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Amanda’s Awakening Ch. 03

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It was a Saturday two weeks after the orgy at my sister Jolene’s house and a month or more after my liberating trip to Mexico with Jolene and her oversexed in-laws. Before those two events I was a mousy little assistant credit manager at a Midwest manufacturing firm with one divorce to my credit and no real understanding of what sex was really about. That trip had really been an eye opener for me, and the party a couple of weeks later at Jolene’s was another huge leap in my somewhat late sex education.

But since then I had been swamped at work and hadn’t really had any contact with Jolene or any of the others I had met in Mexico or at Jolene’s party. The overload of sex I had experienced at Jolene’s swingers party had pretty thoroughly satisfied my libido for a while.

Now that we were well into April, Chicago weather had warmed a little, so I had taken a nice long early morning run along the lakefront. As I jogged along the lakefront, I let my mind drift back to the sex I had enjoyed so at Jolene’s two weeks earlier: fucking with the phony professor (who was really a Loop barista and made up terrible poetry while we fucked); more fucking with Jolene’s husband Larry (I had also screwed him in Mexico, but you have to read chapter one for that story); oral sex, first with my sister Jolene’s brother-in-law Art (Larry’s brother) and then with his wife Linda, who licked my pussy until I was screaming for mercy; followed by more fucking with a man whose name I didn’t remember (or maybe never knew). There might have been others, but I was too drunk to remember, and Jolene said she was too busy with her own debauchery to keep score for me.

Wow! What a night. I could feel my neglected libido coming to life as I ran along, recollecting my memories of that decadent evening. Before my trip to Mexico I would never have believed I could have an experience like that.

As I stepped into my townhouse my phone was ringing.

“Hello,” I said as I grabbed it just before it rolled to the answering service

“Amanda? This is Linda.”

I felt a surge of lust as I heard her voice. In my mind I was back at Jolene’s party laying on my back my legs spread lewdly while Linda expertly lapped at my pussy. Why? Why did her voice have to remind me of sex? Why not her three delightful kids I had spent so much time with in Mexico? Duh! What a dumb question. Sex is always first in everyone’s mind.

“Oh hi. What’s up,” I said, doing my best to repress the surge of lust I felt, or at least keep it to myself.

“Not much,” she said. “Art has taken the kids up to his parents place in Evanston for the day, and then he is off to golf with Larry. Jolene has gone to visit a friend in Cleveland for the weekend, and I seem to have the place to myself. A little bored I guess.”

“Oh. Yeah. I know what you mean. Let’s have coffee,” I said. Like Linda, I was at loose ends for the day. I had thought about going in to my office for a while, but I had been working so hard the last couple of weeks that I just couldn’t generate any enthusiasm for it. Besides, there was really nothing there that couldn’t wait until Monday. And, in the back of my mind, I was just wondering, well, maybe hoping is the better word, that Linda and I could get together again as we had at Jolene’s party.

“Sure. I just brewed a pot. Come on over.” Linda and Art lived a short walk from my townhouse.

“Okay. I just finished my run, so I need to grab a quick shower and I’ll be right over.”

“Great! I need to clean up too. See you in half an hour.”

As I stepped into the shower my mind was still on the orgy, and I was getting hornier by the minute. “I wonder if it’s really just coffee she wants?” I asked myself aloud. I took a few extra minutes in the shower to shave my legs and pussy, just in case. I was tempted to masturbate, but I restrained myself. I was enjoying the sexual tension that I hadn’t had for a couple of weeks.

I toweled my now short hair dry and pulled on a T-shirt and an old pair of sweat pants that I had cut off into shorts. It was a nice day out, and I was in a Mexico sort of mood, so I didn’t bother with panties or a bra. The T-shirt was an old one washed to a really soft texture that felt delicious against my naked tits. The shorts were baggy and probably cut a little too short to be respectable, but as I stepped out to the street I loved the way they let the cool morning air flow past my freshly shaved pussy. Yum, I was horny. It was like lying on the beach in Mexico reading Jolene’s mommy-porn. My life had certainly changed since my trip to Mexico. I would never have thought of dressing like this before that trip.

