Oca 24

Abducting Mom Ch. 07

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Mom and I had been having various sexual escapades for the past month or so. She’d been kidnapped and the victim of a home invasion, both arranged by me. We’d been caught fucking on the back patio by the neighbor, who just happened to be a pastor. Then I convinced her to suck his cock and fuck him on two separate occasions. Most recently we’d had a three way with her hot little sister, my aunt. It had been a helluva ride.

But I was bored. Don’t get me wrong, I loved fucking those 38D-24-36 curves of my mom. I loved seeing her long blonde hair matted to her body with sweat and cum. But there wasn’t a challenge to it anymore. She would never admit she loved getting fucked by her son’s fat cock, but she didn’t fight it anymore, either. I was just a few days away from going back to college. I needed a new challenge.

I decided the challenge lived next door. We had lived next door to the pastor and his snooty wife for years. They had looked down their noses at us for years. Even after Mom sucked his cock and fucked his brains out — in his church, no less — he still looked down at us. He said the devil lived in our house. I decided it was time to knock him and his wife, Delores, down a couple of notches.

I called my buddy Steve to see if he was interested. He had helped me kidnap Mom originally and committed the “break in” that I had arranged. He was totally on board with the new plan. He asked if I had given any thought to adding another guy to the crew. I had considered it, as a matter of fact. He suggested a mutual friend of ours, Matt. Matt was a good looking dude who had a reputation of being a good natured guy who also had a knack for being the occasional bad boy. The women loved him.

That Friday night we waited for the lights to go off in the Wilson household. I knew exactly where they hid their spare key and helped myself to it. I froze when the door squeaked as I opened it. When no one appeared, the three of us slipped through the door. The floor creaked under our feet as we tip toed down the hallway to their bedroom. We heard voices murmuring, then what sounded like covers being tossed to the side and feet hitting the floor. We scrambled to hide ourselves. Matt stepped into the hallway bathroom while Steve and I practically fell into the spare bedroom. Smooth.

Pastor Wilson slowly, deliberately, walked past us without knowing it. As if it was choreographed, the three of us leapt from our hiding spots, taking Pastor Wilson by complete surprise.

After a short struggle, Pastor Wilson was on the floor. The distinct sound of a zip tie binding his wrists could be heard.

“Delores! Call 9-1-1!” he shouted.

But it was too late. I was already in the bedroom. She dropped the phone and screamed when she saw my silhouette racing towards her. She groaned when I landed on her flailing body. Steve was right behind. He fell onto the bed also. Soon, the clicking of the gears on the handcuffs filled the room.

“Hello, Delores,” I said while I tried to catch my breath. I didn’t have to worry about her or Pastor Wilson recognizing my voice. We hardly ever talked to each other. We’d spoken more over the last two weeks the day he caught Mom and I fucking in the backyard than we had the previous five years. And Mrs. Wilson would turn away anytime she saw us.

“Wha…wha…what do you want?! Take anything you want! But please don’t hurt us!”

“Nobody’s here to hurt either of you, Delores. Just play nice and we’ll all have a lovely evening together. Now c’mon, get up.” I grabbed her arm and lifted her onto trembling legs. She started to sob as Steve and I led her down the hallway.

She screamed again when we entered the brightly lit living room and she saw her husband. He had a small cut above his eye. He was in the middle of the living room strapped to a dining room chair.

“Dan! Are you alright?! You’re hurt!”

“I’m fine, sweatheart, I’m fine. Are you okay?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m okay!”

“Okay, now that we’ve determined we’re all okay, let’s get this party started,” Steve said with a sneer.

“Everybody take their little blue pill?” I asked grinning.

“Oh yeah! I’ll be good for hours!” Matt replied with excitement. “”Okay, time for the big reveal!’ He started to unzip the long night gown Delores was wearing.

“No! Don’t! Please!” she cried out while she fought against it..

The gown finally fell off her shoulders and slid down her arms as far as the handcuffs would allow.

For the first time I was aware of what a great rack she had! Normally she wore frumpy, loose fitting clothes that didn’t give a hint as to what lie beneath. But now…wow! Firm, full breasts with no sag. As the song goes, her points stood up firm and high. Her long dirty blonde hair, that was normally in a tight bun, fell around a narrow, pretty face and over her shoulders. Her pretty, narrow face that usually had a stern look and pursed lips, was now red with anger and fear.

She gasped when Steve roughly grabbed a handful of round flesh. poker oyna “Very nice,” he said sincerely. “Let’s see what else we’ve got.”

