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Aftermath of a Zoo Visit

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My aunt, Nishu never left our village home in her life. Due to the untimely death of our grandpa, and my father, her elder brother being outside the country for a long time to help the family, she didn’t have her high school education. My father was also not much educated, but earned a fortune abroad. My aunt was married at her tender age to a middle-aged farmer, who suddenly died after only four year after their marriage. She didn’t marry again, because she couldn’t find any suitable person, who will not usurp the property and be good to her. She looks after our parental property. We do not take any benefit out of the property and we keep good relationship with her. We visit our village home every often, in the festivals and holidays. As she didn’t have any children, she loves me a lot.

Aunt Nishu is twenty years younger than my father, but looked much younger. Even my dad also looked much younger than his age. She is not plump, rather looks like a smart young lady. May be as she is very active, with lots of physical work, she kept a perfect hour-glass figure, with necessary curvatures, so she looks attractive and very sexy. I even sometimes fantasize about her when I masturbate.

Last summer, when I graduated from college, I invited my aunt Nishu to visit us and attend the graduation ceremony. She came all the way from our village home to us for the first time in her life. We had very good time. She enjoyed my graduation ceremony a lot.

I took hr to different cultural functions, museums and some more places of interest. Then one day she suggested to take her the zoo. Papa and mom being busy with their jobs and I had enough time to spare, I took her to the zoo.

We went round the whole area. She was very pleased and enjoyed a lot. Then at one stage we came in front of a tiger’s cage, where a pair is roaming inside a large cage. You know how restlessly they walk from one side to another. This cage was the farthest one and when we came in front of it we are the only visitors.

Suddenly the tiger came near the tigress and started licking the pussy of the tigress. The tigress didn’t back off or snarled, rather started purring sound. In no time the tiger’s penis came out of its hide-out, it was red and long, with pre-cum dripping out of it.

With their attitude I found out that they are coupling to have sex and it was going on for some times. I got embarrassed and thought I would leave the place before they start to do such thing before us, which can make me more uneasy before my aunt and as such I suggested to go away, but my aunt was so engrossed with the activities of the tiger couple that she didn’t want to move.

Finally the tiger leaped on the back of tigress’ back and inserted its long penis into tigress’ dipping pussy. At this stage I glanced at my aunt’s face an saw how intently she is enjoying the entire site.

After the show came to an end, auntie gave a long sigh and said she want to go home.

Just after we returned to our casino şirketleri house, I came to my room, planning to jack me off, for what I saw there, in the zoo, turned me on. I was planning what I am to do. I had two options- masturbate lying on my bed or in the toilet. Then I opted for bed, which, to me, would be more comforting and more ‘having natural sex in bed’ type. I took out my shirt and then my trousers. Now I have only boxer on. I was a bit confused whether I will take it out completely and become naked or just move it down enough so that I can have enough space to hold my cock to jack me off.

Suddenly my door cracked and it opened a bit and in came my aunt’s face.

‘Jishan, may I talk to you for a minute.’

My heart sank. ‘Yeas, aunty, come in.’

She entered my room and came near me.

‘Well, you see, Jisan. You know I love you very much, the most, to be precise. You are all I have in my life.’

I mumbled, ‘yes, auntie, I know that, I also love you, even more than my mom.’

‘I thought I shouldn’t have any secret left between us.’

‘Yes, aunty.”

‘Well, it came into my mind, while I saw those big cats were having sex. . .’

‘Yes, auntie . .!’

‘You know Jisan, I lost your uncle, more than ten years ago, since then I never met any man, nor did I found one whom I can love and rely.’

‘We all know that auntie. What hard days you have crossed.’

‘Now, you have grown up, now you understand a lot, that’s why you wanted to take me away from that cage.’

‘Uh, uh.’

‘I don’t blame you. But now I have seen those cats perform that play, which every creature experiences. You know all the animals have sex once in a year, when they tend to give birth their offspring, except human beings, who can play it any time. Isn’t it?

I mumbled, ‘yes, auntie.’

‘You know Jishan, I count on you, and I know you can do anything for me.’

‘Surely I can and am ready to, auntie, tell me your problem.’

‘You know, I was very young and very shy, when I got married. I couldn’t let your uncle have sex in the daylight or at night with lights on. So I never saw any sex organ in my life, not even I touched any. Except today, when I saw tiger’s red, thin and sleek cock for the first time and how it enters into a uh . . pussy . . . . Well, would you please, uh, how shall I say, could you show me your cock, just for a while . . . . . .’

Aunt Nishu stopped. I was stunned outright. My God! What she is speaking about?

I mumbled, ‘Are you sure? D-o y-o-u mean that?’

‘Please, Jishan, its only between you and me, cross my heart. I want to see it. Just once.’

I couldn’t, but start unbuttoning my boxer, slowly, from top one to the bottom one and finally it fell down to my feet revealing my half-flaccid cock before my auntie, my own Aunt!

She was speechless for a few moments, looking at my semi-hard dick and then slowly stretched her right hand and touched it.

Oh, how soft and beautiful casino firmaları it felt to me, I can’t express. I remained speechless and unmoved. Actually I wanted to feel her touch from deep into my heart and see what she is up to, or really my brain stopped working properly.

