Oca 08

After Work Ch. 1

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Emma Jones looked up from her PC. It was the end of a long day at the advertising agency and she felt very strung out. As the computer shut down, she cast a long look around the office at her colleagues all getting ready to leave on the warm Friday evening.

Emma wondered what they had planned for the night. Her gaze lingered on several people. Stephanie had only been at the agency for a month, but had already caused quite a stir, not just because she was very sharp and had generated business for the company, but through her dress. Both men and women noticed her constantly, and Emma’s eyes caught her profile, high breasts, nipples outlined through her sleeveless top. Slim legs wrapped in a printed satin skirt, the curve of her buttocks making the material ripple as she bent down to retrieve her bag, which had slipped under the desk.

On the other side of the partition Steve was straightening out his tie. Emma was sure this was a premise to standing, chin up, facing Stephanie, and taking in the same sight as Emma. Emma fancied Steve, she wasn’t totally sure why, she just had the constant feeling of wanting to go over and give him a big hug and feeling all her stresses melt away.

As she walked out of the revolving doors into the sunshine, it was the image of Stephanie that stuck in her mind. Emma had never thought of herself as totally bisexual, but the outfit that Stephanie was wearing that day had tripped a switch in her, and at that moment Emma felt the familiar rush, raised heartbeat, and fullness in her pussy.

Emma needed a treat, and decided to make her way to her favourite designer lingerie store. She hadn’t been for a while, as buying her flat had left her managing essentials only, and she was beginning to get fed up of cotton and cheap lace. As she sat on the bus, the image of Stephanie seemed to be burned onto her retina, and the quiet sensations continued. She wondered on how men coped, having to nurse a hard-on in a constantly public situation.

Walking up the steps into the boutique, Emma felt very contented, she had earned this. The last month had been extremely fraught, but not without reward, as the pitch that had consumed her whole team had been won, and her director had given them an early bonus.

Emma let her fingers follow the racks, as if there was something perfect waiting for her. She caught the eye of the assistant and smiled, she hadn’t seen this girl before, but figured that the same person couldn’t work there forever. She settled on long silk camisole, with matching french knickers, and a pair of indigo satin pyjamas. Not looking at the prices, she walked over to the assistant, who motioned her to a changing cubicle. The swinging saloon style doors made Emma smile, there was a space above and below, but the little rooms were tucked away in the corner of the store and away from any direct view.

As she unzipped the back of her canlı bahis şirketleri skirt Emma’s eye caught the gap between the wooden slats that divided the two stalls. Without thinking she moved closer. The woman on the other side was looking over her shoulder into the full-length mirror on the back wall. Starting at her neckline, the woman’s hands traveled the whole length of her body, drifting over her breasts, across her stomach and around to her bum. The blue satin nightdress clung to her figure like a magnet. Through the lace cups Emma could make out the woman’s erect nipples, bending as the hands came back up the lithe body.

Emma had to remember not to let out an audible moan, as by now she had undone the buttons on her blouse and had one had inside, cupping her left breast. The object of her stare had obviously decided to purchase, and was now pulling her trousers back on, covering a white thong. Emma suddenly felt a deep sense of disappointment, as the woman kept her back to the opening, preventing any view of her chest as she pulled a thin cashmere sweater over her head. Emma’s thoughts instantly returned to her own body as the stranger left the cubicle.

Removing her blouse and skirt, Emma scanned her own body in the mirror, she was proud of it. Her 34c breasts firm and sensitive, tummy kept in check by regular sessions at the gym, and without the rounded stomach that was so common. She had worn a silk g-string because of the hot weather, and despite its black colour, Emma saw that it was now clinging to her pussy, very wet from the recent show.

Emma unhooked her bra and laid it on the bench, giving her breasts a quick squeeze, she lifted the camisole over her head, admiring the way the ivory silk rustled silently down over her shape, the material catching on her now very erect nipples. She was so engrossed that she didn’t even hear the assistant knock quietly and push her head around the door.

“Are you OK in there? You are the last customer.” The trance was broken.

“I’m fine, thank you.” Emma replied, completely unaware of the time that had passed.

“I just wondered if you would like any advice on size”, was the next question…

The instant before replying, Emma saw the girl’s eyes move up and down over her body. She was also aware that having someone else see her had continued to make her horny, and looking down she thought her nipples were about to drill through the sheer material of the camisole.

“What do you think?” Emma spoke, her voice remarkably steady. “I’m not sure if this is a little tight over my breasts.”

Uttering the word ‘breasts’ caused a renewed gush to her vagina, and she was sure that by now the assistant, who was fully in the cubicle, would be able to smell her sex. Emma was however, quite hypnotised by now, as the girl moved forward and adjusted one of the shoestring straps of the garment.

Emma’s canlı kaçak iddaa eyes roved over the assistant’s outfit, the discreet name badge said Helene, and Emma could smell the expensive perfume. Helene was beautiful too, with auburn hair meeting her shoulders in a bob, A patterned blouse with fabric detail on the buttons covered her chest, while loose-fitting trousers kept suggesting at what was beneath. Emma even noticed Helene’s silver earrings, catching the crisp light of the changing room.

