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Alan’s Introduction To Lingerie

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It had been three years since his break up with Alice, and Alan had only had two brief relationships with other women since then. Neither had really cared about him or his passion for classic cars. They were obsessed with shopping for clothes and travelling to hot countries for holidays on the beach, where they would sunbathe for hours during the day, and then spend hours in bars and restaurants in the evening.None of that interested Alan. The only countries he wanted to visit were Australia, Canada, and the United States, none of which interested Andrea and Karen. When he declined the invites to go abroad, knowing how they wanted to spend their time, they simply broke off their relationship. In hindsight, Alan regarded it as a good thing, especially when he heard about how much they spent, how much they drank, and how often they were off sick from work.Now he was in a steady relationship with Joan, a woman who appeared to be kind-hearted, passionate, and more importantly for Alan, sensible. She only spent a moderate amount of money on clothes, mainly because she needed to have a decent wardrobe for the office where appearances did make a difference. Her tastes in food, films and many other things were similar to his, which had made Alan believe this relationship could potentially stand the test of time.However, Alan was now becoming a little concerned about her for several reasons. Her spending on clothes had increased considerably, and she was now talking about lingerie much more than usual, but not just about what she wanted to buy or wear herself. Six months into their relationship, she started dropping subtle hints about men wearing lingerie when having sex. Then, a few months after that, she started showing him articles about the topic on the internet. At first, Alan hoped she would take note of how disinterested and objectional he was about the subject, but she did not. It made him concerned about her motives for mentioning it so often, and always felt the tension rising between them whenever she did.It was Thursday, not a very pleasant one in regard to the weather, and had been another long and exceptionally busy day for Alan. It was also the fourth stressful day in a row. Due to several unavoidable delays, Alan had been under immense pressure to complete the renovation of an MG BGT for a client. The date of delivery had been agreed, and unfortunately for Alan, could not be changed. He had included several days to allow for delays and unexpected problems, but so many things had hampered the restoration, including disturbances and demands from Joan, something that had not been a problem in the earlier months of their relationship.Now all he wanted to do after a good meal was have a quiet evening watching a good film, but when he walked into the lounge to see Joan at the laptop yet again, he sighed heavily. He knew his evening was not going to be as relaxing as he hoped.Joan appeared to be spending so much time on the laptop at the weekends, shopping for clothes, reading the news, and looking at websites that seemed to fuel her desires for kinky sex. Now it appeared as if that compulsion had spread to her spending many an evening surfing the net as well. Alan was beginning to wonder if Joan was going to turn out to be just like his previous girlfriends, demanding and self-centred.He sighed again as he shook his head. Fortunately, she did not hear him sighing, so engrossed she was in whatever website she was looking at.“Ah, there you are, sweetie. I was just about to call you. Any chance of a cuppa? Online shopping sure makes you thirsty.”Alan turned around and headed for the kitchen without answering. He exhaled heavily through pursed lips as he filled the kettle, shaking his head gently at the same time. Five minutes later, he returned to the lounge, placed one mug on the placemat next to the laptop and kept holding his.“Thanks, sweetie; you’re a gem. Take a seat, there’s something I want to show you.” Joan noticed Alan’s expression. “Yes, I know what you’ll think, but please indulge me one last time. I promise I won’t bother you with it again if you still object.”Alan shook his head. “You know how I feel about it, Joan, so why ask again?”She looked at Alan with an expression that touched him in a way that made him crumble to her desires on many previous occasions, but not all, and not this time. Little did she know that it would no longer work under any circumstance and that he had become tired of her constant attempts of manipulation.“You know I keep my promises, don’t you?” she said softly, just like a child would do when confronted by a parent over a misdemeanour.Joan did keep her promises for the first six months of their relationship, but now, her promises were becoming meaningless, just like those of his former girlfriends Andrea and Karen. It was happening all over again, he could see it clearly, even though he dared hope that he was wrong.Alan sighed heavily, feeling exasperated. Knowing she would only keep on and on until he agreed, he decided to give her one more chance to keep her promise. He moved a chair closer and sat down beside Joan, folded his arms over his chest and leant on the table.Joan clicked on one of the websites she had been perusing and Alan shook his head gently.