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Ahh Sin City Ch. 01

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(The first chapter in this story is more of an introduction with limited sexual content. If you only want to read the hardcore sex scenes skip to chapter 2.)


My little Jenny had gotten offers for scholarships to every Ivy League school in the country, but she insisted on going to UNLV. My wife, Patty, and I were not very fond of Jenny living at a school on the other side of the country that was located right next to the biggest and dirtiest party town in the US. In fact, she seemed rather honest on why she liked that school so much. She claimed that an Ivy Leaguer would put a lot of pressure on her and the relaxed atmosphere surrounding UNLV would be a welcome change. She also stated that she could easily graduate UNLV at the top of her class rather that struggle to be mid pack at an Ivy Leaguer.

Patty and I couldn’t disagree more. You see Jenny was the valedictorian of her high school class and the MVP of her championship winning volleyball team three years in a row. That’s not to mention being captain of the winter track team her junior and senior years where she won two bronze and one silver medal at the state championship level her senior year. She was also involved with a variety clubs and organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Photo Club. To top it all off, she did it all on her own will to succeed, Patty and I never pushed her. Therefore, you may see why we were surprised and disappointed with her choice. Although Jenny was old enough and mature enough to make her own decisions concerning the college she wanted to attend, therefore Patty and I couldn’t force her in to something she didn’t want.

We spoke on the phone with our daughter regularly, but hearing her voice wasn’t enough for Patty and me. We needed a vacation and we missed our daughter, so we planed a family vacation to Las Vegas for Jenny’s 19th birthday. We decided not to tell Jenny our plans to visit her because we wanted it to be a surprise. We invited Patty’s two sisters, Kelly and Laura, and their husbands, Jack and Alex. My 22-year-old son Johnny also came along with Jenny’s older cousins, Jack Jr., Maria, and Nicole. There were other younger cousins and siblings but we didn’t let them come because they wouldn’t have much to do in the adult playground that Las Vegas is.

When we got to Las Vegas, we didn’t contact Jenny right away. Many things to do required an age of at least 21. For example drinking and gambling. We wanted to do some of that stuff before Jenny’s surprise birthday party. The women desperately wanted to go to ‘Chip & Dales’ and us guys were to go to the strip club of our own choice. However, we secretly decided instead to go our own separate way and get some hookers. It wasn’t hard. There were advertisement fliers for call girls, titled ‘After Dark’, all along the Vegas strip. Each of us took a flier and went back to our separate rooms knowing that our wives wouldn’t be back until dawn.

Chapter 1: ‘Jenny’s New Job’

When I got to my room I flipped open my flier each page had pictures of gorgeous women posing provocatively nude with little stars over their nipples, pussy and asshole. I quickly wondered if some ugly crack head would show up at my door instead of the super hot porn-star look-alike pictured. Then I turned onto a page that quickly grabbed my attention. It was a black and white photo of my daughter. It is difficult to describe the way I felt. Anger, confusion, fear, jealousy and disbelief were just some of the emotions. I also knew that my in-laws had a copy of the same flier. I prayed to god that they would not recognize her. I couldn’t stop staring at the picture as I paced my room. The more I stared, the more I wondered what sort of things she had done. The more I visualized those things the more aroused I became. Before long, I was fantasizing about fucking my own daughter.

In the photo, Jenny’s svelte 5’8″ hour glass frame was standing full frontal nude with those little stars on her nipples and pussy. She had her long wavy light blond hair draped over her shoulders. Her left foot was up on a chair with sexy 6″ heels. A spiked dog collar around her neck with a leash attached to it. She was holding the leash taut with her left hand. Her B-cup tits were perky and her long lean legs appetizing.

The ad associated with her photo read: ‘Kitten’ ‘Submissive kinky college freshman looking for extra money! $400 an hour! No Agency!’ My adrenaline began pumping even harder as I contemplated calling her number. My breath became heavy and staggered. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest, as I lightly stroked my cock and I stared at my daughter’s naked photo.

