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Alana’s Son

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Double Penetration

Hi there, my name is Alana Michaela Curry; I am 40 years old, almost 41. I am married, have two children, a daughter at college and my son who will be attending later in the year. I am I think, what you would call a normal every day married woman and wife.

I don’t work, I’ve never needed to as my husband has a good job in construction, and he’s a top manager. I never wanted to work either; all I ever wanted to be was what I now am. I have friends whom I meet on and off, have a good social life when I want it. But there is nothing I love more than filling my day with my house wifely deeds.

Let me tell you about me, as I said I am going on 41, I am tall and slender, about 5ft 9″ I weigh about 120lbs. I have a lovely body and I know that because I am a woman, I have no spare fat. I don’t smoke, drink little and among house work I have a bit of an exercise routine just to keep me in shape.

I am good looking rather than beautiful, but my main asset is, I am glamorous, and elegant in every thing I do. It is all natural, I never set out to walk the way I walk, or move the way I move, or even ‘look’ the way I look. Ever since I was young I slipped and slid, ‘sashayed’ my mum would say. I never practised anything, what I had and have is all Mother Nature and God given.

I have longish auburn hair that I love, I part it in the middle simply because Ron, my husband, likes it that way, and I agree too it suits me, it suits who I am. It’s wavy too and extremely natural, I don’t have to do lot to it to get what I want from it. And all this adds to my persona, my aura if you like.

The only concession I will make to my appearance is my dress sense, I learned a long time ago that dressing well was an essential thing for a woman like me to do, and over the years I have perfected it, so now, even if I am in the garden I look good, even with a dirty smudge on my roman nose I look the part. And I know I am lucky too, I could wear a sack and it would fit me to the ground, I would look good, though I have never tried it.

There is nothing I like more than getting dressed up if we are going somewhere posh, or a big dinner, a party, a wedding, it doesn’t matter to me. I make the effort and if I’m not the best dressed and best looking woman there, I’m an equal first. Don’t get me wrong I’m not vain. I don’t huff and puff, or be jealous in any way. I don’t stare at someone who looks as good as me, but I do take note for next time.

So back to me, I have told you I am in my opinion a normal loving house wife, with the obligatory two children. Everything about me and my life screams normal, except for two things, well three really but I’ll come to that bit later.

I have been married for just over twenty years, and for the most part we have been a team, me and Ron, him and me against the world. I love him, and he loves me, I make sure he does, and our sex life is probably what most other twenty year married couples are like. A bit hum drum here and there but 70% better than good even now.

So why have I been unfaithful twice? Well the first time was completely opportunistic on my seducers part of this little story. It was about fifteen years ago, Ron was at work, and he was sending a man to our home to pick up something from his desk to take to a site meeting. I hurriedly made myself into the lady I am and waited.

And when I saw his car pull up I got an inexplicable tingling in my belly. I was going to be alone with another man in my house and I got all girly. The tingling is my indicator that I’m horny; I always get it when I get sexually excited, but why I had it now is impossible to explain. I met the man at the door, who it turned out I knew already, as I had met him at a two or three functions with Ron. He was a little older than me and his name was Tony.

I asked him in and immediately asked him if he had time for a coffee, he told me he would be delighted as he had all the time in the world.

“I used this trip to here as an excuse to get out of the office and play truant,” he laughed. I giggled along with him.

“My isn’t he good looking?” I asked myself. My horniness attacked my brain.

When I had met him previously I picked up the vibes that he fancied me, found me attractive. I do get a lot of that and dismiss it, but the memory of his eyes on me flooded into my head. I actually felt giddy near him. Don’t get me wrong I never played to him, I wasn’t flirting I was just being accommodating, I was about to find out how accommodating I could be!

His eyes told me he still wanted me more than he should, I looked into them as he looked at me. I don’t know to this day if my glance told him anything, that I was flirting with them, that I might be susceptible to a pass. He went to my husband’s study got what he wanted and was back with me in an instant.

I was stood near the percolator, and he came to stand next to me, and this unnerved me. I got more excited, the tingly in my belly sounded like church bells on a Sunday morning to me. I had a blouse on, a simple cotton taksim escort one and a skirt that was about 3″ or 4″ above my knees. I like short skirts because I have got good legs, and a pair of 3• heels which almost made me his height.