As I walked my mind kept drifting back to how good Linda’s tongue had felt on my pussy that night at Jolene’s. Was she really inviting me over for coffee because, as she had said, she was bored, or did she want a repeat of the sex we had enjoyed? “No, she just wants to have coffee and talk,” I told myself. “But maybe, just maybe, she wants something more.” I sucked in my breath as illegal bahis that thought rolled through my body.

A block or so from my townhouse, I passed a handsome young couple pushing a stroller with a new baby. He took a long look at my tits swaying beneath my T-shirt. His wife looked up at him and scowled. He was so busted. I chuckled to myself. This was almost as much fun as Mexico had been. After they passed, I reached back and tugged at my shorts so that one side rose up just high enough to expose the curve of my butt. I have no idea whether he was looking back over his shoulder at me, but I told myself he was. It was delicious.

When I got to Linda’s place, it took her a few moments to answer the door. She looked as though she had barely stepped out of the shower. Her long brown hair was still damp and hung wildly about her head and shoulders. Like me she wore no make-up. She was dressed in a short robe that came only to mid thigh and was loosely tied by a belt at the waist. I wondered if she was naked beneath the robe. My god, my mind was in the gutter, I told myself. But when I stepped in she grabbed me with a firm hug and I could feel her big soft tits smashing themselves against my chest. It went on for a lot longer than would seem socially necessary to greet someone coming over for coffee, and there was no evidence I could feel of any bra restraining those big tits of hers.

Once she backed away from the hug she turned and led me down the hall to her kitchen, her broad hips swaying from side to side as she walked. Linda had what I would call a voluptuous body, probably a result of giving birth to three children, but she wasn’t the kind of woman who was going to let a few extra pounds bother her, and from what I had seen in Mexico, it didn’t bother her husband Art or her brother-in-law Larry. They had both enjoyed her thoroughly while we were there. At least that is what Jolene had told me. She had also told me that they enjoyed her also. The brothers apparently shared everything—including wives.

I sat at the wooden table in her kitchen. She poured each of us a cup of coffee. When she leaned across the table to set my coffee down, her robe ballooned open letting one of her boobs escape. Her areola was swollen and the nipple was clearly engorged. She made no effort to cover up. Eventually, as she sat down opposite me, the robe fell back into place, but not from any effort Linda had made to cover up. I chuckled silently to myself, “She’s just as horny as I am.”

Linda sipped her coffee in silence, looking over the top of the cup at me, like a cat watching its prey. She was leaning forward on her elbows exposing a lot of her tits. I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the moment. I had never realized I could find another woman attractive, I mean sexually attractive, but right now all I could think about was jumping across the table and slurping her tits into my mouth. It was a new experience, and I was thoroughly enjoying it. I would worry about what all that meant later.

Finally she spoke, “That was quite a party at Jolene’s wasn’t it?”

I let the question hang there for a moment as my mind replayed the pussy licking she had given me that night. Finally I responded, deciding to play innocent, at least for a while, “It was, at least what I remember of it. I had way too much to drink.”

Linda laughed. “That can happen at those parties, but you know I’ve learned that you don’t need to be drunk, and if you’re sober, or sort of sober, they are a lot more fun.” After the party Jolene had told me that Art and Linda were regular members of her group of swingers.

“I don’t know about that. If I did everything Jolene told me I did, it’s a good thing I was drunk. I never would have had the courage to do those things sober.”

“Oh, you get over that after you have been to a few of those parties. Besides, I always find lust to be intoxicating in and of itself. Don’t you?”

I admited to myself that the lust in this room was making me feel slightly intoxicated right now, but I wasn’t prepared to admit that to Linda. I responded with a rather lame, “Yeah, I guess so, sometimes, maybe.”

“I remember the first couple of those parties I went to I got really drunk. I had a good time, but the hangover was brutal. Then I went to one when I was taking some medication that wouldn’t let me drink. At first I was more or less petrified, but after I sat on the couch watching for a while I realized my mind was fogged with this lust-induced haze and the inhibitions that had so bothered me when I arrived were gone. I had just as much fun that night as I had when I drank, and . . . no hangover.”

“So you go to the party and just watch for half an hour?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t need that anymore. Just the anticipation of the party usually has me so horny that I can jump right in as soon as we get there.”

“Wow!” I could feel the lust and the effect on inhibitions she was talking about, but still, could I really do some of the things I had done two weeks ago with illegal bahis siteleri a bunch of other people watching without being good and drunk first? I had my doubts.