“I found this really interesting site the other day,” she said excitedly. “It has lots of information and has even posted the results of numerous surveys carried out in the UK and across Europe on the sexual habits and activities of couples in the bedroom and beyond.” She clicked on an article and read out some of the details about the surveys.Alan listened without really taking much notice of what Joan was saying. He knew she was focussing on the parts that suggested a lot taksim escort of couples were indulging in sex where both partners were wearing sexy lingerie and how it spiced up their sex life, and in many instances, improved their relationships. Of course, there were always some on whom it had the opposite effect, but Joan glossed over those parts. There were even pictures to accompany the articles, but Alan believed they were photos of models, not of real couples.Joan then read some of the comments that were supposedly written by actual couples whose sex and relationships had been improved because of their indulgence.Alan could tell Joan was getting excited by all of this, but he believed he just wasn’t made that way. He had, when he was in his early twenties, worn a pair of white lace-trimmed cotton knickers, but that was something he didn’t reveal to anybody.He had gone on a week’s holiday with Gerry, Fred, and Anna, Fred’s girlfriend. Fred and Gerry were work colleagues from the garage where he worked after leaving college, and this was their third trip as a group. Alan and Gerry had their own tents, and Anna shared Fred’s. Alan’s tent was a three-person tent allowing him a little more space for his things, and on this occasion, he had agreed to keep some of Fred and Anna’s packs in his tent.On the third night, a freak thunderstorm raged across the country and caused havoc. Fred and Gerry’s tents were blown down and most of their things were soaked or blown away by the strong winds, whereas Alan’s tent survived, but not without some damage and loss to his belongings. Fortunately, Alan kept four pairs of socks and four briefs in resealable waterproof polythene bags, two items in each, for just such an eventuality. Much to Alan’s angst, Fred helped himself to one of the polythene bags, leaving Alan with no spare briefs and only one pair of dry socks. The other bags had disappeared in the winds.Alan smiled as he remembered that holiday and what happened on the day after the storm.Fred was beside himself with frustration and anger at the turn of events, so he decided to call it a day. He packed up once he had salvaged what had survived and what he could find. Just before he and Anna left, Anna went over to speak with Alan. She knew Fred had taken Alan’s spare things, but thought it better not to say anything, not wanting to cause any friction for them when they returned to work, and because he knew how easily Fred flew into a temper.“Alan, I know you’re short of underwear, we all are after that dreadful storm. I’m surprised we’ve anything left. Anyway, like you, I always take precautions, and I know this is going to sound weird, perhaps crazy, but I have,” she dropped her voice to a whisper to ensure nobody overheard, “a spare pair of white cotton knickers, which you can borrow, seeing as I won’t need them now.”There was a definite tinge of annoyance and sadness in her voice, but Alan knew that was because of Fred’s behaviour and decision to leave early.She smiled when she saw Alan’s shocked expression. “Yes, I know, but you’ve nothing to worry about. I promise I won’t say a word to anybody, not under any circumstance.” She sighed lightly. “Look, you’ve been so good to Fred and me, and you’re too nice to do anything bad to.” She held out her hand with a small bag containing the knickers. “I’ll never, ever speak of this to you or anybody, I promise.”Alan smiled and nodded. “Yes, I believe you. If it’s not too out of order to say it, but you deserve better than Fred. I know he’s a good guy, but, well, you know.”Anna smiled, leaned forward and kissed Alan on the cheek. She then whispered. “They’re extremely comfortable, by the way, probably more comfortable than your own briefs.”Alan gazed at her curiously.“I’ve tried Fred’s and they were so uncomfortable, so bulky. You don’t really need all that material just because you’ve got more down there, do you?”Alan shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve never really thought about it, but I agree they are a little uncomfortable, especially when you’re hot, which is why I wear the briefs. I hate boxers or anything like that.”Alan found it surprisingly easy to talk to Anna, he always had, but she had been courting Fred ever since he had known her. She was a sweet, kind and considerate young woman, and Fred, well, he was Alan’s friend, but he knew Fred was a bit of a lady’s man, and that he had a temper that flared so easily. Alan always wondered how long the relationship would last before Fred upset Anna so much that it would cause them to split apart.Alan watchevd Anna walk away and get in the car with Fred. She smiled at him and waved. It was a smile of mixed emotions, he could see that quite clearly. There was a mix of sadness, regret, and happiness that was not borne from her relationship with Fred. He smiled and waved back. When they had gone, Alan winced as he moved, his soaking clothes clinging to his body and now chilling him to the bone.He returned to his tent to see what was left and what could be salvaged. He had a spare pair of trousers and a shirt that was still dry, thankfully, and as he popped his head out of the tent, saw the clouds were breaking, and he could feel the temperature beginning to rise. Alan undressed quickly and wiped himself dry with his towel. He then took the cotton knickers from the bag, shook his head and slipped them on. His eyes widened in surprise when he realised Anna was right; they were comfortable, despite the lace trim across the buttocks and the front. Worried Gerry might appear and see him, he finished dressing and started putting all of his wet clothes in the holdall ready to take to the laundrette.Alan found the white cotton knickers so comfortable, he washed and dried them and beşiktaş escort then wore