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Adam and Mike

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Big Tits

Adam and MikeAdam woke up feeling horny, holding his cock in his hands and playing with himself, turned to his smartphone for some porn. But soon became bored and felt he needed something more.He searched for Mike’s phone number and stared at it for a while lingering on the decision to phone him or not. In the end his raging hormones overcame his shyness and lack of confidence and he made the call.Mike answered from the other side and his deep sexy voice melted Adam’s heart straight away. Adam explained who he was and they agreed to meet on Friday in a week at 9pm after work for a massage session. Adam questioned himself if Mike remembered him as he seemed quite distant. But Mike remembered pretty well the little cute boy with low self esteem, and he was looking forward to change that.Adam decided to abstain himself from sex and porn for the week, hoping the time would run quick. The day before he trimmed his body on Friday after work he rushed home, had a shower, prepared himself, moistured his skin, put some nice aftershave and dressed himself.Mike had texted his adress and Adam didnt have trouble to find it. It was a new development, one of those buildings with gardened balconies and terraces on the side of the Thames. He had fantasized all the way about the evening but now ringing the bell he dismissed all and questioned what an Adonis like Mike could see in a guy like him.The door opened, Adam got in and took the lift. When arriving Mike was awaiting with the door opened. Wearing shorts and a sleeveless top. They shaker hands and Mike pulled Adam kissing is cheek. Adam blushed despite so far seeming just a warm welcome. After taking off his shoes he was guided to the living room, lighted by candles, with a water cascade in one corner. The walls had several landscape paintings and there were several plants giving a nice atmosphere to the place. The wooden floor and the leather sofas made it even more cozy.Both engaged in the usual cheap chat, work, weather, the life in London. And what brought them to the big city. Mike than left the room to give time to Adam strip naked and position himself on the massage table. Returned a couple of minutes later, shirtless, revealing his muscled chest, moderately haired, his 6 pack abdomen fitted vertically pointing to the big bulge bidding in his shorts, that Adam had noticed previously.Adam started to become horny from the beginning. He was facing down so his erection was bidding. Mike put some calm music and started the massage as the first time. But he had quite different plans this time. Worked spine, neck, shoulders, arms, back as before. But she. Moved down to the butt and thighs he started to use slower movements. This time he was deliberately lingering his fingers when passing between buttocks, over the anus between legs to the balls and down to the inner thighs.Adam couldn’t avoid unleashing some faint moans. Mike could feel by the base of Adam’s cock that he was getting an erection. He moved his hands even slower, and Adam’s moan intensified. The prey was falling into the trap and Mike new it. He poured a generous amount of oil right on the anus and when Adam felt it he suddenly realised this massage was about to take a different course.Mike now started to circle with his fingers around the anus with one hand while other was playing güvenilir bahis with the balls. Then he inserted one and then two fingers finding no significant resistance. By the contrary, adam was all heated and starting to stick his ass up, carving for more. Mike pushed him down and told him to relax and let him do all the work.This ass play lasted several minutes and Adam’s was pouring pretty cum of his cock. He thought he would cum just with Mike’s long fingers massaging his prostate. He groaned and was prepared to cum soon. But Mike withdrew and moved down to the calves and feet.Adam felt frustrated and burning in desire. But resigned to the idea that wouldn’t get much more than maybe an happy ending. Nevertheless it was already a great idea if coming from a hunk like Mike.Mike asked Adam to turn around. This revealed his hard on and his cock and belly were both shining of pretty cum. Mike moved behind him and started massaging the face, neck and shoulders. He was letting his bulge press against Adam’s head and Adam was going wild. His breathing was shallow and tight.The massage carried on to chest and arms. Was stretching Adams arms and holding his hands against his chest. Adam was loving. Could feel the hairy chest of Adam, the power of his muscles and his hard nipples. Mike moved down to the legs and feet. Again rubbing his bulge against adam that was completely carried away by all the sensuality.So Mike decided to increase the fun. Moving to the oozy shaft of Adam’s seeking for attention, he stripped his shorts and the speedos beneath that could no longer hide the entirety of his cock half out. Adam was totally flat and did not realise Mike was naked until Mike started to rube his cock against Adam’s.Adam cocked his head up and gasped when he saw the size of if. Almost twice the girth of his own and even half soft already at least 3 inches longer.Mike pushed his head down and then focused in striking both cocks with one hand while other was searching again for Adam’s ass. Meanwhile Adam started playing with his nipples and closed his eyes just letting himself drift into the wonderful sensations that were overriding his body.He felt the excitement build up and thought he was close to cum. Mike sensed it too and stopped. Ironically it was 11pm and the end of the 2 hour session they had originally agreed.”Oh, too bad it had to finish now” said Adam disalpointed.”Why do you have something to do after this?” Answered Mike. Adam lifted an eyebrow. Mike continued “We barely started! If you think you are getting away and leave me like this… You have to sort this out now!!!” Said Mike pointing to his fully hard 11.5 inches monster.And Mike lifted Adam in his arms, kissed him sliding his tongue in. Adam just putt his arms around Mike’s neck and let himself be carried to the bedroom.”Now” said Mike “the real fun will start”Arriving at the bedroom Adam was immediately thrown on the bed. Mike made him sit on the edge and started slapping his face with his cock. Then he grabbed Adam’s head and rubbed his cock against his face. Adam started licking his balls and all the length of the shaft. Mike pulled him further against his balls and with his other hand started fingering his own ass, the. Giving the fingers for Adam to suck.”Yeah taste it you dirty boy”, he proceeded to suck the bahis firmaları fingers himself. Then he held Adam’s