May 18

After School Adventures Ch. 07

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I woke up on Saturday morning with a purpose, to clear my conscience by personally telling my wife Karen about my affairs. As I tried to keep that thought fresh on my mind, I must’ve been making a weird face, because when Karen woke up and rolled over to face me she looked concerned.

“John? What’s the matter?” she asked.

Every now and then, I liked to enjoy a good stare at her. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to have met her, let alone marry her. Although she wasn’t as sexy or voluptuous as the girls I’ve had affairs with, my wife’s outstanding personality seemed to have a physical effect on her overall appearance. Karen was a kind and gentle soul, compassionate and understanding, everything most men should dream of marrying. This morning, her long, wavy, golden hair seemed to reflect the sunlight and illuminate the room.

“You don’t look so good,” she said, “Do you maybe have the flu or something?”

“No, honey, I’m alright,” I said, “I’ve just had a lot on my mind lately.”

“Like how you might become a father soon?” asked Karen, playfully touching my chest.

“Well, yes, among other things.” I said, moving her hand away.

I’ve wanted to come clean about my affairs for a long time. The only thing stopping me was the fear that she might leave me, tearing apart an otherwise perfectly happy potential family. That thought alone was enough to make me weep.

“Is there…” said Karen, leaning in closer to me, “Someone else?”

“If I tell you what I’m thinking, promise me you’ll let me finish before you react.” I said, hoping she trusted me enough to say “Yes”.

“John, you’re scaring me…” she said, absent-mindedly slipping the tip of her finger into her mouth.

“No, no, no, don’t start biting your nails again,” I said, gently moving her finger away, “You’ve been working so hard to quit.”

“Well, you’re making me nervous!” she moaned.

“I’m sorry, Karen,” I said, “I’m going to tell you everything.”

Then something peculiar happened. At the exact same time, we both opened our mouths and spoke, and even weirder, we both said the same five words.

“I’ve been having an affair.”

For a minute we looked at each other, searching one another’s eyes for a look of guilt. We were both furious at each other and we were both hurt.

“My affair was with one of my clients.” said Karen.

“Mine was with a student. And there was also a one-time fling with another teacher.” I said.

“So, then, is this it? Are over, just like that?” asked Karen.

“God, no… I love you more than I could ever explain,” I said, “I had the affair with one of my students out of lust. Then I was tricked into thinking that one of the other teachers knew about the affair, so I slept with her to make sure you wouldn’t find out… It made sense at the time.”

“There was an office party at the firm a couple weeks ago. My client threw us a party in celebration of winning his lawsuit. I got drunk and when I woke up we were naked in the janitor’s closet.” said Karen.

“Do you remember that movie we watched? Where the couple broke up because they each had affairs? Let’s not let that be us.” I said.

“I’m güvenilir bahis relieved to hear you say that.” said Karen, leaning in and kissing me.

“Do you remember how they tried marriage counselling? They told each other what they weren’t getting out the relationship that caused them to have the affairs in the first place?” I asked.

“What? You want us to do that?” asked Karen.

“I think we need to do it,” I said, “There’s a reason why we had affairs. Once we get those reasons up in the air, we can work on improving them so that this won’t happen again.”

We looked at each other for a minute. In that instant I saw the woman I married six years ago, with her bridal veil and make-up.

“I think I did it because our fire has gone out.” I said, breaking the tension.

“Do you mean that we don’t have sex enough?” asked Karen.

“No, we have it enough, but it’s just not as wild as it used to be.” I said.

“You miss our passion and chemistry.” said Karen.

She knew me better than I knew myself. It was so easy to talk to her. Even if I couldn’t think of the right way to say something, I’d try a few times anyway and she’d still understand exactly what I meant.

“I think I got bored. I mean, every time we have sex, it always plays out exactly the same way. It’s still good, there’s just never any variation.” said Karen.

“So, I want more passion and you want us to experiment?” I repeated, making sure we understood each other.

“That sounds right.” said Karen, hopping off the bed and standing up.

“I think I already know of how we can move past this.” she said, pulling her nightgown off with a flourish.

“As in, right here? Right now?” I sputtered, somewhat taken aback.

“Well, you said this is what you wanted. So, come and ravish me!” moaned Karen, sounding very much like she used to when we were first dating.

“Alright, if you say so.” I teased, stroking my morning wood under my boxers.

She bent over the bed as I pulled my shorts down. I was about to slide my cock into her pussy, but then she reached back and re-directed it.

“No, no, in the other hole.” she said, feigning confidence.

“Are you sure, honey?” I asked, “I know you’re not comfortable with–“

“We have some issues that need to be worked out,” said Karen, sounding irritated “If this will help, then I’m willing to give it a try.”

“Okay then. I promise to be gentle.” I said.

Karen was not as breathtaking as Ms. Kenner, or as sexy as Monica. But she was not in any way ugly. She was quite tall, and had the most amazing legs. Her pussy was usually in a constant state of wetness, but it was nowhere near as tight as Monica or Ms. Kenner’s. She had nice, supple breasts that were big enough to attract attention, but not too big to hog the spotlight. She has a tattoo of a lily on her lower back, a memento of her mother. I spread her ass cheeks apart and, somewhat apprehensively, slid the tip of my dick into her tight hole. This was her first time ever doing anal. Although I wasn’t really a fan of it, the fact that she was willing to let me do this really showed how much she cared about me. And by obeying her, and allowing her to experiment, I was showing her türkçe bahis the same thing.

