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All In The Family: Ch. 01

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Starring Hilda, Harriet and Henry Humper in:

“All In The Family: Part One”

Written by Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur

This story is an epic sexual adventure that will forever change the Humper family dynamic.

“Now this is the way to take a shower, fucking Humper family style!” Henry chortled, fondling his mother’s funbags and occasionally suckling a wet nipple, drawing on her teat like he was that little sixteen-year-old boy again and Hilda was breastfeeding him her sweet breast milk.

“I have wanted to do this shit for a long time!” Harriet announced, going to her knees in the spacious luxury shower, her toppling honkers hanging as she knelt in front of Henry’s fully engorged penis, its twelve inches sticking straight out in front of him proudly. Harriet gripped Henry’s huge fucktool in her little girlish hand and giggled as she fluttered her tongue around inside his peehole, his urethra tingling with this mixture of enormous tits and oral stimulation.

“That’s great, sweetie,” Hilda moaned out as Henry nursed her left milker like he was having his breakfast. “Yummy down on that wee wee, baby. Suck that cock, Harriet.”

“Mmmmmphhhh,” was all Harriet Humper could utter, her mouth filled totally to capacity by the length and girth of Henry’s wee wee as her titties rocked up and down. “Mmmpph, mmpphh.”

“Yes, that’s the way, Harriet!” Hilda cheered, clapping her hands together in childish glee as she watched her daughter fellate Henry while he nursed hungrily at her gigantic globes. “The family that plays together, stays together, tee hee hee! This is such fucking fun, isn’t it kids? We should have been doing this all along. I can’t believe that it took that tawdry tart, Tammy Faye, to clue us in to what we’ve been missing. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time!”

“Me either!” Henry whooped, momentarily taking his mouth from his mother’s nipple. “Wow! Who would have thought that Harriet could suck a wee wee this well? She’s applying enough suction to suck a fucking golf ball through a garden hose! Holy shit!”

“Yes, a Humper girl can make your wee wee feel so fucking good, it hurts,” Hilda explained, offering a swollen pap to Henry’s open and moaning mouth again. “Keep sucking, sweetness, and enjoy that shit. And just think. You haven’t even had one of Momma’s legendary wee wee suckings yet. You’ll squirt so hard, that orgasm will blow your fucking head off! Tee hee hee! Henry, I told you to keep suckin’ my fuckin’ tits. Don’t stop now, just because your sister has your dick in her mouth.”

“But, of-of course,” Henry moaned, watching Harriet’s breasts beat crazily back and forth as her blonde and soaked head slid up and down on his stalk, which was by now as slick as glass from her saliva.

“Mmmmphhhhh!” she grunted, her titanic left tittie striking her chin as she yummied away at the thick root of his cock, sucking and licking and dragging her teeth.

“Holy fucking shit! That feels so good to my wee wee!” Henry cried out, biting his lip to try and hold off the inevitable orgasm for a few more minutes, if possible. This was a pretty big event in Henry’s life and he wasn’t going to let it end one second too soon. “Ohhhhhh, Harriet!”

“That’s right, baby!” Hilda cried out as Henry bit down on one of her pert, pink nipples. “Give Momma’s titties some pleasure, sweetie. Oh, baby!”

Harriet continued her gentle assault on Henry’s rampant stalk, her titan toppers beating together as she used her tongue to tease and tickle the warrior head until she could feel Henry tense up, a sure sign of his imminent completion.

“Ohhhhhhh, fucccccckkkkkkkkkk!” Henry shouted out at last as the first jet sprays of jism rocketed from the head of his pecker and splashed against the back of Harriet’s throat so fast that she had difficulty swallowing before the next jet spray filled her small mouth to capacity, some droplets of cum dripping onto her jugs.

The monster-sized penis in her mouth swelled at the head and pumped out semen into the busty little minx’s small mouth like a cannon, thick blasts of his “sticky shit” as Hilda called it, into Harriet’s mouth and throat. It came so fast and so forceful, the gooey substance that she loved so much, that the semen splashed out of her mouth and ran down her soft cheeks and onto her whopping teatsies in shiny streams, the shower water that cascaded down washing some of it immediately away. Henry gripped his mother’s ample udders still tighter and moaned, squealed and almost cried with the pleasure that his sister had caused inside his horsecock prong. He squeezed Hilda’s mammoth flesh balloons until she screamed out and then he began to suck her huge erect left nipple at the same time that he moaned and begged, the jism rocketing out of his manhood.

“Tee hee hee,” giggled Hilda, enjoying herself immensely as Henry sucked her boobies happily. “Squirtsies, squirtsies! I just love to see a big horsecock like Henry’s shoot out all that ooey gooey sticky shit, tee hee! Swallow hard, Harriet! poker oyna That’s the way!”