He grabbed the front of the gown and pulled. The sound of the thin material tearing echoed off the walls.

My eyes bulged. She actually had a tight, athletic figure! Who knew this beauty had been living next door all these years? What the hell was she doing being married to her holier-than-thou husband?

“Would you look at that? Who’d a thought a preacher’s wife would have a bald cunt?!” Steve observed. And, with the exception of a strip of hair above it, it was shaved clean.

“So help me God, if you hurt her…” Pastor Wilson hissed from his chair.

Steve cut him off. “Nobody’s going to hurt anybody. Well, except for that scratch. Sorry about that.”

“Matt, would you do the honors, sir?” I asked.

“With pleasure!” he replied as he unzipped his pants and pulled out a very nice sized boner while he stepped over and took a seat on the couch.

Steve placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. “Time to get busy, Delores.”

Matt waved his stiff rod against at her. “No…please…” she whimpered.

“C’mon! Let’s go!” Steve slapped her on the back of her head and pushed her into Matt’s groin until her lips were touching the tip of his pole.

Her lips parted and she took him in. He slammed against the back of her mouth. “Oh fuck yeah!” he grunted.

“You bastards!” the pastor exclaimed from a few feet away.

“Don’t worry, your turn is coming,” I told him.

I looked at Steve. We both had our trouser snakes out and were petting them. “You want to go get our other guest?” I asked.

“Aw, fuck man. Can’t I fuck this one before I do?”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine. But be quick about it.”

“Yes!” Steve said, genuinely pleased. He grabbed Delores at the hips and pulled her up. “C’mon, baby, I got somethin’ for ya.”

“You sons a bitches!” Pastor Wilson screamed.

Steve pressed her legs apart and rubbed his tip along her slit. “Fuck, man, she’s wet!” He looked at the pastor with a smile. “When was the last time you saw your wife with two dicks in her? Never I’ll bet.” He grabbed her hips and pushed forward. She yelped when he slipped through her velvety folds. “Oh fuck, man! Damn she’s tight!”

The pastor had never seen his wife with any other man. But this wasn’t the first time she’d taken multiple cocks at one time. Truth be told, before she met her husband, she was a good time girl on the college campus. Almost every weekend, at any frat party she attended, she pleasured more than one man at a time. Then, by chance, she met her now husband. He was unlike any other man she had met. She fell in love and wanted to change her ways. And she did.

But now, as much as she was fighting it, the thought of satisfying multiple men was bringing back those old feelings. Her mind fought it. Her body was winning the battle. It had been 15 years since her last gangbang. She’d forgotten how good it felt to have multiple big, stiff cocks stuffed into her.

Each thrust of Steve’s hips shoved her face into Matt’s drives. Matt had his hands on the back of her head, holding it in place while he fucked it.

Suddenly, Matt’s head flew back. “Oh fuck!” Much to his surprise, his throbbing shaft was jammed down her throat. She had swallowed him whole. “Fuck me! The bitch just swallowed me!”

I looked at the pastor through my ski mask. I was standing next to the him. “Betcha didn’t know she could deep throat, did ya?”

The pastor struggled against his bindings. “You’re going to burn in hell!”

Delores yelped the first time Steve reached around and slapped her bulging clit. She moaned when he started to roughly rub it. Soon she was doing more than moan. She was pushing back into Steve’s thrusts. Her body tensed.

“That’s right, bitch! Cum! Cum for me!” Matt demanded while he fucked her throat hard and fast.

Steve felt her muscles spasm around his member. He grabbed her hips with a firm grip and pounded her like a jackhammer. Matt’s prod barely muffled her squeals. Her body trembled with the best orgasm she’d had in years.

Matt looked at the pastor, grinning while he held her head steady. “Looks like your bitch likes cock.”

“That’s not true! She’s a holy woman! It’s okay, sweetheart, I know you’re fighting your carnal urges. God will forgive you. He knows your body is betraying your holy spirit.”

Fuck that! I’d forgotten how much I love big, thick cocks! she thought to herself while her spasms began to slow.

Steve’s thrusts began to stutter. “Oh fuck! This bitch’s tight cunt is gonna make me cum! Oh fuck!”

“Cum on her ass, dude! Cum on her ass!” I strongly suggested.

Steve nodded an acknowledgement. “Yeah! Yeah-h-h-h! O…okay! Oh fuck! Fuck!” He pulled out and furiously stroked his throbbing tool. A thick glob sprang from his body and landed on it’s intended target. A second and third spurt were canlı poker oyna similar. When he was done, she had a streak of white running down her ass and the back of her thigh. More had puddled in the small of her back. He slapped his hammer on her ass, sending droplets up her spine. “Fuck me!” Steve panted as he backed away.