I pictured poker oyna myself on top of my lithe Jenny holding her ankles back next to her head and pounding the shit out of her pussy. In my little fantasy Jenny was screaming out, ‘Yes daddy! Cum in my pussy! Please make me pregnant daddy!’ I envisioned the pretty blue eyed face of my toned athletic daughter as I began to stroke my cock with more purpose. I wanted to impregnate every woman I fantasized about and now it was my own daughter. In my mind I fucked her hard while she screamed and moaned for my impregnating release. I felt my balls brewing a large explosion as I thought of Jenny enjoying her own orgasm. As I was about to cum, I pictured Jenny on all fours with her shoulders low against the bed and her ass high to meet my hips, so that gravity would help keep my cum close to her womb. I shot straight up about two feet, thinking of how deep into Jenny that would go. My cum showered back down onto my lap, bed, the floor and a few drops even landed on the ‘After Dark’ flier coincidentally soaking the hips and waist portion of Jenny’s photo.

I looked at the clock; it was still early only 7pm. I grabbed the phone with a swift gutsy motion. Then I hesitated as I was about to dial the number. ‘Would she really fuck her own father?’ I thought to myself. Then I realized that I should play it off as an angry father sort of thing, which was true to some degree. It depended on how she would react when she found out who I was before I would mention my true intentions. Finally, I dialed the number and at the last second, I tried to disguise my voice.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Yeah hi um… Is this ahh Kitten?”

It was definitely her and she put on the most seductive sultry voice I had ever heard from her, “Mmm Yess, did you want to play with me?”

“Yes I’d love to play with you!”

Suddenly the voice was less seductive as she cleared her throat and said, “I’m sorry but you sound exactly like my father.”

I paused a moment realizing that the voice disguise was unsuccessful. Despite that, I maintained the subtly different voice and asked, “Really, I suppose that’s a good thing considering that I was hoping you could do a little Father/Daughter Role play with me?”

Her voice suddenly became cuter and younger sounding as she said, “Mmm sounds kinky daddy! I’ll just need to know where you are and if you don’t mind I’d like to go over a few simple rules.”

I knew then that Jenny thought I was just some guy who sounded like her father so I kept going along with it, “Sure Kitten, I’m staying at the Mirage room # 8112.”

“Ok daddy, here are my rules. First, I charge an up-front fee of $400 for the first hour and anything extra I’ll take at the end. Second, I work alone meaning no other women or I leave. Third, I don’t mind a little pain, but you cannot make me bleed and/or leave bruises. Finally, you must wear a condom at all times, UNLESS, you have recent valid doctors proof that you are 100% disease free. Understand?”

“Yes, absolutely!”

“Great. Is there anything in particular that you’d like me to wear or maybe I might have a toy that you’d like me to bring?”

“Not really, just be yourself.”

“Sure daddy. Oh and one other thing, I’ll need you to meet me in the lobby for my own safety and because security might not let me up to your room with out a room key. So how will I recognize you?”

“Ahh well um, I’m wearing beige khaki shorts and a white button down shirt. Although if you look anything like your picture I’m sure I’ll recognize you first.”

“Good enough then, I’ll be there in exactly one hour.”

“Ok buh bye, Kitten.”

“Bye Daddy.”

As I hung up the phone, I realized that mentioning the father/daughter role-play was a very bad idea. Jenny would know my exact intentions as soon as she saw me standing in the lobby. I rationalized knowing that she would be just as embarrassed about her so-called occupation.

I got myself cleaned up and then made my way down to the Lobby about ten minutes early. As I waited, I became very anxious and nervous. I was just about to chicken out and go back to my room when Jenny came walking through the front doors of the casino.

