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Adventurous Little Katie Ch. 01

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If you met her you’d swear that angelic-faced little Katie was kidding you about her ‘in the mind’ image problem. That is, until you see the sight of the sexy looking 4ft. 7in. pocket princess step out of her gleaming new BMW Z8 sports car and you realise that being tiny can have its advantages.

Thanks to her 50 year-old filthy rich Uncle Zach the entrancingly pretty but not so bright exhibitionist teenager got the luxury car for her 18th birthday when he delivered on a promise that he’d come good with something special on her birthday especially if she came good for him at the same time.

He didn’t tell her what it would be just to drive her wild wondering, but she must have been really good for him to think of a luxury car in the first place when it could have been anything else. He’s told her she’s got to get a job without wasting any time now that she’s finished her school days, albeit with ‘fail’ stamped all over her final report.

*Author’s note: Before I take you to her latest attempt to find a job, let’s just flash back a few weeks ago to when she went to her uncle’s penthouse to get her birthday surprise, even though she had to wait two weeks after her birthday because he was out of town at the time. You can be the proverbial fly on the wall.

By the way, she wasn’t called little Katie for being big. She had to wear the jibes about being the school’s shortest student and one smart arse even said she should sue the council for building the roads so close to her bum.

She knows she doesn’t have the allure of the taller, bustier chicks most men go for and it’s why she developed a penchant for being somewhat provocative to make men notice her. Dressing today for the occasion she wants to make herself look super sexy for Uncle Zach because he believes in her and he’s a big spender, a bachelor to boot, so she can feel right going there today in a very flirtatious mood.

Relatively speaking she feels he’s relatively sexy anyway with his towering 6ft. 2in. frame built like an oak tree with his muscled arms and legs. And he can carry her easily under one arm.

Katie looks at her naked frame in the bathroom mirror — the contrast to Uncle Zach’s masculine might is unmistakeable with her comparatively little build, his shoulders so broad and strong, her shoulders narrow by women’s standards; his chest so big, her chest not so with her tiny tits just the size of firm tennis balls made provocative by the way her rosy pink and seemingly oversize swollen puffy nipples jut out like pencil point mini mountain peaks.

If she had to score points for her bust she’d go bust but if she had to score points for the points of her bust she’d be well in front. At the back end though, her bottom is tops with the perfect balance of supple flesh nicely rounded and squeezable so there’s no ifs about her butt.

Damn the knockers who think she’s not seductive because Katie likes her big knobs and she wants a man to feel the same because in the mirror they stand out demonstrably despite her otherwise pocket-sized form. She’s painted an edible lacquer all over her the uplifted areolas that make them glossy and a deeper pink. Her opaque black long sleeved silk shirt allows the captivating twin puffy nipples to push against the frail fabric and her sleek thigh high polyester mini-skirt falls just a mere inch down from the inside tops of her shiny smooth legs. She wants to be ‘legs-actly’ sure her uncle knows that she’s worth every bit of his attention.

Underneath she dons her favourite translucent thong that barely covers her bare vulva with its generously formed outer labia giving the impression that while she’s generally smaller than women larger than her, in the pussy department her deportment is right up there with the better looking ones. After touching up her blond fringe and ponytail and adding gloss to her full lips she straps up her five-inch high platform shoes to make her feel taller and heads out the door to hail a taxi cab.

Arriving at Uncle Zach’s penthouse she throws her arms around him the moment he opens the door in a white knee length towelling robe. A young lady old enough to know better and looking so comely does not need to wonder what that bulky object is pressing upright against her torso if a man’s pleased enough to see her.

“Uncle Zach I’m so excited, I’ve waited so long for this,” she purrs as they embrace. “I couldn’t believe that you had to be away on my most important birthday, I thought I’d be getting a big surprise there and then and you forgot, you naughty you.”

“I’m here now and we’re going to make it a late birthday celebration you’ll never forget,” he says in a 007 secret service kind of extra curricula commanding quiet voice. “You’re looking quite a gal now,” he says giving her a playful pat on the tail.

“It’s so groovy of you to think of me like this,” she beams and they kiss as his strong hands pull her lightweight body tightly against his bulk. While some things can get hard in a moment a kiss is hardly a kiss without the dart of a tongue. They hug again and just poker oyna for good measure he lifts her off her feet and pulls her into his body so that her mini skirt rides up slightly.

