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Accidental Mother and Son Ch. 04

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This is Chapter 04 of this series. It is strongly recommended that you read chapters one and two otherwise you will be lost. As always, please vote and comment. I already know the direction this story will be going for several chapters, but suggestions may alter how the story gets to the intended conclusion. As with previous chapters, I leave the physical description of the players to your imagination, so you can make them to your preference instead of my own.

Accidental Mother and Son

Chapter 4: Shock and Awe

April 17, 2014

It’s been a few weeks. I didn’t think I would need to continue this journal since I thought I was as far into this as it could go. I was wrong.

Things had initially gone as I expected after Mark found out. The rules put in place were observed, but Mark got creative when it came to observing them. On one occasion he came to me from behind in the morning and told me that at a certain time, he would like me in a skirt and blouse but no panties underneath. He wanted no socks or shoes on my feet and he wanted my hair in a ponytail. I did exactly that. When the time came, I was facing the window looking out into the yard when he approached me.

“Turn around.” He said.

I obeyed and was met with Mark standing in the doorway to the kitchen, stark naked and sporting an iron hard cock in hand. He was stroking it while looking at me.

“Touch your tits and pinch your nipples through your bra.”

I slowly brought my hands up and did as he asked. He jerked his cock faster.

“Rub your pussy through the fabric of your skirt.”

I removed one hand from my breast and did as he commanded me.

One of his hands cupped his balls while he continued jerking his cock. I watched him massage the head of his dick. I rubbed myself a little faster each minute that passed.

“Would you like to fuck me?” I asked, impatiently waiting for him to take me.

“I want you on your knees first.”

I obeyed.

He stopped rubbing his cock and walked towards me. As he got closer, I opened my mouth knowing what he wanted. I was happy to do this since his behavior had dramatically changed since our first knowing encounter.

“You know what I want, Mom.”

“I do, Son, and my mouth waters for it.’

It was all role play, you see. He wasn’t the dominant type. He just liked to act it out sometimes and since I held all the power when it came to sex, I let him play the role. He did it quite well.

He stood directly in front of me, the head of his cock an inch from my open mouth. He reached out and put his hands on both sides of my head.

“Are you going to cum in my mouth?” I asked in a fake begging tone.

“No, Mother. You’re going to get my dick wet, then I’m going to cum in your pussy.”

“Yes, sir.” I said as I resigned to him inserting his cock in my mouth. I sucked it hard and slow until he had enough.

“Stand up.” He commanded.

I did, curious how he would continue. Would he attempt to break the rules, turn me around, raise my skirt, and fuck me from behind? Would he resign his stance and let me take control?

“Now, Mother, you will put my dick inside you and allow me to fuck you.”

I did exactly that. I was dripping wet and as expected, he slid right in. Just as the first night he fucked me, he put both arms at my sides against the counter and had his way me, or at least as much his way as I would allow. This time, though, he was much more animated and energetic. He fucked me as I expected a young man would and should. As he usually did, he shot his seed deep inside me and insisted I stand there, feeling his cum run down my leg.

He always held me after our sessions. He would hug me and thank me for all I have done for him. The role play would be over and our relationship as mother and son would pick up exactly where it left off. At first, I thought the sex would change every family dynamic we had. I didn’t expect that he would be submissive to me after allowing him to dominate me like he did during our encounters.

I enjoyed our time together when his father wasn’t here. I felt I had all the answers and things were as I intended. Then, it all seemed to come crashing down. At least, it felt like that at the time. It started when his sister, Maureen showed up.

She had come home from college for spring break. She wasn’t the partying type, so he always came home instead of going to those wild college spring break party locales. I was always happy to receive her and kept her room made up. It was during this week that things went even further down the abyss than I thought they could go. I had warned Mark ahead of time that she was coming home and that nothing would be happening between the two of us while she was there. He understood and agreed that it would not be a good idea.

Fucking liar. Me or him, though?

The day after she arrived, we had family movie night. We always set aside one night a week for family night, whether it was to play games or watch TV together. If there were quarrels in the home, we set to always resolve poker oyna them between our designated nights. There was happiness in the air tonight, yet I sensed my son was uneasy, as if anxious about something. He was hardly paying attention to the movie that was on, despite it being one of his favorites. Maureen also noticed, routinely looking to her side where he sat. She looked him over briefly each time with a tinge of concern about her face.

