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“Alex In The Park”
“The Magical World of Alex”

Part 1



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Now for the usual disclaimers: 1. This story is about love and sexual relations between adults and minors. If it is illegal to read these stories where you live, or if you are under the age of 18, close the site now. 2. This story is MOSTLY FICTION. Some parts are real, the others are in my head. The reason for a site like this is to get our rocks off without participating in illegal activity.

The day had finally arrived when my brother and his harpy…wife, their two daughters and myself were going to Walt Disney World Resorts for a full week. We”d scrimped and saved for 5 years to get to have this vacation. A few days before we left, my best friend called me and asked a HUGE favor. Her boyfriend had taken a construction job again leaving his son in her care. Her job was sending her on a business trip for a few days and she needed someone to watch over 10yo Alex. I explained that we”re all going to Disney and she offered to buy his tickets and all food he”d need for the week. After some time of begging and a few crocodile tears on her part, I relented. I told my brother of the change and he was fine with it. He said, “Evens out the male to female ratio.” The night before the 4 hour drive to Orlando, I drove over to pick up Alex.

Megs handed me a pre-paid card and told me there was more than enough for Alex”s tickets, food and souvenirs. She kissed Alex on the cheek and told him to be a good boy. “Geeze, May. I”m not a little kid.!”

Alex had met my family before, but this time was a bit different. My niece, Clarissa, had recently gone through puberty and was developing nicely. Alex just stared at her budding breasts and started to drool. He already liked her, but this just started him into overdrive. He told me, “She”s sooo pretty.” I laughed it off and headed him to the couch so he could get some sleep before our long drive.

In bed at 9pm and up at 3am. LOTS of coffee for the adults and trying to wrangle 3 kids into van is difficult to do. By 4, we were on the road. I was driving while my brother was in the passenger seat. The second seat had Clarissa behind kocaeli escort my brother, Alex behind me and the baby in the middle. Anna, my brother”s wife, sat on a cooler in between the 2 front seats. The kids slept most of the way, but woke up as we made our way into Orlando. Alex kept looking at Clarissa and drooled. We got to the hotel for early check in and put our belongings away before headed out to The Magic Kingdom. A nice suite, 3 bedrooms, kitchen and a living area. Alex and I would be sharing a room. As he put his things in the dresser, he asked if I thought Clarissa would be interested in him. I told him that she”s a few years older than him and probably not. I wanted to be honest. I didn”t tell him, but Clarissa was already “dating” someone, a girl her age in school.

We all had fun at the park and Alex seemed to forget his infatuation with my niece for a while. But that soon ended with him following her around like a lost puppy. He kept trying to talk to her, but she just wanted to be on her own a bit. There was a vendor selling roses on Main Street and he bought a red rose to give to Clarissa. When he gave it to her, she became her mother. She snatched the rose from Alex, threw it on the ground, stomped it and called him a stupid little boy. Her dad snatched her away while I went to check on Alex. He was crying uncontrollably and blubbering something about how he really liked her. I held him on my lap and let him cry against my chest for about 30 minutes. When he finally calmed down, I told him that Clarissa was already involved with someone. She really didn”t mean to be mean, but it”s just how teenage girls can be at times.

Clarissa came over and apologized to Alex and he seemed to accept it, but he was still a very sad boy the rest of the day. That evening, 6 very tired people returned to the hotel. I told Alex to get a shower and get in bed, because tomorrow would be another early day.

Now, I”d known Alex since my friend and his dad started dating 5 years earlier. But it wasn”t until I was holding him in the park, letting him cry out his frustrations that I realized how much of a cute boy he was turning out to be. Let me take a moment to describe Alex. He had blond hair that touches his shoulders, emerald green eyes, cute little nose slightly upturned. He”s about 4″6″ tall and, as he stripped in front of me to get his shower, a cute little bubble butt. He has hardly any baby fat on him, instead he”s lean and his muscles are getting defined by swimming daily. I watched darıca escort his jiggly little butt as he walked into the bathroom and I instantly sprang a boner. While the shower was running, I whipped out my cock for a little “me time” in hopes of not having a hard on when Alex came back.