them on the day he and Gerry returned home. He placed Anna’s knickers in his top drawer after being washed with the intention of returning them to her. Unfortunately, the day he had planned to drive over to Fred’s, Gerry called and told him Fred and Anna had had a blazing row, started by Fred, of course, and their relationship ended on a sour note.It was not a surprise to Alan, but he did feel sorry for Anna. He decided to wait a while before trying to return the knickers, but when he finally got around to trying to contact her, he discovered she had moved and nobody seemed to know where she had moved to. He would not throw them away for several reasons, but mainly because he still harboured a small glimmer of hope that he might learn where she had moved to, return them to her, and maybe start a relationship with her. He put them somewhere safe so that none of his friends or future partners would find them. He knew he could come up with a good excuse if it did happen, but preferred to avoid any complications that might arise because of it.He never did manage to find out where she lived, and she never made contact, not that he was surprised, but he still had the knickers well hidden in his office above the garage.Joan coughed and nudged him, disturbing him from his memories. “Are you listening?”Alan nodded. “Yeah, sorry, I just remembered something important I need to sort out tomorrow.”He listened while Joan repeated what she was trying to tell him. He couldn’t deny the fact that there probably were a lot of men who did like wearing lingerie, and even women who liked their men wearing it. He had enjoyed wearing cotton knickers on those two occasions, but that was a long time ago, had not done it since, although he had been tempted on a few occasions, that was, however, before he met Alice. There were certainly lots of websites on the internet that had pictures to prove it.He could also not deny the fact that he loved the feel of nylon on smooth legs, often having spent ages caressing Alice’s stockinged legs, and now Joan’s, and even loved the feel of them rubbing against his legs. What he could not accept or understand was Joan constantly trying to persuade him to indulge her need to spice up their sex life, which he believed was already better than average.“So you see, sweetie, it’s not that strange for men to indulge their wives or partner’s fantasies, or even satisfy their own desires to wear lingerie while having sex.”Alan could only shake his head in frustration. He did not have such desires, nor did he see how or why it could improve the sexual relationship between two people. Either sex was good or it was not, but sex was not the be-all and end-all of a relationship, as far as Alan was concerned.“Yes, well, those couples obviously have something lacking in their relationship if they need to do such things.” He said it and hoped he would not regret it, but as an after-thought, he hoped it might just be the comment to stop Joan from keeping on and on.Joan turned her head and stared coldly at him. “Are you suggesting I believe there’s something lacking in our relationship?”“What I think doesn’t seem to be of concern to you, does it? Otherwise, you wouldn’t keep on bringing the subject up.”Alan knew he was treading dangerous ground, but he no longer cared. He wanted the subject buried and forgotten, but deep down he knew Joan would never relent.Joan was still scowling at him, but her eyes were watering.Alan knew she was starting the waterworks to make him feel guilty about the way he spoke to her, just like she had done on other occasions, and just like his previous girlfriends always did.“Well, I’m going to prepare something to eat because I’m starving,” said Alan as he stood up and placed the chair back on the other side of the table.Joan stared at him the whole time.“Fine,” she said angrily. “If that’s how you feel….”Joan couldn’t finish her sentence and Alan knew why. He could see the sign so clearly; she was on the verge of turning a minor disagreement or conflict of opinion into a major argument that would spiral out of control. She knew it would happen if she didn’t hold her tongue, and she also knew if she stood her ground, refusing to back off or concede, it would be over between them. Alan had made it clear to her on a couple of occasions when she had gone over the top over a petty disagreement.The next couple of hours were fraught with tension, but by nine o’clock, Joan had finally apologised and sought reconciliation. Alan did not make it hard for her, but he was wondering how long it would be before the inevitable happened.Then, two weeks later on a particularly dark, wet, and miserable Saturday, his life was about to change, irrevocably.It had been raining all day, not just showers or drizzle, but torrential downpours that had resulted in streams flowing down the roads and flooding numerous gardens. Joan had been edgy and irritable from the moment she got out of bed, which was around 10 o’clock, not wanting to rush to get up because it was too foul to go to town shopping.Alan had decided to do some work in the garage, wanting to make a start on his new project, and preferring to be away from Joan for a few hours. She had been particularly sensitive and awkward ever since the evening when she had tried pushing him into wearing lingerie, but she had not, much to Alan’s delight, mentioned the subject again.The MG BGT had been sold on time and he had made a reasonable profit on the sale, which had pleased him greatly. He did not, of course, divulge the full details to Joan, preferring to set aside most of the profit for when times were not so buoyant. A few days after the sale, he located and purchased a Jaguar XJS, which would take at least two months to restore despite continuing to work on the Mark One Jaguar 2.4 he was restoring for himself.It was about five o’clock when Alan walked into the lounge. Joan was sitting at the table gazing at her laptop, her arms folded and resting in front of it. He walked up and stood behind her so he could see what she was doing. He nodded and sighed inwardly. She was looking at clothes again, obviously doing some online shopping to while away the time and fill her already overflowing wardrobes.