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Aaron’s New Stepsister Ch. 03

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edited by Gunter99

One afternoon after work, Aaron sat in the waiting room of Phoenix children’s hospital. Kristy had been volunteering there in the activities program, and her car was in the shop for a few days so Aaron volunteered to pick her up. After a few minutes of waiting, a grandmotherly receptionist eventually came in to talk to Aaron.

“Are you here for Kristy?”

“Yes, yes I am. Is she almost done with her time?”

“Yes, you can go in and see her,” the older woman said with a warm smile. “You must be Aaron. Kristy’s talked so much about you!”

“Oh, really? Positive comments, I hope,” he laughed.

“Oh, of course, she thinks the world of you. I must say, Kristy is just the sweetest little thing, just adorable. She’s so generous with her time, and all the kids love her to death. There was this one poor little girl who would just sit in the corner of the playroom and not talk to anyone, and we couldn’t figure out how to get her to interact and play with the others, but Kristy got her to open up somehow. No idea how she did it, she just worked her magic somehow. You’re a very lucky man.”

Aaron was confused. “Lucky man? Oh, no, I’m not her boyfriend, I’m her…”

He paused. He didn’t know what Kristy had been saying about him and the nature of their relationship, but it clearly gave this woman the impression they were dating, so revealing he was her stepbrother might cause some complications.

“…I’m her friend. Friend. We’re just friends.”

The woman had a chuckle at that. “Well, with the way she talks about you, I don’t expect that to be the case for long. If I were you, son, I would lock that sweetheart up as soon as possible.”

Aaron smiled at what the woman had said and considered his good fortune. He was guided toward the playroom, where Kristy was finishing up her volunteer work for the day. As he walked up and stood in the doorway, he saw Kristy lying on the floor, helping a little girl of about 4 or 5 color inside the lines of her coloring book as a few other kids played around them.

“And what animal is that a picture of, Violet?” Kristy asked as she pointed at a page in the book.

“Ellfum,” the little girl responded as best she could.

“That’s right! Elephant! You’re so smart!” she said as the girl laughed happily.

Aaron laughed at this site before deciding to announce his presence. “Knock knock,” he said.

Kristy popped up when she noticed him, and walked towards him to give him a hug.

“Hey Kristy, who is that guy? Is this your boooooooooooooooyfriend?” a slightly older girl of 9 or 10 teasingly asked as she laughed.

Kristy smiled and pointed at Aaron. “Oh, this guy? No, he’s my personal driver. I get a personal driver because I’m very important, you see,” she joked.

“That’s right. Your car is ready, ma’am,” Aaron laughed.

Kristy then addressed the group of kids in the room. “I’m going to have to go, kids. You all behave yourselves, okay?”

There were some protests as they all walked up to her individually and held their arms up so Kristy could pick them up and give them hugs.

“Hey now, don’t be sad, I’ll be back next week!”

Aaron was slightly apprehensive about kids, but it warmed his heart to see Kristy being so great with them and brightening their day. The two of them started to walk towards the entrance, but Kristy stopped him once they reached the ward with the older children’s rooms. There was a boy of about 13 whose parents went to Pittsburgh and who was a big Panthers fan, who had asked if Kristy could get Aaron to sign a football for him, which he obliged.

The two of them then both left the hospital and drove back in his car, casually chatting. As they approached an exit on the freeway, Kristy turned to him.

“There’s a business complex off this next exit that closes at five and is totally abandoned with no cars by seven,” she smiled.

“Oh, really, now?” Aaron laughed. He quickly got into the rightmost land to make an exit and then followed her directions to said complex. He pulled into an area completely devoid of any other cars and parked in a spot in the corner.

“This area looks completely abandoned,” Aaron smiled. “Why did you want me to pull over into here, miss?”

Kristy undid her seatbelt and then rubbed her hand over Aaron’s crotch. “Oh, no real reason,” she said as she reached her hand to stroke his crotch outside his pants while she leaned over to kiss the side of his face.

She leaned in to kiss his earlobe, and then he turned his face to meet her as their lips met and he swirled his tongue in her mouth. Eventually, she broke the kiss and then slowly slithered her way to the gap between the driver seat and the passenger seat to crawl into the back of the car.

