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Amor Prohibetur Ch. 15

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Every Single Day, Daddy?

Sean looked out the window, taking in the pleasant view of his backyard. He had a large avocado tree back there, with branches that were gnarled and stretched out in random directions. He also had a couple of mandarin and lemon trees that produced tastier fruit than what he could get at the grocery store. His lawn was tidy and green because Sean routinely took care of it, and evergreen ivy covered the entire right side of the yard. That was the bitch, Sean thought, that ivy that he had to constantly trim off the fence before it ran rampant like hair that had grown too long. Overall, his time and effort paid off to give him the sort of pleasant landscape most other homeowners only dreamed of. However, the pleasant view was made even more pleasant because his daughter Leslie was out there sunbathing.

Leslie was a tall woman at 5′ 11″, taller than her father by an inch and her mother by several inches. She was twenty years old and had brown hair and brown eyes, which would have been unremarkable on most people, but not on her. That’s because Leslie was one of the biggest goofballs on the planet. Sean’s daughter was always making crazy facial expressions and exaggerated looks that most people couldn’t carry out. She loved setting her hands on her hips and making stern faces as she towered over her shorter friends. Leslie was chatty and friendly and playful, enough that she could win a crowded room over in minutes. She liked nudging people with her elbows, staring at them until they became unnerved, and was even known to pinch people to get their attention. In other words, Leslie did things that most people were too shy to do, and she always got away with it.

But there was more to Leslie than her crazy attitude. More often than not, she sported a mischievous smile that revealed she was up to something. She was pretty, but that naughty smile made her even prettier. Her figure had a strange Amazon shape to it that wasn’t very common. Leslie’s shoulders were wide, her breasts were C-size and nicely rounded, and her waist would never be considered small despite that she wasn’t fat. Her hips were thick, giving her a full, meaty ass and wider thighs than most women.

That’s why Sean was looking out the window. Leslie was out there wearing a two-piece bikini. She did that every so often when her friends came by to sunbathe with her. This time, Leslie was alone in the backyard. She was lying on her stomach with a celeb magazine in her hands and her phone’s ear-bud in place, probably talking with one of her many, many friends. Sean could have stared at that extra-large, beefy butt and legs all day. What made the sight even more tempting was that Leslie had untied her top so she wouldn’t get what she called the dreaded tan-line. Her friends would do that with Leslie, but as far as Sean could remember, this was the first time she’d gone topless when she was alone.

Sean wanted to go outside, and he could do it if he pretended he wanted to work on the yard. The problem was that he was sporting a pretty good erection in his shorts. That darned thing just did not want to go away; otherwise the yearning father would have been out there already ogling the best butt on the block. Still, having Leslie out there with only her bikini bottoms on was something the man didn’t want to pass up. He reached into his shorts, adjusting his erection to keep it as flat and inconspicuous as possible. After that, he went to mosey out the door like he always did.

It’s not that his wife was unattractive, Sean told himself, as he strode across the yard. His wife was still soft on the eyes. She still retained enough curves to excite Sean, when other women her age were busy getting fat and lumpy. The true reason the father couldn’t keep his eyes off his daughter was because Leslie was a lot of fun to be around and her height made her hard to miss in a crowd. That wasn’t all of it, either. Sean could privately admit to himself that his daughter’s curves were as nice as those of any Playboy model he’d ever seen.

Sean remembered some joke about a redneck whose daughter had made it into Playboy. The redneck would hold the centerfold out to his buddies and say ‘that’s my girl!’ Sean imagined he’d be just as proud if Leslie was featured in one of those nudie magazines. He’d probably frame her centerfold picture and hang it up in the house somewhere, if only he could get away with it!

He walked over to grab the garden hose and dragged it by the avocado tree. This would throw Leslie off the scent, as she wouldn’t know it was only the first move her father was carrying out to get a better view of her. For the next couple of minutes, Sean watered that tree, making sure the water stayed within the little circle of bricks he’d set up for it. Casually, he sprayed the lawn as he walked over to the other trees.

Leslie was sunbathing in the sunny spot between the mandarin and the lemon. Her father paused by the first tree, aiming the hose at the trunk and watching as the water ran down to the soil. Leslie glanced poker oyna at him briefly, before she went back to whomever she was talking to on the phone. That’s what Sean hoped she would do. This gave him a chance to look at her long legs and shapely ass. He could see most of her bare back as well, up to the point where Leslie’s hair started up. If he only took one more step… There, now he could see her side-cleavage.