“You’ll be needing me to build more wardrobes if you buy any more clothes,” he said as lightly as possible, trying to keep some humour in his tone.“Well, a girl does need a good variety, you know. We have to cater for all occasions, and the new season’s ranges are coming in. Anyway, you love doing things around the house, almost as much as renovating those classic cars of yours.” Joan glanced over her shoulder, a bright and warm smile lighting up her face.Alan did not miss the suggestive sparkle in her eyes. He could tell she was back to her old self, which was a good thing in most ways because it meant life would be less tense and more amicable. He also knew she had been perusing other websites, not just clothing retailers. There were a few tabs open, partially hidden by the Marks and Spencer page. He sighed inwardly as he waited for the suggestion, one he knew would relate to lingerie. Strangely enough, Joan remained silent, which made Alan wonder what she was thinking.“Okay, what do you want to do this evening?” he asked tentatively.Joan sighed heavily. “I wanted to go into town and have dinner, get all romantic and then come home, watch a good film, and finish the day off with a night of passionate love-making.”Alan was surprised by the last element. Joan now usually referred to their love-making as a night of unbridled sex. She had even been keen on having sex in other places too, such as a quiet forestry commission car park, or a lay-by somewhere off the beaten track, a place where there could be the slightest chance of being seen. Of course, up to this point in Alan’s life, he had always preferred having sex in the bedroom, although he had indulged Joan in the living room after watching an erotic film on a few occasions.“As it’s still bucketing down, it won’t be pleasant going into town and getting soaked through, so how about having a take-away? We can eat and drink wine while watching a good film, and then, well, whatever.”Joan’s eyes lit up. “Sounds good to me. Let’s have Chinese. I’ve gone off Indian at the moment: Too many curries out with the girls.” She also saw an opportunity to get her own way in regard to certain things that she wanted to try out. “You remember Julia, don’t you?”“Remember Julia?” Alan laughed. “Who can ever forget Julia.”“Yeah, well, she’s quite a hot babe, isn’t she, but she likes her curries hot too,” said Joan smiling brightly. “She often says an extra hot curry is a must for an extra hot woman.”Alan just shook his head. He knew Julia quite well, but what he didn’t know was just how wild, passionate, and uninhibited she was in bed. She had been married to Harry for four years, and according to friends, had never had a serious argument. They appeared to be the perfect couple, although Alan wondered how they really behaved and treated each other at home.“That doesn’t surprise me,” he sighed.Alan noted how happy Joan appeared to be when speaking about Julia, but was not surprised by what she said. She spent a lot of time with Julia and a couple of other female friends, namely Maria and Jennifer.“Okay, I’ll go get the dinner, you get everything ready and laid out.”About forty minutes later, Alan returned home carrying two bags filled with food containers. They always bought more than they could eat, preferring to have a little of several dishes, then heating the remainder up the following day for breakfast or lunch.He had expected to see Joan wearing a short skirt and blouse, stockings and suspender belt or basque, but she was still in her loungewear, although that did not mean she wasn’t wearing stockings. She still looked fabulous, had a great body, and was a real tease. He only wished she would be less concerned about spicing their sex life up, which was already great.Seeing her moving about, her tight buttocks encased in her close-fitting loungewear was exciting him more than he expected it to. As a result, he was now looking forward to having some, as Joan put it, unbridled sex after they had finished watching a film or two.They quickly emptied the food into the heated dishes, took them into the living room and laid them out on the small table. The cutlery, glasses, two bottles of wine and the plates, which Joan had warmed, were already in the room. Alan’s stomach rumbled as the aroma of cooked food filled the room. While he filled the glasses, Joan put a DVD in the player and then sat beside him.The two tucked into their dinners and watched the film without utterance. After two large glasses of wine, both were relaxed and getting a little lightheaded. Joan grabbed the second bottle, and as she poured it, noticed it was white wine.“Damn, I thought that was red too,” exclaimed Joan.“Don’t worry, it’ll go down just as nicely,” replied Alan.“I’m not in the mood for white wine tonight, and it doesn’t go with the beef and pork dishes.”“Okay, but bring in the other bottle of soy sauce can you? This one’s empty.”“Sure thing, sweetie,” replied Joan with a rather cheeky smile. “I’ll pop this in the fridge for tomorrow.” She grabbed Alan’s glass as she got up.“There’s no need to take that.”“It needs rinsing, otherwise the white will spoil the taste of the red.”Alan just nodded and took another mouthful of food.Joan returned a few moments later, sat down as she handed Alan the bottle of soy sauce, and then refilled their glasses.

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