Kristy got stuck in between the seats for a moment as she tried to crawl through, with her shapely ass sticking up in the air, on display in her tight jeans.

Aaron gazed upon her and then used his left hand to give her ass a light and playful slap.

“Ow!” poker oyna she said playfully as she crawled through and readjusted herself to lie sideways on the backseat. “Why did you just slap my ass? That’s gross. You’re my big brother, you’re not supposed to slap your little sister’s ass, you pervert! Keep your hands to yourself!”

He laughed and then got up out of the front seat of the car, walked around to pull both front seats as far forward as possible, then opened the back seat to join her. He crawled down to lay on top of her, then grabbed the back of her head and continued to kiss her as he slid his finger down the front of her pants to stick his finger in her.

Aaron knew that he had never felt anything like this before for any girl that he had been with. Not even Jessica, who at one point he was convinced he would spend the rest of his life with when they were in high school. He had broken it off with her eventually for reasons that he never fully understood, just because he eventually felt that there wasn’t any romantic spark. He had sometimes thought back to that decision and regretted it, not sure if that was his best shot at love and he squandered it.

But now that he was with Kristy, he knew. Kristy was everything he had been looking for. She was so compassionate, so loving, the person he felt he could finally be himself with. It was a damn shame that she was his stepsister and they couldn’t full embrace being lovers in public, but he figured they could work around that and that people would eventually understand.

Kristy reached down to grab his belt and started to pull it off. He knew that he could be in for another relatively mindless fuck session, but he decided to take a risk and make his feelings known, at least vaguely.

“Listen, Kris, before we start this, for this time at least, I had something I want to ask you…”

“It’s not about asking me to stop calling you big brother again, is it?” she smiled. “I think we’ve both firmly established that won’t happen.”

“No, it’s not that,” he sighed. He did want her to stop calling him that, but he had sort of gotten used to it and knew it was a lost cause. “It’s just that…”


He continued. “It’s just that… I’ve definitely appreciated the times where you’ve introduced your friends to me and let me, uh, be with them, and our time with Tracy has been fun, but…”

“But what?” she smiled, almost as if she knew where this was going.

“But… I think I want you all to myself from now on,” he finally said. “I want us to be…exclusive. Even if it’s only in private.”

“Oh, do you now?” she smiled. “Well, Tracy will be disappointed. I sure don’t mind.”

Kristy then sat up, and implored Aaron to do the same. She undid the top of his pants and pulled them down his waist to some degree, as his partially erect cock sprung out. She then lowered her head to his lap, smiled and then looked up at him.

“Guess that means I’m all yours, big brother.” She stuck her tongue out and started to gently lick the underside of his cock a few times, before wrapping her mouth around it.

Aaron felt his heart flicker a bit. He realized the deal sounded stupid for him on paper – she wasn’t sleeping with anyone else, and he was giving up the chance to sleep around and enjoy threesomes. But forget that – he knew it would make his times with the one he really wanted more pure. Besides, his father had instilled a strict moral code in Aaron and he had never cheated whenever he had a girlfriend. Kristy was definitely in that territory now, even if they couldn’t make it public, and he would feel wrong being with anyone else.

Aaron grabbed the back of Kristy’s head as she continued to suck him off. He wanted to return the favor, but didn’t want the blowjob to stop. Luckily, there’s a solution for that.

“Here, get up for a moment and let me lie down,” he said. He lifted himself from the seat for a moment and pulled his pants further down before lying down across the back seats, part of his legs hanging out the open car door they left open. She stood up as much as she could to adjust and accommodate him in the confined spaces of the car.

She smiled. She was crouched over him, in her t-shirt and panties. He reached his finger over and pulled the panties down, and she smiled and sat on him for a moment to help take them completely off.

“Now what?” she smiled.

“Now get on top of me,” he replied.

She started to move her face towards him. “Nope, not that way. The other way,” he smiled as he reached over to open the door closest to his head for room.

“Oh, I see what you’re getting at, naughty boy,” she laughed. She turned around and lay on top of him facing the opposite way. With her head as his cock again, she started to lick it, as she adjusted her legs so that they straddled both sides of his head so his face could meet her pussy.

Having Kristy’s pussy right up in his face was a beautiful sight, Aaron thought to himself. He started to tease the outer edges with his tongue canlı poker oyna as they started to 69. He gently rose his right hand up to slowly caress her ass cheek as they did so.