His swollen phallus just so happens to be level with the very tops of her thighs as his big hands wrap around her posterior with his ulterior motive of pressing her softness against his hardness, and it works. Her kiss tells him she can feel how he feels about her.

Zach walks her over to his well- stocked bar where he beckons her to put her hands around the balloon shaped glass to properly warm the cognac he pours for her with a wink of the eye.

After 15 minutes gossiping he tosses her a daring skin tight one-piece pale blue coloured silk cat suit to change into for him. “I want to see you hiding behind this flimsy veil thing I picked up by sheer good fortune thinking of how it would look on you.”

“Oooh this looks naughty,” she carols. “Is this what you had saved up for my big day?”

“No, I saved up something else but it’s sure going to make me feel better for forking out on the real birthday present, now go and put it on.”

Katie emerges from the bathroom minutes later making his gasp.

“You little beauty,” he gesticulates with a soft hand clap. “That’s a perfect looking fit you look so utterly ravishing. Come closer my little pussy cat.”

Katie stands in front of him and spins around and then very slowly turns in a full circle for him to judge her again, her breasts that miniscule all he notices is the way the big tips of them stand out against the sheerest of fabrics as noticeable as a searchlight beacon on a pitch black dark night.

The sheerness of the Thai-made garment pulls snugly into the crevice of her behind and from the front he groans again at the way the second skin wraps itself third-dimensionally over a ‘purry’ nice pussy. She can see him gawking and this is Katie at her exhibitionist best with one hand on her hip and the other behind her ear in a teasingly naughty gesture.

“Ten out of ten,” he awards her with a careless lick of his chops. Katie smiles saucily at him, knowing that for someone so minute it takes less than a minute to be able to wrap a man so big around her little finger.

“Try imagining me on the catwalk at a fashion show,” she giggles. “Oh well, an audience of one is better than none,” she laughs and her bright white teeth sparkle.

The mini parade over she sits beside him and drapes an arm around his broad shoulders while she pecks him on the cheek. “You know I never want to let you down, I never could, you’re the best uncle in the world,” she purrs and her skirt rides up to the very tops of her thighs.

“I’ve got to admit it’s been a long time coming until today but at my age it’s nice to know you’ve still got a soft spot for me,” he replies laconically.

“Oh but I always will…” she breathes in his ear…”not just because you’ve got more money than you know where or how to spend it, but because I love you, you’re so macho. Uncle Zach you make me feel so protected against you… I just love being your little pocket princess,” she coos as she delicately slides an exploring hand beneath the white bathrobe. The flat palm moves gingerly over the bulk of an eight and a half inch hunk of manhood stretching into fuller shape inside his designer jocks.Her brain sends a message to her nether regions and her pulse quickens.

Katie pecks him on the cheek again making him pull back in mock surprise. “Is that all it’s worth, just a peck on the cheek? You can do better than that if you want to…”

“I’m just teasing,” she replies as she pulls aside his robe to expose his manliness with only the white Lycra briefs on. Throwing him an innocent expression she pulls the top of his jocks downwards slowly and surely with seductive intent and his thickening erection pops out like a jack in the box.

“Oh my god, just look at it,” she swoons, “just look at it.”

Katie looks him in the eye with mock surprise. “How much does this thing weigh? Mmm…now I can see what you’ve been hiding from me all these years.”

She grips it tightly as she leans over to his face in his slumped position and brings her face level so he can feel the body heat of a hot older teenager exploring boundaries with full intention of trespassing.

“Oh it’s so big,” she breathes, enraptured by its weapon-like status. “You’ve no idea how much I wanted to even just look at it. I’d go to bed at night and work myself up imagining what it could be like to have something big like this working away inside me…”

“Well now you know what it looks like all you need now is to get the thrust of it,” he jokes.

“I will, I mean you will won’t you?” she asks as she moves into a closer snuggling position.

“It’s going to be a long night let’s take our time,” says the big man.

He feels the tip of her tongue wetting the sensitive membranes just inside his ear and hot breathing, her soft,sensuous, femme fatale kind of voice……”I want you to ravish me today big daddy.”