I waited until the movie was over before confronting him. I didn’t want the rest of the evening to continue in relative silence. Thinking back on it, he had kind of been like this since his sister arrived. I don’t think it was because her presence was depriving him of me. It was almost as if he needed to say something but didn’t know how or when. I didn’t know what troubles he could have right then. He’s likely not distraught about his father being on business still because as long as this remains true, he could fuck me on command. His sister visiting should have brightened up his spirits since they’ve always been very close, often sharing bedrooms and staying up all hours of the night playing video games, watching TV or telling stories. Surely, he has missed that since she went off to college.

With the movie over now, I repositioned myself on the couch so that I was now facing Mark.

“Mark, dear, what’s on your mind?” I ask him.

He turned to look at me. His expression was blank as he stared as if he had to think about what to say to me. I remember thinking to myself that he never had this problem when his hard cock was in my mouth. He went to speak, then stopped. He did this again and again.

“Mark, it’s ok, honey. Come out and say what you have to say. I can’t think of anything that should be bugging you as much as it clearly is.”

He thought again, “Mom, do you remember when I told that what happened between Kathy and I was a long story?” He asked me, turning to look at his sister. Odd.

I nodded.

“I think it’s time to tell you that story. Before I do, I want you to go to the kitchen, get the vodka, orange juice, wine, and a few of Maureen’s ales. I’ll wait here. When you come back, I’ll tell you the story. When I begin, I need you to listen to what I say and think before you react.” He said cautiously.

I looked at him strangely and he simply nodded to me. I got up and walked past them into the kitchen to get what he requested. I feel like I may need more wine even though I don’t know what he’s going to say. I’m glad he said he wouldn’t follow me because if he did, I don’t know if he would have tried anything or, looking back now, if he would have tried to explain something there absent of his sister.

I placed all the bottles on the coffee table and settled into the couch once again facing my children. He started speaking immediately. Maureen stared at him, equally interested in what he had to say.

“Mom. About a year and a half ago, everything was great between Kathy and I. I could not have imagined a better life and at that time, I would have given it about a year before I asked her to marry me. Then…” He continued, looking at his sister. “I caught her cheating on me.” He stopped speaking and turned to look at me. “With Maureen.”

I snapped my gaze to Maureen who looked shocked that her brother had brought this subject to light. She stared at her brother with a face that I can only relate to “how could you do this to me?!”

“With your sister?” I asked, to ensure I heard correctly, while also glaring at her.

“Yes. It was before she went to college. I had come home from work and was going to take a nap. I saw that Kathy was over which was nothing out of the ordinary as you’re aware.” He reminded me. Kathy had a key to the house and often came over to wait for Mark to come home.

“I made my way to my room expecting to lay with Kathy and sleep for a couple hours before dinner. When I opened the door, however, I saw her with her face between Maureen’s legs.” He said, turning to look at Maureen again.

My glare intensified.

“Mark, why are you bringing this up?” Maureen asked desperately.

Mark put his hand on her leg and told her it would be ok.

“I don’t know how you think this will be ok.” She responded weakly.

“I stopped, stunned for a second, unable to comprehend what was happening in front of me. I called out to Kathy angrily asking what she thought she was going. She turned her head and looked at me smiling. ‘I’ve gotten wet eating your sister’s pussy.’ She said, ‘Come and fuck me while I lick eat her.’ She added. I recall thinking that it wasn’t like I was fucking my sister so, I did. I fucked Kathy while she ate out Maureen.”

He paused waiting for reaction from me. I reacted by inadvertently keeping my slack-jawed mouth open and ceasing my glare at his sister.

“I know, Mom. At that moment, the logic was sound even though I was technically engaging in a sexual act with my sister. I couldn’t help it, though. The scene was playing havoc on my senses and I felt more aroused than I ever had before.”

“Was canlı poker oyna this act what drew you apart?” I asked.

“No, I’ve only just begun the story.”

I was afraid where this was leading, but also intrigued.

