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A Woman in Hardware Ch. 05

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“Chris, I lied to you. I’m sorry but I did. I was unprepared to bare my soul to you. I was perfectly willing to bare my body, but not my soul. Please forgive me and listen to my story. No, don’t interrupt, this will be very difficult for me, so let me tell you about my sister in my own way.”

Sue began her tale with the death of her sister in a car crash, skipping over the details and her reactions. She explained that part was still too difficult to talk about. Her narrative then moved into the past to just after her eighteenth birthday. Puberty was already fully upon her, but she had discovered masturbation late. Her nineteen-year-old sister, Beverly, and she shared a small room in their parent’s home. Consequently, pleasuring oneself was almost impossible. Sue would wait late into the night, before allowing her imagination to roam. Sue’s fingers danced in her sex while she muffled her low moans. Sue never realized Bev was doing the same thing. That is, until one night when Bev heard her. Bev didn’t know what to do, but she knew they shouldn’t be hiding from one another.

The following night, Bev asked, “Is it alright if I sleep with you?” Sue loved Bev and was quite happy to accommodate her sister. They gossiped about everything until their conversation got around to sex. Bev said although she hadn’t experienced it yet, she looked forward to the day she found the right boy. She started to talk about what might happen under those circumstances and as they talked, both girls became aroused. Bev finally asked Sue, “Would you be offended if I played with myself?” Bev said it was something she did almost every night not betraying she now knew Sue did too. While Bev lay beside her slowly stroking her pussy, Sue understood it would be pretty silly not to care for her own needs. They lay side by side as their fingers roamed through their sex; until, one after the other, they climaxed. Bev gave Sue a gentle peck of a kiss. She said it was nice and promptly fell asleep beside her. Without discussion, the girls never slept alone again. One would slip into the other’s bed each night. They pleasured themselves without embarrassment as they talked about sex, often late into the night. Weeks and months passed as the conversations became more raunchy and intimate.

One night, Sue felt a hand over hers, helping her with her pleasuring. It was a new level and it felt wonderful, more exciting, bringing a deeper orgasm than she had experienced before. The following night, Sue returned the favor hesitantly placing her hand over her sister’s as Bev stroked herself. Suddenly, Bev’s hand disappeared leaving her on her own. For the first time, Sue felt her sister’s pubic hair, the profuse moisture, and the soft lips, seemingly sucking on her fingers. As she pushed her fingers over Bev’s clitoris, her sister’s hips began to respond, thrusting hard against Sue’s hand. Bev held a hand over her own mouth stifling the scream, so their parents wouldn’t hear.

Then Bev’s hand was on Sue’s sex, playing, stirring, stimulating, until Sue grabbed the pillow and put it over her own face to muffle her sounds. Sue’s hips, on their own volition, thrust at Bev’s fingers. When she removed the pillow, she found Bev’s face hovering above her own. Bev’s fingers left Sue’s pussy. Bev brought her fingers to her face and began to lick them, before sucking them into her mouth. Then, Beverly kissed her with a lover’s kiss, driving her tongue into her mouth. Sue tasted herself. She loved it. Sue fell asleep that night spooned into her sister’s body. Her bum was warming against her sister’s belly, feeling Bev’s breasts pressed against her back as one of her own breasts was firmly gripped in her sister’s hand. Sue had been in love with her sister, but now she was deeply in love and never able to get enough of her warmth.

Things continued to escalate. One night, as she lay on her back, Bev asked Sue to straddle her face. With a knee on either side, her bum rested on her sister’s chest just above where her breasts began, her sex totally exposed. Sue helped fold a pillow and stuff it behind Bev’s head, which brought her face to within an inch of Sue’s hairy, wet, swollen, demanding sex. Bev began to lick, first at the junctures of her legs and groin, then at her hairy outer lips. Sue’s heat rose with each lick. Then, Beverly’s tongue entered her as her hands gripped her hips and forced her body into a slow rotation against Bev’s lips and tongue. Suddenly, Sue was fucking her sister’s mouth. Hard and fast, she was driving for orgasm. Her sister, holding her tight, maintained her on her mouth. Her orgasm washed through her body as they listened to see if her noise had disturbed their parents.