She was stunning. She wore a silky form fitting white gown that showed off her athletic 32B-22-32 curves in a very classy and tasteful manner. She had matching 4″ high heels, a pink diamond choker necklace, a diamond anklet, and a diamond ensconced Movado watch. Jenny had her long blond hair pulled half into a bun at the top back portion and half draped down the middle of her back like a movie star. The pale pink lipstick and eye shadow canlı poker oyna that Jenny wore matched her necklace. She looked nothing like what you would expect a hooker or prostitute to look like. In fact, she looked like a high roller guest at the hotel as she dragged a piece of pale pink luggage behind her. One of the workers attempted to help her with her bag.

She said very politely, “No thank you, I’m supposed to meet my boyfriend here in the lobby.”

Then she scanned the room and as we made eye contact, she nearly tripped over her own feet. Her face turned bright red. I kept a welcoming smile on my face as she realized that I was the man with the beige khaki shorts and white button down shirt. Her mouth gaped open and she turned to look at the doors, obviously contemplating a getaway. However, it was too late since she knew that I knew about her lifestyle. She was obviously very embarrassed. I quickly walked over to her and lovingly placed my hand on her back.

I said in a staggered nervous tone, “It’s alright Jenny. There’s no need to be embarrassed. I’m not here to judge you and I’m not angry.”

She responded with soft yet surprised tone, “You’re not angry?”

Then I could tell by the change of the expression on her face that she had a good idea of what I really wanted.

She said, “Wow dad, this is really weird now!”

“Come on Jenny, lets go up to the room and we can get every thing out in the open.”

She nodded in agreement and said, “I suppose, considering I’m not the only one with explaining to do.”

I grabbed her luggage and we made the long and awkward walk up to the room. Jenny towered over me. At 5’6″, I was already two inches shorter than my daughter was, and with the extra 4″ from her shoes, I suddenly felt slightly diminutive walking next to her. Men were staring at her from all over the casino as we walked through it, not because she looked like a slutty whore but because she looked like a very attractive high-class young woman. I was proud that she was so attractive.

As I slid my room key into the door Jenny asked barely above a whisper, “Is mom in there?”

I responded sharply, “No Jenny. Mom is out with her sisters paying a bunch of nude men to rub themselves on her.”

“Oh, I’m sorry; I didn’t realize.”

There was an awkward silence as we walked into the room. The ‘After Dark’ flier was still on the bed open to the page with Jenny’s ad partially crusted with dried cum. Jenny picked it up, closing it in the process, and sat down in its place. I sat in a chair directly across from her. The silence grew even more awkward as we just sat there unable to look at each other.

I was just about to speak when Jenny stood up and said, “I have to pee.”

She walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I could hear her urine forcefully making contact with the toilet water through the walls of the bathroom. Listening to it actually seemed to calm me down and allow me to collect my thoughts. I heard the toilet flush and then the water running as she washed her hands. When she emerged from the bathroom, we both tried to talk at the same time. I allowed Jenny to begin the conversation.

She seemed strangely calm as she said, “So I’m guessing you saw me in that catalog and thought I’d just fuck you like its nothing.”

I shamefully laid everything on the line with complete honesty, “It’s not like that honey, you see at first I was upset, very upset. I was angry, afraid for your safety, and jealous. Though I must admit, it was also arousing all at the same time. Then when I saw you walk into the casino with designer clothes and expensive jewelry, I knew you must be doing well for yourself and I was no longer angry.”

Her voice more stern this time, “But you’re still hoping to fuck me aren’t you?”

I nodded shamefully and Jenny continued, “Gee’s dad, I’ve met some real perverts doing this job but I think that takes the cake. I’m just not sure I can go through with it. I feel like it has already changed things between us.”

With mild excitement I asked, “Do you mean to say that you are actually thinking about it.”

“I don’t know dad this is really weird.”

Then after a moment of silence, she changed the subject, “I’m assuming you and mom came for my birthday?”

“Yeah, but it was supposed to be a surprise.”

“Oh it’s a surprise alright”

There was a long pause as Jenny got up and walked over to the window. While she was staring out at the city I asked, “So do you like being a call girl?”

