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Amazing Grace Part Twenty-Five Chapters 97-99

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Chapter ThirteenGrace woke up refreshed and happy. She was curled up against the man she loved, the one who had induced her coma-like sleep by treating her body to mind-blowing sex. It was a welcome treat after spending a few days with his despicable family.She thought wistfully about her own parents. Would they be proud of her if they were still alive? Would they love Mac because she did? Would they love her despite all she had done to survive? She believed in her heart that they would.She was starting to forget what their voices sounded like again. When she returned to New York, she would retrieve the photo frame from her storage unit that they had given her containing a recorded message before leaving for their final mission.Suddenly it dawned on her that she wasn’t homeless anymore.“You’re thinking very loudly for a woman who saw God many times last night, Grace,” Mac said with his eyes still closed.“Your voice sounds so sexy first thing in the morning when you’ve just woken up, and it’s all deep and sleepy,” Grace replied.“Clever way to dodge the subject, my darling wife.”Grace sat up. She was secretly thrilled that he was starting to know her well enough to know she had something on her mind and that he loved her enough not to let it go easily.“It occurred to me this morning that I will need to go through my things in my storage unit when we return to New York. I know you probably don’t want my couple of pieces of furniture in your house, but I do have some personal items I want to make sure I don’t lose.”Mac sat up as well and put his arm around her. “Grace, it’s not my house. It’s our house. When we are finished in Europe, the first thing I want to do is take you on a proper honeymoon. But when we return to New York, I want you to do whatever you wish to make the house feel like your home. If you have pieces of furniture that you love or things with sentimental value, I want you to find a place for them.”“I’ve never even seen your bedroom,” she said, feeling a bit disconcerted.“Our bedroom. And since there are several in the house, if you prefer a different one, then feel free to say so.”Grace blinked. Mac saw her bottom lip quiver a bit.“I’ve said something wrong. Will you tell me what it is before I make things worse by trying to make them better?”“Is there a reason you would encourage me to choose a different bedroom? I assumed we would share a bedroom in your house.”Mac looked confused. “In our house, Grace. I simply meant if you don’t like the layout of the master bedroom, you can choose a different one for us to share.”“Ohhh!” Grace said as the lightbulb went off in her head. She felt instantly stupid. “I thought you meant…I mean…I wasn’t sure how rich married people live, that’s all,” she said, stumbling over her words.“Grace, if it would make it easier, we can sell the house and buy a new one. All I want is for you to be happy.”“I am happy; I promise I am. I mean, hell, I’m not homeless anymore.”Mac’s heart hurt a little. “And you’ll never be homeless again. Even if you decide you’ve made a terrible mistake, the house in Queen’s Village is yours,” he reminded her. Then, hoping desperately to make her smile, he added, “Of course, you’ll need to kick out the current renters. But I don’t think the formidable, amazing Grace will have any trouble doing that.”Grace gave a soft laugh despite the couple of tears that managed to roll down her cheek. “I still think it’s weird that you’re giving me a house.”“Consider it a wedding gift then.”“I didn’t get you anything.”“You just spent several days with my parents and sister, bahis şirketleri and you never complained once. You agreed with me that they were heathens, but you never bitched or moaned about them. And they were awful to you. If that’s not a gift, I don’t know what is.”“That’s not worth as much as a house.”“Grace, you haven’t seen the house,” he laughed. “Darling, what you gave me is worth so much more than you could ever know. Every time I thought a headache might show up to squeeze my brain, you were there to hold my hand and ease my soul. That kind of gift is priceless.”He decided now wouldn’t be the best time to mention that the rent money from that house was now being deposited into an account in her name. Or, that Michael Stone, his lawyer, had already drawn up the paperwork for the house to be put in Grace’s name. Still, it seemed paltry in comparison to the gift of love, decency, and kindness that she’d given to him in the midst of all that nastiness that spewed out of his family’s mouths.“Well, at least let me show you how appreciative I am,” Grace said seductively.