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Subject: Man Cam (AdamCoper (7) This is a fictional story about hot guys from an online chat siteIt’s pure fiction as all the guy are far away Some gay. Some straight and some bisexual But all the guys are hot. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (AdamCoper (7) … “Yes Adam. Yess!” I shouted back at him “Get up here and suck me stud” Adam was on my back fast as he had prepared my hole for a good hard fucking. Licking at it with his expert tongue as he got me ready for that big Latin cock of his. Then he pressed his cock head at my entrance. Pushing the thing at me needy ass. And in moments he popped his dick into me. I groaned deeply as penetration happened. Feeling as the hottest stud I had ever met pushed his big cock into my ass. “Awe fuck Adam” I moaned “So fucking big” “Awe fuck!” Adam just held his dick in my ass for a bit. Letting me acclimate to the inches he had pushed escort passed my sphincter. It felt so freaking food and so filling. My ass was filled to max it seemed from his big dick. And he wasn’t even all the way in. “Very nice man hole” he cooed “I am now going to fuck you good and hard” And with that he repositioned himself behind me. His dick still in me part way. Then he grunted once as he thrust back into my guts. I groaned again as he slammed down. Deeper he went with his dick. And there was a growing dull pain as my ass tried to take more cock than it had been used to. Soo much dick that this gorgeous man had. And he was slowly giving me more and more if it. Never ever had I been so filled up with dick. And his surely was a big one. Stuffing it deep into me. The bulbous head raking against my prostate. “Fuck baby. Ohh yess!” He moaned “Your ass is soo damned good” “Feeling incredible on my cock” “Hmmf fuckk!” And he continued gebze escort to take me. Thrusting more and harder. His body pushing against mine as he fed my ass his magnificent dick. “More stud, more” I cooed “Give it to me. Soo much cock. Ughnn!” And he did. Adam began to fuck me faster now. Drilling my guts with all that big Latin cock. Plowing into my body more aggressively. He was grunting in me too. Then he stopped when the pleasure was reaching the greatest heights. Adam pulled from me. Then he said to then around. Which I gladly dis. He grabbed at my legs as I flipped to my back. Then he shoved back into me. Hard again. “Awe fuckk!” I cried “Yes baby. Yes Adam” “Give it to me stud. Give it to me!” “Yes. Awe fuck yess baby” he crowed back “Here it is man. Here!” The gorgeous stud humped my ass hard as he looked down at me. His face stunning even in pleasure. I reached and grabbed him. I needed to kiss him. So gölcük escort I did. I pressed my lips to his as he continued to fuck me. Pumping his dick into me again and again. “Fuck me man. Fuck me.” I shrieked “Burn my insides up Adam” Then he sped up more as Adam ground himself into me. He was close. I knew it. His humps got stronger and his breaths rougher. Adam was going to cum. So I begged him to. I wanted this hung studs breeding hole. “Fuck me. Full me up baby!” I shouted. I grabbed at his ass and smacked it. Pulling him to me. And that was when he blew. He cried out in orgasm. Shouting at me as he blew. “Here it it. Here it is!!” He shouted And then the warmth of his cum poured into me. Shot after shot after shot. And I lobed it. I grabbed his awesome body and pulled him into me. Letting him fill me up. And he did. Soo good he filled me up. And I loved every bit of it. “Just give it to mee!” I shouted We then finished and he just lay on me. And it felt good. Soo good. And we did it several more times after. And I took it all while he was here…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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