Sue dismounted. Bev sighed and said, “That was the most fantastic kiss I’ve ever had.” In that way, the term cunt kiss was born; it stayed with Sue the rest of her life. They fell deeply in love with each other enjoying each other’s company despite an almost two-year age gap. They simply filled it with love. When Beverly took her first boy to bed, Sue was given an exact description of every detail. When Sue had her own poker oyna first experience a few years later, Bev listened to her recount the event with love. They always told each other about their varying sexual encounters. They gave great detail, if something new or interesting had been discovered. Continuing to have many encounters of their own, they often ended with a cunt kiss. Strangely, neither went to bed with another woman; men were always their focal point.

“Then, suddenly one day, Beverly was gone,” Sue now recounted to Chris as the tears rolled down her face. She was not sobbing; the tears simply came every time she remembered that moment in life. Chris took her in his arms, kissing each tear then kissing each ear, each cheek, each eyebrow, each eye, her nose and finally, her mouth. They were soft, gentle, loving kisses which strangely had no sex attached. Sue’s thoughts raced. ‘Damn it to hell! I’m a forty-year-old woman falling in love with an eighteen-year-old boy.’ Breaking into her thoughts, Sue finished her story by looking deeply into Chris’ eyes and saying, “I have regretted our sexual encounters ever since then; not because society told me my sister was forbidden fruit, but because I will never have them again. The one thing, which might have saved me from this agony, is to have never known the beauty of it in the first place. Chris, I will not advise you as to what to do. Take my experience and use the knowledge as you will.” With that, she squirmed in his arms, seeking the most comfortable position with the most body contact. She enjoyed his soft kisses, which found interesting places on her body as well as her face. Oh, this boy did things to her.

Chris finally went home. He didn’t want to go, but didn’t want to leave his sister alone all night. As they ate supper, Chris asked what she had been doing all day. Jill’s reply was to hand him a box. Inside the box was a series of pills with one missing. The label on the box informed him this was a three-month supply with refills sufficient for a year. She smiled with a look that made Chris extremely nervous. When it was time for bed and they arrived upstairs, she turned to him and put her arms around his neck. She brought her body up against him, her breasts pressed tightly against him. Then, she began to kiss him, her mouth moving sensuously over his. Her tongue probed and her pelvis ground, as his hardness grew against his abdomen. He knew she must be able to feel it, but she seemed undeterred as her body continued to grind against his. She broke the kiss and left him standing there. She undulated down the hall, giving her bum an extra swing as she entered her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Chris was floored. He knew, in every sense of the phrase, he was a goner. Chris went to his bedroom to look after himself, remembering the kiss but also the story Sue had related to him of incestuous love. He loved Sue for her forthrightness. He tossed and turned, no longer sure of anything.

His sister, on the other hand, was removing from her closet packages she had purchased that day. She opened up one box to reveal a nightie of gossamer perfection and another to reveal a tiny cache de sex not unlike the one Chris had encountered on Sue. The sales clerk advised her it was not meant to hide but to entice. Jill’s embarrassment was outweighed by her needs. She stripped, standing in front of the mirror, twisting and turning, checking her body for imperfections. Was that a pimple on her bum? No, it’s only a red mark from where she had been sitting. It quickly faded. Were her hips too wide? No, they brought beautiful curves to her body. Were her breasts okay? Yes, their heavy sway and their dark-colored areolas were perfect. She played with her nipples just to watch them erect.

She turned, and from the box, removed the tiny thong, moving once again in front of the mirror. Jill stepped into it, first one leg then the other, pulling it up slowly. Its blackness contrasted sharply against the whiteness of her thighs. The dainty patch almost disappeared in her luxurious pubic hair. She admired the thinness of the string as it disappeared in the cleft of her buttocks. She liked the tiny cobweb perfection of the material clinging to her hips as it swung down toward her center to hold up the patch that filmed the view of her engorged sex. It almost hid the rosy-brown of her exposed inner lips. Jill once again went to a box. This time, she selected the filmy cloud of the nightie. She returned to the mirror as she dropped it over her head, allowing it to fall over her body – a smoky cloud that revealed one moment and hid the next. Her large breasts and the engorged nipples pushed the fabric away from her body. It formed a veil over her abdomen. She dabbed a touch of perfume behind each ear, instinctively careful not to use too much. She wanted the scent of her arousal to blend with it, hopefully, making a most powerful aphrodisiac.