“I wouldn’t say no,” Mac laughed.She leaned over and nibbled on his ear before whispering, “I think I should suck you for a little bit, and then I think you should take my ass.” Then she probed his ear with her tongue before kissing her way down his body until she found her prize.“Fuck! You turn me on so much! I’m already hard.”“Does that mean you don’t want some oral cock worshipping before the main event?” Grace asked playfully.“Oh, well, I wouldn’t want to rob you of satisfying your oral fixation,” he teased. “Go ahead, Grace. Suck my cock.”Grace smiled wickedly. Then she licked and sucked until he was moaning with pleasure. After several delightful moments of cock worship, Grace reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lubricant. “Lube up my ass, Mac. I need to feel that monster dick in my tight back door.”“Get on all fours, you sassy little redhead!”When he felt she was ready, he poked the head of his dick against the puckered star and said, “Mine.”“Yours, always.”He pushed himself into her slowly, easing back a couple of times to allow her to get used to his girth in her tightest of holes. She felt so fucking good on his cock. When he was finally balls deep inside her ass, he reached under her to find her hard little nub. As he fucked her ass slowly, he played with her clit until he had her panting. When he felt her climax drawing near, he sped up his thrusts. Suddenly, Grace cried out, “Oh, fuck yessss!!”She came hard, triggering his own orgasm, filling her ass with his seed.He pulled out after a moment, and they collapsed on the bed together.“Damn, woman, you sure know how to get the morning started off right! I hope I didn’t hurt you.”“Nope. Lots of pressure at the beginning, but once I’m used to you there, it’s pure pleasure, baby.”“You’re so good to me,” he said as he pulled her into his arms to cuddle.Then Grace’s stomach growled.“I think I better feed you before your stomach goes from a growl to a roar,” Mac teased.“Then maybe after breakfast, we can have more dessert,” Grace said suggestively, wiggling her eyebrows.“I do have a craving for some bride a la mode.”She gave him a quizzical look.“I wanna eat my wife’s pussy,” Mac said, laughing.“Oh! Sure, I’m down with that,” she laughed back.As they got out of bed, Mac’s phone rang. Grace watched his face as he answered reluctantly. He did more listening than talking, and when he ended the call, he suddenly looked exhausted.“Get dressed. We have to go back to the house for the reading bahis firmaları of Mimi’s will. I’d go alone, but, admittedly, I feel stronger with you by my side. So, rather than be stubborn and tell you to stay here, I’m asking you to come with me.”Grace crossed the room and took Mac’s hands in hers. “Thank you for not being stubborn. But I’ll still take the make-up sex you would have owed me for the fight we would have had if that makes you feel better.”He pulled her into his arms and held her for a moment. “I’m sometimes overwhelmed by your generous heart, Grace. You claim that I know what to do or say for you, but I’d argue it’s you that always seems to know how to make me feel loved or safe, or whatever it is I need at the moment.”“We’re pretty good together, huh?” she said as she nuzzled her head against his chest.“We are, indeed, Gracie,” he answered. Then, after a heavy sigh, he said, “I’m sorry to substitute a lovely sit-down breakfast with Starbuck’s drive-thru, but at least there I can get you some decent tea.”“That works,” she said as she headed into the bathroom to get ready. She took a deep breath, looked into the mirror, and silently reminded herself to be civil when they returned to Stewart House. Chapter Fourteen“Why is she here?” Aislyn rudely asked when she saw her brother and his wife enter the study. Both Mac and Grace ignored the question. They agreed to say as little as possible.Lorraine shot them a glance and then indicated to the lawyer that everyone was present.Everyone sat down, and the reading of the will began. It was pretty standard and straightforward. Mimi had left the majority of her money to charity, with a small chunk each earmarked for Lorraine, McKinley, and Aislyn.The lawyer cleared his throat before reading the next part. “The loft condo in downtown Chicago will go to Aislyn, and the cottage in Traverse City, Michigan will go to McKinley. The bulk of the jewelry will go to Lorraine, with three exceptions. The ring with the black diamonds will go to Aislyn, as she always admired it, and it matches her heart. The pocket watch with the diamond chain will go to McKinley. And, finally, the strand of pink pearls will go to McKinley’s girlfriend, fiancée, or wife (depending on their status upon my death), Grace. I hope I made it to your wedding, but if not, thank you for showing my grandson how to love.”Aislyn fumed, “Why does she get anything? She’s not family; Mimi never even met her!”The lawyer raised an eyebrow and said, “I’m not finished. There is a letter to each family member that has been sealed. It was Michelle’s wish that you all read them privately and separately from each other. So, I would ask that once I hand your letter to you that you leave the room if you intend to read it.”