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Subject: A Young Surfer – Chapter 6 I felt really strange and sick in my stomach after the Golf course session in the Rolls Royce car with that weird guy and his dog. I tried not to think about it and I definitely wasn’t going to mention it to Jeff. He’d freak out and probably call me all sorts of names or something…I don’t really know but I had a lot of shame about it. I loved the way weird guy fucked me, forcing my ass cheeks wide open…I admit that was freaking hot but when his dog started licking me it all got too weird for me at the time. In a little over 3 weeks I have been fucked by 3 different men, sucked their cocks and swallowed some of their cum and had them shoot into me. I loved it and honestly it didn’t bother me that weird guy was pretty ugly. I loved the way I got him off and that’s what I was craving…more cocks to suck and fuck me…what is happening to me? I’m pretty sure I’m the only boy at School doing grown men and I can’t even brag about it. The waves were really good in the middle of the northern beach today where I go when the wind blows west north west. Not many people visit this part of the beach because it’s quite hard to get to and has soft sand hills into a wooded area behind it. Along the wooded area for about 4 kilometers are some public car parks with toilet and shower facilities and sandy tracks to the beach. I often see people, mostly older men sun baking naked in the dunes as I walk down the tracks. They are mostly out of sight but sometimes I take a short cut over the dunes and I see them. Occasionally I might see a guy jerking off but I have never stopped. I walked out of the surf and felt really good. I got some nice waves and I was surfing as good as ever. I dried off on the sand and took a small trail over the first sand dune down into a sand valley. The trail continued along the valley before heading over the second dune into the wooded area. It’s not a main path but it had been walked a few times and there were foot prints in the sand so I knew I was going to eventually end up on a path to the car park. As I reached the tree line I spotted a very tanned lean man with light blue brief speedo swimwear standing with his hands on his hips looking at me. We were only about 15 meters apart on the same dune. I stopped and turned back towards the surf pretending to look at the waves. I took a quick look sideways and he gestured at me by rubbing his hand over his cock. I quickly turned back to the surf but I couldn’t help myself, I turned back to him and he nodded towards the thick scrubs for me to go over and meet him. My heart started racing and my mouth was drying up…I was nervous and excited at the same time. It suddenly dawned on me that if I look for cock I will find it. It wasn’t that I was now attracting more of it, it was those few seconds that I now notice and take advantage of the opportunity. Usually I’d be in the car park facilities having a quick shower before walking out onto the road and into town but today I stopped and within that few seconds looking at this man I have told him, not in so many words, that I was interested. I nervously walked down the sand track thinking about what will happen. I don’t have any lube so he can’t fuck me kocaeli escort bayan but I can suck his cock. Yeah…that would be nice. What if he fingers my hole and wants to fuck me? Maybe he has lube…stop, stop these thoughts were driving me crazy. I’ll just put my board down and see what happens. I had my towel wrapped around me and my speedo and board shorts were in my small backpack. I was naked under my towel which was pretty normal after a surf. I reached the wooded area and I could see his blue speedo through the shrubs. I pushed my board and backpack into some thick bushes and hid them taking note of where they were so I could collect them after. I could hear the crackle of twigs as he moved into a small open area. I ducked under a bush, then another and all of a sudden I was in the open space with him. It kind of gave me a bit of a scare when I looked up and saw him. He was smiling when he said “well look at you, you little surfie boy” – surfie boy, what the hell. “hi” I said. He didn’t waste anytime and moved over to me feeling the front of my towel and grabbing my cock. “Nice!” he said then with his other hand reached around and dropped my towel to the ground. “wow, I didn’t expect that. You are ready to go” he said “I always wear nothing under the towel after a surf so I can shower and get the salt off” I said. “Oh yeah” he said as he turned me around “fuck yeah, that’s a hot tight little ass you have” He dropped his speedo to the ground and he was big. Long a fat and half stiff. “get on your knees” he said and he grabbed the back of my hard and pulled it towards his crutch as he lifted up his cock and said “lick my balls” He was clean shaven. This was the first time I had seen this. I liked it… “fuck yeah that’s it. You’ve done this before you little cock sucker surfie…hahaha” as he laughed. He pulled my hard back, turned around and bent over and said “eat my ass and lick my balls” he reached around and pulled my head into his ass. I licked around the outside of his hole, took little nibbles of his cheek and reached around and started masturbating him. He was moaning and grinding his ass back into my face. My tongue darted in and out of his hole and he was going crazy. “fuckkkkk this is hot” he said as he quickly turned around and stuck his big cock into my mouth. I gagged…”yeah take that surfie boy” I could taste salt. He’d been swimming in the sea and he had pre cum on the outside of his cock. His body was sweaty and he smelt manly, like Jeff. Oh fuck Jeff…I can’t mention this or can I. I heard some twigs crack close by and I glanced up and saw this man looking at me. He had his cock in his hand and was wanking. He slowly moved closer and closer but it took about a minute. He was moving in slow motion trying to figure out if it is okay for him to come over. “Okay” I heard the guy I was sucking say and he gestured the other guy over. Soon he was behind me and he reached down and started rubbing my ass cheeks, squeezing them and saying under his breath “oh yeah…fuck yeah…” It felt great and I lost a little concentration getting into this man playing with my ass. ” Stand up” he said and he guided my hips up so I was standing. “Open your legs wider” he said My head kocaeli sınırsız escort was still on the other guys cock but now my asshole was