“Tee hee hee! This is fucking fun as shit!” Harriet laughed, her huge hefty hooters bouncing and swaying to and fro under the still cascading shower of water, as she whipped Henry’s penis out of her mouth. Without warning, a huge rumbling belch came from between her pouty red lips, echoing in the enclosed space of the shower.

“Oh, excuse me! Tee hee hee!” she giggled, a huge cum bubble forming in her mouth as she laughed hysterically, her chest humps rattling with her amusement. “I’m blowing jizz bubbles, Mommy, tee hee hee! This is some crazy fucking shit!”

“Holy shit, you are sure one good little cocksucker, Harriet,” Henry told her sincerely, as he allowed the water to wash away the last traces of semen still clinging to the end of his dick, still handling his mother’s busty bosom.

“Holy motherfucking shit!” Hilda cackled, her big boobies jumping as Henry finally released his vice grip on them. “He must have squirted a lot of that shit in your mouth, Harriet! Holy fuck! You’re belching and shit, burping all that jizz back up and blowing bubbles! Tee hee hee! I knew this was going to be fun, but this is like some carnival amusement crazy fucking shit! Tee hee! I mean, Henry, you almost strangle your sister with semen after she sucks off your wee wee and you shoot a half gallon down her throat and she’s got the shit all over her fucking face! I mean, this shit is fun, isn’t it, kids?”

“It’s the funnest fucking shit I’ve ever done,” Henry admitted, patting his sister’s naked jubblies as she stood up and licked a stray string of cum off of her lip. “I mean, my sister is letting me jizz in her mouth now!”

“Tee hee!” Harriet giggled like a schoolgirl, pressing her lithe young knockers against Henry’s naked stomach. “And my brother is letting me suck his wee wee too! Tee hee! And he squirts me soooo much cuuuummmm! I love that shit! You blasted my tonsils! Tee hee hee!”

“Shit, my sack feels a whole lot lighter, ha ha,” Henry laughed as he watched Harriet let the water clean his ejaculate from her face and off of both of her plump breasts. “I’m so used to doing constant shit with Grandma that I need it all the time now. I have to have those pipes cleaned on a regular basis.”

“This water’s getting cold,” Hilda complained as she started to shiver, her ample boobs and arms covered in goosebumps. “I think it’s about time we got out and got dried off, don’t you, kids?”

“Yeah, tee hee!” giggled Harriet as she finished rinsing off, focusing mainly on her Humper set of honkers. “I’m getting great big fucking nipple hard-ons already! I think we drained the hot water tank, tee hee!”

The three of them climbed out of the shower, their big parts swinging around, and then reached for the huge, fluffy towels that hung on the towel rail beside the shower stall.

“Lemme dry your titties, Harriet!” Henry cried out, grabbing her towel and moving towards her fleshy offshoots.

“Why, Henry, my sweet little brother, I would be DELIGHTED! Tee hee hee!” Harriet laughed like an immature horny cheerleader, which she was, though one who was hardly immature at her bosom, which looked like she had two big tittie tanks on her chest, their nipples long and erect and cold. “Dry me off, lover. Cause my puppies are fucking wet, wet, wet!”

“You kids are too cute!” Hilda giggled, her own set of mams shaking as she watched with amusement, her son dabbing lovingly at her daughter’s massive knockers as Harriet cooed and played with his soaking and recently spent cock in return.

“Can somebody dry me a little?” Hilda almost pouted, then smiled as Henry turned and ran the towel over the hills of her boobs, even stopping to wipe the water from her pebbly nipples. Harriet, meanwhile, used her towel to wipe the moisture from the giant organ that hung between her brother’s legs.

“Tee hee hee, this is so much fucking fun!” Harriet giggled, watching as Henry’s jumbo johnson once more sprang to attention as Harriet used the fluffy towel to dry it off, giving special attention to his large nutsack.

“Look at this, Mom,” she laughed, pointing at Henry’s huge horsecock, her feisty overstuffed funbags only inches from it. “Henry’s hard again already! Tee hee fucking hee! Just look at the size of that thing! I can’t wait to feel Henry’s big dick inside me, can you, Mom?”

“Just get dried, kids,” Hilda said, as Henry finished dabbing all of the water from his mother’s gigantic rack. “That’s the way, Harriet. That big schlong of Henry’s looks all refreshed and shit, tee hee. How would you kids like to come to my room for some fun and games?”

Throwing the towels into the hamper that stood in the corner of the bathroom, Hilda grabbed hold of Henry’s male organ and started to gently coax him in the direction of her bedroom.