Zach canlı poker oyna groans and with her hand encircled around his rock hard erection she slides her clasped fingers up and down the shaft with only light pressure. Her cheeky tongue penetrates his lips, swirling around like a snake in the grass and like a mongoose he grabs it tightly to hold it captive long enough to hear her give a soft moan. Mouths tightly pressed against each other, passion mounting,he feels both her hands working on him below.

Their tongues wrestle and twist about, holding, biting, letting go, sucking and sliding, their mouths totally closed against each other, two people groaning softly. He’s thinking that such birthdays ought to come more often and in her mind all she’s thinking of is what it could feel like to have his trunk-like boner thrusting mercilessly inside her while she’s helpless on her back and his dominating 6ft 2 in. frame over her.

Suddenly Zach pulls away and shakes his head…”Dammit gal you’re so fucking hot you’ll make me cum in my lap if you keep it up, where did you learn to kiss like that?”

Her glossed lips move to his lower regions and she hops off the couch to kneel between his knees, pulling his underpants down his legs and over his feet so nothing’s in the way. His bigness, not just being broad and tall but being so well endowed excites her. Katie’s always had a thing in her curious mind about older men that she likes to look up to them. It doesn’t matter how old they are she thinks they must have so much knowledge stored in their heads by being twenty to forty years older that surely they must be better lovers than young bucks of her generation who are probably all action without the style. And she thinks that the older they are the younger they want to get — if they can get away with it.

She doesn’t mind looking up to her uncle or think twice about the 32 years difference from her kneeling position on the floor. She happens to know that he didn’t just invite her over to give her a gift without taking some liberty with her after years of watching the exotic transformation of her youth to her new found adulthood.

There’s something about females that no man ever needs to teach for some reason or other; it’s how to work their mouths around a perfectly poised penis being such naturals as though they were born to know. Being a natural prick teaser Katie can build lust that lasts longer and she’s got Zach right where she wants him.

Very slowly her tongue moves over and around his big testicles, sucking on them in turn and intermittently licking the full length underside of his erection and making him squirm as he looks down at her doing it.

She stops for a moment just to smile at him and blow him a whimsical kiss. “Oh my god don’t stop now, let me give you a mouthful, get your mouth around it …” he begs.

“Naughty Uncle Zach, you should know that beggars can’t be choosers, you must be thankful for what you get. If you want me to go harder to bring you off you’d better talk dirty to me, I’d like to feel slutty for you since we’re family it can’t be a romantic interlude. What would mum say?”

He groans as her lips encircle the sensitive end of his rock hard erection and she draws back tantalisingly. “Fuck Katie, I ought to strip you naked, tie you down on the mattress and have you stretched hands and feet to the four corners of the bed, put a blindfold on you and pour a jar of honey over those pointy ends of your boobs and your hairless pussy and invite some of those middle-aged men you told me you used to tease in the shopping centres to come in and lick you dry.”

“Mmm” she murmurs, “mmm, I’d like that; keep me in the dark with a blindfold and those dirty old men leering at me naked after they catch me for acting suggestive in my mini skirt and tiniest thong the way I did; do you have their phone numbers?”

“Yes I do and I know they’d all want to fuck you, all three of them at once. Can you imagine it? Front door, back door, attic door all at the same time and you can’t see which one’s giving it to you the best.”

Oh she’s imagining it all right; too right she is as she stops rolling her tongue in every direction around his sensitive glans and gets the perfect pressure with her lips around it, her head bobbing about eagerly and making him groan more rapidly. Katie can tell he won’t hold out much longer the way she’s doing it twisting it around in her mouth and the way he’s inhaling and exhaling more noisily.

She’s got him like a puppet on a string as she clasps one hand around his tighter than ever testicles with soft squeezes and works her mouth like a machine to bring it on.

Inwardly, Katie’s an erotic creature and, like many horny women, the whispers, sounds and thoughts of suggestive dirty talk makes her imagination let go and it’s game on. The masculinity of his fully primed penis – so huge compared to her own clitoral erection – fascinates her no end and it’s a battle for control — her control over it or its control over her. Katie’s fingers are dry but inside internet casino she’s wet as the intensity of working him up to make him cum stimulates her mind to racetrack speed. And so is his blood pressure as he gulps air non-stop like a racehorse rounding the bend and going full stretch to the finish post.