After several minutes of 69ing, he felt that she was sufficiently wet.

“Looks like our situations are taken care of,” he smiled. “Let’s close these doors just in case someone is near, since our mouths won’t be occupied anymore and we wouldn’t want anyone to hear.” They both got up to sit in the seats as they closed the doors on either side.

Kristy then lifted off her shirt, as he undid his pants and boxers the rest of the way, throwing them in the front.

“Hear what?” Kristy smiled as she nudged up next to him, her asscheeks meeting his thighs as she presented her back to him so he could undo her bra. “What, do you plan on fucking me or something?”

“Not exactly,” he replied as he undid her bra and then reached in from behind to tweak her nipples in his hands. “I plan to make love to you.”

Kristy suddenly giggled. “Oh, that’s cheesy as all get-out. Did you read that in a romance novel or something?”

“Not as cheesy as using the phrase ‘as all get out.’ Who still says that?” he laughed.

“Hmm, fair point. Okay, how about you fuck me AND make love to me at the same time?”

“Sounds good to me,” he said as he pulled her in to kiss her. He then lay down in the seat and she positioned herself to straddle him while facing him, grabbing the seat and the back of car as leverage. Her pussy hovered around his erect dick as she slowly rubbed the outside of her folds up and down it.

“So you really want to be exclusive, huh?” she smiled.

“Sure, works for me,” he said, hoping she would stop teasing him and he could get enter her already.

“You know what that means though, right?” she smiled.


She slowly lowered herself onto his cock as he felt her sweetness surround him.

“It means you own this fucking pussy, big brother.”

She leaned in to kiss him as she humped herself up and down his cock, before leaning back again as she moaned.

“Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck your personal pussy. Or make love to it, whichever you prefer,” she smiled.

“I’ll fuck you harder than ‘all get-out,'” he laughed. He reached his hands up to grab her ass as she moved up and down before giving it a playful smack. He started to move himself up and down more vigorously as his thrusts met the rhythm of her body so they could alternate between deep thrusts and shallow ones.

After 8 minutes Kristy was brought to orgasm, and several minutes after that Aaron was ready for the same.

“I’m going to cum inside you, Kristy.”

“Oh, yes, fucking doing it! Fill up your little sister’s pussy that you own!”

He started to unleash himself inside her as she threw back her head and moaned as she continued to straddle him.

“Oh, baby, it feels so good to have you inside me,” she called out, exasperated.

When he was done, they both got up and started to reach for their clothes to put them on.

Kristy then turned to him with a wicked smile. “You know, bro, there’s another part of the bargain that I didn’t mention in our arrangement.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“It also means I own your dick,” she laughed. She reached into him to grab his limp dick and squeeze it a bit.

“Oh, I suppose you’re right, ma’am,” he laughed.

“And it better be ready to perform, because I intend to use it quite a bit.”

“Something tells me that won’t be a problem, with you around,” he said as he leaned in to gently kiss the side of her neck.


A few weeks later, Aaron was out playing pickup basketball in an otherwise empty court with Stephen. After Aaron won by one point, the two of them sat down and started to talk.

“Hey man, you see that Lakers trade today?” Stephen asked.

“Oh yeah, they got Dwight Howard. Crazy stuff. Didn’t have to give up much, either. So not fair.”

“I know,” Stephen replied, “they didn’t even have to take on Hedo Turkoglu or Jason Richardson’s large and terrible contracts in the deal!”

“Well, I’m sure you know why they couldn’t have taken Jason Richardson on the team,” Aaron laughed.


“Because…well, I don’t know if this is true or not, but it’s certainly a widespread rumor…but Steve Nash is on the Lakers now, and there was a rumor that Nash and Richardson were both on the Suns, Nash’s wife cheated on him with Richardson, and that’s why Nash got divorced from her.”

“No shit!” Stephen replied. “I had no idea. That would be crazy if it were true. I imagine it would be really difficult for her to sneak around with him considering the two of them were on the same team and on the same schedule.”

“Yeah, that would be crazy if true,” Aaron laughed, thinking it was a bit of an oddly specific comment.

Stephen sighed and paused for a second. “Okay, I’ve been avoiding this but……speaking of sneaking around……”

Uh internet casino oh. Uh oh.

