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Amanda’s Story

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Hello my name is Amanda Thompson, I have just turned twenty and am looking forward to what ever life has to offer, I live Shallow Woods apartments with my mother Gloria and my baby brother Steven, he isn’t really a baby he is eighteen but as he is the youngest we all refer to him as the baby.

The apartments are a bit run down but Doug the janitor try’s his best to keep the place safe for the kids that are constantly running up and down the hall ways, hell listen to me it was not that long ago that I was one of those kids.

My mom used to work for a company called Kellser and is looking other work I think today she had a shift as a nurse’s aid at our local hospital but as it was Thursday she normally went to the Los Revos bar and grill for a few drinks, so why should this night be any different, well it wasn’t but as things worked out the events of that night affected me and our family in ways I could never imagine.

When the telephone rang at nine I was surprised that my mom was on the other end of the phone, “Hi Amanda look we have had some bad news at work so I’ve met up with a friends for a drink, I will be in late if you want order a pizza and leave a bit for me you know how hungry I get after a few drinks.”

“Ok mom, see you when I see you.” I was glad mom was having some fun she deserves to enjoy herself, I thought to myself. I ordered the pizza from our normal shop on the corner; I was pleased it was Darrel who served me as he always gave me extra toppings. I think he fancy’s me so I always flirted with him much to the dislike of his farther who owns the shop he always looked down on my mom as she was a lone parent and had two children I think in his eyes this made my mom a whore or something.

I walked back to our apartment block passed and passed the janitors apartment just as he poked his head out the door. “Hi there Amanda is your mother in.” He asked in his normal pleasant manor.

“No, she won’t be in until late. She has met up with some friends at Los Revos.”

“Ok but I have the part for your air conditioning and if I don’t fit it tonight it will be another week before I get the chance to do it.”

“That’s ok my brothers out so come and do it now if you like.” I didn’t see anything wrong with this as I had known Doug for five years since we moved into the block and I used to sit in his workshop while he tinkered with refrigerator or a washing machine cursing under his breath how stingy the owners of the apartments were for not replacing the unit.

He was 24 and tall 5’9 and his dark skin made him look so sexy with his hazel eyes and his short dark hair made him look a lot younger than he was. I remember once he told me he had been a civil engineer in the UK but he originally was from Kenya, I had asked him many times to tell me what Kenya was like but he always changed the subject so I never pushed it.

I went over to our apartment and left the door ajar for Doug to come in when he was ready and I sat down and started to eat my pizza with my feet up on the table, the knock on the door startled me but as it opened I saw Doug standing there so I invited him in offering him a slice, “After.” He said and I wondered what he meant by after.

Doug started to work on the air conditioning unit and soon it was pumping out cool air that made my nipples stick out through the material of my dress, Doug noticed this to my embarrassment but he smiled and I began to relax. He sat down and began to eat his pizza and we began to talk he commented on how much like my mother I looked and I said “Thank you.” As I always thought my mom looked very good especially in her nurse’s uniform.

I got us both a beer and we sat on the settee shouting the breeze it was amazing how attractive I found this man and slowly the conversation degraded in a fun way down to sex he told me how he walked in on Miss Clay in number 32 lying in her bath with her hand inside her pussy and the time he walked in on Mr. Hilliard in number 4 on his knees in his wife’s clothes licking away at his step daughters shaven pussy.

All this talk had got me quite exited and I could feel my sex dampening the more detail Doug went into. And by the time he finished his drink my knickers were quite wet and soon Doug and I were in a tight embrace on the settee with his hands working over my body, I got up and took his hand saying, “Come with me you wont regret it.” With that he took my hand and I led him into my bedroom were he was to be my nights entertainment.

His hands were all over me and he was pulling my t-shirt over my head the second we got in the room he pushed me onto the bed and his hands were over my arse and he began to pull my knickers down, I tried to get him to slow down but to no avail my knickers were off and he had pushed his length deep into my pussy and was ramming away like a piston on a steam train. With each thrust of his mighty cock, he shoved me an inch or so further up the bed until I had my arms bracing myself against the headboard of my squeaking poker oyna bed. I was moaning enjoying every second and every inch of his monster, I had been with a few boys but never a man so virile and so powerful.

“ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH.” Came from my gut as he released his seed deep into my pussy, I could feel him pulse as he thrust into me again letting another jet of his cream gush into my body.

“I am sorry, I couldn’t help it.” Doug said has he pulled his glistening cock from my contented sex. I fell on my side and watched as his massive member shrank back into his pants.

He got up to leave but I said. “Don’t go we have hours before my mom will be home.” But he turned and blew me a kiss as he walked out the door. I decided to jump in the shower and turn in I striped the remains of my clothes off and used them to wipe the cum that was seeping from my puffy sex and turned on the shower and stepped into the hot stream of water and began to lather myself up as I let the water wash the soap and the cum from my body.

I felt tired after my shower and I retired to my bed thinking about the way I had behaved with Doug and fell asleep, I awoke as the sun shone its light through my window I got up and pulled a T-shirt on and walked into our lounge.

The pull down bed was there and the usual heap of bed clothes were in the middle of it so that meant my brother had got home some time during the night, so many times as we were growing up I found him standing naked in my room playing with him self as I lay on my bed. But where was he today I didn’t know I looked into my moms bedroom her bed was empty “What the fuck”

I reached for my cell phone and checked my messages but there was nothing, so I thumbed through my phone list and found my mother’s number then pressed call.

“Hi Mom I wasn’t expecting you to be this late,” I said jokingly.

“I am glad you rang, can you come and pick me up.” The reply down the phone.

“Yea no problem, your car is at Los Revos and then I need to come to the Sandy Hills estates, what you doing there casing the joint. Ok mom I will be about an hour, Doug has got to fix the air con.”

I knew the houses well I had been to a frat party there a few months ago and put on a floor show that the boys wound never forget, but first I wanted Doug’s monster reaming me just to start the day off right. I put on a pair of shorts and tied my T-shirt in a knot at my waist and walked out into the morning sun I made my way down the block to Doug’s workshop and poked my head around the door, I could not see any sign of life but as it was unlocked I knew he would not be far away.

I walked around the estate till I found him at Mrs. Graceland’s apartment; she was an old lady who had difficulty moving around so Doug had fitted various devices around her apartment to make life easer for her to do things for herself.

I popped my head in the door and sure enough Mrs. Graceland was sitting in her chair watching some rerun on HBO, “Is Doug here.” I asked in my butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth voice.

“Oh hello there dear he is in the bathroom fixing a tap thing, go on through.” She said quite happily.

I walked into the bath room that was quite large compared to the box we had in our apartment, Doug was in his usual overalls tied around his waist with a vest on bent over the bath. I could not help myself, I walked quietly up behind him and slipped my hand into his pocket to find it was not a pocket it was just a access vent to gain access to you clothes underneath the only thing was that Doug hadn’t any clothes underneath and my hand found his masterful cock. This startled Doug and he shot up banging his head on a cupboard above the bath.

“What the fuck are you…” he stopped mid sentence as he realized it was me.

“Sorry you seem pleased to see me.” I said with his hardening cock still in my hand. I moved my hand down its length and it started to spring up standing to attention like all good boys should do.

“Stop that.” Doug said. But I continued stroking his ever hardening meat. I wanted it so bad that I could already feel my wetness forming in my pussy, but instead of fucking me he forced me to my knees and took out his masterful cock and pushed it into my mouth smacking it to the back of my mouth in one thrust. I gagged immediately.

I had sucked cock before, and hell the local basketball team loved it in the shower after a game if Melanie and I were there. But I had never been taken like this before he was harsh and so forceful, with every push I had to swallow an inch more of him until he was all the way down my throat he seemed to the fact that with every thrust a bit more of his member vanished into me.

He let a grown as he released his seed into my mouth and down my throat I swallowed as much as I could, but some of it dribbled out the side of my mouth as he forced himself into me again. “Are you all right in there?” Mrs. Graceland’s said her voice coming from the front room.

“I canlı poker oyna am ok.” Doug shouted with his cock still in my mouth, I pulled back my head releasing his shaft he let out another moan that seemed to echo around the bathroom.

