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Afine time in Singapore

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Afine time in SingaporeA fine time In Singapore part one I had accepted a 1 year exchange to teach at a school in Singapore, the school arranged for me to have a one bedroom apartment in the center of Singapore.On my first day l decided to dress to impress by wearing a grey lightweight suit with a short skirt, white silk blouse and black stockings with knee high black leather boots and as always l was wearing black leather gloves which were skin tight and reached up to mid arm and several rings and a watch over the leather gloves, the principal certainly was unable to keep his eyes off me.The principal introduced me to my class and l noticed several boys had to adjust themselves and l smiled internally and also noticed that one of the girls was checking me out, l made a note that l would have to get to know her better.I called the register and found out that the girls name was Sally and l decided l was going to get to know Sally a lot better, just before l dismissed the class to go l explained that l would meet with them individually during breaks in class throughout the day and gave them all times and make sure that Sally had the last time of the day.By the end of the day Sally was the only one left to see and while l waited for her l hitched my skirt up and slipped a gloved finger in my wet pussy and through familiarity soon found my clit and was flicking it with my gloved finger l felt my orgasm hit me and a knock on the door came just at that moment, l composed myself and called for the person to come in, it was Sally and she walked in looking sweet and innocent in her school uniform except for the glint in her eye and the smile that told me she knew what l had been doing just moments before, at this point l decided she would be perfect for my plan.I exchanged pleasantries and then moving seats so that l was sitting next to her l rested a gloved hand on her knee and explained that l was looking for an assistant within the class and also to show me around the city, she smiled and moved closer and l moved my gloved hand further up her leg and her legs opened exposing her panties.I decided not to push it too far and withdrew my hand and l saw the look of disappointment tinged with some relief and l realized that she was nervous, l said to her that l was new to the city and l wondered if she would be prepared to show me around at the weekend, Sally explained that she would have to check it out with her parents and l nodded and produced a letter for Sally to give to them.The next day Sally brought back a letter from her parents agreeing to her showing me around the city this weekend and she suggested meeting at the Starbucks just around from the school, l was full of plans for what l wanted to do to Sally and my pussy was getting wet just thinking about it, so during the break l slipped into the staff toilet and slipped two gloved fingers into my pussy and quickly brought myself to orgasm my juices poured over my gloves so l slowly licked my gloves clean of my juices.On Saturday morning l thought long and hard about what l would wear and l put on a pair of skin tight jeans with black leather knee high boots with 5″ stiletto heels, a white lycra t-shirt with no bra and elbow length skin tight black leather gloves, l put a matching demin jacket with 3/4 length sleeves over the t-shirt and a pair of black wraparound sunglasses to complete my look, l put a watch onto my left wrist and grabbed my shoulder bag and walked to the Starbucks store.I ordered a coffee and chose a seat outside and lit a cigarette whilst l waited for Sally to show, after about ten minutes Sally appeared with her mother and her younger sister, l shook hands with her mother and thanked her for allowing Sally to show me around the city, she told me to call her Angel and l nodded, Angel gave me an interesting smile as she took in my appearance and l got the impression she was intrigued with my appearance and l asked if she wanted a coffee and shook her head saying that she had to take her other daughter to ballet digitalbahis yeni giriş she said that Sally would look after me and show me around the city l nodded and we shook hands again as she went to leave she ran her nails across my gloved hand as our hands parted.I watched Angel walk away and licked my lips as l thought to myself that she was interested as well and l wondered what her mother would think about what my plans for her daughter were.Sally smiled and said ‘what do you want to do first’ I suggested that perhaps we took a tour and after lunch we could do some shopping, Sally took me around the harbor area and showed me the sights of the city and before we knew it lunch time was here.I saw a nice harbor side restaurant and suggested that we go there for lunch Sally said that McDonalds would do just as well and l looked and said ‘we’ll have a proper lunch after all l don’t want your mother blaming me for feeding you junk food’We sat down at a table overlooking the harbor and l ordered a bottle of white wine and some iced water and the waiter nodded and we chatted about Sally’s family and l learnt that her Father was an investment banker and spent a lot of time abroad travelling, the drinks arrived and l poured us both a glass of white wine and Sally said ‘ l don’t normally drink alcohol mom doesn’t like it’, l smiled and said ‘It’s