“Not long after I started, Maureen pulled away from Kathy and was masturbating nearby as she watched us have sex. Kathy began saying things such like ‘Watch her rub her pussy’ and ‘she wants your dick, Mark’ but I thought she was saying that just to turn me on and make me cum. It wasn’t long before I was about to do just that. I announced it and Kathy lurched forward.”

I looked at Maureen desperately hoping I wasn’t about to hear what I thought I was about to hear.

“Without delay, Maureen leaned in and took me in her mouth. Her hand positioned perfectly and together she worked them both until I came in her mouth.” He finished… in all manner of speaking.

“Was this the end of it?” I asked again, hoping it would be but at the same time, hoping he grabbed his sister, flipped her over and filled her pussy with his cock as he does mine.

“No. Kathy had to leave shortly after but before she did, she went to shower. When she came out, she saw Maureen riding me cowgirl style. She whispered in my ear that when she returns, she expects me to have energy left to fuck her.”

“So, what you’re saying is you were fucking both Kathy and your sister. Kathy didn’t seem to mind. Maureen clearly didn’t mind.” I said, turning my stare to his sister. “So, aside from fucking your sister, what was the problem?”

“I was content with that, Mom. I didn’t know where it was going, but I was satisfied with everything the way it was, even though it was abnormal, and I couldn’t tell a soul about it. We carried on like that most nights, even if Kathy wasn’t there. Maureen and I would walk around the house naked when nobody else were here. She would tease me by bending over when she knew I was looking. She would sit on the couch and masturbate knowing I was going to walk by and see…”

“How did I not pick up on any of this?” I interrupted.

“We took advantage of the fact that we had always been close and being behind closed doors together was never brought into question. We would have sex in one of our rooms while you were in here. We would sleep in each other’s beds some nights. Kathy would text Maureen while we were having sex for her to come join us. Kathy was quite adventurous as you can tell.”

“Fine, I see that. Why, then, did you break up? It seemed everyone was happy with this arrangement, even though it could not last.”

“After a few months, it seemed Kathy wasn’t happy with what we had and started making other suggestions. At first, I thought it was a scheme to just spin my mind around and make me more energetic. It did, but I didn’t like the effect it was having on me. One day, she finally came right out said what she was thinking.” He stopped and turned his gaze away from Maureen and I.

I think I knew where this was headed and at that moment, I can tell him that he was probably right to have broken things off. I poured more wine for myself and suggested that they do the same.


“Well, we were out here. I was sitting where you are now, and Maureen was having sex with me. Kathy was sitting next to me fingering herself while also playing with her. She leaned over and said something in my ear that I won’t ever forget. She told me she would like to have Maureen between her legs while…” He paused.

“She wanted to involve me, didn’t she?” I finished for him.

He nodded and Maureen piped in. “I was also taken back a little by this, Momma.” As if she were trying to minimize her role in all this.

I looked at her, nodded, then looked back at Mark. “What did you think about what she said?”

“Maureen stopped moving on me, and I struggled to stay hard. Kathy noticed and I could tell she was embarrassed. She backed away and I could tell she wanted to cry. I tried to console her and tell her that it wasn’t what she said, but the magnitude of that concept. The subject matter obviously was of interest to all three of us, but that was such a giant leap and the logistics behind getting something like that accomplished was next to impossible.” He said, obviously choosing his words carefully not to alert his sister that he has already had me.

“She was crying and ran to put her clothes back on and before I could talk to her, she left the house. I tried calling and texting her. I was trying to tell her that it was ok, it just was an enormous thing to comprehend at the time. She never responded.

“Is that the end of the story?” I asked, pretending to be deflated.

“Yes, Mom.”

I thought about everything he said to me. I kept altering my stare between the two of them. They both looked at me. There were quite a few options for me at this point. I obviously could not get onto Maureen’s case for fucking her brother. Perhaps I could have some fun with this, knowing what I know.

“That’s quite a story, Mark.” I said, sipping my wine. “I don’t internet casino know if I believe it. Why hasn’t Kathy gone shooting off at the mouth all over town about this? It’s not a small town, but not big enough where rumors don’t fly.” I said, repeating something I had already told him before.

“I don’t have an answer about Kathy. I don’t know what else I can tell you that would make you believe me. I’ve never lied to you before.” He said.

