May 16

After Work Relief

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Stepping off the elevator after an especially hard day of college lecturing, he was particularly happy to see an attractive male figure, quite chiseled and in clothes that show off just how much, reaching high and tinkering with the hall fire alarm. Walking up to him, Edmund swats his shoulder with a few rolled-up papers and utters, “What are up to handsome?” He turns and says, “Our sloth of a landlord is never actually going to fix the alarm up here and you know how I feel about fires, so I figured I’d go ahead and do it myself.” “You’re such a great man,” Edmund tells him, a hand on his shoulder, then they share a kiss, boyfriend, Avery, scooping his tool kit from the floor and turned back towards the apartment.

Ed skims through the pile of mail, almost all bills, he had grabbed from their mailbox downstairs, taking a seat on the couch beside Avery. “You look so stressed Professor,” he teased, “Let me rub that tension right out.” Edmund chuckled as he sat forward, his lover tenderly rubbing his shoulders with those strong, gentle hands.

It doesn’t take much at all from Avery before he’s seduced his partner, mounting his lap as the share a deep kiss. Though rather strong, he had to brace himself and hold the sofa several times whilst they fiercely kissed in the living room. Edmund soon raises and removes his boyfriend’s shirt, Avery making quick work of unbuttoning his man’s shirt, carefully pulled the two halves of his shirt apart and gazed at that handsome chest. His lover may not be the athletic-toned type like canlı bahis şirketleri him, but Ed did take care of his body and was pretty fairly muscled.

Around his neck was that same black leather band with the small engraved steel band of his father’s medical bracelet until the day he died. Grabbing the back of his lover’s head and neck, setting a hand on the behind him for balance, Avery eagerly gyrates into Edmond’s lap whilst they kiss. Ed takes hold of his partner’s sculpted body, holding him still and planting a firm kiss on his toned pec, enjoying his skin for several seconds before his boyfriend insisted on more gyrating.

Complying with Avery’s vibe, Edmond leaned back into the sofa meticulously unbuttons his lover’s shorts. A moment or two of grinding later, Avery felt what he’d been waiting for and rapidly scrambled of Ed’s lap and got to his knees on the floor.

No sooner did Edmond extract his lengthy, hard cock from his pants than his man had it filling his mouth! Avery’s head bobbed up and down tirelessly, his partner’s head dropped back as he let out a guttural moan of sensual pleasure! “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Yes Avery. Own that dick babe,” Ed cheered. He gave a low growl, more of a manly purr really, as he gave his partner fabulous head. He then aggressively kissed back up Ed’s body as he felt himself being tugged to his feet.

The pair then enjoyed numerous carnal, passionate kisses; Edmond’s hands worked at freeing his partner of his pants.

Instantly he felt the hard-as-steel long penis canlı kaçak iddaa spring under those underwear, dying to be freed from the restraint of the fabric! Unable to wait even a moment longer, Edmond quickly kisses down his boyfriend’s impeccable body, launching his entire open mouth on that cock before even removing the underwear! He bites and nibbles and sucks and kisses that dick to Avery’s broken melody of sensual moans until his man can’t seem to take it any longer leaning way down and entangling their lips!

In a blur Edmond pulls of his lover undies as Avery moves them to the bedroom. Very happily, Ed continues on sucking that handsome cock, experiencing each ridge and bend with renewed erotic excitement as Avery savors his ass cheek.

As a sexy favor for his boyfriend, Avery steps off the bed, his dick standing quite tall. Edmond takes to sucking that member immediately, like a moth to a flame as his lover reaches down and kneads the flesh of that luscious ass.

Ed returns the favor moments later, lying flat on his stomach, his face at the end of the bed, Avery dove in right away, tonguing that ass, licking as hard as he could. His partner’s white as bread rear end was always a challenge to get through, but Avery pushed in, his partner’s moans inspiring him. Reaching amidst his beau’s legs, Avery stroked and caressed his dick, thrashing his tongue about that anus. They are both very much turned on, Avery needing to handle his own shaft. That somehow renewed his literal need to tongue fuck that hole canlı kaçak bahis with everything he had!

Next, he then strongly licked up and pushed his tongue inside before running his tongue back just as intensely, running the back of his tongue along the inner wall. Avery was seemingly relentless with his lover’s arse licking, kissing, sucking, fondling, groping, and spanking to no avail! He spits before lunging the sixth, maybe seventh, time. His mouth followed the line of Edmond’s crack all the way up to his shoulder as his man groans for him, showing particular in those shoulder blades for a moment before he clamped his strong hands on those cheeks again and instructed, “Open that ass up for me,”. Those powerful hands moved along Ed’s back as he obeyed his partner and held those ass cheeks apart.

Avery added lubrication via saliva a second time, then moved to his feet and plummeted that large dick right into the targeted hole and ruthlessly stabbed in and out as if he couldn’t stop himself! His lover only encouraged the assault by saying, “Ooooh yes…Fuck my ass…Fill that hole”! The only time the thrusting seemed to pause was the same instant that Edmond felt a burst of hot cum fill his ass. His boyfriend pressed himself tight to that backside and gently lifted them both an inch-or-so before letting everything ease back down.

Edmond was always quite vocal about what or how much he wanted, moaning, “Harder. Harder! Harder!” whilst being invaded, whereas Avery was rather audible about his enjoyment, though rarely in legitimate wording. He moaned in precious pain, then asked, “You need to cum again?” After seeing a certain look in his man’s eyes, he then bent right over and uttered, “Oh my god I love you so much…” fresh warm cum bursting in his ass.

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