now pointing right at him and I could feel the cool air between my cheeks so I knew he had a front on view. It made me so horny and I was excited because I wasn’t sure what was going on but I knew I was going to be getting my hole fucked very soon. I sucked harder and my man pushed and guided my head on his cock “oh yeah…fuckin suck that cock” I heard the man behind spit and then I felt his finger enter the crack of my cheek and circle my asshole. I was panting and moaning, this was driving me crazy. I have never had two men on me at the same time and the sensation was wild. I felt his whiskers from his beard over the back of my cheeks and then his tongue licking around my crack. I was squirming and moving. I sucked harder and harder and had saliva dripping out of the sides of my mouth and down my chin. I was so horny and my cock was rock hard and I was going into one of my outer body trances. His head lifted up from behind me and he drove two fingers in me and was fucking and opening my asshole as wide as he could. I wanted his cock or anyone’s cock inside me… it was driving me crazy. Before I know it the guy pulled my head off his cock and said ‘suck his cock’ as he twisted me around to face the other guy. I got straight down on this other man’s cock. It was smaller but still fat and uncut. I pulled his foreskin back as my hand went down his shaft and he pushed my head further onto it. “open’ is all the guy behind said to me and I parted my legs. I felt his hand rub some lube on me then the head of his cock punctured my hole. “ohhh…ouch…slowly…please…ohhhh” is all I could say as he drove his big cock into me. I had lifted my head off the other guys cock and was balancing myself holding his hips for a few seconds as I got used to this big cock driving in and out of my asshole. My heart was pounding and so was the man behind me. He was fucking me deep and fast..”fuck..oh…oh…fuck yeah little surfie…I love…your..ass” he said “i’m going to shoot in your mouth…swallow okay” said the other guy. I gave a “ummm….kaay…” and he pushed my head down and let out a huge moan “ohhhhhhh….suckkkkkk…” as my mouth fill with his huge warm load. He thrust his cock harder and harder into my mouth and his cream was dripping out of the sides “swallow my fuckin load” I pulled off his cock, swallowed, went back on and sucked more and more cum into my mouth. He pulled his cock out and gave me a few slaps on the face with me and turned around and walked to the end of the clearing where two other men had been watching. The man behind me moved my body sideways while be was still inside me and I grabbed the truck of a tree to hold myself up. He gave the other two men a side view of him fucking me and I looked over and they were jerking each other off. With one hand I wiped off some of the cum on my chin and I felt the guy behind me reach around and grab my cock. “you like..me…fucking you…don’t you. you dirty little boy…” “yes” I said. His thumb rolled over the head of my cock and he felt the pre cum “oh let’s get izmit anal yapan escort that juice out” He was pumping my asshole “take it…fuckin take my big cock” he whispered into my ear. I was loving this. I had become a cock addict and there was nothing I could do about it except accept it. The difference between me and those sluts girls at the beach is no one knows I am a slut…yet but I now understand why they are sluts. They love the cock just like me. I was close to cumming as he jerked me off and fucked me at the same time. The two other men were now next to us and one was rubbing my chest and squeezing my nipple. No one has done that before an it shoot a strange electric shock through my body. He pulled my head around and pushed his cock into my mouth. “little slut…that’s what we have here…I love it…suck my cock..baby boy…you know you love it” I was getting it again from both end and the third guy was rubbing his cock over my head and across my face. I came off one cock and onto the other and shocked the guy, he wasn’t expecting that. “woooo…yeeeeaaah nice” I bounced from one to the other sucking them and driving them crazy. The third guy got on his knees and moved under me and started sucking my cock. For the first time I was getting some real attention. I was close already. “I’m cumming” said the guy fucking my ass and he thrust hard into me letting out a huge moan “ohhhhhhhh” he pounded harder and faster, it hurt but I loved it. I could feel his cum running out of my hole and down the back of my legs. I felt relief from his huge cock but only for a few seconds and there was another cock fucking me. This guy was fast. He grabbed my hip and fucked me like a dirty horny dog. My hole body was moving and I came off the other guys cock. It was confusing, I was horny as hell and I wasn’t sure what was happening. The guy who was sucking me moved in behind me and was now fucking me. Without saying anything I had another mouthful of warm creamy cum. He pulled out and shot on my face and in my hair then he pushed it back into my mouth. More and more cum filled my mouth. My body was jarring and moving and cum was dripping off my face and out of my mouth I was close to cumming. I came off the guys cock and said in a wavy voice “now you suck me…please” he looked at me and dropped to his knees and as soon as I put my cock into his mouth I said “I’m close…I’m……yeah..oh fuck..I’m cumming” “me too” said the voice behind me and we came together. I was holding onto the tree again to keep my balance and it was like my eyes rolled back into my head and my whole body shuttered and vibrated. I had just had the strongest orgasm of my life in front of two strange old men as I feel to the ground. The men cleaned themselves up, one tapped my ass “thanks for that, come back soon, we are always here” then he walked off into the thicker wooded area. I just lay on the ground on top of the sand and leaves and I could feel the warm cum running out of my asshole across the cheek of my ass and dripping onto the ground. I had been fucked, fully fucked by four strange men and I was exhausted. My mouth was sticky with cum, my jaw was saw and I was in a trance like state. I felt satisfied and shocked…what had just happened? I picked up my towel wrapped it around myself, got my bag and board and walked back to the beach. I waled to the waters edge dropped my towel and naked I washed away another amazing experience. I was fully addicted…I am a cock addict…I must have more. Scott oho

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