“Wow,” gasped Karen, “It feels so much bigger when you put in my ass.”

By the time I was all the way in Karen had reached back again and had started to rub her clit. I would’ve done it for her, but I needed my hands to rest on her hips, to help keep the rhythm going. If I was to suddenly go too fast, I’d end up traumatizing her. Anal sex felt very different than normal sex. It was completely new territory for me, let alone for Karen and I…

“Go a little faster.” said Karen.

I obliged and sped up. As I did so, it started to feel a little better. It seemed like her ass just needed to be broken in. Not unlike a virgin pussy, only, luckily there was no blood.

“Let me taste it!” squealed Karen, pulling my cock out of her ass and getting down on her knees.

She shoved my dick into her mouth and sucked me dry. One thing she’d always been good at is blowjobs. She had a tendency to get carried away though. She had said “taste” but she kept going for about two minutes before I literally had to pry her mouth off of my cock. She collapsed on the bed and spread her long, shapely legs. I went back in and slipped my dick back into the gaping hole that was her ass. I went in so much easier now. I went even faster now, and Karen seemed to actually be enjoying it. But, now that I think about it, it was probably the fact that we had left our comfort zone that was really getting her going. I could tell when she really liked the sex when she stopped making much noise at all. She would just stare at me. Deep into my eyes, almost like she was trying to read my mind. Her pale blue eyes were so hard to look away from as it is, and seeing her acknowledge the fact that she had a big dick deep in her ass was a great turn on.

“Keep fucking my ass, John, keep fucking me until I cum.”

As per usual, my pleasure in this primarily came from knowing that I was pleasing her. The only person that this applied to was my wife, because I always felt connected to her. It’s the same reason I felt guilty about my affairs. Because they didn’t mean anything, but yet, they still felt good.

“Your ass is really tight, babe!” I groaned.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did. Well, obviously, because Karen was enjoying it, I could too, but, still, I was so into the moment that I had almost entirely forgotten why we had decided to do this in the first place. It was incredible what just a few changes in our sex life could do in just a few minutes.

“Go deep, go as deep as you can! I wanna feel every inch of your cock in my ass!” shrieked Karen, now frantically rubbing her clit.

I slowed the pace a little and leaned back. With every thrust I went 7″ deep into Karen’s tight little hole. I could feel the walls of her ass close in on my dick, suffocating it, trapping it, engulfing it.

“I’m gonna cum. I can feel it building up inside of me!” panted Karen.

If she wanted experimentation, I would give it to her. I had managed to make Ms. Kenner squirt and I was willing to bet I could make my wife squirt too. She was writhing with pleasure, which is something she hadn’t done in months. When she really got güvenilir bahis siteleri into the sex, literally anything could keep her hot and bothered. So, I slipped my cock out of her ass and knelt down, then I went to town on her clit. I employed a much more aggressive technique this time around, which again is something I never used to do with her. I licked her clit furiously, and then with the other hand I slid a finger into her still gaping hole. I still had one more free hand though, which I used to finger her temporarily neglected pussy. With sensation surging into her from three different places all at once, Karen started hyperventilating. I could see that she had started to sweat quite a bit too. But that just meant I was doing a good job. I wanted her to cum harder than she had ever cum before, so I added an extra finger to her asshole and two extras finger into her pussy. I licked her adorable little clit with even more zeal too. Karen was trembling from head to foot now and goosebumps had sprouted all over her body. I boldly stuck all five fingers into her pussy and as soon as I did, she screamed as an enormous fountain of orgasmic juice shot out of her pussy. First it was one large spray, but then a small torrent of cum followed. Either way, I got drenched. As soon as she had cum, Karen collapsed on the bed and started gasping for air.

“I d-d-d-didn’t know I-I-I-I c-could do that…” she wheezed.

“Neither did I,” I said, “But it looks like you were right. Leaving our comfort zone has opened all kinds of other possibilities.”

I lay down on the bed next to her and slipped my dick into her pussy this time, where I felt it belonged. Karen might’ve been tired, but I knew she wouldn’t deny me this right then. We were in a sideways position, sort of, and it was hard for me to go fast or deep, but I was so close to cumming myself that I merely wanted to finish myself off.

“Cum inside me,” said Karen, who could apparently feel my orgasm building, “Who knows, we might get lucky this time, daddy.”

I gently fucked her. It was a nice change of pace from what we had been doing earlier. My arms with half hugging, half groping, at Karen’s tits. Her pussy was still sopping wet and it felt amazing on my dick. It almost felt like I had built up heat in my cock from fucking her in the ass. In comparison, her pussy juices had a sort of cooling sensation. And before long, I gave in to the pleasure and fucked her as fast as I could from this awkward position. Within thirty seconds I had cum. And what a load it was. Karen and I might as well have been competing in a biggest load contest. I felt no more than six huge globs of jizz shoot out of my cock and coat the walls of Karen’s already drenched pussy.

“I love that feeling…” she sighed.

“What? Having all that cum inside you?” I asked, kissing her on the cheek.

“Well, yeah. But, also knowing that within a few hours we could be a family.” she chuckled.

We lay there on the bed for what felt like endless, blissful hours, until Karen got up and tidied herself up a bit.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“I’m starving.” I said, getting to my feet and pulling her in for another big hug.

Several weeks later, she would take a pregnancy test. And no matter what the results were, I felt confident knowing that we were still a family with or without a baby. And nothing, not even affairs would really keep two people as happy as us apart.


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