head again. “Start taking it in your mouth” Adam started sucking but he struggled to get past the head. Mike tried to make it in further but 5 inches was all Adam could take. Mike then grabbed Adam made him lay on his back with the head pending from the head of the bed, aligned with the neck. New try and after a few face fuck strokes for Adam surprise, the monster passed his throat all the way down until Mike’s balls were hanging on his nose.”Oh fuck, what a slut! That’s what I called a deep throat” said Mike, between groans of pleasure.Adam had never deelpthroated before. He thought he was not capable. Much less a gigantic cock like Mike’s. He felt proud. And for instants relaxed letting Mike give him a few nice strokes. But then he tried to pull back, as the vomit reflex build up. Mike gave him some space to breath and recover and after a few seconds rammed again all the way in.With every time Adam was getting more confident and adjusted his position to let Mike’s cock slide easier.”Oh shit, oh that feels great! Swallow it all bitch, take it all” Mike was enjoying himself. Adam started pulling Mike to him and reaching with his hands for Mikes ass. The hole was well oiled and his fingers slided in without problem. “That’s it! Massage my prostate”Mike carried on putting all the way in his cock.taking out and in again. After the best of 15 minutes his moaning intensified. His legs stiffened and Adam felt his anus tightening around hi fingers.”Here cums the first milk!!!! Aaaaaawwwwww fuck!!!” Shouted Mike while his cock bursted load after load down Adam’s throat. He withdrew but his cock was still shooting more milk, covering Adam’s face.Mike bend down and started licking his own juice from Adam and then kissed him and transfered the cum to him. He then made Adam finish cleaning his cock. And kissed him again with both tongues exploring each others mouths.Mike then picked from a drawer a 6 inches dildo. Gave it a suck and then made Adam lay on his back again. With the legs lifted up and spread apart. His cock exposed and his asshole pointing up. Mike spitted on his anus, gave it a nice rimming followed by fingering and finally the dildo was put in position. Mike pushed it in slowly twisting it to one side and the other.Adam seemed tense and resisted the dildo. Mike circled around and positioned his ass over Adam’s face. Adam accepted the invite and started rimming Mike. Mike gave another tongue bath to Adam’s pink hole. After that he tried again to insert the dildo. Slowly the toy disappeared inside Adam, all but the base. Mike was now fucking Adam with it steadily. This was a preparation to what would come next. Mike suspected Adam was not very experienced in all things anal and he was right. Adam had not taken many cocks and never one any close to the size of Mike’s.But for now Adam seemed oblivious to what was to come next, Sucking Mike’s ass as if his life depended on it. He soon started striking Mike’s cock that was coming back to life again. Mike was now sucking Adam’s cock while dildo fucking his ass.To the point Mike took it off and circled around again. He grabbed it and stucked it up his own ass. Then took it out and made Adam suck it. “Taste both our butts! canlı bahis siteleri I want you to deep throat that dildo while I fuck you, don’t want you to notify the entire neighborhood with your screams”Adam just now realised Mike was about to destroy his ass hole with that mobster cock.”Its gonna hurt” complained Adam.”Just relax, focus on your breathing and all should be fine.” Mike reassured him and started to poke his ass with his cock.The head went in but there were 8 more inches to go. Adam tried to shout but the dildo muffled it. Mike pushed a bit further and Adam tried to push him away. Mike held his position. Grabbed a pillow and put it under Adam’s lower back. His asshole was now completely vulnerable. Mike leaned over Adam and with his weight, his cock slowly slides all the way in.Adam was powerless now. With Mike bulkier body on top of him he could barely move. Tears rolled down his face. Mike hugged him. He let his cock motionless so Adam could get used to it. As Adam started to show signs of relaxation, Mike took the dildo off his mouth and started kissing his face and his mouth. Adam put his hands around Mike’s neck and kissed him back.Both let their tongues loosed inside one another. Seeing Adam more receptive, Mike pulled back and stroke forward. Slowly first but gaining pace. With the huge volume of his cock, Adam was feeling his prostate squeezed and his cock pulsing with each stroke. In time not only he was no longer resisting but he was pulling Mike deeper inside him with his hands.Mike trusts were getting stronger and faster. That was some pain for some time again. Adam focused on relaxing and surrending himself to the wonderful man that was holding him in his arms. Mike pulled him up against him. Licked and bitted his hears.Without exiting Adam, Mike turned both around, and Adam was now riding him. Mike held his hips and kept trusting up his ass. Adam’s cock was growing into full erection and soon enough the orgasm was inevitable. Adam had never come while being penetrated and the feeling building up seemed almost scary. But suddenly he released his load, all over Mike’s face, chest and belly.His ass sphincter worked like a pump on Mike’s cock and soon after Mike let a loud groan and his cock pulsed inside Adam, who felt every twitching and the cum flooding his insides. Mike pushed his cock deep in, Adam was now smiling of pleasure. Mike smiled back. Both men exhausted drained but satisfied.Mike started grabbing some of Adam’s cum and licking it from his hands. “Let’s not waste such impressive load of milk. Let me share some with you.”Mike made Adam clean the rest of the cum from his skin. Then they made a 69 to suck clean each others’ cocks.Finally they both hit the shower together. Was almost 1 am. Adam dried out and was already starting to dress himself when Mike asked: “Are you sure you want to take the night bus?””I didn’t think you wanted me to stay…””You didn’t ask either””Do you want me to stay?!””I do” said Mike pulling him and kissing him”.Adam could not believe he had just had the best sex in his life with this hunk who he was deep in love with already. Feeling tbe hapiness he tightened his arms around Mike. Mike caressed his hair and kissed his forhead thinking he was feeling something special growing for this guy who despite not believing himself had a lot to offer.They ended up spending the weekend together. And a couple of months later Adam moved in. Sex remained great and there were many more things both men wanted to try to spice things even further.But that is another story.

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