Chris’ sleep was filled with erotic dreams. They flashed between Sue and Jill, his subconscious admitting to his growing love for Sue. His sleep was fretful. In his canlı poker oyna dreams came a hint of perfume, the silky sound of fabric rustling against skin and warm breath against his ear. A voice said, “I am you mysterious lover come to you in the night. You don’t know me. You only know of the love we have for each other. Call me your Sentinelle; you hear my calls for you in the night. Rest assured, now is the right time for our love.” Lips he thought he recognized pressed tenderly against his own. Breasts rubbed against his chest; they hung down as she bent over him watching him in the light of the street lamp shining in his bedroom window.

He awoke to his sister standing proudly in the soft light. Her nightgown, a milky film, slightly revealed her perfection. He arose from his bed, accepting the subterfuge she had given him. She was a mysterious lover in the night, his Sentinelle, who waited for his touch. He took her in his arms; the softness of her body melded to his own. Her lips, soft and sweet, caressed his own as her tongue delved into his mouth lighting a fire she had been building for days in both of them. His hands, of their own volition, stole to her buttocks as her arms circled his neck, drawing them closer together. His hardness pressed tightly against her body. His lips kissed her eyes, her nose, as he bore her to his bed and sank into the opulence of her flesh. Her gown rode up her body and exposed her soft inner thighs to his gaze. He could not help himself. He bent down, his mouth exploring the delicate skin, so white, so succulent. He returned to her mouth sucking her tongue deep into his mouth and tasting her. His body quivered with desire.

She laid on the bed in the puddle of her nightie, feeling his movements, her cache de sex wetting in anticipation of what was to come. She shivered in excitement as his hands touched her breasts through the gossamer of her gown. The areolas popped her nipples into his hands as he felt the soft, heavy weight of her femininity drop into his hands. She burned with desire. Her legs spread a little hoping for his hands. She would not be disappointed. His hands stroked her thighs where, moments ago, his mouth had kissed her. They began to move up her body tangling in the gown, momentarily denying him access. Suddenly, it was gone, torn from her body! She didn’t care. It had served its’ purpose. Her man was upon her. His hands touched her there, noticing for the first time, the cache de sex. He rubbed her through the material then moved up her body to take her nude breasts for the first time. Without touching areola or nipple, he kissed one, kissed around, kissed under, kissed in-between.

Chris finally sucked a nipple into his mouth enjoying her flavor and its hardness as her hand held his head in place. He was sending bolts of lighting to her cunt and thighs. He licked and suckled at her breasts, until a motion of her hips told him to go elsewhere. His mouth reattached itself to hers as his hand cupped her material-covered pubes. He felt the wetness as her legs spread, giving him greater access. Her hips thrust her groin into his hand. She had a mini orgasm, shuddering slightly from its release. Her body gave her no respite, rebuilding the desires immediately,

Chris moved down her body kissing everything in his path. Finally, he was between her legs sucking the moisture from the patch, now a barrier to his ministrations. Her smell sent messages of desire to his brain. He took the piece and pulled slightly with his teeth. He exposed the beauty of her womanhood for the first time. He brought his hand up to take the wisp of material into his fist his knuckles rubbing against her vagina. He tugged gently. She received the hint and lifted her bum from the bed allowing the thong to disappear, thrown to the floor behind them. His mouth now sucked her nectar, licked her sex and probed her cunt. She felt the wash of his tongue over her clit and came powerfully, her thighs clamping his head in place. Chris then began to play Jill like the virtuoso Sue had created and he enjoyed Jill’s orgasms almost as much as he would his own. Sometimes, he would hold her legs apart, not allowing her to close them as he licked and sucked her to orgasm after orgasm.

Jill lay on the bed, panting, sheens of perspiration covering her as finally, he moved up her body. His hard-on probed and she took him in her hand as she’d seen Sue do. She rubbed the head against her moisture before centering him in her cunt, the head just inside her. His cock moved forward, until he felt what seemed to be a constriction. He looked deeply into her eyes. She looked back just as deeply as he suddenly shoved into her, his cock smashing all barriers aside and then waited. She felt a momentary stab of pain, but the feeling of being full of cock overshadowed the pain. Bucking, she thrust her cunt up his staff. She was fucking! Oh, how she loved it. Her body heaving, thrusting, withering, fucking, torrents of hormones raced through her. Her teats bounced in time to his thrusts, almost hurting as they heaved back and forth on her chest like Jell-O shaken internet casino in a bowl. She started to moan, then pant, and then moan alternating as her orgasm built into screaming ecstasy. Orgasm after orgasm cascaded through her body making up for the years without. Scratching, biting, she came down from the bliss. With a few more strokes driven deeply into her shuddering body, he came, filling her cunt.