“Now will you go get our other guest?” I said to Steve in a sarcastic tone.

“Oh! Right! Yeah! I’ll be right back,” Steve said as he pulled up his pants and walked out the front door.

“And don’t you come back, you devil incarnate!” the pastor yelled at Steve.

I chuckled. “Oh, he’ll be back soon enough.”

God, I hope he comes back! Delores thought to herself while she sucked on Matt.

“Okay, c’mon dude, let me slide in there. Let her suck on a real man’s cock,” I said playfully.

Matt shot me a look through his ski mask. “Fuck you, man.” He grabbed Delores by her long hair and pulled her off of him.

“Ohmagawd,” she panted while I replaced Matt.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. We’ll get through this,” the pastor said.

“Yes…yes, we’ll get gggfffff…” She didn’t get to finish her sentence. I shoved her face down and she hungrily took me into her mouth. Matt had already warmed her up. She gagged on my size and length, but she swallowed me whole on the first dive.

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed when her face landed in my groin. “Goddamn she knows how to suck dick!” I watched it disappear into her face. “That’s right, take it all, bitch!” I looked at the pastor. “Your wife sucks dick like a whore.”

Delores moaned. She hadn’t had any filthy talk sex in years. It was taking her back to her youth. She was turned on beyond belief.

The pastor’s face turned red. “How dare you?!”

Matt chuckled. “I know, right? Now let’s see how she likes a good ass fuck.”

A chill ran up her spine at the words. She hadn’t had anal sex in 15 years. She’d forgotten what to expect. She did remember one thing — to loosen up, relax as much as possible. While she swallowed my beef stick she concentrated on relaxing her muscles. She could feel Matt rubbing his cock along the back of her thigh. At least he’s going to lubricate it first! she thought.

Matt slid in behind her. He held his prod steady and touched the tip to her quivering rosebud.

“You ready to get ass fucked, bitch?” Matt snarled as he pushed forward. “It doesn’t matter!”

He pressed forward. His swollen head slid past her sphincter with surprising ease, quickly followed by his pulsing shaft. Delores gave a long, loud muffled groan.

Matt’s body froze for a moment with his hips touching hers. “Oh my fucking God! Fuck she’s tight!”

“How dare you use the Lord’s name in vain while you satisfy your carnal desires with my wife!” the pastor screamed.

Matt turned his head. “Shut the fuck up!”

“You’re going to burn in hell for this!”

Matt started to pump. “Is that so? Well, I’ll take the memory of fucking your wife’s sweet ass with me! Goddamn she’s tight!”

“Get her good and loosened up before I fuck that ass,” I told him.

He’s going to fuck my ass with this monster? Oh shit! I wonder if I can talk him into fucking my pussy first? Ohmagawd, I want it buried in my pussy! Delores thought as my cock plugged her throat again. Her heart fluttered at the thought.


Next door, Dana awoke with her cheek stinging and briefly seeing stars. When she finally focused, she saw a large silhouette next to the bed.

“Wakey wakey, slut,” Steve said in a mocking tone. He had entered the house through the front door that I had left unlocked.

Oh shit! she thought. It’s one of the men who kidnapped me! Broke into my house! Fucked me! She snatched the covers up to her chin. “What…what…what are you doing here?! What do you want?!”

“What do you think? I’ve missed those sweet tits,” Steve said mocking her. He grabbed a handful of sheets and yanked. “And I know you’ve missed my cock.”

The covers left the bed and landed on the floor. Dana started to slide away but Steve was too quick. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him.

“Now come on, sweet tits, you know the rules. Play nice and you don’t get hurt. Don’t play nice…well, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Dana knew it was true. She stop struggling and laid flat on the bed.

“Okay, let’s see those fuckin’ tits. You can do it or I can rip that shirt off again.”

She paused, then decided it was best to comply. She sat up on the bed, paused again, then lifted the shirt over her head and laid it on the bed next to her. She gasped when Steve roughly grabbed one of her 38D globes.

“God DAMN you’ve got great tits!” He pawed at her some more. “I should fuck you right here and now. But we’ve got other plans for you.”

We?! “What?! What are you planning to do?!” she asked in a panic. Then she thought, Maybe the one with the fat cock, the other one that kidnapped me, maybe he’s part of this plan. That calmed internet casino her down. She started to grow moist between her legs at the thought.

Steve reached into his back pocket. She saw the moonlight coming through the window bouncing off the shiny object. She knew exactly what it was. They were handcuffs. She laid back on the bed and raised her hands back to the head board.