Wow, Sean thought. His daughter’s tits were so much larger than his wife’s. He tried to angle his head so he could see more of them, but it was no use. Leslie’s arms and hair were in the way. He had to turn his head away abruptly, when his daughter shifted her eyes over to see what he was up to. After Sean took a step back, she returned to her phone conversation. The father was left staring at Leslie’s wide lower half. Man, that was a nice ass, he thought. And those thighs, those were nicer than his wife’s too.

Fathers weren’t supposed to look at their daughters that way, but he couldn’t help it. In fact, he was enjoying the view so much that his cock still hadn’t relented its firm stance. What he wanted most of all was to have Leslie shift over and face him somehow, so he could get a better look at her tits. Maybe he could ask her a question, and out of habit she’d look at him as she replied. Or maybe…

In one of those sudden impulses that people regret later, Sean aimed the gushing water hose from the tree to his daughter. Of course, when the cool water splashed onto her unsuspecting body, Leslie screamed and rolled to get away from it. Sean was ready for the move. His eyes were already honed in on the honey spot, where he saw her large handfuls of breasts coming into view. He wasn’t looking at any part of his daughter right then, except for those big and beautiful tits. His mouth fell open when he saw them.

Leslie jumped to her feet, immediately starting up a foot race with her father. Sean dropped the hose and ran for the house with his daughter hard on his heels. He figured she’d stop chasing him when they went inside, but no, she kept right on coming. When Sean tried to turn the corner to run down the hall, Leslie nabbed him with her long arms and used her momentum to nearly bowl him over.

“What the fuck, dad?” Leslie shouted at him. As revenge, she started pinching at her father’s softer spots. “Why’d you do that to me?”

“Ow, ow!” Sean cried out, as his daughter’s long fingers were pretty good at pinching. He couldn’t even hold on to the image of Leslie’s breasts any more. “Stop it! That hurts!”

“Good!” She squeezed at his middle. “You deserve it!”

“It was an accident, I swear!”

“Oh, right, dad!” Leslie shot back. “You’re coming with me! We’re going back outside so I can return the fucking favor and get you all wet!”

Maybe she thought Sean was going to make another run for it, as she kept really close to him while he straightened up. Leslie kept her arms tight around his middle. That’s when the distraught father realized how his daughter was nearly nude behind him. Her tits were pressed hard against back. If he played his cards right, maybe he could get a look at her chest again.

“I don’t want to go outside.” Sean whined.

“Oh, yes you are!” Leslie pressured him from behind. “If you don’t, I’m going to throw a bucket of water on you while you’re taking a nap!”

She probably would do such a thing to him, Sean realized. He pretended he wasn’t going along with her, but only so she could keep her chest mashed up against his back. Leslie’s arms were still gripping his middle.

“I’m going to start pinching you again!” She threatened. “Move it, daddy!”

They got halfway through the kitchen to the back door, when Sean put up a fake struggle again. Leslie actually tried to pick him up and carry him out that time. She was strong, but she wasn’t that strong! At one point, she tried to pinch him again. Sean tried to double over, causing Leslie’s arms to go all over the place.

“Dad, what is this?” She asked. “Are you horny?”

That’s when Sean realized his daughter’s hand had ended up on the front of his shorts. Oh, shit, he was busted!

“What is this?” Leslie repeated. “Stand up straight! Who were you thinking of?”

When Sean felt his daughter’s hand tense up on his shorts, he clamored out, “Don’t pinch me there!”

“Tell me who you were thinking of first.”

“Your mother!” Sean blurted out.

“Right, like I believe that. I saw you watching me from the window. I saw how you were looking at me while you were watering the fucking yard!”

“If you pinch me there, it’s really going to hurt!”

“I’ll tell you what.” Leslie decided. “You’re going to go outside in your undies and I’m going to splash water on you. If you don’t do it, I will pinch you!”

She squeezed his crotch as a warning. This caused Sean to grip both her wrists to keep her from doing it again. In reply, Leslie gripped his side with her fingers, ready to squeeze his love handles if he kept struggling.

“Okay!” canlı poker oyna Sean gave up. “You win!”