He whorled on her body and shoved his face deep into her snatch, sucking the mix into his mouth; the taste of semen, nectar and a hint of blood was ambrosia to his questing tongue. She hesitantly took his cock into her mouth, tasting him. She couldn’t say she loved it, but she knew how much pleasure it gave him, so she nursed on it as he licked her clean. Afterwards, they lay spoon-fashion with her bum pressed against his penis. He ran one arm under her neck, the hand coming up to hold her upper teat. He brought his other arm over her rib cage and crossed the other one, grasping her lower teat. ‘What a nice way to be held,’ she thought. She soon learned one couldn’t be held like that for long without becoming aroused again.

Soon, Jill rolled over and whispered in Chris’ ear, “I’m horny again. Will you make love to me doggie style?” Jill was soon on her hands and knees. Her beautiful rounded ass presented her swollen sex to him. He watched as his penis slowly penetrated the lips of her twat. The hairy outer lips spread to allow the inner rosy-brown ones to suck him into her heat. Her pendulous breasts started to swing as he thrust deeper and harder into those waiting pinkish lips. He reached under her with one hand and gripped her clit between thumb and forefinger, rolling it as his thrusts became stronger, sending her boobs flying across her. She loved the feel of her wantonness. She shoved her ass back demanding deeper and harder penetration as she came, moaning out her orgasm. She felt impaled on his rod. She had been completely fucked, and with that, she felt loved. Her bother, her lover.

The next morning as they sat across from each other, Jill noticed he seemed unable to look her in the eye. She stood up and pulled him out of his chair saying, “Only two things could have you so down. You feel guilty about me. Well forget it! I was the one in your bed last night. You didn’t come to me, trying to molest me in my bed. If anything, I molested you.” Then she kissed him passionately wrapping her body around him as best she could, demonstrating her love for him. “Or you want to see Sue and don’t know how to tell me. Well, you and Sue have taught me a lot without realizing it. You brought me out of the sexual fears I had and introduced me to the world of love. For that, I owe you both a lot. Go see her, I’ll be the last to stop you.”

He sheepishly left; telling her it was a bit of both. He looked forward to seeing Sue. He walked over to Sue’s house deep in thought. ‘How can I love Jill so much and still want Sue?’ Wondering how Sue would feel about his relationship with his sister, Chris realized he planned to tell Sue everything. Sue saw him coming.

She opened the door asking, “What’s got you down lover?”

“Lets go to bed,” he replied. “I want you to hold me while I tell you about last night.” They stripped in front of one another, neither touching nor speaking until both had crawled under the covers. Sue took him into her arms, her soft body cuddling him to her, waiting as he gathered his thoughts. He told Sue everything. He spoke of the mysterious lover in the night knowing full well it was his sister, but allowing the fantasy to seduce him.

Sue replied, “I think she’s clever. You should enjoy the mystique of a mystery lover. Have you been hurt?” He admitted he had not. Then, she asked if his sister had indicated in any way, whether by word or body language, she had been hurt. He had to admit she seemed to be happier than she had been for years. Then, Sue welcomed him to the fraternity of incest, hoping it would not cause him the pain it had caused her.

Chris wanted to talk about their relationship. “I don’t want to give you up.”

“Why?” she asked, “Did she ask you to do that?”

“No,” he said. “I’m afraid you will turn me away.”

“Why?” she asked, “Didn’t I tell you my sister and I had a relationship all her life, long after she bedded men? Why should I not bed you if your sister is willing?”

Chris then admitted to the first right concept he had promised Jill. Sue laughed thinking Jill was a clever little minx. Sue suddenly noticed his battle scares, the scratches and bites on his body his sister had administered. She ran her fingers over them observing it must have been some night. Then, inserting her humor, she lifted the cloud hanging over him. She told him, “Mommy’s going to kiss them better,” and promptly did so. She brought out the laughter and the love between them as she found more and more outrageous spots for Mommy to make better. She soon demanded Mommy’s squeak be oiled. Their bodies battled on the bed, each trying to arouse the other to the fullest. As Chris left, Sue asked him to hurry over in the morning to tell her all the details. She gave him a key telling him to use it and come to her bed. Chris hadn’t yet realized it, but Jill and Sue had switched roles. His sister was now his lover. His lover, Sue, was now his confidant.

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