Steve laughed. “No no, as much as I’m sure you’d like me to, not this time. Not right now, anyways. C’mon, get up. Hold your hands out.” She did as told. Steve slapped the cuffs onto her wrists and grabbed her under the arm. “C’mon, we’re goin’ for a walk.” He led her out of her bedroom and down the stairs.

“Where…where…where are we going?” She fully expected to be tossed into the back seat of a car, taken to an unknown location, and be fucked for the next few days like she was before.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Steve opened the door and started to pull her outside. She pulled back.

“Wait! I’m…I’m…I’m naked!”

“Then I guess you’d better hurry the fuck up then, huh?”

Her nipples hardened when the cool night air rushed across her bare skin. Steve pulled her down the steps onto her front lawn. She didn’t see a waiting car as she had expected. The street was deserted. Her tits jiggled as Steve tugged her to the right and through the soft grass.

“Wait! Where…where are we going?!”

“Just c’mon,” he said.

He led her up the Wilson’s front steps and opened the door. She was confused. Dan had said he was going to fuck me anywhere and anytime he wanted. Is that what this is? Did he hire this man to get me and bring me to his house so the two of them could fuck me? Then her mouth flew open and her eyes grew wide. She gasped at the site before her when she walked through the Wilson’s front door.

Matt’s grip grew tighter on Delores’ trim hips. “Oh fuck! Her tight fuckin’ ass is gonna make me cum! Oh fuck!”

“Do it, dude! Fill that ass with cum!” I cheered.

“Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmhmmm!” Delores moaned.

Then I realized Mom was at the door. Fuck! I hope she didn’t recognize my voice!

Dana was too shocked to recognize anything. Her brain was too busy trying to take it all in. Neighbor Dan was tied to a chair watching two men pummel a woman with their tools. The woman’s hands were bound behind her back with a pair of shiny handcuffs, not unlike hers. Wait…is that Delores?! She wasn’t even sure if that was Dan’s wife. She’d certainly never seen her naked. And her face was buried in a man’s crotch, so she could only see part of her face. Steve pushed her from behind and into the living room.

Matt’s head flew back. “Oh fuck! Cumming! Cumming! Gggggaaaaaa!”

Delores could feel his warm, thick jizz filling her. She didn’t realize how much she had missed that feeling until this very moment. She wanted to feel it again.

Dana was pushed from behind again. “C’mon, let’s go. Over here.” Steve pushed her in the direction of Pastor Wilson.

Matt pulled out of Delores’ ass. A thin strand of white followed it until it snapped and fell down across the back of her thigh, joining the stream of white that was now running down the inside of her thighs.

Steve pushed Mom until her naked body was standing in front of Dan. “C’mon, get on your knees. Get his pants off.”

“What?!” Dan and Mom said in unison.

“You heard me! Get his pants off!”

It was a struggle with her hands cuffed together, but soon enough Mom had worked the pastor’s pants and tighty whities off.

Steve laughed. “Look at that! He’s got a fuckin’ hard on! He’s getting’ off on watchin’ his whore wife get fucked!”

“No! No! I most certainly am not!” Dan growled.

“Yeah? Well, your pecker says otherwise.”

I pulled Delores off my pole and slid out from under her. She sat upright on her haunches. Drool ran down her chin.

I looked her in the eye. I lowered my voice and volume. “Ready for a real ass fuckin’?” I waved my thick man meat at her.

“Oh God! That…that thing will rip me in half!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle…at first.”

The expression on her face changed. The tone of her voice changed, too, from panic to lust. “Please. I…I…want you to fuck me first. I want you to fuck my pussy with that big dick of yours.” She couldn’t remember the last time she’d asked a man to fuck her.

Her request took me by surprise. I considered it. My lips curled into a grin under my ski mask. “Okay. That’s fine. I’ll fuck that nasty cunt of yours. And then, after you cum, I’ll fuck that ass.”

She nodded. “Yes. Yes. I understand.” She lifted her cuffed hands off of her back. “Can you take these off, please? I promise I’ll be good.” A crooked smile crossed her face. “You won’t regret it.”

“I won’t, huh?” She shook her head. “Maybe later…if you’re a good girl,” I said in a hushed voice. Her eyes twinkled just before I pushed her head into the couch cushion.

I held my poker by the shaft and moved in. A chill ran up her back when the tip touched her swollen lips. I pressed forward. She gasped when the swollen head slipped through. She gave a low, animalistic groan until I was buried balls deep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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