Just as she’s imagining those three men taking her greedily in every which way Zach stiffens and arches off the couch with a loud mournful sounding groan. She’s ready for it and takes the first big burst straight down to the back of her tongue and before she can consider the taste his other jettisons aren’t as well directed so that they land around her mouth and chin making her lick it up,blinking in case there’s more coming. He watches her wipe her mouth and smile sweetly like a self-respecting female should after innocently getting down and dirty to do that so well.

“Oh my god, that was more than I expected, but it was good,” she purrs looking every bit the feisty feline in her see-through cat suit.

“I’ve been saving it up,” he confesses. “I get better with age like good wine.”

Finally calm again. “Oh geeeezus you’re good Katie, you’d bring a dead man back to life doing that. I’m so glad my sister’s your mother.”

He gives her a peck on the point of her nose and pulls his undies up again. Katie helps him tuck his pride and joy back in like a clucky hen. “I know,” she quips. “That was just to let you know how good I am and since you think I could bring a dead man back to life I’m hoping you mention me in your will just in case I can’t bring you back to life if you ever get too excited to handle me.”

“What, not my last will and testament? I haven’t even done a first one yet! Listen you little sweet bunch of honey drops I’ll have you know I don’t intend kicking the bucket for a long, long while but if I have to go one day I hope it’s because of a damn good fuck and not getting hit by a bus.

“Listen, it’s your birthday and so far I’m the one getting the goodies, how about I take you down to my car in the basement where I’ve been hiding your birthday present in the glove box? Oh, and better get changed again we don’t want to bump into any dear old ladies to get the wrong impression about me. There are one or two old ladies a few floors down I ran into before that think I’m the ants’ pants.”

They take the high speed elevator to the basement without stopping for any little old ladies and he’s got Katie thinking he’s got something put aside for her in the glove box of his car.

They get out of the elevator and walk towards his shiny black 12 cylinder Mercedes CL600 and Katie goes ahead to make out she’s opening the door for him.

“Wrong car,” he shouts lightly.

“No it isn’t, this is yours, of course it is I know the number plate,” she argues back.

“Yes but it’s still the wrong car; I came down here to show you your car, not mine. Look behind you kid.”

Katie wheels around and seems stunned as she looks at the fire engine red BMW Z8 looking so sporty and sporting the number plate KatieHF.

“That’s it kiddo,” the cheeky red car, it’s all yours baby.”

Katie never expected anything as big a surprise as this — jewellery maybe, a wardrobe of new clothes maybe but a flashy luxury car?

“Wow! Wow! Whee! A BMW that’s unbelievable,” she shrieks and squeezes him tightly. Just as well it wasn’t in the wrong place it was that tight.

“Oh Uncle Zach I could eat you all up again and again this is so fantastic, I’ll give you the best time in bed ever for this and any time you want me after that.”

They get inside and she takes the wheel with him reminding her to go easy as it’s a powerful 394- horsepower sexy grunt machine. She won’t need her lights on high beam at night, her eyes light up just as good.

“Did you see the number plate?”

“No, I was just too star struck, why?”

“Get out and have a look kiddo.”

Katie does and there it is ‘KATIE HF.’ She jumps back into the driver’s seat again excited like a youngster unwrapping Christmas presents after Santa Claus came by.

“Hey that’s real cool having my name on the number plate but what’s the HF mean?”

“It’s an acronym — letters that stand for two words,” he grins.

“I don’t understand any clues?”

“Not telling except to say it describes my sexy little niece down pat.”

Katie frowns, thinking to herself, and after a protracted silence she bursts into a giggle.

“Oh Uncle Zach you are so, so terrible, you’re the one who’s hot, I’ll just pretend it means high five if anyone ever asks me.”

The BMW tickles Katie’s fancy big time with a real burble sporty exhaust note as she drives it out of the basement and away they go for a half-hour spin, Katie almost running up the back of a Mafia- looking dark windows black stretch limousine when it crosses into her lane without her calculating the extra length of the vehicle.

It leads her great protector to remind to her she mustn’t forget that some things are longer than others even when they could look the same. When they return to his luxury pad half an hour later Katie gives him an impatient look. With a dig in the ribs she points upstairs. “Weren’t you going to show me something in the master’s chambers?”

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