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All tied up

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All tied upMy wrists are tied behind me, my legs bound to the posters of the bed. Looking up, at Him, waiting for the expression of His desire. When i am bound, i am totally His. Ready for Him to use me, and do what He wishes. I have to relax into my bindings, know and accept that my role is to submit, and allow him take His pleasure in my obedience.I am the kind of girl that loves to give pleasure. That is my particular kink. I love the idea that i have the power to give Him the gift of pleasure. To take His cock into my mouth or hands or pussy, to extract His seed, to make Him want it and love it. If He wishes me to lay there and take it, i do so happily or if he allows me to use my skills to pleasure Him i do that with great vigor.However, when He ties me up, its about passively being able to let go, and submit to His desire. If he wants to tease me with His hands on my smooth flesh, i have to remind myself, that He is getting pleasure by using me. I do not have to work for it. He takes pleasure in His ability to take my power entirely and to see how much of myself i will give to Him. It is the tiny reactions that make Him happy. Not just putting His mouth on my cunt, but how wet i become under his touches, how my nipples harden when He flicks them with his fingernail. He whispers into my ear, “quiet now, and lay bursa escort as still as possible.” It is in my submission that He gets His thrill. Knowing that he owns me, my every single movement is His.He smiles when He sees my shallow breathing. When my eyes close and he slips a finger into me, it thrills Him to see how my entire body aches to thrust back against Him. But i lay so very still for Him. He can tell I am aroused, peaked to His touches. My entire body becomes His. His cunt. He channels Himself through me. His mouth covers my pussy, and he thrusts his tongue into me like a tiny cock, i lay still whilst He lashes my clit to the point i am almost in tears, and want to grab at Him and beg Him let me cum.When my entire body, quivers, and His sex is hard and i feel Him close to me, and with every single touch of his hand on my skin, i ripple with sex, and desire. He smiles, knowing that He made me what He wants. His cunt, not just His girl, but His slutty cunt, open and willing for Him to have in any way He wants.He says nothing, just slides His hands on my belly and chest, making my flesh ripple and i involuntarily arch up toward Him. I cannot help but wanting Him. He leans over and whispers into my ear, so very softly, “cum for me now”I arch and buck against my restraints and a violent escort bayan flood radiates from every single pore of my body. My entire body is alight with Him, Heat floods through me. He watches me, hand on His cock and smiles, at what He has made me. He is not finished with me. He smiles watching me quiver with my orgasm. Shuddering on the bed against my restraints. Panting i open my eyes, almost fearful he will ask for more right away. I will always give everything for Him. He looks at me, smirking, “see what a good, hot, little, slut you are?”He is thrilled by my obedience. He laughs softly at me, and strokes His cock over me. I want His cum, every single drop of it. He knows what i want, but He will make me earn it. Make me submit for it. He says softly, whilst stroking my face with the back of His hand, “Do you want my cock, princess? If you want my cock you will be a good girl and do as i say.” I roll my face silently toward His hand on my face, and nod silently. “Be a good girl and don’t say a fucking word. Be very still, don’t move, you understand?”I nod again, and he looks at me, “I didn’t hear you slut” I say softly, meekly “Yes Master” and he laughs that throaty raunchy laugh. He is happy, He broke me. He unties me. and rolls me over and slaps my ass with His hand, i feel the pain of bursa escort it sliding up my entire body. He repeats the spanking for what feels like a million strokes. Then I flinch, i can’t help it, and he laughs, and grips my round bottom in His two hands and bites it. Then soothes it with his hand. I flinch again, and he laughs, “good girl, I love seeing you jump for Me”He is ready for me. He lifts my hips and slides a pillow under me. He pushes His thick long cock into me so slowly. I think i am going to explode before he fills me entirely. He leans forward, and rests His chest on my back, and says, “You are such a good little cunt” and bucks his hips, fucking me. I relax into His thrusts, feel Him inside of me as if He is part of me, My face flat to the pillows i feel only His body as part of mine. We move together and I feel his cock throbbing intense and alive in me. I need to cum, I feel his need to cum, too. He takes His time, and then i feel his cock throbbing and spilling into me, and His grunts of completion. I am screaming now, i am lost within Him, and i burst, my entire body spewing with Him. I crash to the bed, my knees weak and i am shaking. He is on top of me, pressing me into the bed face down.I relax again, and realize i am a separate person from Him and He rolls next to me, and pulls me toward Him. My bottom a round egg in the nest of His groin. He snuggles me there, protecting me, He whispers “i love you, princess, Good night” Tears sting my eyes, and i say “Thank You, I love You”My submission is my gift to Him, yet i thank Him for taking it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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