When he loosened his grip, Leslie started pushing him again. He felt like a stubborn kid against her because she was so big. Instead of heading for the door, she moved him over to the kitchen counter.

“Put your hands out.” Leslie directed him.

“What for?” Sean asked.

“Do it or else I’m pinching!”

Sean resigned himself to whatever was coming next. He reached out to brace his frame against the counter.

“You were looking at me, weren’t you?” His daughter asked. “Weren’t you?”

“Of course I was. You were right in front of me!”

“You know what I mean. Keep your hands where they are.”

“What, you think you’re a cop now?”

“Yes, I think I am!”

With his arms stretched out before him, Sean was left more vulnerable than he cared to be. He even cringed when Leslie’s hands went to grab at his middle.

“You should really lay off the burgers, dad.” She teased him.

Before he could reply, his daughter’s hands went to his shorts. It took him a moment to realize she was loosening them up. He only spoke up when he felt his shorts and undies being pulled down.

“What are you doing now?” He asked. “Don’t pinch me there, Leslie. I mean it!”

Sean straightened up, clasping his daughter’s wrists again. He was really anxious now, because her fingers were just getting to that spot he didn’t want them to get to. He took a deep breath as her warm hand encircled his manhood.

“Don’t pinch me.” He said.

“Shut up, dad.” Leslie replied, her voice quieter than before.

His daughter stroked him once, causing him to shudder from potential fear more than anything else. When she stroked him a second time, Sean recalled how close Leslie was to being naked. Maybe she wasn’t trying to hurt him any more. He let her do that to him a few more times.

“Is this how mom does it?” Leslie asked.

“No, she doesn’t do that at all.”

“What, no reach-arounds from mom?” She giggled. “When you were outside, were you looking at me or not?”

“Maybe I was.” Sean admitted.

“You know how I like to finish what I start.” She said, prodding him to lean over again. When Sean returned his hands to the countertop, she started stroking him again. “Be honest. Have you ever had a reach-around?”


“First time for everything, huh?”

Leslie kept pulling on his cock. At one point, she let it go to cup his balls. Then her hands started going everywhere. She lifted Sean’s shirt to feel up his stomach and chest. She even felt the outsides of his thighs. When Leslie went back to tugging on him, Sean gasped because his daughter’s tits were sitting on his bare back. As he got closer and closer to the brink, he straightened up again. It was odd for him to lean his head back and to rest it on Leslie’s shoulder. Sean felt like a giantess was standing behind him.

He did grab her wrists one more time, when she took him past the edge. The father gasped and groaned as his seed spilled out, drenching Leslie’s fingers and smearing out on him as well. He shuddered against his daughter repeatedly, as she kept rubbing him until he went empty. There didn’t seem to be any hurry on her part, but he couldn’t tell one way or the other if she was enjoying herself.

Finally, she let him go. “Dad, you are so disgusting!”

Leslie went over to the sink to wash her hands. In the meantime, Sean crouched down to grab his shorts that had fallen to his ankles. When he finished getting his clothes together, he caught a glimpse of Leslie’s tits as she strode back outside. That was only a glimpse, thought. Of her back, butt and thighs, of those he caught an eyeful.

“I’m heading out to the store.” Sean’s wife said, a couple of days later. “Anybody want to tag along?”

Sean shook his head. He was sitting on the couch reading a sci-fi novel, while his daughter was across the living room and reading some kind of fashion magazine. If you can tell, this family liked reading a lot more than watching TV.

“No, mom.” Leslie spoke up first. “I’ve still got some stuff to take care of, starting with the laundry in the washroom.”

Sean’s wife looked to him next. Sean simply shrugged.

“Suit yourselves.” The woman said. “I’ll be back in an hour.

Sean watched as his wife made her way to the door. Actually, he was tracking her butt more than the rest of her. It was getting bigger and floppier the older his wife got, but Sean didn’t mind that so much. He liked to call it her fluffy butt.

Once the front door was open and shut, and his wife gone, Sean turned his attention toward his daughter. Leslie was lounging on the other couch, with her extra long legs propped up on the coffee table. There was just so much leg there, he examined, with a nice, peachy color and big, fleshy thighs. With Leslie wearing only a short top and shorts, her father got a nice look at her. Maybe she sensed she was being gawked at, internet casino as Leslie’s eyes suddenly darted toward her father.