I felt my face flush, what was wrong with me, why was I like this? To be sexually aroused because there is another man in my house, I was alone with him, and he was stood near to me. I could smell him and he smelled good too. He asked me if I felt alright, I looked at him, his eyes bored into mine and he held my gaze.

I felt like a rabbit trapped in head lights, no man had ever had this kind of effect on me and especially as quickly as he had, and I was nonplussed by it, and of course I was turned on sexually too now.

“Alana?” he repeated, I just stood there open mouthed, my nipples were dingalinging, my lips were burning me they were so hot and filled with blood, my vagina was doing somersaults. I must have given him some sort of signal, or he just took a chance I don’t know. But the next thing he was right next to me, he put his arm around my shoulder, turned me to him and he kissed me, simple as that!

If I hadn’t had my hand on the counter top helping to hold me up, I would have fallen down I really would. I did nothing to stop him, he kissed me harder and longer, he was up against me and I could feel his hard body against mine. It was more than I could bear, I melded into him, wrapped my arms around his waist and I was on my way to being unfaithful to my loving husband with his work colleague.

He moved slightly and then his hand cupped my left breast, his finger tips rattled my hard and prominent nipple; I hugged myself closer to him. His cock was pressing right into me where it mattered; well I suppose it mattered more to him because it took me sense of equilibrium away from me. I wanted him; I wanted to make love to him, to feel him in me and even better, on top of me.

Of all the ways there is to make love, to be screwed, fucked, call it what you will, my most favourite position was underneath, man on top and me getting battered, twatted, hammered, fucked and done over like a kipper, give it to me that way each and every time.

The next thing I knew was he took complete control, there was no time for me to even think of changing my mind, he pushed me forcibly on to the kitchen table, ripped open my blouse, quickly followed by my skirt being yanked up. My panties were ripped away, I heard his zip and then he was ramming a thick cock into me.

I was transported to heaven immediately; he leaned over me, his eyes daring me to blink. Tony drove at me; I managed to get my legs over him as he humped me so hard. I gripped the edge of the table and he went at me like a steam hammer. I came in no time and then I came again, followed by more orgasmic detonations. He was holding me by my upper arms as his face contorted with the effort he was making, and then he grunted, half stopped, then blew me away with one giant crushing blow with his prick and he dumped a ton of cum right into me.

He stayed still for a few moments, then he leaned down, kissed me tenderly and said.

“Wow Alana, that was better than I could ever have wished for and even more than surprising, you are just utterly sexy and so so irresistible.”

If he had tried, he couldn’t have said anything nicer or better. I stayed where I was, I honestly didn’t want him to pull out of me, and he bless him, didn’t.

What he did do was pick me up, and without giving me a chance for any protest carried me upstairs to my bed where he fucked and screwed me the way I told you I love to be fucked and screwed, on my back, and at his mercy, and let me tell you, he showed no mercy either. I didn’t hear or see him leave, I woke up and he was gone. I was terribly sore, but so satisfied and contented.

I rose, showered, and went down stairs, there was no sign he had ever been in my home, let alone in me. I smiled to myself and started gathering my thoughts, I decided there and then that this would never happen again, it was too dangerous, he was my husband’s work colleague. I knew we would cross paths again in the future but I would never acknowledge it. He did call me a few times after but I made it very plain there would never be a continuance, it was a one off and never again, he gave up and that was the status quo.

The second time I was unfaithful was about 4 years ago and with the husband of a friend of mine, dangerous ground or what. But again it was purely opportunistic on my part. My husband was away for the week, it was a bright sunny Tuesday. I had gone into town and had taken a taxi because I intended to have lunch with a friend and knew I would have a glass of wine.

I was sat waiting for her, and Greg, my friends husband shouted at me off the street, he walked over, and sat with me while my friend arrived for lunch but she didn’t, so I had lunch with Greg instead who told me Jenny, his wife, was at her mother’s for the week as she was not well, and he çapa escort had taken the week off to see to the kids whilst she was gone.

