Ara 25

After the beach

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After the beachI walked into the restaurant, it was quite dark, even though the summer sun was still strong outside, the dark brick and wood made it hard for my eyes to adjust. I looked around, no one at the bar and no one sat at any of the tables around it. Had I got it so wrong? I took the crumpled piece of paper from my pocket. “Portofino’s restaurant. Tomorrow 8pm. NO UNDERWEAR” it said. Well, I was at Potofino’s and it was just before 8. Perhaps you had just written it to please me, make me feel good about myself as, after all, the previous day I had helped 4 guys wank and cum over and in you without a second thought for myself, and you just walked away with a wry look on your face leaving me with a cum covered note!Just then a waiter came over to me and said “the lady in black would like you to join her at her table” he gestured over to one corner. In the dim light I could see you sat at a small round table.As you did yesterday, you look stunning. Your light brown hair up with just a few whisks of it caressing your neck, plain but classy earrings hang delicately from your güvenilir bahis ears. The small amount of makeup you are wearing just makes your full lips stand out against the creamy white of your skin.As I walk over, you stand up and move towards me, now I can see what you are wearing, a sight more than the day before but again all I can say to my self is “WOW”.The black dress you are wearing is so figure hugging it seems you must have been poured into it. The plunging lace neckline revealing a very voluptuous cleavage, enhanced by, again, a simple but classic necklace. The dress clings to the roundness of your hips and hugs your thighs down to just above the knee. You are wearing black nylon, tights or stockings, I’m not sure but the outfit is finished of with a pair of black patent high heels with a delicate strap around the ankle.”It’s Steve isn’t?” You ask. “Yeah, ‘er yes, yes it is” I stammer, feeling myself blush in the dim light. You remembered my name. Your smile puts me at ease as I reach for your outstretched hand. Do I shake it, or do I kiss the back gently. I türkçe bahis take it and you tilt the back of it towards me. I lift it up and kiss the back, as I do I can smell your scent, sweet and floral, but not overpowering.We order drinks and look at the menu. I can’t help but keep glancing at you. Every now and then we make eye contact, you facing lighting up the dark room.”Did you enjoy yesterday at the beach?” You ask , your lips turning up at the corners into a devilish grin. “Silly question” I reply. You smile and lean in to me, “I couldn’t believe how much spunk that last guy shot into me” you whisper ” it was still running out of me this morning when I woke up” “Was it” I said knowing full well how much cum Mr Huge had emptied into you.The table we were sat at was small and round but in like an alcove where the seats curved round. As we made small talk you moved closer and closer to me, leaning in a little further each time to talk in hushed tones. Each time you leaned in to speak I couldn’t help but notice your cleavage. I know I had massaged lotion into your swollen güvenilir bahis siteleri breasts the day before, but looking down the front of your dress, seeing the two round orbs of delicate pale flesh turned me on more. I’m sure, even in the dim light I could see the darkness of your areola, then I remembered the note “NO UNDERWEAR”.We ordered drinks and our food. As we carried on talking, every now and then you would place your hand on my thigh. I’m pretty sure it got closer and closer to my crotch each time.You were making my cock harden with every touch. The waiter bought our drinks, a white wine for you and a small bottle of Perroni for me, then our food. As we ate, you leaned and whispered to me “I’m still feeling horny after yesterday, will you help me out again?” I felt a little deflated, I was hoping it would be my turn this time, but how could I say no? I couldn’t tell you how many times in the last 24 hours I had had to release my cock and satisfy myself after what I had seen and done the previous day. “Of course” I replied. “What do you want?” “That Perroni bottle for a start” you reply. You push the table away from us slightly. You look around and see the other diners carrying on normally. You lift the hem of your dress to reveal the dark band of stocking tops before the creamy white of your thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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