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A wife’s fantasy – finally happens

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A wife’s fantasy – finally happensWe all have them, I have many, but this was one I was sure would never be fulfilled. Here it is….I am in a classy bar with my Husband, we’re drinking champagne cocktails, I’m tipsy and getting horny (I always do when I drink champers)and we’re discussing how excellent it would be if we booked a room at the nearby hotel and had someone sexy join us! Unknown to us the couple sitting behind us can hear every word and feel exactly the same way. I stand up to go to the Ladies room and the woman follows me. Our eyes meet briefly and we smile. We do our ‘thing’ and, as we are about to leave, she touches my arm lightly and apologises for eavesdropping but says they would love to share a room with us on one condition. I am intrigued and ask what that is, she proceeds to tell me they both want to use me in every way possible and also want my husband to join in.My smile says it all but I explain I dont share my husband with other women, she says that’s fine by her and we rejoin the men. They had began talking when we went to the ladies.Richard has booked a room erzurum escort for us all and has been assured it has a very large bed ;-)I am so horny as we get there and open a bottle of bubbly. The woman starts to kiss me, gently at first but I respond when she slides her tongue between my lips, her hands massaging my breasts, I can feel my nipples tighten as my pussy starts to swell. I see the men watching us as they start to undress. She removes almost all of my clothing, leaving only my bra, stockings and suspenders, heels stay on she says! She asks me to lie on the bed and open my long legs wide and she proceeds to lick and suck my pussy, her hands freeing my tits as she squeezes my hard nipples. The men are now on the bed beside us, gently stroking their cocks and whispering encouragement to us. Her fingers are inside my pussy and I am groaning with pleasure, I never thought a woman could make me feel this good! She moves up and kisses my open mouth sensually, I can taste my juices on her lips. I am playing with her nipples and kissing her hard, she moves eskişehir escort down again and works her tongue in and out of my pussy, while her husband moves round and pushes his hard cock into her soaking cunt. Every time he thrusts into her she pushes her tongue deeper into me, fucking hell, it feels fantastic. I cant resist as I pull Richard close and start sucking his swollen cock. The sounds from the four of us are intoxicating as things become intense. She pushes away and tells her husband to fuck me, he obliges and I soon find out he has a very thick hard cock for me. Richard, cant hold out any longer and at the sight of this huge cock disappearing into my soaking cunt he pumps his cum deep into my throat. I hungrily swallow it and suck him dry. He lies back and watches as the man fucks me hard, I am loving it and begging him to go harder. His wife is sucking on my tits and Richard is kissing me, he realises I am about to cum and tells everyone to slow down, make it last. I am so wrapped up in the way I feel I dont realise I am being rolled on to escort bayan my knees until the guy is under me and I am guiding my hungry cunt back on to his huge cock. Fuck! it feels bigger in this position. The woman has straddled his face and I am going to suck my first breasts it seems. but where has Richard gone? I soon find out when he slips a well oiled finger in my ass. Mmmmmmmm, he moves his fingers in and out until I relax enough to take his hard swollen cock deep in my ass. I hear him groan as he feels the other hard cock rub against him with just a thin piece of flesh to separate them. The guys are thrusting hard and fast and I feel like I have died and gone to heaven, THIS is fucking!! The woman is rubbing her clit hard as her husband sucks and licks at her pussy and I lick and nibble her hard nipples. This cant go on, I am going to pass out it feels so fucking horny and dirty and fantastic all at once.The guys are panting a bit now and I sense I am about to be filled, but at that thought, I can feel my cunt tighten and my ass squeeze around Richard’s cock………..here it cums…..my whole body goes into spasm as I cum harder than I ever have before, my ass and pussy grab those cocks and squeeze tight as the guys let out groans and pump their cum deep into me.We all collapse in a heap breathless and satisfied……….for a little while at least…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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