“Fun and games and fuckin’ and suckin’ on the king-sized bed! Wheeeeee!” Harriet cried with joy, amused as she and her mother’s huge whoppers wobbled and swayed and canlı poker oyna bounced and jounced fleshily as the three of them walked down the hall. Henry’s mother led him by the cock.

“Oh, shit, I can’t fucking believe this,” Henry commented, as he felt his sister’s hand on his ass as she walked behind him, her big boobies slinging all over the fucking place. “What the fuck did we ever wait so long for? My wee wee is ready for some real genuine fucking Humper family adventure now, you big-tittied fuckers!”

“Oh, Henry, you’ve got a pretty nice ass,” Harriet observed, pinching his bottom and cackling as she smacked him in the back with one of her overly heavy headlight tits. “I guess I’ll be holding on to it while you are busy doing something else. Tee hee.”

“Come on, Henry! Hurry up!” Harriet urged her brother, so excited that she could hardly contain herself as she and her mother now both held on to Henry’s huge humpstick and led him to the master bedroom at the end of the hall. Harriet’s ample assets bounced and swayed lasciviously with every step, and Henry’s eyes barely left them. “Weeeeeeeee, this is going to be fun!”

“Tee hee hee! It sure is!” Hilda exclaimed, letting go of Henry’s cock for a moment so that they could all fit through the doorway, her hefty hooters impeding her a little bit. “I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner. My goodness, we had our own fucking playground right here at home and we didn’t even take advantage of it. Ooooooo, Henry, pinch my big nipples, sweetie.”

“Me first! Me first!” Harriet screeched, holding on to Henry’s penis as though her life depended on it. “Can I be first?”

“Harriet, sweetie, we can share, okay? You can’t expect to have Henry all to yourself, tee hee.”

“But I just want his big thingie in my cunny, Mommy,” Harriet protested, her milkwagons bobbling as she held on to Henry’s erect cock as hard as she could. “I mean, it’s gonna feel so good and shit.”

“And you can, sweetie,” Hilda assured her horny hussy heavy-honkered daughter, patting her on one of her naked boobs. “But we can share it first. The Humper women share shit with each other. That’s like a Humper platitude or some fucking thing. Now get on that fucking bed, Henry Humper. Get that naked ass of yours on that mattress.” Hilda pushed her favorite big-wee weed boy to his back atop the mattress, not forcefully, but enough to get him on his back, right where she wanted him, with his dick standing up. “There we go, baby. Comfy?”

“More comfortable than Bill Clinton at a whorehouse,” Henry quipped, staring at their two wonderfully naked pairs of Humper hilltops as they jiggled, his penis twitching with excitement, erect as shit.

Harriet giggled as she pushed her gigantic globes into Henry’s face, pressing her soft, pillowy flesh against his unshaven stubble.

“Tee hee hee! This is exciting as shit!” she tittered, swatting Henry’s hand away when he reached up and gave her a quick nipple pinch.

“Yeah, it’s real and genuine Humper excitement,” Hilda laughed, shoving her breasts into Henry’s face as well, not wanting to be outdone by her teenaged daughter.

“Fucking A, I’m being smothered by tittie!” Henry chuckled with amusement, pawing at the two sets of glorious boobies mashed into his face, almost blocking his ability to breathe air through his nostrils. “I love this shit.”

Hilda moved away from Henry’s face, dragging her over-developed udders down the length of his torso, tickling him with her pointy nipples as she pressed her titflesh into him at various locations on his body.

“Suck ’em, Henry!” Harriet told him with a squeal, still pressing her bare set straight into his face. “Suck on ’em hard and bite ’em and shit. Tee hee hee.”

“Rowwwwrrrrr!” Henry growled, burying his face between his sister’s mammaries and shaking his head back and forth. “Mmmm, mmmm, good titties!”

Henry then turned slightly and grabbed a mouthful of boobflesh indiscriminately, locking his lips around her left jug and inhaling as much of the giant expanse of soft lush skin into his mouth as he could.

“Oh, Henry, your body is sweet, baby,” Hilda added from lower on his frame, rubbing both of her own massive teats along his stomach and kissing his belly button before sticking one of her nipples inside his navel to wiggle it back and forth. “You are one sweet hunk of man all over, lover.”

“You aren’t so bad yourself, Mom,” Henry quipped, removing his sister’s tit from his mouth and lowering his eyes to take in the sight of his mother moving her enormous mammaries over his body, finally stopping to wrap her soft, pillowy flesh around his rampant hard-on and pressing them together to form a tight sheath around his huge swollen cock.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck! That feels good as shit,” Henry moaned, sucking again on his sister’s pert, pink and pebbly nipple like a starving infant. “Yeah, Mom! Clench me, you big tittied wench!”