We chatted and I really enjoyed myself, and had two glasses of wine instead of the one. He offered to drive me home and on the way asked me if I wanted to stop off at his for a coffee as we would pass his house on the way to mine. And that tingle which had been niggling at me all the time we had spent in the bistro called to me once more.

“Why not Greg, nice idea, yes lets,” I told him, and the look in his glance told me he was thinking of something else.

“Don’t Alana, say no and go home, you know what’s likely to happen once you set foot in his house and you are alone!” I shouted in my head, but the bells ringing from my vagina was having none of that.

Whilst the mini argument was going on and my common sense was losing drastically he was stopping the car and we were getting out. As soon as we got in he took my coat and kissed my neck, in seconds we were on the carpet in the hall and our clothes were disappearing at a rate of knots.

We had fast hard sex on the rug, I could feel the abrasions on my back as I was humped back and forth, I came, (twice) he came and we giggled like naughty children.

“Come on Alana let’s take this upstairs,” he said, we hurried up and had a race to see who got into bed first.

We were soon making love again, it was furious; neither of us could get enough of the other, manic maybe a better word.

We had fantastic mad sex, I came many times, but time wasn’t on our side, he had to go for his kids and I had to be home for mine. He asked me if I was doing anything special tomorrow. I told him no and that I would call round for that coffee he had promised me and I never got.

“What time will you be here?” he asked with a loving kiss, my heart along with the rest of me melted.

“About 10 o’clock, will that be okay?” I answered.

“That will be just great Alana,” he said, we got dressed, one more kiss, into his car and he raced me to my home.

I was breathless going into my house, and it wasn’t from rushing, it was from the fabulous fucking I had undergone, unintended or otherwise, nothing had been further from my mind. And I had screwed him good too, and he knew it. Tomorrow was Wednesday, so although I hadn’t calculated it yet meant that I also would have at least Thursday and Friday with him too if I wanted to.

And that’s what happened, for the next three days we fucked and screwed like rabbits at his house in school hours. I was kind of sad when time came to say our goodbyes, there was no way we could carry on we both knew that. And I was glad in a way too, I do love my husband so why I had done twice what I had done still baffled me. But I also knew I had never planned it to happen, as I say, both events were opportunistic as far as I was concerned.

I put them to the back of my mind but I will always treasure my illicit moments with both men, and they were both real men, and marvellous lovers in every sense of the word. I am not a promiscuous woman, I asked myself those same questions lots of times and I came up with the same answer every time.

‘No I was not, simply because I would never ever ‘put it about,’ never!’

So I slipped back into my world of safety, I have to admit that I did wonder from time to time if it would ever happen again, the answer had to be a no, why? Because I would know, be aware of it, and control my urges.

So four years later here I am, and I have another lover, and it came from a completely unexpected source. It blindsided me totally, and it was because I already loved him with all my heart. Step forward Peter, my 18 year old son! Peter had always been the apple of my eye, I love Natalie, my daughter too, but not like I loved Peter. It may seem wrong to even say it never mind feel it, but there you are, it is what it is.

He is a very good looking boy, well I would say that wouldn’t I you say, well yes I would, but he is too. And from an early age I would always say to him.

“Peter my darling boy, I love you so much, if you ever want anything and it’s within my power to do it for you, or give it to you I will. No hesitation at all okay?” he would smile and nod his head.

Little did I know that it would be my determination to always do for him what I had said I would do that took me to where I am now, constantly and wonderfully underneath of him. It all started one week when his father was away for a few days. Peter was going to college later in the year; his older sister was already there so it was just Peter and me at home.

We have as you can guess always been close, lots of hugs and kisses, closeness, touchy feely, you name it we were it. I had felt his manhood at times when we hugged. I would smile to myself, and have to say it gave me a thrill, that my son had a hard on and it was probably because of, and for me. But nothing had ever given me a warning of his intentions. And because of it he seduced me completely, bakırköy escort I had no choice but to give in to him, surrender myself to his loving of me.