Just so you know more about me, I”m gay, 34 years old, 5″10″, 225lbs and covered with hair from the neck down. I shave from the neck up. I have a 6″ cock that I keep shaved and pubes trimmed as well. I sat on the bed, flogging my cock and just about the time the shower stopped, I blew my load into a hand towel from the hotel. I had just covered up when Alex came into the room. He was drying his hair and his little dink was flopping side to side with his actions. I noticed that he was circumcised and was about an inch long. He asked for help getting dried off and I took the towel from him. Starting at his shoulders, I dried from his shoulders to his feet. What cute little toes he had. I”ve never noticed toes before, but his were…for a lack of a better work, delicious looking.

I finally had him in his pjs and in the king size bed when I went for my shower. Dried off and in my shorts, I bid my family good night and went to bed. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

About 2 in the morning, I heard crying. I rolled over and Alex was blubbering again, tears streaming down his face. I pulled him to my chest and let him cry it out again. DAMN this kid had it bad. 10 minutes later, he calmed down and asked why it was so hard to get a girlfriend. I explained that girls around his age can be fickle, moody and sometimes, down right crazy. I told him he”d find a girlfriend when the time was right. I tickled him a bit to make him laugh and his knee came up and caught me in the nuts. As I jerked, my hand went down his body and stopped on a little spike. Alex had a hard on. I pulled my hand away quickly and Alex was asking over and over if I was okay. I told him I was, but the truth was I was hurting bad. Alex then did something I never would have expected him to do. He reached over and started rubbing my nuts, trying to sooth the pain. His little hand massaging my nuts made me bone up quickly. “Ha, you have a stiffy, like me.”

I laughed it off, but he wrapped his hand around my shaft and squeezed and then asked, “You want to take care of it?”

“What do you know of taking care of stiffies?”

“I take care of my brother”s all the time. gölcük escort My Uncle and cousins, too.”

“And…how do you take care of it?”

“Like this.” With that, he went under the covers, pulled my shorts under my aching nuts and started sucking my dick. I should have stopped him. My brain told me to stop him. My dick didn”t want him to stop. At 10 years of age, this boy was a master of fellatio. As my orgasm neared, I warned Alex to pull off, but he didn”t. He kept sucking like a boy possessed until I blew my load again. I heard Alex gulping to keep up. As he came out from the covers, I turned on the bed lamp. A small bead of my cum was in the corner of his cute little mouth. I put my finger to the bead and wiped it off and he sucked it off my finger. “That was yummy.”

I had so many question, but no time to ask. I was presented with a 3″ spike and asked if I”d take care of him as well. What”s fair is fair, so I engulfed the spike and started working my tongue around the head. I had to quiet him several times so he wouldn”t wake the family. I think what really surprised him, and surprised me as well, is when I pulled off his spike, raise him up and sat his but directly on my face. My tongue went to work on his pucker and his body went ridged from the new sensation. I reached down and grabbed my shorts off and put them in his mouth to keep him quiet. He rode my face like a cowboy riding a bull at a rodeo. After a 10 minute rimming, I went back to his spike. I laid him on the bed and sucked his little dink and massaged just under his balls until he started shaking. He shoved his dink in my mouth and it started shaking like a vibrating egg. He fell back on the bed, gasping for breath, but with a smile from ear to ear. I pulled him up into my arms and held him till he lifted his lips to mine and kissed me, full tongue.

He told me, “No one has ever licked me back there before. And that was the best gasm I”ve ever had.”

“I”m glad you like it, but you can”t tell anyone about it, okay?”

“Not even my uncle?”


“Can we do it again?”

“We have 5 more days here, I”m sure we can find time to do it again.”

He fell asleep in my arms, both of us naked. It was going to be an interesting week.


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