She started to move her fingers from the tip on my cock through the whole length of the shaft to the hilt and then roamed over the light pubic hairs and then again it came back to its mushroom head. By this time my dick started to grow big and hard.

Auntie exclaimed, ‘My God! See, how big it has become. Do you know how big it is?’

‘It’s seven and a half inches long, when fully erect and six inches fat.’

‘Its not like that cat, but much better, more beautiful, than I thought.’

She folded her fingers around my shaft, squeezed a little. I thought my penis would erupt instantaneously. Then I thought, why not move my dick as she holds it and see her reaction. As soon as I thought, I started to move my hips and my dick started to move in her grip.

She looked up and our eyes met. But she shifted her eyes to my dick again and kept on squeezing and stroking it. Then I stretched my hand and touched one of her boobs. She was not wearing any bra. I knew some woman do not wear bra at home, and auntie was not an exception. I squeezed one of the boobs hard.

Now that we had all the barriers fall apart. I took hold her face and dragged her up to my eye level and kissed her lips violently and then shoved my tongue into her mouth. She readily accepted and went on reciprocating.

Then I pushed her to my bed to lie her down and sat beside her.

She lay flat on her back; her sari went up to her knee. I sat beside her and said, ‘Now you have seen my organ, I want to see you nude’.

I fumbled over the buttons of her blouse. After much fuss, I succeeded in opening all of it. She was a real goddess with 36D breast and big aureoles and small brown nipples standing erect. Though she is mid-aged her boobs stay almost like moulds, not a bit sagged down.

I lowered my face in between her breasts and began licking the space between her breasts. When I got to the left breast I began to suck on it hard, tonguing the soft skin and then getting it in my mouth, sucking. I moved to the right breast, with my tongue as a mode of transportation, and began to suck on the right one as well.

Her nipples were large and hard, the meaty tips. I rubbed her left nipple with my thumb and then engulfed it with my mouth, sucking on the entire nipple, pulling it upwards with my lips. I moved and did so with her right nipple as well, making sure to make it.

After a while I removed the last barrier between me and her, the sari, and looked down. Her vagina was hairy, somewhat of a bush that lay just above two moist, pink lips. I placed my face against her vulva, gently, with my nose at the very top of where her pubic hair started. I lowered my face until my mouth was over her clitoris, and captured güvenilir casino it in my mouth.

She moaned heavily with just it being in my mouth, but began to moan continuously as I sucked on her clitoris, licking the meaty fixture and sucking on it, her pubic hair almost completely covering my face. I continued to suck on her clit, moving my mouth as I did so, but keeping it in as well.

After a while of this, I removed my mouth and replaced it with two fingers, one creeping its way into her cunt and the other rubbing her clit. I did both simultaneously, and too much satisfaction. Soon, I put two fingers into her vagina, and slid them in and out, softly at first and with more vigor soon thereafter. Her juices completely saturated my skin, and I felt around inside her twat with my index and middle fingers, lifting and pulling and creating as much friction as I could as she moaned endlessly.

Then I sat on her straddling and said, ‘you can take it in your mouth, auntie, if you like, will be OK for me, too.’

I watched as auntie moved her face up to my hard cock and took it in her mouth. First her lips touched the head, as if kissing it, and then she parted her lips and took half of it. I felt warmth of her mouth on its tip. I slowly pushed my dick into her mouth and in it went, three-fourth of it. I pushed more, and my shaft slowly entered her mouth. She started to suck it. Her mouth was wet and hot and at the same time her hand jacked me off in her mouth.

Then I moved in and positioned myself for final act. I slid my penis into her vagina. I slid it out, then back in, then out, then repeated in a slowly increasing manner. I lowered myself so that I was lying on top of her, fucking her and pulling up, getting as much deep penetration as I could get, feeling my hard, erect penis slide in and out of my auntie. Her pink lips were as moist as could possibly be as her nephew’s member moved in and out of her, spraying little bits of precum inside of her as she moaned and me, also, grunted.

She began to whisper, my face quite near hers, “Oh, my God… oh, Jisan… oh, my God… This was my dream. You are making it real, dear.”

I turned aback, “You thought about me, in this act?”

Auntie only nodded, ‘Yes, dear, give me my pleasure Jisan, all of it. Fill me up.”

This turned me on more and I kept on thrusting in and out of her vagina as she slightly pulsated back, moaning and repeating such lines as those. We moaned together for a moment, and then I whispered to her “I’m going to come.”

“Oh, go ahead, yes, come on…” Then, with a few more thrusts in and out of my auntie’s wet vagina, I exploded inside of her, filling her walls with my semen. I continued to pump until I had nothing left inside of me, saturating the inside of her pussy with my sperm.

As I finished I pulled out as she continued to moan with pleasure.

I lay flat beside my aunt, placing one hand on her vagina, slowing caressing it.

About after fifteen minutes, auntie gave a long sign and said, ‘This is an once-in-a-life-time experience, Jishan. Thank you.’

‘Do you know its my first.’

‘Mine too, but with a difference.’ She said.

And yes, we met again, but that’s a different story.

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