“Who’s Michelle?” Aislyn asked curtly.The lawyer looked up with annoyance. “Michelle was your grandmother, you twit!” Then he took the letters out of his briefcase and handed them out. One of them was for Grace, which surprised her, but also touched her heart. She remembered Uncle Dom’s words from the day before, indicating that Mimi had made sure to have a strong influence over Mac. It was why he was not like his parents and sister. She wondered why Aislyn hadn’t had the same opportunity, but maybe she did, and it just didn’t take with her. In any event, she was feeling grateful to this wonderful woman that she had never met.Grace and Mac held hands as they walked to the car. “I’d like to go back to the hotel and read our letters. I know Mimi’s directions were to open them privately and separately, but our suite kaçak bahis siteleri is plenty large that we can be in two different rooms while we each read ours.”Grace found it endearing that he felt it necessary to honor his grandmother’s wishes. “Of course. I’m just stunned she had a letter for me. That sure didn’t make Aislyn very happy.”“Nothing makes my sister happy. She’s a miserable person.”“You should probably check my body for wounds later when you get me naked. The invisible daggers were flying out of her eyes at warp speed when the lawyer said Mimi wanted me to have the pink pearls.”Mac gave a weak laugh. “I’m just glad we were able to get in and out of there with minimal interaction with the wolves.”“No doubt. And your father was careful not to leer at me. Thank goodness Uncle Dom called him out on that at the funeral lunch.”“What?”“Dominic took Marcus aside and told him that he needed to quit being so obvious that he found me attractive,” Grace said, choosing her words carefully.“What did my father say?”Grace thought for a moment about the promise they made to each other to always be honest. But what if that honesty meant hurting Mac?”“Grace?” Mac prompted when she didn’t say anything.“I didn’t hear the entire conversation.” It wasn’t a lie.Mac looked at Grace. He could tell she was holding something back. “Did my father make a pass at you?”“No! Oh, gosh, no! I would have told you about that. After I broke his arm, of course!”Mac gave her half a grin. He had no doubt she meant it.Grace saw that her answer satisfied Mac. But it didn’t satisfy her. Holding back was just as bad as lying, wasn’t it?“I heard part of the conversation, though, but if I share it with you, it will hurt you,” she said softly.Mac stared down at his feet. “Sometimes honesty hurts, but it beats keeping secrets from each other.”Grace bit her bottom lip and said, “I’m not the first woman of yours that Marcus has desired. But apparently, Louise didn’t feel the need to break his arm. I’m so sorry.”Mac sighed. “I suspected as much when we argued that night that I broke off our engagement. She said I wasn’t half the man my father was. But when I pressed her to explain, she refused to elaborate. She didn’t give a fuck about honesty. And you know the sad thing? She would have said all those same vows you did a week ago and wouldn’t have meant any of them.”“It gets worse,” Grace said.Mac looked up and raised an eyebrow.“Marcus paid her to keep quiet about it.”Mac ran a hand through his thick, dark hair. “Christ! That’s fucked up!”Grace felt miserable for causing the look on his face. “Would you like some wine while you read your letter?”“Yes, that sounds wonderful.”“What time do we need to be at the airport?” Grace asked as she poured them each a glass of wine.“I’d like to be there by 5:00 p.m. Our flight leaves at 7:15 p.m. on Swiss Air. You’ll like the individual suites. We will be able to sleep well. Our layover in Zurich is about six hours long, but we can hang out in the SWISS Lounge. No sleep cabin, but it’s a comfortable lounge with food and drink.”“Sounds good. Do you want the bedroom or the living room to read your letter?”“I’ll take the bedroom,” Mac said, kissing her and then picking his letter up off the table. He went into the bedroom and saw the tousled sheets where he’d made love with his wife only hours earlier. It made him smile.Then he closed the door and opened the letter from his beloved grandmother.My dearest McKinley,You’ve brought me much joy over the years, but none so much as when you told me you were falling in love with your redheaded assistant. When you spoke of her, the change in your voice made me know that you will be in good hands when I pass. I feel better leaving this Earth knowing that you have someone who will love you like you deserve to be loved.

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