm was beginning to mount and she wanted it to be a memorable one. Latching on to Hayley’s clit as if she were suckling a nipple, her slow teasing licks became more demanding, increasing the pace to a frenzy. Her fingers encircled the sensitive area between Hayley’s openings, pushing and kneading the band of skin only seconds before thrusting two fingers deep inside Hayley’s squirming cunt.

“Fuck, f-f-fucccccckkkkk!” Hayley yelped, lost in a world of blinding light, her head spinning as it comprehended Katrina’s hand that was fucking her more deeply and skillfully than she had ever felt before. She could feel the blood rushing from her head and down her torso, over her abdomen and into her clit. Her body began to shake feverously and her hips arched upwards, slamming herself against Katrina’s fingers and face. “Fuck, unnhh, ahhh, Kat oh god ahhhh!”

Katrina couldn’t take it anymore, she had to get them both off and she had to do so now. Laying down with her face still buried in Hayley’s crotch, her other hand snaked itself into her lingerie and vigorously rubbed her swollen clit. It didn’t take long. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” screamed Hayley and her hip arching turned into orgasmic thrashing as she came, her vaginal walls clamping down hard on Katrina’s fingers, pushing Katrina over the edge into the same blissful explosion that her friend was sharing with her for the first time. “Ahhhh… fuck…..OHHHHHHH!!!” Katrina shrieked as her clit was jolted with pleasure. She slowed her licking back down to a soothing tempo as Hayley slowly relaxed, eyes still closed, arms outstretched on the rug, her hair matted and sweat dripping from her arms, legs and stomach. The fire had burnt out to a dim glow and barely illuminated the scene. After a small eternity had passed Katrina stopped and crawled atop Hayley’s body to kiss her passionately, the bittersweet taste of her girl-cum passing into her lips.

“Hayley… how do you feel?” questioned Katrina, more concerned now with the welfare of her friend and whether she had regretted her actions. There was a long silence before she heard a response.

“Amazing, Kat. Fucking amazing.”

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