Sean was caught. He was too late in looking in some other direction. Embarrassed, he stood up and left the room, ambling his way down the hall to his bedroom. Once he was in his little private refuge, he relaxed and found a chair and kept on reading.

With the door several feet away from his seat, Sean saw the precise moment when his daughter darted inside. She had a long sports bottle in her grip, which she squeezed so hard a steady stream of water spurted out the end. Sean had enough time to toss his book aside before the stream hit him square in the chest. A moment later, and as he kept getting drenched, Sean was up and wrestling Leslie for control of the water bottle.

“Will you stop that?” He cried out, but Leslie was too busy giggling to reply.

Finally, Sean managed to pull the bottle away and throw it across the room. Leslie seized his distraction by wrapping her arms around the man’s middle as if he were some kind of huge teddy bear.

“You got me all wet!” Sean complained, which set his daughter off into chortles. It took him a moment to realize what he’d said had a sexual connotation to it.

He could have started fighting to free his middle from his daughter’s long arms, but being in her embrace wasn’t exactly uncomfortable. She wasn’t pinching him or gripping his soft parts this time. In fact, Sean kind of liked being held by such a big girl. It was as if an Amazon had captured him, and very different from how his wife usually held him.

“Did I get you all wet, daddy?” Leslie’s face crowded at the side of his head. “I got your shirt wet, didn’t I?”

She let him go, but only long enough to pull Sean’s shirt off. Her arms went around him again, as if maybe Sean might try to buck her off. But no, Sean did not mind at all that his daughter had him like this. When she saw that he wouldn’t put up a struggle, she went to course her hands across his chest and stomach. Leslie was feeling him up, but Sean didn’t mind that either.

“You know that my boyfriend is one of those guys that fights in the ring.” Leslie mentioned. “He’s works out all the time. He doesn’t have an ounce of fat anywhere on his body.”

Sean didn’t understand what his daughter was getting at. All he knew was that he had a very attractive young woman’s hands feeling him up, and he didn’t mind so much that she was his daughter.

“I guess I got your shorts wet, too.” Leslie said.

She popped the button, unzipped the zipper, and tugged at Sean’s shorts. By this time, the aroused father was erect. He couldn’t say he was ready to use that erection on his daughter, not in real life, but he had fantasized about that before. His boxers soon joined his shorts down by his ankles, where Sean stepped out of them.

He had an inkling of what might have been going on in Leslie’s mind, as she kept on grabbing at him. No, Sean thought, that wasn’t the right word. She was caressing him, but a little more aggressively than he was used to from her mother. Leslie’s big hands felt his belly and thighs. A couple of times, she even groped at her father’s butt.

What Sean was thinking was of how fit Leslie’s boyfriend was, compared to how stocky he was. Sean wasn’t fat, and neither was his wife, but he wasn’t any fitness model either. Actually, most of Leslie’s boyfriends had been big, muscular guys. Maybe she was finding it a change of pace to fondle up a softer, older man like him. He did moan a little, when his daughter’s hand reached around his waist and caught his erection.

“Did you make mom do this to you yet?” She giggled into his ear, as she started stroking his length.

“She won’t do it.” Sean admitted. “She never wants to try new things.”

Maybe that was something he shouldn’t have admitted to his daughter, but now that it was out in the open, he couldn’t take it back. Because he was nude and getting felt up like he was, Sean had that one unguarded moment when he’d let that slip. Now, he felt like saying he was very happy with his wife, which he was, mostly, except every once in a while he wanted to spice things up. Was that fair to talk about his wife that way?

“Is that why you started looking at me?” Leslie wondered. “Because mom got boring with you?”

“No, that’s not it at all.” Sean shook his head. “Your mother is not boring!”

He said that too loud, too defensively. He wished he’d never said it, but there he’d gone and opened his mouth up too wide and let the words out. Shit, he thought. Was that it? Was that really it? He was staring at his daughter because his wife had gotten boring in bed? That was too much for him to think about. Sean pushed all of that away, because he didn’t want Leslie to think, and he didn’t want to himself to think, that he was no longer in love with his wife, because he was. He really was!

Sean leaned his head back, amazed that his daughter was so tall he could perch the back of his head on her shoulder. She kept stroking him, seducing him really, to drop his guard and become embroiled in a soft, sensual state. It was much easier for Sean to focus on what Leslie was doing, than it was for him to face the reason he was letting her do it.

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