“…..I know what you and Kristy have been doing.”

Aaron felt a lump in his throat. What was going to happen? How had they not been more careful? This was the worst case scenario.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything,” Stephen followed up with.

Aaron stammered to come to his defense. “Listen…I’m sorry man, I just….you know, I knew her before she became my stepsister and everything, so I really don’t see her like a sister at all …I know it’s awkward and everything, but it’s not like us sleeping together is harming anyone……”

“Wait, WHAT? ” Stephen yelled. His eyes widened. “You two are having sex? What the fuck? I was talking about you two stealing mom’s booze from her room!”

Aaron stopped. Shit, did I just fuck this up? He pondered what a potentially huge mistake he made, before he realized the last part must have been a joke.

Stephen laughed nervously. “No, no, sorry. Sorry. I knew about the sleeping together and was talking about that. I was just trying to make a joke to diffuse an awkward situation.”

“Oh, thank God! You had me going there for a second,” Aaron laughed nervously. He waited for a bit then asked, “How did you know?”

“I heard sexual noises a couple times when I woke up in the middle of the night, and since you were supposed to be sleeping on the couch which was downstairs and the noise was coming from upstairs I kind of figured that must be what was happening, since she’s never had a one night stand or anything. I walked out and saw the couch empty to confirm it. Also the times when the two of you leave together and then come back an hour or two later grinning like idiots was also pretty damning.”

Shit, Aaron thought, we should have been more careful. “So, um, what are your thoughts on it?”

“I’m totally fine with it,” Stephen said to Aaron’s relief. “You’re not harming anyone. I definitely predicted that this would happen. And it, uh, and this is really awkward….it kind of made it so she stopped pestering me, so it’s worked out for me personally.”

“Pestering you? How?”

“Well, you know….the weird jokey flirting, the inappropriate touches, that kind of stuff,” Stephen sighed. “You know, back in high school, there was a couple months where she was…very weird about her feelings toward me. It was likely because she wasn’t raised along with me, and a lot of the guys that she had met up until that point had treated her like shit, so when I moved in and treated her kindly she probably misunderstood it as romantic interest when I absolutely never viewed her as anything but my sister and was absolutely not having any part of it. I tried to make it as clear as possible without actually breaching the subject, but it was difficult. At one point she and I were watching the news and there was a news story about a brother and sister who were separated at birth but had met later in life, fell in love, and were trying to get married, and there was a debate about whether it should be allowed. You know, individual rights and stuff like that. I talked at length about how I was totally against it and listed off all the negative side effects of biological incest. That news story was a godsend, because I was able to breach the subject matter without directly confronting her about the real matter at hand. She more or less stopped after that, but she has occasionally thrown in an inappropriate comment or gesture since then.”

“Right, right,” Aaron responded. It was good to get confirmation about his fears.

“I hope that it doesn’t negatively affect your view of her or anything and you understand the circumstances behind it. Other than that period of weirdness, she has been an absolute blessing to have in my life…especially when she introduces me to some of her friends.”

Aaron laughed. “No, no, I understand. Which ones of her friends did you hook up with?”

“Rebecca and Alexis, I don’t think she’s really friends with them anymore.”

“Ah, okay, good. I hooked up with Erica and Sandra, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any overlap,” Aaron laughed.

“Heh, who gives a shit about overlap? Everyone’s slept with someone at one point. I don’t mind being Eskimo brothers. In any case, so you’re not exclusive and you both realize that you’re just having fun? That’s good, a truly intimate relationship where you want to get married or something is really the only possible complication.”

“Yeah, yeah, we’re just having fun. Not exclusive at all,” Aaron lied. Deep down he knew it had gone way past the “just having fun” stage and they had started to love each other. He certainly wasn’t going to tell Stephen that, however.

“So anyway man, yeah, I really have nothing against it at all if you aren’t biologically related. Shit, you even knew each other beforehand, what’s the issue, really? And you’re a huge step above the two assholes she used to date, so as long as you’re treating her nicely, which I’m sure you are. No issue on my end.”

“That’s great to know, I’m very relieved. Obviously your discretion is appreciated anyway, my dad has been alone for a long time and I don’t want to do anything that could compromise his relationship with Heather.”

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