He put himself away and I walked out into the lounge where Mrs. Graceland was still sat in her chair saying to Doug, “I will see you this afternoon for a service ok.” Then said good bye to Mrs. Graceland and walked off still trying to get the remains of his cum out of my teeth.

I noticed that a few drops of cum had splashed my T-shirt so I decided to go home and change my clothes, as I would hate to make the wrong impression I thought to myself.

Looking in my wardrobe I decided the sexy look was the order of the day so I picked out a pink tank-top that showed of my belly ring and I decided wearing a bra was not an option. I found a pair of white knit shorts that looked more like knickers than shorts the wave of the material made them go transparent when wet but as there was little chance of rain I decided that I didn’t need to put any thing under them, the low cut hip further highlighted my tight tummy, and high thigh showed my legs off to perfection. The seam in the front creased my pussy making my pouting lips more visible through the light cloth. I found a pair of platform sandals that set my outfit off and as I looked in the mirror I said to myself “You are a hot fucking bitch.”

Los Revos was a twenty minute walk from our apartment so I set off in the direction hopping someone I knew would give me a lift, but the road was empty and I got to my moms car and set off in the direction of Sandy Hills, five minutes later I turned onto the drive of the house where she said she was. It was massive, there was a big black Mercedes with tinted windows on the drive and I started thinking what the fuck has mom done.

I got out of moms rusty old Oldsmobile and got my first good look at the place, it was massive. It had heavy wood double doors with a stained glass arch that helped to show off the marble and stone that the house was mad of. There was a large statue of an angel spurting out water from its mouth into some kind of birdbath that seemed to be made out of the same marble that the house was made from.

I rang the bell that seemed to echo as if the house was empty but as I went to push the bell again my mom opened the door and showed me into the kitchenette where my mom’s new man was stood, “let me introduce you, Amanda this is Kenneth, Ken this is my daughter.”

“Hi,” he said as he held out his hand to greet me, he was not the most attractive of men as he was quite skinny, with sucked in cheeks, and a large nose but he was tall and his body looked very firm.
I walked strait up to him and flung my arms around him and planted my mouth full on his lips pushing my body against his and running my legs hard up against his crotch getting a good feel of his masterful prick, it felt massive and it seemed to harden as I rubbed my body against it.
I turned to look at my mom and said “I really fancy this man, mom.” I was half joking when I said this but even though I had just met him and I wanted him in me as soon as I could. I looked around and I my remark made her blush this was very unusual as my mom never showed any singe of embarrassment ever.

I said to Kenneth “This is a very nice home you have here,” as i slowly released the grip I had on him.

“Thank you, would you like a tour?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said turning to my mom and giving the thumbs up.
The ceiling looked a mile away and even this room was bigger than our lounge. I walked over to my mom and I saw Kenneth give us both the once over. I had always been darker tanned than my mother, but the two of us stood together must have really turned him on as I saw him fidget and then the lump in his trousers seemed to twitch and I knew he was interested.
My mom said for us to carry on as she had to make a phone call. I knew that she wanted to try and see if she could put off our eviction that had been threatened.
I was still thinking about the feel of Kenneth’s prick so I made sure that every movement I made would send his head reeling with lust. I walked a step ahead of him and went up the stairs not really sure where I was going but he followed obediently, oh so pussy whipped.

I think Kenneth had almost forgotten about my mom with my arse inches away from his grasp, I just wanted him to grab it and force me to the floor and fuck me there and then. As we walked into one room I stopped in the doorway and Kenneth banged into almost knocking me out the way.
I said. “Wow, this room is so big our whole apartment could fit in here.” I said excitedly hell it was massive, my eyes then fixed on the king sized bed and I went over to it. It was so firm, nothing like the thing I had back at Shallow Woods.
I could see that Kenneth’s mind was else where he was not listening to any thing I said but his eyes told me exactly what he was internet casino thinking, as they were fixed on my arse and nothing was going to distract them from that.

I jumped on the bed then got on my hands and knees and pointed my arse at Kenneth. “I would love to sleep on a bed like this,” noticing where he was looking.

