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About meWould you like to know a little bit about me? Okay, my name is Nikki and I am a 5’4” TS/CD (5’8” in heels LOL). I weigh about 145 lbs, have brown eyes, brown hair, and am pretty fit (at least I’d like to think I am; I play indoor soccer during the winter and baseball during the summer). I am also d**g and disease free and very discreet. Oh yeah, I am also very meek and very submissive (kinda like a little school girl)!As far as my appearance is concerned, I wear make-up (including lipstick and eyeliner) and time permitting, nail polish. I usually wear short tartan skirts, a blouse or sweater (depending on the weather), a size 40C bra, thigh-high opaque stockings and garter belt or black opaque tights (depending on my mood LOL), schoolgirl heels or black patent leather ‘Mary Jane’ platforms (again, depending on my mood LOL), cotton panties or a G-string (that’s up to you LOL), a collar (if you so desire for me to wear) and I also travel dressed. Oh yeah, if you’d like you can take pictures of me after I arrive; I’m not shy. All I ask is that you use discretion afterwards and also provide me copies of whatever you take (including video) regardless of whether they come out or not.Here are a few things that I prefer in a man: He should be verbally dominant, not necessarily loud or profane, but can give orders and demand immediate results. He should also be discreet, safe, healthy, D/D free, H/W proportionate and freshly showered. His cock must be CUT (yes, this one is definitely a deal-breaker, sorry) and well groomed (meaning neatly-trimmed or shaved) and he should be able to get hard as a rock pretty quickly because a rock-hard cock is much more fun than a limp one, LOL! I would also like it if he would wear white, athletic, cotton socks for me (sue me; it’s a fetish of mine – I’m not a fan of men’s feet, LOL). Also, he should be able to host in a safe area so that a ‘gurl’ such as myself is able to walk to and from my car without any problems. Lastly, I am not attracted to BBCs or other ‘gurls’. I’m so sorry but I’m just not.Um, here’s a little bit about what I NEED to have happen when we first meet if you want me to be as relaxed as I possibly could with you because the more relaxed I am, the more pleasure you can derive from me … After you answer the door and invite me in, you’ll politely ask bahis şirketleri if I would like anything to drink. I’ll think for a second and begin to answer by saying, “Um …” but you’ll quickly interrupt me and say something like, “Turn around, I want to look at you!” As I do as I’m told, you’ll start unbuckling and unzipping your pants, eventually taking them off. As you begin stroking your cock, getting it all nice and hard, you’ll then say something like, “Turn around again for me but this time go slower, I want to get a real good look at you!” Again, I’ll do as I’m told but just as my back is to you, you’ll order me to stop and to lift the back of my skirt for you. When I do, you’ll briefly caress my cheeks and then tell me to bend over and grab my ankles. As I wait there for my next order, you’ll continue stroking yourself until you have a full erection. When you do, you’ll move in and begin grinding that magnificent cock of yours in-between my cheeks.When you’ve had enough of that you’ll then say something like, “Now get down on your knees, you little fucking slut!” You’ll then ask if I like what I see and again, before I can answer you, you’ll order me to open my mouth wide. When I do, you’ll slowly slip your cock past my lips and then plunge it deep into my mouth. You’ll hold it there for a second and then place your hands on your waist in an authoritative stance and say something like, “Now start sucking me like you’ve never sucked a cock before, you little fucking cum-slut! And don’t you dare stop until I tell you to!”I’ll automatically do as I’m told and begin to swirl my tongue around your opening. I’ll also run my tongue up and down your shaft to get it all glistened and then alternately stroke you, lick you, suck on you, hum you and deep-throat you until you can’t take it any more. As I’m doing this, you’ll continually call me names like little sissy, tramp, little cock-sucker, cum-slut, cock whore or little bitch while you glide your cock in and out past my lips. I won’t complain at all because how could I with your enormous cock stuffed inside my mouth?After a while, if you feel that I’m doing a good job, maybe every so often you’ll grab my head and start face-fucking my mouth for a bit, just to show your dominance over me. And when you’re ready to cum, you can either have me bahis firmaları swallow your load or you can shoot it all over my face; totally up to you. Either way, would you make