“I know what to do.” Maureen said. She then stood up, removed her top. The tossed it on the couch where she was sitting, then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and pushed them down and off. She was standing naked in front of her brother. She knelt in front of him and jerked his pants down to just above his knees and buried her face in his lap. The slurping sounds alerted me to the fact that she had his cock in her mouth.

I watched my daughter suck her brother hard. By the looks of it, she knew what she was doing. By using her hands with her mouth, she intended to make him cum soon. I looked directly at Mark.

“Does she know?” I asked sternly.

Maureen stopped sucking her brother’s dick long enough to asked me what I meant. Mark shook his head.

“I was asking if Kathy knew that you two carried on like you have after she left.” I retorted poorly, knowing that there’s likely no way she could have.

Maureen returned to her brotherly love. I tried to plan my next move as I drank my wine and watched my daughter please him. I decided to rock their world just as they had done mine. With Mark watching me, I pushed my pants down to my ankles, exposing my pussy to him for the first time. I smiled as I watched Mark’s eyes go wide. I put my finger to my mouth telling him not to make a sound. I wanted Maureen to discover me and be in shock. If that was even possible.

I unbuttoned my shirt and let my tits out into the open air. My nipples were hard, and my pussy was wet. I knew it wouldn’t be long. Mark had not seen me naked yet and between his sister blowing him and his mother rubbing her pussy across the room, he would blow his load into her mouth soon enough.

Sure enough, I watched his eyes close tight and he gripped Maureen’s hair. “I’m going to cum in your mouth.” He announced.

“Do it!” she told him.

He grunted and shot his seed deep into her throat and she accepted it all. She waited to ensure he was finished before removing herself from his cock. She looked into his eyes and smiled before standing and turning to me, no doubt to ask if that was proof enough. Instead, she got a shock of a lifetime.

“MOM!!” She screamed.

“You think you’re the only one around here with urges?” I said smiling. “I think we need to talk, my dear.”

“I think we do.” She said, “But carry on, Mom.”

I did exactly that. I used my fingers on my clit, as I began to tell the story of the first time Mark put his cock in me and the times following that. I dipped my fingers inside to get them wet then back to my clit. I told her how he thought I was Kathy as he fucked me in the kitchen. I also told her of the time I sucked his dick in his bed and pretended fuck him while he thought I was a stripper. I looked at Mark and his cock was rock hard again.

“Fuck your sister, Mark. I want to watch while I tell her the rest. Maureen, get on your hands and knees and guide your brothers cock into your pussy. Accept his cock inside you and watch me as I tell you how he dominates me most nights. How he demands me get on my knees and open my mouth.”

I continued fingering my clit and pussy while I told her of the time I woke him from his sleep by getting him hard and mounting his cock. How I begged for his cum as he fucked me. How he gave it and I tortured him by using my muscles to keep him hard as I fucked him. By now, I was jabbing two fingers madly in and out of my pussy. I wanted my son’s cock.

“Stop fucking her and put your dick inside me.” I demanded of Mark. “You’re going to cum over and over again as you fuck us all night.” I said, realizing family night has taken on a new and wonderful meaning.

He positioned his cock at my entrance and Maureen helped guide him in. She then lay back on the floor and began rubbing her pussy as he began pumping his dick in and out of my pussy.

“Do you like my body, Mark?”


“Do you enjoy fucking me and playing with my bare tits?”


“Do you like Maureen watching you fuck me?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Would you like to see Kathy eat her pussy while you fuck me?”

He stopped pumping me and smiled. “I would.”

“Don’t stop!” I demanded.

He continued fucking me as I hatched a plan in my head to reunite my son with his love.

“Are you close to cumming?” I asked

He said it wouldn’t be long. “When you are ready, pull your cock out and stand up. I will sit up on the couch. I want your cum all over my tits.”

It wasn’t long before he said it was time. As I said I would, I sat put and held my tits in my hands, pushing them up and together ready to accept his sperm. He didn’t disappoint. Shot after shot of cum fell on my chest and tits. It was surprising how much he had after shooting a load into his sister’s mouth not too long ago. He fell to the couch nearly out of breath.

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