I then saw the open closet and hoped off the bed. “My stuff would easily fit in here,” hell this was bigger than my bedroom. I turned around to look at him then posed in the doorway.

Kenneth seemed to gulp for air and said. “The other rooms are about the same size he said,” but I could tell he was finding it hard to hold any kind of intelligent conversation.

“Really show me,” I said as I walked over to him and took his hand and I griped it tight as I held it against my arse as we walked into the next room.

I could feel his fingers on the cheeks of my arse so I stopped again to look around the room. Kenneth started to stroke my arse cheeks as I held his hand tight against me.

We went into another room and this time I lead him over to the bed in the room and slowly removed my hand from his and to see what he would do and sure enough his hand stayed firmly where I left it.

I knew he would not be able to resist, and as I expected he started to rub his hand over my arse. I slowly moved around on the bed like I had done in the other room this time his hand moved against my arse just as I wanted it to. Kenneth by this time got the hint and slid his hand under me and started massage my hot cunt through the flimsy material of my shorts.

“Its nice isn’t it,” I said.

“It sure is,” as his hand pressed a little harder on my cunt.

I was hot for it, but with my mom down stairs I couldn’t really fuck her new boyfriend with her there. I had to think up some way to get rid of her for a while so I could use this man without the fear that she would walk in on us and mess up the whole thing. I crawled off the bed and took hold of his hand again. This time I draped it over my shoulder resting it on my breasts as he continued to show me all the delights of the house.

The last room had a window that looked out to the back lawn I could see the hot tub on the deck. We stood in the window and I pulled his hand down on to my tits. Kenneth didn’t need any directions from there and he took my soft flesh in his hand. I moved my other hand behind me finding his large prick once again feeling exactly how big it was. I slid my hand over its length as Kenneth reached around with his other hand and began to massage my crotch getting me wetter all the time.

We stood in the window for a couple of minutes before then I pulled my hand away from his cock and removed his hand from her tits. “We better get back to mom,”

He knew I wanted to fuck him and from his actions I knew he wanted to fuck me just as much and from that point I knew it was inevitable that I was going to have this man some time during this day. We got back to the kitchen jus as mom was hanging up the phone with the words “Fuck you!”
“Mom what’s wrong!” I said shocked to here her swear as it was something I had never heard her do. Mom just dropped her head into her arms on the kitchen counter.
“What was that all about?” Kenneth asked again seeming concerned.
“That was the leasing office for our apartment. We’re being evicted. She blurted out trying to fight back the tears. Kenneth moved over to her and put his hand on her shoulder.
“I can’t stand back and watch this happen.” Kenneth announce as if he was on some sort of crusade, I must admit he looked good trying to show he was the greatest guy on earth. Then it came Kenneth said what I hoped he would from the moment I had walked into his hose an saw the place.
I couldn’t believe it, mom started to argue saying that she could not impose on him. ‘Hell mom shut up. I thought don’t blow it.’ In the end mom gave in and Kenneth said. “Get your son over here.” I offered to go and get him hoping my mom would want to do it herself and I was right, and Kenneth and I was on our own.

Kenneth and I stood in the doorway waving to my mom as she drove away. Kenneth’s hand his hand hard on my arse and was running his finger up and down my crack as he massaged my cheeks. As soon as mom had cleared the driveway Kenneth shut the door and I leaped into his arms. I was amazed how he just caught me and begun to carry me up the stairs. “Which room?” he asked.

“The closest one to your room,” I replied. And he smiled as he ripped my clothes off and pushed me toward the bed, I pranced around on the bed then I got on my hands an knees as I did earlier he seemed to like the view as Kenneth didn’t waist any time getting his clothes off. He gripped his long black prick and started to rub the head along the length of my pussy until he found the opening. He pushed it a little then pulled me back on to him hard. He plunged into my pussy grunting all the time. He was taking nothing for granted. He fucked me with long fast continuous strokes, bruising me with his massive length of meat.

I loved getting fucked like this. I arched my back pushing my arse back to great his strong pounding strokes. My pussy was on fire as his monster reamed my tight twat.

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