one bottle and there will be barely two glasses between us’ she took a cautious sip and nodded and then looking at me Sally said ‘ Ms. James can l ask you a question’.I looked at her and said ‘Sally we are out of school so my name is Nadia not Ms. James and yes you can ask a question’, she thought for a second and then said ‘ Can l ask why you dress this way you know wearing black leather and especially gloves, after all it is hot here’, I smiled and taking a sip of my wine replied ‘ Sally l dress this way because l’m sending a message that l am in charge and to certain people it is erotic’, thinking for a second Sally said ‘several of the boys in class think you are very sexy and one described you as a MILF, what did they mean’.I laughed thinking teenage boys are the same the world over seeing Sally’s confusion l said ‘ a MILF is short for Mothers / Matures l’d like to fuck and when you hear a boy say that they are talking about an older woman’ Sally rolled her eyes and said under her breath ‘Boys’, I smiled and said ‘l take it that you aren’t interested in boys’ she shook her head and l asked ‘what about girls or older women’ she smiled and l rested my leather gloved hand on her knee and l smiled back and said ‘l like both girls and boys and l like you’ Sally smiled nervously and took a gulp of wine.At this point the waiter arrived to take our order and we set out minds to ordering our food and l removed my hand from her knee, after he left she reached across and took one of my leather gloved hands in her hands and stroked the soft material saying ‘hmmmmm, it feels so soft do you wear leather gloves all the time ?’ l nodded and taking a chance l said ‘ How about we get you a pair of gloves for you when we go shopping’ she shook her head and l smiled and replied ‘l need to give you some sort of present for your assistance today’Our meal arrived and we chatted generally whilst we eat and at the end whilst l had a coffee and Sally a coke l decided to explore further with Sally about her family and said to her ‘Your mom seems very nice what does she do’ Sally explained that her mom stayed at home but used to be a teacher, l got the impression that Sally was interested in her mother and my interest was piqued.I paid the bill and we left the restaurant and took the bus to the main shopping center as l told Sally that l needed to buy some things, we went into the big department store and l made my way to the personal shopper office and explained what l required and asked to have a quick word with the personal shopper a young girl called Claire came over and l explained my requirements and she glanced over at Sally and digitalbahis giriş said it would be 20 minutes we agreed to meet here then.Sally and l spent some time wandering around the perfume and makeup sections trying different things before making our way up to the personal shopper area, Claire was waiting there and she steered us to a private changing area where several sets of clothing were waiting l smiled at Sally and said ‘that’s yours to try on’ she looked at me with surprise.‘What’s the matter’ l asked when Sally just stood there and she smiled sadly saying ‘It’s not worth me trying them on as l haven’t the money and even if l had my mom wouldn’t let me keep or wear them. She’s very conservative and church going’, l smiled back and said ‘Look firstly l am paying and when we go out together l want you to look nice and secondly we can keep the clothes in my flat and I’ll give you a key and you can come and change and your mom will be none the wiser’ I gave a gentle slap on her bottom with my leather gloved hand and said ‘now try them on that’s an order’.Sally smiled and impudently gave me a curtsy and said ‘yes ma’am’ she took her jeans and trainers off and was just standing there in a white t-shirt and white cotton panties and picked up a pair of black skintight ski pants she put them on and l suggested that she open the big box on the floor inside was a pair of black leather thigh length boots with 4” stiletto heels she caressed the soft leather and looking around found a chair and sat down she unzipped the boots and slowly slid her foot into it and zipped it, she did it slowly almost like she knew the effect it was having on me ( my pussy by now was getting extremely wet and l wanted nothing better than to reach over and kiss her passionately) Sally put the second boot on and l got up and suggested that she took her t-shirt off and handed her a black lycra vest top she put this on.I stood there for a minute admiring this young girl who l had started on her first steps to becoming a vixen, then l reached and picked up a pair of long black leather gloves and handed them to her and told her to put them on she slowly pulled them on and as l helped smooth out the wrinkles l noticed her caressing her tits and her nipples were starting to become erect, to complete her outfit l picked out a ¾ sleeve black leather jacket and a pair of black wraparound sunglasses l had to admit she looked hot and steered her towards the full length mirror.The reaction of Sally as she saw herself in the mirror was all that l expected she stood there and l came behind her and said ‘How do you think the boys in school would react if they saw you dressed like this?’ she giggled and smiled saying ‘they would be panting like dogs’ l smiled and said ‘and remember like dogs you have to show them who’s in charge’ she smiled as l imagined her playing a scene in