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After Christmas Party

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After Christmas PartySitting watching late afternoon football, with a beer, saw a black Merc pull up outside the house. Wife climbed out the rear wearing black, leather skin tight pants to the ankles, button up the front leather waistcoat, open toed 6 inch sling back pumps, her hair pulled back into a short pony, black mascara red toes and fingers. The mild weather allowing her to walk from the car bare armed with her black leather jacket over her shoulder, the waist coat straining to keep her tits controlled the crotch of her trousers splitting her cunt lips. I got to the door as she arrived opening the door she stepped in taller than me in her heels, leaning in to kiss I could smell her, a mixture of perfume and a stale smell a mixture of booze – sweat – leather and a smell of cum. The driver reaching the door with an overnight bag and dress carrier at the same time handed it over to me, the wife said thanks and shut güvenilir bahis the door. The smells from her contained in the confines of the hallway were pungent and erotic, she came over told me to drop the bag and kissed me longer. “You smell as if you had a good time”. I said. “Like a whore you mean, I know you like it when I smell of like a cum dump, you like it when you know I’ve been used, and boy have I been used. Madge throws a great Christmas party, can’t wait till the New Years Eve bash”, the wife said.“Tell me more” I said. “Nah” she said, “looks like my arrivals having the desired effect on that cock of yours, pull it out” she said. She was right, my cock had started to grow and as I released it she grabbed the shaft and pulled the foreskin back hard. As she wanked my cock she undid her trouser waist band and fly and stuck 2 fingers in and pulled them out to rub them under my nose and for me to lick. türkçe bahis Her soiled cunt juice was sharp to the taste and extremely pungent.“Want more” she said. “Yes” I said. Moving backwards to the stairs pulling me by my cock she undid the rest of the buttons in the fly which meant her trousers split into 2. Exposing her cunt and crotch as she sat down, kneeing in front of her the smell coming from her cunt was intoxicating and rank. Her gash was red and the lips stuck open. I smelt her cunt before finding the clit with my tongue Theres a good boy she said, eat all you want. I licked her cunt the moist pussy leaking juice and I lapped it up, wondering how many cum loads had been deposited in the last 24 hours in my wife cunt that I had my tongue in trying to clean out. I looked up to see her unbuttoning the waist coat exposing her heavy tits and long nipples. I moved up to the tits to suck on them, as I got closer güvenilir bahis siteleri I could see dried semen on her tits and belly, sucking on a nipple I could taste some fuckers semen that during the night or even this morning had been splashed on to her tits My cock now hard and leaking pre-cum found her cunt hole and entered it, her cunt not loose but well lubricated allowed my cock to enter to the hilt. Moving away from her tit my face met hers and she grabbed my waist to pull me in, as I kissed her neck I could taste semen, the fucking bitch was covered in the stuff, looking at her hair I saw large clumps of matted hair stuck together with semen. She must have been wanked over by the whole company and some. I was about to add my load, and withdrew to yank my cock over her tits and neck. Sucking on my cock to drain the last spunk, her phone rang which broke the moment, finding her phone in her jacket, she answered it and it was Steph who invited herself round to hear how the party went.Want me to shower the wife asked me. Nah I said stay rank a while longer I might add some more as my load ran down her tits and dried with the other loads.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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