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Airport fun

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Airport funI don’t usually tell stories but i was recalling this one recently and though i would post it. I’m pretty lucky as my job takes me all over the world and I have some fun, sexy, interesting stories that i might share. I was on an overnight stop over at Orlando airport after a long haul flight, after cleaning up i went down to the hotel bar. I usually like to sit at the bar so i can find someone to chat to (guy/girl anything to pass some time) I sat down next to a guy who we will call Gary and was probably in his fifties (i was early thirties at the time). We chatted sport, work and travel before his wife (Sue) came down (who he hadn’t mentioned) looking freshly showered and pulled a stool up in between us (there was an empty stall next to him which i assumed he had been saving for her). She was maybe a little younger then him, kind of like a trophy wife with a short dress on. With long blonde hair, nice tanned legs and a slim build she looked pretty amazing for an older lady.After a few drinks and gentle flirting they asked me back to their room which i was happy to oblige to. As we got into the anadolu yakası escort elevator she kissed me and as she felt my cock, i slid my hand up her leg and could feel she was wet through her knickers. I pulled up her skirt so i could get a better feel of her ass and her soaked knickers and we continued to make out till we got to their floor (fyi the elevators in the airport hotel are glass so I’m sure a few people got a little bit of a show). When we walked into their room Gary sat down on a chair while Sue and and i made our way to the bed and were naked before we hit the sheets. Her pussy tasted define and as i sucked, licked, nibbled on it i could see Gary get his cock out at which point i pointed out I don’t do any guy on guy play and he said that was fine neither did he.As she sucked my cock and i licked her pussy which was soaking wet i slipped a finger covered in her own juices into her ass. At this point Gary stood up and i wondered if i had over stepped some sort of boundary. As he came and join us he asked me to fuck her in the ass ataşehir escort as her pussy he wanted to keep for them, she seemed a little hesitant (or so she pretended). He then laid down between her legs and started licking her pussy. With juices from her pussy all over her ass and her saliva slobbered on my cock i knelt behind her and gently pressed my cock against her tight asshole. At the point when you just get past the initial tightness she let out a moan and pushed back hard on my cock, I nearly came then and there!! We fucked pretty hard and i almost forgot Gary was under her as i held her hips going in pretty deep with each stroke. I remember pulling my cock out and seeing some brown staining on it and just as i saw this she moved her hips forward and with Garys mouth still open i stuck it in (the first ever male to male contact i ever had) and had him suck it off before pulling her back and going back in on her lovely tight ass. It wasn’t long before she begged me to come in her ass and after i shot my load she sat up and squatted over her husband and ümraniye escort let him lick/suck it out. After some laying around chatting i headed back to my room wishing them a fun and happy trip.The next morning as I’m finishing up breakfast i see her walk in and she said she had come down ahead of her husband to get a table but then whispered she was even hungrier for my cock so we quickly made for my room. This time with clothes off i wanted to feel what her soaking wet pussy felt like so as she laid back i slid in without giving her time to say anything. It was much tighter then i expected and so wet and warm, as I stood off the bed fucking her, her husband FaceTimed called her so i answered and directed the camera at my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. While she was laying there moaning loud i could see him trying to turn the volume down as she came pretty loudly. she then asked me to cum in her pussy while looking at the camera on her phone and told Gary who said something i couldn’t hear to keep his mouth shut and that she would keep it for him later to clean up later. After i shot my load into her pussy she quickly pulled on her clothes and left without any of the real niceties from the day before as I collapsed and went back to bed. There was no exchange of real/full names or numbers but i saw some pictures of a stunning blonde with perky tits and a tight ass on here earlier that bought back the memory, good times!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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