her mind.We spent the next 2 hours trying different combinations and in the end we brought 3 different outfits which could be mixed and matched along with two pairs of black leather boots ( 1 thigh high and 1 knee high) and 3 pairs of black leather gloves all of varying lengths, as we went over to the tills Sally looked at me and said ‘You’re not paying for all of these are you’ she had a worried expression on her face l smiled and said ‘ l am paying for it because l want you to look good and to thank you for your help and time today and who knows you might get the chance to pay me back in kind if you want to’Sally smiled and standing on tip toes kissed me on the cheek and said ‘thank you’ we gathered up our bags including the few bits l had purchased and left the store it had started to get dark so l suggested that we get a taxi back to my place and then l would take her home, l hailed a taxi and we got into the back seat and l gave the driver the address of my apartment block and Sally rested her head against my shoulder as it drove along, l idly ran my leather gloved fingers through her long fine black hair thinking about digitalbahis güvenilirmi all the delightful things l would like to do to her.Within a very short while we arrived back at my apartment and l let us into it, l took Sally into the bedroom and showed her where to put the bags l explained that one of the wardrobes would have all Sally’s clothes and she then saw the collection of dildo’s, vibrators and strap on’s by the side of my king size bed, she smiled knowingly and then said ‘ Hmmmmm, l can see what you do to get to sleep, l laughed and replied ‘Soon my dear l will hopefully using them on you’ she smiled back and said ‘Unless I’m using them on you first’.We went into the living room and l got the spare key and gave it to Sally saying ‘Use this to let yourself in, just give me a call when you’re coming’ she smiled and said ‘ you’ll definitely know when l’m coming’ we looked at each other and laughed and then l leaned down and kissed her she responded and our tongues intertwined, l broke the kiss and said ‘l need to have a quick shower make yourself at home’ l grabbed a change of clothing and went into the bathroom and undressed and showered.Whilst in the shower l played with myself and using the dildo l kept in there for that reason l brought myself to an intense orgasm, l got out and dried myself off and got dressed l put on a black leather bustier, short black leather skirt and my knee high black leather boots and a pair of opera length Black leather gloves, brushing my hair l made my way to the front room where l stopped dead at what l saw in front of me.Sally was lounging on the sofa dressed in a black leather mini skirt, black leather waistcoat, black leather thigh length boots with 4” stiletto heels and opera length black leather gloves, she had two gloved fingers in her pussy and was bringing herself to orgasm, she saw me and smiled saying ‘Do you like what you see?’, l smiled and said ‘very much, so what has changed?’.Smiling Sally said ‘Well if you are prepared to spend this much money on me and you have given me a key to your flat it seems churlish not to at least see if we enjoy each other’, I held my gloved hand out and she grasped it and l smiled saying ‘ Bedroom that’s where all the toys are’, we walked in together to the bedroom arm in arm and at the edge of the bed we embraced and kissed passionately our gloved hands were exploring each other and soon we both had our skirts off, l switched on the recording system which l had installed in the bedroom and guided Sally over towards the bed. I slowly unbuttoned her waistcoat and kissed her tits and stomach as l removed it and then Sally unclipped my bustier and slowly started to lick my erect nipple and then teased it with her teeth, this sent shivers down my spine and l gasped Sally smiled and said ‘You like’, I pushed her onto the bed and kneeling down started to lick her pussy lips she was already quite wet and l slowly pushed two gloved fingers into her wet pussy and she gasped with delight as one of my gloved fingers flicked her clit.Sally stroked my hair with her leather gloved fingers as my tongue started to tease the inside of her pussy and swirl over her clit and the sighs from her told me that she was enjoying my attention, her juices started to flow and she tasted so sweet and l sucked her clit which caused her to gasp in pleasure and one of my gloved fingers started probing her arse, as l continued sucking her clit Sally gripped my hair more tightly as her first orgasm approached.Her juices flowed over my face and my gloved hand and she tasted so sweet and l continued lapping as she continued to come, Sally pulled me up to her face and we kissed passionately and she licked the juices off my face and sucked my leather gloved fingers clean of her pussy juice.I smiled and getting up l strapped on the black 12” strap-on and said ‘My dear allow me to introduce you to Mr. Strap – on he is very accommodating and will take you to heaven and back’ she smiled and licked her lips and said ‘ooooh is that for me Ms. James’, she opened her legs and she laid back holding her arms wide to embrace me, at that moment the doorbell went l quickly grabbed a black silk robe and pulled it over me covering myself up and went to the front door and peeked through the spy hole and standing there was Sally’s mother.

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