“What about Art?” I asked. “Does he have to work to get over his inhibitions?”

Linda laughed. “Art? He has no inhibitions. Never has. He is just about the horniest man on the face of the earth, other than maybe his brother, Larry.”

I smiled a bit. I had known Larry since my college days, and Linda was right. He was a horny bastard. Always had been. “So,” I asked. “I didn’t see you and Art come into the party. I think you arrived after me. Did you just, ‘jump right in?'”

“Pretty much,” she said.

She paused for a moment, letting her mind wander back to the party. She leaned back, her hands behind her head and her hard nipples making tents in the light robe she was wearing. There was a smile on her face as she remembered.

“We were late,” she told me. “The babysitter wasn’t on time . . . ”

I laughed and asked, “So how do you explain the importance of being on time to a teenage babysitter when the reason it matters is that you will be late for an orgy?”

“You lie,” she responded with a bright smile. “You know, something like, ‘My husband’s boss is throwing this party and it’s important that we’re on time.’ But Art was stewing about it. He had been anticipating this party for a week; even more excited when he learned you would be there.”

“How did you guys know I would be there?”

“Jolene called me right after lunch on Friday to tell me. She was all excited about it.”

“Well, she didn’t tell me it was going to be an orgy. It was just supposed to be dinner with her and Larry.”

Linda laughed. “I’ve never been to ‘just dinner’ with Jolene and Larry. It always turns into sex before the evening is out. Good thing she lied to you. You probably wouldn’t have come if she had told you it was going to be an orgy.”

“Probably not,” I said. Actually in the mood I was in after the lunch with Jolene, I might have come to the party even if she had been honest with me.

Linda leaned forward resting her upper body on her elbows. Her big tits almost fell out of her robe again. She took another sip of coffee, watching me over the top of the cup as I starred at her mostly exposed tits. God, I wanted to suck on those nipples. I thought only guys were supposed to want that. What was wrong with me?

Setting her coffee cup down she said, “So anyhow, like I said, Art was really wound up. On our way over, he told me he really wanted to watch me having sex with someone else. That was so predictable. I don’t know what it is about Art, but he loves to watch.”

I know, I thought remembering the Friday afternoon in Mexico when he had peeked through a slightly open door to watch Larry fucking me.

As Linda took another sip of her coffee she used her free hand to release the belt that held her robe closed.

“Uhhh . . .” I was at a loss for words as I watched her tits begin to spill out of the robe.

Now she pushed the top of her robe open so both of her big tits were fully exposed.

“Damn, you have beautiful tits,” I said, completely abandoning the thread of the conversation.

“These?” she asked holding them out towards me.

“Yes,” I whispered in response.

“Sometimes I think they are too big. I wish they were smaller, like yours.”

Time to join the game I thought. I pulled my T-shirt over my head so I was naked from the waist up. “You mean these?” I said. Now it was my turn to hold my tits out to Linda. They were much smaller than hers. Each one was a handful, but only one hand, not two, like Linda’s tits.

“Yes!” she said in a hoarse whisper. It was obvious that she really did like my tits, but it sounded more a matter of lust than envy, I thought.

“But Jolene says that Larry loves your tits, and I’ll bet Art does too,” I continued as Linda stared in silence at my naked boobs.

Linda smiled. “Those two horndogs love any pair of tits they can get their hands on.”

“I’ve noticed,” I said.

“Art likes to titty-fuck me,” she said with a laugh.

“Titty-fuck?” I asked exposing my naiveté.

“Yeah. It’s kinda fun. I suck on his dick until he is good and hard. Then I lube his dick up and he slides it back and forth between my tits until he squirts.” She demonstrated how she held her tits together while Art was titty-fucking her. “If he hasn’t had any in awhile he can just about cover my face and throat with his hot nasty cum.” While she was telling me about titty-fucking Art, she had shucked the sleeves of her robe off so it was just hanging down below the chair leaving her completely naked.

I watched in silence as she masturbated her tits, wondering if Art ate her after she let him cum on her face and chest. Finally I spoke, “I remember. He wouldn’t let me finish him in my mouth. He pulled out and just coated my tits with his cum. It was still there dried on my chest when I woke up the canlı bahis siteleri next morning.”

“Yeah. He just loves to cum on tits.”