sure that I lick you clean afterwards, every single drop? Oh yeah, if you feel that I did everything you wanted me to do for you, before allowing me to get back up, maybe you could shove your cock back into my mouth and make me do it all over again for you, totally up to you.Right now, I would prefer not to make out or fuck just yet but I am open to seeing how it goes, okay?But if you do feel there’s a connection between us and you want to go even further, maybe after I catch my breath, you’ll bend down to kiss me. I’ll shun your advance and quickly get up and walk over to the couch to get my purse to leave but you’ll say something like, “And where do you think you’re going, you little whore? Don’t want to kiss me, huh? Well, I got something for you I’m not even through with you yet!” And before you even finish your sentence, you’ll quickly push me over the arm of the couch and hold me there in a bent-over position, pinning me down with your hand. With your other hand, you’ll flip up my skirt up and pull my panties to the side. You’ll then start grinding your cock up and down and in-between my ass cheeks again telling me how much I’m gonna like this and how good you’re gonna give it to such a wanton little slut like myself!And um, if at any time I say, “No! No, I can’t do this” then there obviously isn’t a connection between us and you’ll release me so that I can leave.But if I don’t say anything at all, you’ll grab the lube from my purse, pour some on your finger and then stick it inside my ass to see how tight I am. If I’m too tight for you, maybe you’ll lube up another finger and then stick them both in my ass to stretch it out for you, all the while still pinning my down (and if I’m STILL too tight for you, maybe you’ll lube a third finger and then insert that as well). When you feel that I’m good and ready to be taken, you’ll say something like, “You’re gonna really like this because I know that I will” and then lube up your cock, grab a hold of my shoulders firmly so that I can’t pull away and then slowly thrust it deep within my hole while pulling me closer to you. After you are completely inserted in my ass, you’ll kaçak bahis siteleri move your hands down to my waist, gripping it tightly and then start fucking me for all I’m worth. You’ll pound away at me while telling me how much of a whore I am, how much you like fucking me and how much you know that I love it! And when you’re ready to cum this time around, maybe you’ll push my head down into the cushions of the sofa, lean forward and say something like, “You really like being fucked by my hard cock, don’t you?” and then shoot your load deep into my anus. I know, I know this is just a bit much, but I had to get all of it off of my chest. So if we are able to get through this scenario and I’m comfortable with you, if you wish to use me again, because of the fact that I would already be relaxed with you and able to trust you, you can do whatever it is you want with me, within reason of course.This isn’t a fantasy, or some sort of erotica, or role-play for me, or anything like that, but what I actually need to have happen in order to become more relaxed when meeting new people. You see, even though LGBT has made great strides educating the public and also bringing equal rights for the transgender community, the world is still not a completely safe place for ‘gurls’ like me and meeting new people can be quite a stressful situation. That scenario helps me to become more comfortable because it’s my happy place. And when I am in my happy place, it’s easier to derive for yourself, the utmost pleasure from using me!Also, keep in mind that reciprocation, in any form, is not necessary for me. Knowing the pleasure that my mouth and body can bring to you excites me enough. I get so wet as I kneel in front of you sucking on your cock. Arms on your waist, head tilted back, hearing you moan, forcing it deeper and deeper down my throat. All I want is your cum in my mouth, on my face, in my ass. I’m just a thirsty little ‘gurl’ and all I ask is that you quench that thirst. Allow me to give you the best cock-sucking experience of your life and then the best little wiggling ass for you to fuck. Let me just be your little cock-sucking whore.And regarding my availability, generally speaking, because I am salaried at work, if given enough notice I can generally rearrange my schedule to match yours, though mornings are usually best.Lastly (I swear it is), if you’re a photographer, I would love to have some photos taken of me. Let me know and I’ll show you some examples …. Hopefully I can make it worth your while for doing so.What do you think?Toodles : )

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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