Hilda moved her breasts slowly along the shaft of his phallus, still putting pressure on the outside of her internet casino breasts to fit around his shaft like a hand in a tight glove.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so fucking great to my trouser snake!” Henry cried out, his hips beginning to buck as she used the huge canyon between her breasts to stimulate him even more.

Hilda worked his twelve inch cock almost casually up and down within the chasm between her two giant zeppelins, her two globes of flesh that enveloped his snake of a cock in a love embrace.

“There he goes, Henry. Up and down, the snake sliding his way between two big boulders made out of skin,” triple J-tittied Hilda Humper laughed, sweetly holding her bulging bags of boob and gently priming his hardened length with them, his hardness contrasting with the softness of the interior track of her heavenly cleavage, deep and mysterious, a place that his wee wee wanted to go.

“Oooooooo, my wee wee!” Henry gasped, in between a draw on his sister’s huge rack as he switched tits and sucked and licked the dough-like skin of her right boobie.

“Oh, it feels yummy when you give me sucky, Henry!” Harriet squealed like a little girl, one of her hands under her tittie’s flesh as she fed it to her brother and the other hand under his chin.

Finally tiring of nursing her brother, and mainly because his sucking was beginning to make her nipples sore, Harriet followed her mother’s example and used her bloated blimp-like breasts to tickle and tease various points on Henry’s body as she moved slowly towards her mother, who still had Henry’s phallus in a vice-like grip between her twin titans.

“Ooooh, let me have a turn, Mommy,” Harriet told Hilda, wanting to wrap her own deliciously delicate mountains of titflesh around her brother’s gigantic hard-on. His erection was bigger than any she had ever seen before, let alone had the good luck to touch, and she wanted the feel of his massive organ between her breasts.

“Boobie clench, boobie clench,” she said in a sing-song voice, almost as though she were reciting a nursery rhyme. “Oh, this shit is fucking fun, tee hee.”

“His cock is all yours, sweetie,” Hilda told her with a wicked grin, slowly lifting her heavy pair of udders off of his penis. “I think I’m gonna go play with the rest of him for a while, while I let you do the tittie work on his wee wee.”

“Oh, fuck,” Henry managed, beaming from ear to ear as his sister reached for his phallus, her overweighty whompers hanging and covering most of the rest of her perfect body. “You could kill a guy in a week having this much fun.”

“Oh, we want you to have fun, poopsie,” Hilda told him, moving her face up next to Henry’s, her top-heavy tits not far behind, however.

“I guess I could just suck it a little before I clench it,” Harriet reasoned, sticking her tongue in his urethra for the second time that day as her hills hung only an inch from his proud staff. “Mmmmmm, I think I will yummy down for just a few up and downs on the ol’ pee pee pole with my head.”

“Oh, baby, how does that feel to Mr. Wee Wee?” Hilda asked her wee wee boy as she saw her stacked as shit daughter take the head of his penis into her mouth. “I’ll bet that feels good. You want Momma to give you a kiss?”

“Do you mean like on the lips and shit?” Henry asked, not sure why his mother was asking the question, but not at all disturbed by his top-heavy mommy’s suggestion. “I mean, I guess so.”

Hilda puckered up her rosy red, bow-shaped lips and planted one on Henry, right on the mouth, lingering only long enough to press her lips against his for a second or two before leaving his mouth and brushing her lips lightly over much of his face, so close to him that he could feel the flutter of her eyelashes on him, and feel her breath against his skin.

“Wow, that felt pretty good, Mom,” Henry moaned, his eyes nearly rolling back in his head as his chesty sister used her considerable oral skills on his jumbo johnson.

“There’s plenty more where that came from,” Hilda told him, nudging his shoulder with her J-cuppers and then sticking out her tongue and lightly licking the side of his neck, right below his ear. “Henry, I love enjoying your body. Not just your wee wee, though that ain’t too fucking bad either. Tee hee hee. With the new Humper family values, we need to explore each other as much as we can. We have a deeper connection than all those other big wee wees I let inside my cunny.”

“Oh, yeah, I think so too,” Henry spoke softly, not even bothering to touch her nearby breasts, but instead looking into her gorgeous eyes. “I like it when you explore my body. It’s fun and it feels special and shit. And it sort of feels good too. Oh, Harriet, suck it harder!”

“Just enjoy her sucking while we talk, sweetheart,” Hilda said, rubbing her hand on his chest delicately like a lover, letting her knockers gentle nudge him again. “Exploring is what makes sharing our bodies such a fun thing. I mean, your sister is sucking your dick and I am kissing and caressing you.”

“Ohhh, that sucking is going to make me come, Mommy,” Henry moaned, feeling jolts of pleasure that originated in the tube of his wee wee and spread throughout his body. “Between Harriet sucking and you being all sweet to me and shit.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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