It was morning time, I was in the kitchen pottering about, I was in a short dressing gown, tied off loosely at the waist, nothing on my feet, and under my gown was a flimsy nightie. My hair was down around my shoulders, no makeup, just me in all my morning glory! But I had still checked myself in the mirror and highly satisfied at the reflection I saw. I amazed myself even now sometimes at the elegant sexy woman I peered at.

Peter came in, I turned and we hugged, he was only wearing a pair of loose boxer shorts, his young manly torso was open to my view, I was impressed. And I immediately felt his hardness against my nether regions.

‘Ooooh,’ I thought deliciously, but I said it to myself.

“Mom,” he said, “I need to ask you something really serious.”

“What darling, anything, you know you can ask me absolutely anything baby, tell me.” I replied with concern in my voice.

“Well,” he mumbled, “you have always said you would do anything for me, no matter what it was?” he told me.

“Yes Peter you know I will, short of murder,” he smiled at that.

“Well,” he told me, “please come with me, I want to show you something.” He turned, took my hand and I followed him dutifully.

We walked upstairs hand in hand; he took me into his bedroom, and turned toward me.

“Please close your eyes mom,” he asked. I heard him take a deep breath as I did.

“I’m repeating what I just said downstairs mom, about your promise that you would do anything for me?”

“Yes Peter darling and I will, that is my promise, to you,” I told him wondering what was going on. Never thinking that was about to happen would.

He let go of my hand, I heard him move away.

“Mom, I’m over eighteen now, and I’m ready to start a relationship with Emma, (his girlfriend) but I’m still unsure what to do. I need someone to show me mom, show me the way. Please keep your eyes closed while I finish,” he told me. “I haven’t had sex yet mom, and no one has ever seen my erm, er you know what’s.” I smiled to myself, and I managed not to say, “I have.”

“You made a promise to me mom, are you going to keep it?” he finished.

“Yes darling,” I told him unequivocally, “I will,” not expecting what was coming.

“Okay mom, open your eyes,” he whispered. I did, and what I saw nearly took my legs from under me.

He was laid flat on his bed, his shorts were gone, and he had an extremely impressive young cock in one hand, and he was waving it at me. Before I could say anything, he told me.

“Mom, I want you do this for me, no one has ever touched me and I want, no, I need you to be the first, please mom, do it for me?” I stood there and gaped before I turned to flee the room.

Unknown to Alana, Peter had got the hots for his mother slowly, it had taken years for him to realise and understand that she was the one that he wanted to be taught by, everything I am and are, he thought, was down to her. When she took him to school when he was small he never understood the glances of envy to her. The way she attracted all others, the way she moved, talked, walked.

The envy, but not jealously she engineered in those around her rubbed off on him because he got lots of friends through being her son. As he grew older he became more and more aware of her presence, her bearing, the way people deferred to her, including his dad. But she never used it as a way to get her own way. She was a super natural at being nice, everyone loved his mom.

Her natural ways, her in built elegance and sophisticated appearance, her graceful soft beauty, the way she was, made her his mentor. He wanted to be like her, to follow in her footsteps, which would later become a sexual urge for her that seemed to creep up on him without him being aware of it. He began to understand his own feelings, he loved her of course, but now he was feeling differently. He wanted to ‘be with her,’ to love her and be loved back.

After her son’s brain bashing request of her Alana dashed into her bedroom, thinking.

‘My own son has asked me to at least jack him off!’ I was more stunned than shocked, I wasn’t angry or upset. He had taken me completely by surprise; I actually smiled at his cheeky audacity. I sat on the edge of my bed and pondered what I had seen, what he had said. And then my own words came back to haunt me.

“I’ll do anything thing for you Peter, no matter what darling.” She had said this a million times over the years and had meant it every time she told him. But this was the first time he had ever asked me, my promise had been made, and now he was asking me to fulfil it. What was I to do? Was I already letting him down, reneging on my oath, what on earth would he think of me now? I hated myself for walking away.

“Well go back and keep your unequivocal promise and do what he wants you to do,” I told myself. I sat there for how long I don’t know. I suddenly found my feet and forced them to move. I was heading back to him, at his door I hesitated. I looked through the gap and he was laid on his side facing away from me, this somehow made it easier for me to re enter his bedroom.

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