“Who knows? Everyone has their quirks.” She paused for a moment and then smiled, saying, “To tell the truth, I always find it kind of hot when he squirts all over me.”

“But the thing that really winds him up is watching someone else having sex with me. He really wanted that when we got to Jolene’s party.”

“What about you?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Do you like to have him watch you having sex with someone else?”

“Sure. It really turns me on.” Linda had one hand below the table now. Was she playing with her pussy, I wondered?

“As soon as we got to Jolene’s I wandered out onto the deck with her neighbor, Howard. I didn’t even bother with a drink.” The mention of Howard sent a spark to my pussy. I remembered now. He was the guy I was fucking late at the party.

“Did he fuck you while Art watched?” I asked.

“Yes,” Linda said with a smile. “But not right away. Howard spent a lot of time going through an elaborate seduction routine. He didn’t need to, but I admit I enjoyed it.”

“What did he do?” I asked. Following Linda’s lead I let one hand creep below the table and into the shorts I was wearing. No surprise. My pussy was dripping wet.

“Well, we had just arrived at the party, and I was still fully dressed.” She smiled. “Of course that means I had a loose dress on with no underwear. I never wear underwear when I go to one of those parties. It just gets in the way.”

“And . . .?” I asked, seeking to get her to go forward with what I was sure would be a lurid tale.

“I was leaning on the rail and he just stood alongside me for awhile. He was gossiping about who was doing what with who. I guess he thought I would like to know since Art and I were late to the party. But the good part was that he was using his fingertips to gently stroke my back. My dress was a thin silk so the sensation came right through. Occasionally he let his fingers slide down and caress my ass. It was delicious.”

“Where was Art during this?”

“He was standing in a dark corner of the porch watching us. I didn’t know exactly where, but I knew he was there someplace. He told me about where he was hiding later.”

“Was he masturbating while he watched?” I asked, engrossed by the lurid picture Linda was painting.

“Oh, for sure, but he didn’t let himself cum. He saved himself for later. That’s why he was able to coat your chest with his cum later on. He saved it for you.”

How sweet, I thought sarcastically. But I kept the thought to myself.

“I let Howard stroke me for awhile and then I turned and pushed my butt back towards him. I knew he would like that. Howard loves my broad butt.”

“Then what happened?” I knew she was eventually going to tell me Howard fucked her, but I wanted all the salacious details.

“He dropped his hands down and grabbed my hips, pulling my ass tight against him. I could feel the warmth of his body through my thin dress and I could feel his hard dick pressing against my ass. I swung my ass back and forth so it rubbed against his erect cock. Fuck! I’m getting wet just thinking about how much fun that was.” She was watching me closely to see what effect her lurid tale was having on me. I’m sure she thought that I was using the hand that was below the table to masturbate. And she was right.

“Did Howard know Art was watching?”

“He asked me if my husband would care. I almost told him it was a stupid question. I mean, why would we come to a swingers party if my husband would object to me getting fucked by other men?”

“Good point,” I said interrupting her story.

“But I didn’t. What he was doing with his prick against my ass felt too good. I just told him that Art liked to watch and he would be someplace watching us. Then I reached around and began to stroke his cock through his trousers. He was fully erect. Every time I stroked him he gasped. It stopped him from worrying about my husband.”

I had two fingers in my cunt as I listened to Linda’s tale of lust. I wasn’t close to cumming yet, but what I was doing felt really good, and I wanted to hear more.

“How nasty,” I said, inviting her to tell me more.

“Then he pulled my dress up to my waist so he was now pressing his covered prick against my naked ass. He was giving my bare ass the same kind of soft stroking technique he had been using on my back earlier. It felt lovely.” Linda paused for a moment.

“But what I really wanted was to get at that fat cock of his, so I turned around and dropped into a crouch before him. Then I pulled his cock out of his trousers and began to suck him. My dress was still up around my waist, and I was using one hand to masturbate. Not enough to keep me from concentrating on the blowjob. Just a little to keep the motor running, so to speak.”

“Fuck! That’s hot,” I said. Now I really was in a lust-induced fog. An hour ago I wouldn’t have said that. I would have thought it, but I wouldn’t have said it. I could tell by the slight smile on her face that Linda was convinced that her description of her sex with Howard was having the desired effect on me.

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