Still almost in a trance, Emma’s hand reached up, as if on a puppet string. She couldn’t help it, the continuing female stimulation of the last hour was reaching a peak, and it was something that she had to explore. Her hand came to rest on Helene’s shoulder, and stroked the top of her arm. Helene’s hands had dropped from the straps of the camisole, and were now at the hem, palms encircling Emma’s waist, drawing the two women closer together. Emma shuddered as her nipples met Helene’s, the silk electric on her skin. Emma could feel Helene’s own nipples like marbles. Straining as hers were.

Still without speaking Emma undid Helene’s blouse. She took her time over each exquisitely made button, as if prolonging the sense of expectation and mystery. Helene leaned back, enjoying the attention, then leaned forward and gave Emma a gentle kiss as she felt Emma’s warm hands on her flesh.

Emma’s lips opened to receive her first female tongue. Soft, gentle and purposeful, the tongue explored her mouth before retreating, letting Emma return the kiss with more vigour. Her mouth felt as alive, as her pussy began to scream for more attention. Helene was kissing her passionately now, and Emma could feel the full mounds of Helene’s breasts against her own. Emma reached round and near enough tore the black satin wonderbra from Helene’s shoulders. Free of their confinement Helene’s nipples grew visibly. Helene shivered as the air hit them, her aureoles puckering with the combination of stimulation and the air.

Helene ran her hands over her customer’s breasts, teasing Emma’s nipples through the ivory silk. Reaching inside, she applied more direct pressure. Emma was feeling completely wanton by now, and animalistically pawed at Helene’s larger breasts, exploring every curve, learning her body.

“I need you, I need you now” Emma was pleading, begging for release.

Helene responded by clamping her hand over Emma’s pussy, middle finger pressing against Emma’s slit, obviously moist against the black silk of the g-string. Helene’s other fingers moved the material deftly aside and plunged in the molten vagina beneath. The probing fingers moved easily, Emma’s pussy was now liquid, and the little noises added a faint moment of comedy, but it just gave Emma the idea to return the favour, and she began to furiously remove the rest of Helene’s clothes.

Emma was briefly interested canlı kaçak bahis to find Helene wearing similar french knickers to those she had selected for herself, and ran her hands over Helene’s perfect silk covered bottom, before reaching up and onto her shaved pussy, already very wet, and seemingly wide open for her. Inserting two fingers, Emma traced the inside of the other woman’s pronounced lips, feeling the clitoris protruding like a third nipple. Every touch of Emma’s exploring fingers was followed by Helene convulsing, she was obviously just as horny as Emma, and began to writhe on the fingers deep in her pussy.

Emma looked deep into Helene’s eyes questioningly. She was in no doubt that this was not Helene’s first time with another woman, but she still felt she had to ask. After all this was her first trip, and wanted nothing to break the spell she felt she was under at that moment…

She planted a kiss on Helene’s lips, then slowly let her tongue drift down the peachy soft skin that seemed to shine in the single light of the cubicle. Emma’s tongue darted and teased Helene, then found Helene’s nipple, standing proud, pink, and extremely erect. Emma’s tongue flicked at it, curled round it, then drew it into her mouth, saliva coating it and making it grow further. Couple with the sensations in her pussy, Helene was now well on the way to orgasm, the familiar tightening of her muscles, the total feeling of desire building up from her very core.

Emma’s hands now slid the silk knickers to the floor, revealing Helene’s perfect, shaved vagina. Emma marvelled at the glistening labia, proud from the inner lips, wet from the juice, still flowing. Using a finger from each hand, Emma parted those lips, and gingerly knelt forward to taste her first pussy. Helene’s clitoris was erect like a target, and received the attention of Emma’s tongue. Emma explored every inch, teasing the lips apart and tasting the musky aroma of this delightful thing. She was mesmerised, and felt herself nearing orgasm from the pure newness and intensity of the situation. Her tongue darted and flicked over Helene’s clit, causing her to arch her back, breasts reflecting the clean light in the cubicle, nipples pointing skywards, being pulled by Helene’s own eager hands. Emma was now licking her like an expert, almost intuitively, covering every part of her sex with that wanton tongue. Helene shuddered with orgasm, locking Emma’s face onto her pussy, keeping that beautiful tongue in her for as longs as she could stand. Before letting her go, the sensations too intense to take any further.

Helene relaxed, reached forward and slipped both straps of Emma’s camisole off her shoulders, and began to coax her nipples to an extreme state of erection. Emma’s breasts had never felt so sensitive, the combination of Helene’s expert hands and the prior brushing of the silk over them had brought her to a state of intense arousal. Emma dropped her arms, and the camisole slithered down over her body to the floor. Her hands instinctively slipped inside her knickers and traced over her mound, by now very wet and aching for further attention…

To Be Continued…

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