She was surprisingly honest and open about the subject, “For the most part. It’s exciting; the danger element internet casino gives me a rush every time I meet a new guy. In addition, the money and tips are just incredible. Although, it can be gross at times, and there are men who like to be very rough.”

I asked, “What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done?”

“Well up until I was asked to fuck my own father, one of my regulars likes to piss in my mouth and watch me swallow it.”

I asked with disgust, “Gross, what about diseases?”

“He always brings updated proof that he’s clean, besides, he gives me a two grand tip on top of the hourly rate.”

Jenny paused for a few seconds then went on, “There are some really nice guys too. I have another regular, an older gentleman in his early 70’s, who pays me to go out with him every Tuesday night. He never does more than put his arm around my waist or holds my hand. One of his favorite things to do is take me shopping. That’s how I got all this jewelry.”

“Wow these guys must be loaded.”

“Yeah most of them are, but there are always those who try to cut a deal with me.”

“Have you ever cut any deals?”

“Come on now dad, you should know better than that, I’m a business major. Besides, in this business the second you give them an inch they take a mile.”

My fatherly sense told me she was lying, “So you mean to tell me that you have never changed your price or your rules for anyone?”

She looked over at me with a bit of shame and said, “Well I did a couple of stupid things.”

I kept asking questions out of curiosity, yet at the time, I didn’t quite realize that this conversation was a great bonding experience for us. We were opening up to each other like never before, which in turn was helping her open up to my ultimate goal.

“Like what?”

Jenny was reluctant to continue, but she did after we sat next to each other on the bed, “It was the third time I did this, before I came up with most of my rules. A very wealthy married man took me up to his executive suite in the Bellagio. The man was very polite and seemed very genuine. Then when we got to business, he didn’t want to use a condom. Now at the time he seemed very trustworthy and most likely disease free, you know being married, polite and wealthy. However, I adamantly insisted he use a condom mainly because I wasn’t on birth control at the time. Then he gave me ten grand in cash and promised that he would pull out. Stupidly I let him do it, he never did pull out and he was unapologetic about it. His excuse was that I could easily get an abortion. Meanwhile I hate abortion. I was so ashamed with myself, but that’s not the end. He insisted that I stay the night with him claiming, ‘the damage was already done’, and stupidly I did. He did it two more times relishing in the fact that he could make me pregnant and not have anything to do with it. In the end, I had to go through with the abortion that I hated so much. Some good came from that experience though; like $15,000 in cash, it toughened me up for some of the rougher and meaner types of clientele, I came up with the doctor’s proof requirement for sex with out a condom, and I also got myself birth control along with biweekly checkups.”

Jenny reached into her pink luggage and pulled out a pink folder. In it, she showed me five months worth of biweekly STD and pregnancy checks, all of which were clear. Unfortunately the birth control halted any fantasy coming true of impregnating my own daughter, at least for now. I was jealous of that wealthy man, although hearing about that experience aroused me.

Then she said, “See I require the same type of documentation from customers who don’t want condoms and it must be no older than three weeks from the date they were tested, considering it takes about two weeks to be fully cleared. That gives the client one week to contact me after they receive the results of the test.”

As I was looking through the folder I asked with concern, “You mentioned rougher and meaner types of clients, how rough and mean do they get?”

“Do you really want to hear about that?” She questioned.

I became slightly nervous and feared for her safety yet again, “YES!”

Jenny rolled her eyes and took a deep breath, “Remember when I said that the danger element excites me?”

I nodded tentatively.

She continued hesitantly, “Well… being with a guy whose rough… and spitting out mean comments… I suppose the unpredictability of those types gets me excited.”

She paused and we were both quiet for a moment before she shamefully looked me in the eye and admitted barely above a whisper, “It gets me off dad.”

“Really!” I said, “Enlighten me.”

She smiled at me sinfully. Then as she kicked off her shoes and pulled her feet up on to my lap, with her diamond anklet shimmering she said, “Rub my feet and I’ll tell you anything you want.”

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